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A+ A- Chapter 251: Can’t Touch This!

"A family member from Yap Family will never beg Chen Xiaobei for anything! It’s like asking myself to slap my own face!" Yap gritted his teeth and shouted angrily. His face looked really furious. A five thousand health martial art elite was killed by a flying earring. His brain was penetrated entirely by it; thus, it was an instant death! From this attack, it showed that Yap’s combat power was definitely more than five thousand!

"Chen Xiaobei! Just wait! I will look for a hundred ways to torture you to death!"

Yap grabbed the two completely startled women and headed into the room while grumbling. For now, all he could do is to vent his anger on the two women.

At the same time, the elevator of the top floor of the hotel opened slowly.

"Who is that?! Non-authorized personnels are not allowed to step on this floor!"

Two guards that guarded at the elevator were alerted. They yelled at the elevator. But, they were stunned when the door of the elevator finally opened. There was no one in the elevator!

It was late at night. The freezing wind was sending shivers and whistles throughout the hallway. When the elevator door opened automatically, the dark and gloomy hallway is definitely something that would terrify a person.

"Siiiii…Could it be some kind of evil spirit messing with us?"

Two security guards looked at each other and collectively took a deep breath. Both of them could feel a chill crawling up their spines.



Suddenly, the light in the elevator flickered.

"Oh my God…"

They almost peed themselves in that tense atmosphere.


After that, one of the security guard rolled his eyes, flopped his mouth wide open, and lifted both of his arms. He looked like one of those Chinese vampires in those old scary movies. Then, he charged at the other security guard!

"Mom!!!! Ghost!!!"

The other security guard screamed involuntarily.


A muffled explosive sound could be heard before the security finished his screaming. The possessed security guard threw a punch at the screaming security guard’s chest. The immense strength obliterated the rib cage. His chest caved in. His body went crashing into the wall. Cracks started to surface on the wall. It was definitely a painful and instant death.

"Ayyy…! Five thousand combat power is too damn powerful! I just killed a person with a single punch! But, I just earned one hundred and three merit points! In other words, the person that I just killed is a bad guy! This is awesome!"

The possessed security guard sounded precisely like Wenyuan’s voice. However, only people with the ability to communicate w

ith spirits would be able to hear her voice. It’s impossible for ordinary folk to pick up her voice.

"Don’t you feel pain? Look at your hand…" Chen’s voice can be heard from the empty space beside the elevator. It was the air spoke when Chen is an invisible state. His voice could be heard by others, thus, he had to speak in a very soft voice.

"My hand? What happened to it?"

Wenyuan looked down, and she found out that her entire left arm was completely twisted. The bone inside the arm was shattered. It was pretty evident that the owner of this body had less than five thousand combat power. Naturally, the body would not be able to withstand the strength of five thousand combat power.

However, Wenyuan did not mind it at all. She said, "I don’t feel pain at all, because this is not my hand! I will possess the other guy once this guy’s body falls apart. No big deal. Hehehe…"

"Spoiled…They sound like toys to you…This actually makes you really awesome!"

Chen heard and lifted his thumb, "Possession of other bodies makes you invincible!"

"Yeap…As long as there are no Yang items around me, I’m practically unbeatable! Hehe!" Wenyuan smiled sweetly.

"Who is that over there?"

"God…This…What the hell just happened here?"

Suddenly, a dozen of security guard rushed to the elevator. They were all shocked when they saw the bloody scene. Without a single moment of hesitation, Wenyuan made the possessed security guard charge at them.

"What the hell is going on here? Since when was Wang this quick!"

The group of security guards were impressed. They couldn’t figure out how the Wang that they were familiar with had changed into a completely different person.


Another punch landed on the security guard that stood at the front position!

Five thousand combat power! Two thousand pounds of brute force!

The unlucky security guard was delivered ten meters away by Wenyuan’s punch. It was an instant death as well. At the same time, the possessed security guard’s left hand was completely destroyed as well. Wenyuan quickly flew out and possessed another target.

The security guard named Wang spat out a pool of blood after Wenyuan left his body. Another instant death! The impact of the strength not only destroyed both of his arms. His internal organs were affected by it as well. There’s a high chance that person will die within a minute if no treatment is applied to him.

And, this is why Chen chooses not to borrow strength from spirits anymore. Although he can increase his combat power tremendously for a short time, the toll on his body is actually pretty severe. He might die before he even defeats an enemy if he fails to control the power accurately.

However, Wenyuan did not need to worry about this problem. She could travel from one body to another body. She could do whatever she wanted since those bodies are not her’s.




Several of the security guards were killed instantly along with muffled explosions. Within ten seconds, all the security guards died gruesomely. There were around twenty plus security guards left on this floor. Wenyuan could defeat them easily, even if they charge at her together. Soon, Chen and Wenyuan managed to set their feet in front of the presidential suite peacefully.

"Master, please take a step back, let me kick open the door!" Wenyuan said excitedly.

"Hold on!"

Chen quickly stopped her. He said softly, "That’s impolite. What if we startle the people inside the president suite?"

"What can we do if we don’t open the door by force? Can you walk through the wall?" Wenyuan pouted.


Chen smiled, and he did not say a single word. He took out two Silver Needles of Damnation from his treasure chest and inserted them into the keyhole.


The door was unlocked within three seconds.

"Wow! Master! Since when you know how to pick a lock? Are you the legendary Thief King?" Wenyuan screamed excitedly.

"Lower down your voice…! There’s a Yang item inside this room! Your very bane! Joy might turn to sorrow!" Chen warned her softly.

Then, they pushed the door open softly.

"How was my performance on the bed just now?"

Yap was lying in the middle of the bed. There were two women on his left and right sides. A lustful smile could be seen on his face.

"You are so damn good on the bed! I achieved multiple orgasms just now!"

"Me too! Me too! I have never seen such strong man like you in my entire life!"

Two of them were leaning on Yap’s chest and licking his boots.

Actually, Chen and Wenyuan had taken less than three minutes to mow through the presidential suite.

Two times in three minutes! That was some weak shit performance!

"Master Yap, what is this?" One of the women extended her hand to Yap's chest curiously. She wanted to touch the flaming red jade pendant.


Yap threw a kick at the woman. His brute force launched her into a wall! A swift and quick death!

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