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Another goal has been scored!

Everyone cheered! The voice from the cheering completely covered Xiaoniao's painful cries. Also, the sound from the crowd managed to cover Meichuan's scoldings as well. He was throwing a great tantrum at the VIP seat, smashing everything in his sight. Wong did try to calm him down but he ended up getting slapped by Meichuan.

Five minutes into the game, and the score was 3-0!

Basically, 3-0 is a huge gap in any football game. Technically speaking, it would conclude the results of the whole game. Other than that, Xiaoniao would be unable to continue playing in this football game anymore. The only hope from the Japan Team is now gone! How can Meichuan not worry about it.

At the same time, Guijiao knew exactly how this game was going to turn out. It was impossible for him to stop Chen from scoring any goal! Also, he did take Xiaoniao out, accidentally. He is going to be the one held responsible if the Japan Team loses this game. In the end, his reputation will be destroyed in this field.

"Son of a bitch!! I'm going to destroy you today!" Guijiao didn't know what to do anymore. He charged at Chen blindly. The only for Japan Team to win this football match was to eliminate Chen!

"Vaal Desecration Kick!" Guijiao shouted. He infused all his strength into both of his legs and jumped into the sky. Needless to ask, he was going to use his ultimate move to destroy Chen. A dark Qi could be seen around his legs.

It was a five thousand combat power kick with two thousand pounds of force! This kick was capable of destroying any living being! His kick fell from the sky like a meteor! Plus, he was wearing a pair of spiked shoes as well. It definitely helped boost the destruction power!

"What the hell is he doing? That *sshole just went crazy! He is going to attack Bro Bei!"

"What a shameless bastard! I can't believe that he would do this when he sees that there's no way for his team to win this match!"

"He's breaking the rules! Breaking the rules! Judges! Are you blind?!"

"That is not breaking the rules! That's a crime! He's hurting someone on purpose! What a vicious person!"

"Bro Bei! Be careful!"

Right at this moment, everyone was shouting from their seats. They were criticizing the actions of the Japan Team. But, most of them feared for Chen's safety. One will definitely suffer from serious injuries from that destructive kick!

"Alright! Watch me! I will destroy that asshole! I don't want to see his f*ck face anymore! Destroy him with all your strength!!" Meichuan was shouting excitedly at the VIP seat. He had been waiting for this moment for far too long!

"Hmph! I knew you are not here to play a football game with me! I shall destroy you, since you are here to hurt me!" Chen was really calm at this critical moment. He moved all his Dragon Force to his legs. A stream of golden Qi started to wrap around his legs.

"God Strength King Kong Kick!"

Guijiao saw and started to laugh coldly, "I have been training my legs for the past twenty years! My legs are definitely stronger than yours! Don't try to show off in front of me! Die!!!"


Both of their legs collided into each other. The force of the explosion caused all the grass to lie flat on the ground. 0.01 second ago, Guijiao was pretty confident that he could defeat Chen easily. However, his confidence was replaced by endless despair, the moment their legs collided into each other.

He never thought that Chen's power would be thirty percent more powerful than him. Also, he did not expect Chen's legs to be so damn hard! It was like a piece of reinforced steel!


The force tossed Guijiao to the ground. The bones of his right leg had been completely disintegrated! The leg that he was proud of is gone now! He will need crutches for the rest of his life.

"This is what you get for attacking me!" Chen looked really calm, but his dominant presence could be felt throughout the whole stadium. The audience started to cheer crazily after a short silence.

"Damn! That is my Bro Bei! So strong! So powerful!"

"What a good kick! He got what he deserved!"

"What a satisfying kick!"

Meichuan almost vomited blood when he saw his trump card being destroyed by Chen.

"This…How is this even possible? One of the three mid-level ninjas being destroyed like an ant! God…Are you kidding with me?" Meichuan had lost all hope now. He did know what to do anymore.

A mid-level ninja is as powerful as Murong Tian! Guijiao was one of Meichuan's most precious asset! He shouldn't fall in a place like this! A win and loss of a football match cannot be compared to the loss of a mid-level ninja!

This plan had caused Meichuan to lose far more than he expected. Plus, the sacrifice of Guijiao still couldn't turn the tide around for the Japan Team. They are still going to lose the match, anyway. What a colossal loss for Meichuan. He sat down on his chair with a hopeless look.

Well, things are obvious, now. There's no one can stop can Chen anymore!

One score!

Two scores!

Three scores!

He was invincible now! He sent the ball into the opponent's goal every other three minutes. It was halftime now, and the score is same with the number on his jersey. 33-0! After that, Chen continued his incredible performance after the halftime. The Japan Team was completely devastated. They would have surrendered if they were allowed to do so. Such bullying!

Finally, the football match was over! The final score was 66-0! Chen scored another thirty-three goals after the first half of the game! The Japan Team knelt on the floor and cried. They swore that they would never touch a football again.

Meichuan looked pale. His teeth almost gritted into powder, "Don't ever mention football in front of me! I will kill those who have the guts of doing so!"

At the same time, Chen stood in the middle of the football field and shouted, "How's my performance today?"

The next second, every single audience started to shout, "66666666666."

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