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A+ A- Chapter 249: Small Time Celebrity!

Chen: It’s getting late here. Also, we just received the dragon parts. I think we should give out the Red Envelopes tomorrow.

Everyone: No problem! Tomorrow night! Please don’t be late! We can use the time to prepare our Red Envelopes as well!

"Haha! Monkey King is the best! He just created an opportunity for me to snatch more Red Envelopes! I will be so happy if I can snatch more items to put in my collection!"

Then, Chen closed the group chat. He was definitely in a good mood. All he needed to do was to go to the supermarket and buy the stuff that they were craving for. He will be able to use the food to exchange for the items that cannot be found on planet earth. He got really excited just by thinking about it!


All of a sudden, Chen’s cellphone rang. An unknown number was displayed his cellphone’s screen.

"Hello! Good day! Am I speaking to Bro Bei?"

A really polite voice was speaking from the other side of the phone. The voice sounded really deep and heavy. The person should be some kind of fatty.

Chen was stunned for a short while. Then, he proceeded to ask, "May I know who you are?"

"Hahaha! Bro Bei! It’s really you! I’m a diehard fan!" The fatty laughed excitedly.

"Er…How did you acquire my personal number?" Chen frowned.

It’s not that he is not happy talking to his fans. But, Chen will be disturbed by his fans until the day he dies if three hundred thousand fans get to know his personal number.

"Your roommate, Zhang Fengyi gave me your personal number. Don’t you worry. I will not let other know your personal number!" The fatty promised.

Zhang Fengyi?

Chen was shocked.

Zhang was the wealthiest among the four of them. When Chen was poor, he was the one who always paid for Chen’s meal. He is definitely a good brother. Thus, he will never betray him by selling his personal information out to some random strangers. There some be something special going on since Zhang gave his personal number to this fatty.

"May I know how can I help you since you asked for my personal number?" Chen asked.

"Yeap…I’m really sorry for disturbing you at this hour. I do have a favor to ask of you."

The fatty went straight to business, "I know that the number of your fans had increased tremendously recently. And, most of them are active fans. So, I would like to ask your help to help me to shoot an advertisement. I would like to use your influential power to promote my product."


Chen was stunned. This kind of thing has never happened to him before. Now, it was happening out of the blue. A few days ago, Chen was thinking about becoming a superstar and ventured into the entertainment ci

rcle. He never thought it would actually come true! Now, he is only helping a small company to shoot a short advertisement. But, if everyone like his appearance in the advertisement, then, big companies will start looking for him to shoot some larger-scaled advertisements. Followed by that, the path to becoming a superstar, getting cast in a movie, organizing his own concerts will become closer and closer.


Chen started to laugh excitedly. He did cover up the phone to prevent the fatty from hearing his laughter.

"Shooting an advertisement? Who is going to shoot the advertisement?"

Wenyuan came out from her Spirit Cage after hearing Chen talking about an advertisement. She flew to Chen, her shining eyes wide open, while putting on a curious look.

"Me! Me! Me!" Chen said excitedly.

"Wow! My master is awesome! My dream before I died was to venture into an entertainment circle. Unfortunately, I never got the chance to do it!" Wenyuan pouted, and stars were glittering in her eyes.

"Hello? Hello? Bro Bei, are you still there?" After some time, the fatty got worried.

Chen took a deep breath and slowed down his voice, "I’m listening. Regarding this matter, I’m actually quite interested in it. We can talk about all the other details when we meet."

"Haha! I’m so happy that you take my offer!"

The fatty got really excited as well. He proceeded to say, "Actually, this job is pretty simple. As you know, our company operates on a small scale. Thus, our budget is kind of limited. The duration of the advertisement is around ten seconds. We will pay you one hundred thousand for that! We can send you a car to pick you up tomorrow! All you need to do is to say yes!"

"That’s fine! Just give me your address. I will drive there tomorrow!" Chen said.

"Okay! I will send it to you right now! We will meet tomorrow, Bro Bei! See ya!" The fatty laughed and said.

Chen jumped up and down happily after he hung the call.

"Oh my God! I’m getting paid one hundred thousand Yuan for a ten second advertisement! It’s better than robbing a bank!"

To Chen, one hundred thousand is just a small number. The satisfaction inside his heart is the one that counts. Most of the people have to work for two years to earn one hundred thousand. But, he going to make one hundred thousand in ten freaking seconds.

"Master! You are so easily satisfied!"

Wenyuan pursed her lips and said, "Do you know that the superstars in our country earn eight figures from one single advertisement?!"

Chen laughed contentedly and said, "You are talking about those super famous super stars! I’m just some small-time celebrity. Thus, I’m thrilled with my one hundred thousand pay!"


"A small time super star…Master, you are such a funny guy!" Wenyuan pressed on her stomach and started to laugh uncontrollably.

Chen shrugged and asked, "Right! Just now you mentioned that you wanted to venture into the entertainment circle, right? What happened to that dream?"

"My results weren’t that great when I studied. I didn’t have a brilliant business-like mind either. But, I do have gorgeous looks and a hot body! So, I dreamt of becoming a superstar, even when I was a kid!"

Wenyuan was throwing out a few seductive poses while talking to Chen.

"You don’t say! You do look like a superstar!" Chen raised his eyebrows. He was seduced by Wenyuan’s sexy moves.

"Haih…There’s nothing I can do even if I look like a superstar…"

Wenyuan sighed, "Last time, my grandfather and father discouraged with me venturing into entertainment circle. Now, they are gone. But, I do not have a physical body. Thus, all my opportunities are gone with the wind…."

Chen was touched when he heard that. He said gently, "My girl, don’t you worry, I will help you achieve your dream!"

"Is that real?! My master is such a nice guy!" Wenyuan put on a sweet smile.

"Of course, it’s real!"

Chen said seriously, "I have saved one hundred and eighty thousand merit points! Also, when my charity foundation kickstarts, I will be able to receive a huge amount of merit points! Then, I will be able to redeem Xiangyu’s soul and your soul!"

"Xiangyu needs three hundred thousand to redeem his soul. I need thirty thousand…You will lose all merit points if you spend it all on us…" Wenyuan pursed her lips and said softly.

"Pumpkin, I can earn back merit points anytime I want! I will never disappoint my brothers and my friends!"

Chen sounded calm, but his tone was really determined.

"Xiangyu became a woman to save my life! So, it’s totally okay for me to spend all my merit points to repay him!"

"Wow! Master! You are so handsome and manly! Xiangyu will be so touched if he knows about it!"

After the excitement, Wenyuan said with disappointment, "I have not done anything for you…I feel really terrible that you are spending your merit points on me…"

"You can repay me in the future. For example, by offering yourself to me! Hehehe…" Chen grinned evilly.

"I belonged to you since the beginning. Offering myself to you adds nothing to the table!"

Wenyuan thought for a while and said excitedly, "I can become your manager! Starting tomorrow!"

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