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"I never heard of a small-time superstar needing a manager! I must be drunk now! Hahaha…" Chen was amused by it.

"I don't care! I don't care! I want to become your manager!" Wenyuan pursed her lips and dolled herself up for Chen.

Her cuteness made Chen really happy. Then, he calmed himself down and asked, "Right! How's your cultivation? What level are you at right now?"

"Hehe! I have finished the ten Unholy Spirit Pills that you gave to me before this!"

Wenyuan lifted her chin up and said proudly, "I'm now a two-stars spirit with five thousand combat power!"

"Damn! Not bad! That is really fast!"

Chen was all lighted up. Then, he asked curiously, "Your combat power is almost equivalent to mine. Do you have any special skills?"


Wenyuan shook her head and said, "Only Spirit Beast can learn new skills! Ghosts like us can never discover new skills on our own. That is unless you get your hands on some skill books that are purposely written for ghosts like us. Then, we will be able to train on it. Just like the Art of Disguise that I learned earlier.

"I have to go to the group to look for skill books that are written for ghosts. Tomorrow night, I will have a Red Envelope snatching activity with my friends! Maybe I will be able to snatch some skill books for you!"

Chen laughed and asked, "You mentioned that Spirit Beasts can discover new skills by themselves. Can you elaborate on that?"

"All the Spirit Beasts have their own set of talents! For example, eagles have extraordinary eyesight. Leopards can run really fast! And, elephants possess immense strength. All these are first level talents."

A soft voice could be heard all of a sudden.

Xiaobai was jumping all around. Then, he finally landed on Chen. He was licking his paws proudly.

"Eeeekkk…Xiaobai is here!"

Wenyuan's eyes went wide opened. She really liked this adorable cat. But, Xiaobai was a Yang Spirit Beast. Thus, the Yang aura made Wenyuan afraid of getting too close to him.

"What's your talent?" Chen looked at Xiaobai and asked.

"I'm a Frosty Jade Lion! Thus, I possess some high-level talent!"

Then, Xiaobai continue to say proudly, "The name of my talent is Absolute Zero Zone! I can cover a certain area with this skill. The enemies that enter the zone that I create will be frozen to ice instantly!"

"Damn! That is so cool!" Chen was really impressed by it.

"Wow! Xiaobai, you are truly a high-class Spirit Beast! So awesome!" Wenyuan was really impressed by it as well.

Then, Xiaobai pouted and sighed, "Too bad! There's no Yang item for me to consume here. I have no idea when can I learn my talent…"

"If I manage to get my hands on some Yang item, do you think you can learn your talent?" Chen asked.

"It depends on the Yang item that you found. If the Yang item contains a lot of Yang Qi, I will be able to learn my talent on the spot!" Xiaobai explained.

"Alright! I will go and find some Yang items now!" Chen raised his eyebrows and put on an evil grin.

"Where are you going to get it?"

Xiaobai doubted, frowned, and asked, "Are you going to steal my sister Puti's Yang item? I don't want that! I will never do such a mean thing to her!" 

"Look at your face when you talk about Puti! I don't think you even know your name when you think about your sister Puti!" 

Chen rolled his eyes at Xiaobai and said, "I'm a man with dignity! I will not steal my friends' item! But, I will show no mercy on enemies' items! Hehehe…"

"Enemy? What enemy?" Xiaobai tilted his head and asked curiously.

"You will not know him, even if I tell you about it. Just wait for me to come back victoriously!"

Chen grinned, and he took out a black capsule from his treasure chest. Then, the black capsule transformed into a Nightstalker Outfit. The outfit wrapped itself around Chen automatically. With this outfit, Chen would stay invisible at night. Plus, it prevented Chen from leaving any fingerprints of footprints at the scene. When Chen put on the Nightstalker Mask, Chen would be completely invisible.

"Wow! Master! You are invisible now! Does that mean you can do whatever you want right now?!"

Wenyuan was so shocked that the shape of her mouth changed utterly.

"Not really! I can't attack others after I become invisible. I might spoil the outfit if I move too much." Chen explained.

"Let me go with you! I will become your punches and kicks when you can't fight!" Wenyuan swung her fists and said.

"Okay! I want to observe your combat power as well! Let's go!" Chen raised his eyebrows and said.

The top floor of the Shangri-la hotel was filled with security guards. The son of the Yap Family did not kid around at all. There was at least one security guard every five steps in the hallway. There were a total of thirty security guards. Even the leader of our country would not have so many security guards with him.

Also, the presidential suite was really luxurious. It is so big that the common area could fit thirty to fifty people party at the same time. Yap was sitting on the sofa. Two sexy ladies set next to him. It was pretty evident that he was going to have a 3P tonight. However, these two ladies did not look comfortable at all! They were actually shocked. A bizarre-looking person was kneeling in front of them.

His face was so swollen that he looked more like a pig than human. And, the most bizarre part was there were two arms on his chest. It was disconcerting to look at when the arms swing left and right. These two ladies were actually pretty brave, all things considered. Most of the ladies would too scared to even cry out when they see such a horrible thing in front of them.

"What did you just say? This Chen Xiaobei is at the Qi refining phase?"

Yap's eyes were wide open. He looked really furious.

Then, he said, "I never expected this son of the bitch to actually hide this from us! Even the person that I sent to check on him was fooled!"

"Yea…That son of the bitch is so mean…I thought that I could torture him at the beginning…But, he tortured me in the end…Sob…Sob…"

Iron Hand had a tough time to say what he wanted to say. The injuries on his face caused a speech impediment.

Yap gritted and asked, "How're your arms? I thought I asked the orthopaedic prodigy; Elder Wong to take a look at your injuries? Why are you not back to normal yet?"

"Elder Wong said that he has no idea how to treat me!" Iron Hand said depressingly.

"What?! Even Elder Wong had no idea how to treat you?!"

Yap was shocked. Then, he said coldly, "Does that mean that you are completely useless right now?!"

"Not quite right…Elder Wong asked me to beg Chen Xiaobei to cure me…" Iron Hand said honestly.

"Are you thinking of begging Chen Xiaobei?" His tone turned colder and colder. A murderous layered his words.

"Yes…I really don't know what to do about it anymore…It's not easy to become what I am today…I don't want to become cripple for the rest of my life…Er…"

Iron Hand spilled out his thought to Yap. But, he fell to the ground before he could finish his words.

Yap Liangchen finally killed someone!

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