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A+ A- Chapter 273: A Sad Birdie

"Listen! Everyone! That guy with the number thirty-three jersey is really powerful! We must stop him from coming close to our goalpost, no matter what! We will lose this match if he manages to score a few more goals!"

Xiaoniao shouted angrily, "I’m a professional football player! I’m holding the reputation of the national team on my back! We must not bring shame to our country! We cannot lose this friendly match! Understood?"

"Yes! We understand!"

"For the glory of your country! We will not lose this friendly match!"


The whole Japan Team shouted. All of them put on their super serious looks. They did underestimate the Green Vine Team earlier. Now, they had learned from their lesson. Thus, they will give it their all to defeat their opponent team.

"Xiaoniao! Don’t you worry! It was an accident just now! This time, I will destroy his legs!" Guijiao stared at Chen angrily. His tone had turned vicious.

A mid-level ninja had just fallen on the ground hard, in front of tens of thousands of people! It was definitely the most embarrassing moment of his life! All he could think of right now was to throw Chen on the ground and smash every single bone in his body.

"Alright! For the glory of our country! Let’s fight!"

Xiaoniao shouted. He stared at the opponent’s goal angrily. All he wanted to do right now was to score a few goals.


The Japan Team will be serving again. Xiaoniao got the ball this time. He quickly charged forward to opponent goal with all his strength.

"You will not get past me!" Li quickly came forward to stop Xiaoniao from proceeding. However, he was fooled by Xiaoniao’s perfect feint.

"Garbage! I’m in my full serious mode now! Tremble in front of me!"

Xiaoniao charged forward while shouting at the same time. Within a short time, he managed to get pass another three football players. Undeniable, Xiaoniao was really skillful when it comes to football. His speed and legwork were at national standard! Playing against Green Vine Team was like an adult fighting a baby.

Without them realizing it, he managed to get pass another three defenders. Now, he was right in front of the goal!

"Garbage! Witness me! This is the power of legendary football player! I shall destroy all of you after this goal! You guys will be traumatized by my awesome skills! You guys should just give up on playing football!" Xiaoniao shouted, and his right leg was standing by to land a kick on the football to score his first ever goal!

"Is that all you have? I think that you are too damn weak! You

You are not even qualified to become a legendary football player! If you are a legendary football player, then I’m the king of football in this whole universe!" Xiaoniao heard a mocking voice during his glorios moment.

The next second, he felt a wind flying past him, and the ball under his feet disappeared!

"What the f*ck?! Where the hell is the ball?" Xiaoniao was confused. Then, he turned around, and saw that Chen had the ball with him. He was running towards his goal right now!

"Number thirty-three! F*ck this asshole! Everyone! Don’t let him get near our goal!" Xiaoniao shouted angrily. His eyes were practically spitting fire. He was so close to scoring a goal just now! So damn close! Chen had just robbed his glory moment from him without him realizing it at all!

On the other hand, Chen had almost reached his opponent’s goal with his lightning speed.


A shadow appeared in front of Chen. It was Guijiao again!

"F*cker! You were in luck just now! This time, you will not get past me! Ghosting Shadow Kick!" Guijiao shouted. Both of his legs were kicking out at an insane speed. All of those kicks were aimed to destroy Chen’s lower body. However, he was utterly shocked the next second.

He found himself kicking the air again. What he saw was the afterimage of Chen! He couldn’t differentiate Chen from his afterimage anymore.

"Dumbass! Bye!" Chen grinned and ran to the left side at lightning speed.

"Dream on! I will never let you get past me!" Guijiao landed another kick at Chen!

"Hehe! I’m back now!" Chen smiled evilly and moved to the right side again with his Lightning Steps! Guijiao moved his body to the right side as well! Well, the scene was not pretty at all. It was at that moment when Guijiao knew that he had f*cked up!

"Shit…Oh my God!"

Guijiao’s legs were still trying move to the left side, but his body wanted to move to the right side. Well, he lost his balance again. He had never learnt Lightning Step before. It was impossible for him to catch up to Chen speed.

He fell again! This time his mouth was full of grass!

"Everyone! Let’s stop him together! Do not let him score another goal!"

The Japan Team started to work together. All of them charged at Chen and surrounded him.

"When it comes to football, you guys are just piles of garbage to me!"

Chen raised his eyebrows and used his Lightning Step to get out of the formation. Those Japanese football players couldn’t even find him. Chen was already at their goal when they realized Chen had already broken out.

"Motherf*cker! I will not allow you to score another goal! For the glory of my country, I must stop you!" Xiaoniao ran back to his goal like there was no tomorrow! He got into his sliding kick position to take the ball from under Chen’s feet.

"Xiaoniao! Let me help you!" Guijiao charged as Chen as well. He too, got into the sliding kick position at the right side. He was aiming at Chen’s joints again with his spiked shoes! One guy from the left and the other guy from the right! It was a perfect strategy, meant to destroy Chen’s legs!

"Hehe! Both of you jokers! Don’t even think of stopping me!" Chen grinned. Then, he kicked the ball into the air. After that, he jumped into the air as well!


Guijiao and Xiaoniao were completely stunned. Now, their target had vanished! The two of them collided with each other!

"Ouch! Ouch!!!!"

Xiaoniao was screaming in agony the second while holding on to his crotch! Unfortunately, Guijiao’s kick had landed on his dick. Sadly, his dick and balls had passed on.


Chen completed his bicycle kick in an awesome position!

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