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A+ A- Chapter 272: 11-0? We Need To Score More

"Oh my God! Am I dreaming? It’s been less than a minute…That speed is impossible!"

The guy with small eyes and Xiaoniao still stared at where they had kicked off the ball. They couldn’t believe what they just saw. Both of them were so embarrassed that their faces were burning hot.

"What the actual f*ck! Bro Bei! You just told us yesterday that you are new to football! I can’t believe that I actually believed you!" Li stood on the ground and stared at Chen. His eyes were filled a sense of admiration.


The judge blew the whistle to indicate that the Japanese Team wanted to swap some players into the field. It was pretty evident that Meichuan had lost his calm. He had to send out his trump card after seeing Chen’s performance on the field. The guy with small eyes was swapped with Guijiao. Then, he left the area with a miserable face.

"Eh? Who the hell is this? He looks pretty damn strong!" Li shouted. Fear crawled up to his spine after he saw Guijiao’s muscular pair of legs! His legs were even more muscular than the professional footballer; Xiaoniao. He looked like a bronze statue. He barely even looked human!

Chen used his Netherspirit Battlesouter to check on him.


[Cultivation: Early phase of Qi refining stage. Health: 5000, Combat power: 5000]

Chen was not worried about him at all after checking his combat power. Needless to ask, he was not sent by Meichuan to go on the field to play some football. He was here to cripple Chen!


The Japan Team would serve first. Xiaoniao passed the ball to Guijiao. However, Guijiao passed the ball to Chen!

"Guijiao? What are you doing?!" Xiaoniao asked, puzzled.

"What the hell is going on? Why did that *sshole pass the ball to Bro Bei? It seems that they are giving up!"

"Haha! That *sshole must be traumatized by our Bro Bei!"

"Bro Bei! Go! Get one more goal! We will support you!"

Everyone started to cheer. They knew Chen would definitely score a goal if he gets the ball.

Unexpectedly, Guijiao lifted his finger to taunt Chen. He laughed and said arrogantly, "Come! Punk! Let me teach you how to be a good human being!"

"I don’t think you can defeat me just by yourself! Can you please call your whole team to come and fight me?" Chen shook his head and said calmly.

"F*ck! Still acting like an asshole before your death! I shall go to the toilet and eat shit if you can get past me!" Guijiao shouted angrily.

"Hehe…Your taste buds are rather unique! I can’t believe that you like to eat shit! I shall make your wish come true, since you keep on talking about eating shit!"

Chen raised his eyebrows

eyebrows and started to kick the ball forward.


In a moment, Xiaoniao felt a wind flew past him. Then, Chen disappeared from his view.

"Are you planning to run away from me? Not so easily! Speed is my forte!"

Guijiao shouted, and he stomped on the football field. A small patch of grass disintegrated from the spot where he took off. Just like a leopard, Guijiao had managed to overtake Chen.

"Kid! Stop struggling! It’s impossible for you to escape from my hand!" Guijiao grinned and extended his legs and arms to stop Chen from proceeding forward.

"Hehe…I don’t see any hands! All I see is a dimwit standing right in front of me!" Chen grinned evilly. He was so calm, as if he had everything under his control.

"How dare you mock me?"

Guijiao shouted angrily, "Let me break your leg! I want to see your suffering face!"


Guijiao aimed at Chen’s joint with his legs. He did not reserve any of his strength. Not even the leg of an elephant can withstand the speed and strength of a five thousand combat power kick!

"Alright! That’s it!"

Meichuan stood up excitedly, at the VIP seat. All he ever wished for was crippling Chen. And, now, his wish was about to come

to come true.

"He is breaking the rule! That is not fair! That *sshole wants to hurt our Bro Bei! This is not football!" Audiences started to contest. Unfortunately, the judges had been bribed by Meichuan earlier. Thus, they simply closed their eyes.

"Son of a bitch! Die now!" Guijiao’s vicious face surfaced when he saw his leg almost landing on Chen’s joint.

"Lightning! Step!"

Chen spilled out two words during that critical moment. The next second, Chen’s steps changed mysteriously and magically. He changed directions without anyone realizing it. His afterimage lingered in the air.


Chen sped up when he saw the opportunity to score another goal. At the same time, Guijiao was stunned when he realized that his leg had landed on Chen’s afterimage, but not his physical body. The immense strength from the kick caused him to lose his balance.


Guijiao fell on the ground real hard after he shouted.

"Bro Bei! Bro Bei!"

Everyone started to cheer before Guijiao was able to get up from his fall. Needless to say, Chen had just scored another goal!

It’s 2-0 now! It was only three minutes into the match!

"Stupid! Dumbass!"

Meichuan was jumping up and down angrily at the VIP seat. The trump card that he had sent into the field earlier did not even manage to lay his fingers on Chen. On the contrary, his trump card had been treated like an idiot by Chen. What an embarrassing moment for the Japan Team!

"Bro Bei! You are so damn awesome! Let me give you thirty-two likes!"

"Bro Bei! Massive respect from us! It’s impossible for us to lose when you are on the team!"

"Bro Bei! Lead us to victory!! Wahahaha…"

Green Vine Team got really excited as well. Every single one of them was so impressed by Chen’s performance just now.

"Bro Bei! Let’s fight until the end! They mentioned earlier that they would defeat us by 11-0!! Let return this favor to them!" Li said excitedly.

"Yes! That’s right! They acted pridefully in front of us earlier! We should let them have a taste of embarrassment!"

"It’s only three minutes into the match! We can definitely do it!"

"Bro Bei! Let’s do this! We shall rely on you completely!"

Then, Chen smiled evilly, "Don’t you guys think 11-0 is too little?"

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