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Her eyes glistened, and her long, elegant eyebrows only complimented them. Her soft and fair skin was flushed with a healthy, light pink. Her lips, the soft rose petals that they were, put a perfect dot in the whole picture. Today, Lin Xiang looked like a model who had just walked out of the pages of a magazine. Chen was triggered. He ran to Lin, gave her a hug and locked his lips with her soft lips. Chen could feel every curve of Lin's body as he took her into his embrace. Voluptuous, soft, exquisite were the only words that could be used to describe her body!

After three minutes of kissing, Lin's body went limp. Only then, was Chen finally willing to let her go.

"Do you want to die?!"

Lin's perfectly crafted face was all red. She complained shyly, "This is a school! What if others catch us red-handed?"

"Let's give them a show, then! I'm not afraid of that! Hehehe…!"

Chen laughed evilly and said, "Why didn't you come to watch my fights today?"

"I'm a coward. I'm afraid that I can't control my emotion! Others will definitely discover the true nature of our relationship!"

Lin pursed her lips and asked nervously, "Xiaobei, are you angry at me?"

"Pumpkin…Why would I get angry at you…"

Then, Chen smiled and said, "But, what's my reward going to be, since I won the match today?"

"No problem! What do you want?"

Lin smiled and said, "Now, my brother has a job and I don't have to pay any rent as well. I can use all my money to buy a present for you!"

"The reward that I want does not cost single dime, my reward is right in front of my eyes!"

Chen raised his eyebrows and said evilly, "My princess…Are you willing to give yourself to me?"


Lin's face turned red instantly. She moved her body affectionately and said with a soft voice, "I belong to you since the beginning…"

"Haha…! Such a good girl! Let's go! I'm going to have tonnes of fun with you today!"

Chen was so excited. He grabbed Lin's hands and exited the school. They got into the car and drove to Shangri-la hotel. Even an idiot will know what they were planning to do next!

Lin lowered her face and asked shyly, "Why can't we do it at home? Why are we going to a hotel?"

"No one will disturb us at the hotel! I'm afraid that your brother will mess up everything again! Please check again…Have you turned off your cellphone?" Chen asked seriously.

"It's off…" Lin nodded, and her face was still super red.

Chen held Lin's hand and walked to the reception when they arrived at the hotel.

"Good day to the both of you! How can I help you both?" The receptionist asked politely.

The receptionist saw that Lin and Chen are really good looking, Thus, she did not dare offend either one of them.

"I would like to book a presidential suite right now!" Chen activated his rich aura and said.


The receptionist was slightly hesitant. Although Chen and Lin are really good looking, she didn't think that they could afford to book a president suite.

"Why are you standing there for? Are you afraid that I can't afford a presidential suite?" Chen urged the receptionist impatiently.

"Nonono…I didn't mean that…"

The receptionist shook her head and said, "There's only one presidential suite in our hotel. It has the most luxurious design and the best positioning. The room is high enough for you to look at the whole city…But, it costs eighty-eight thousand a night!"

"What? Eighty-eight thousand?"

Lin was so shocked when she heard the price tag. The cost of staying in that presidential suite for a night is equivalent to two years of her salary. This is just too damn expensive!

"Xiaobei…We don't need the president suite… All we need is an ordinary room…" Lin said softly. 

The receptionist advised them politely, "If you are short of money, the two of you can consider the mid-tier room in our hotel. It is pretty nice!"

"Nope! I want the presidential suite! I want my Xiang Xiang to enjoy the best of everything! Just swipe my card!"

Chen laughed calmly and slammed his credit card on the counter.


The receptionist was extremely shocked. Initially, she thought Chen could not afford the room. Now, she knew that Chen had too much money in his bank account, and he was looking for a way to spend it! He didn't even blink when he paid eighty-eight thousand for the room. It was like spending eight dollars and eight cents on a grocery product.

The receptionist was glad that she did not offend them. If not, Chen would have definitely barked at the management!

"Mister! You are such a generous man! Your girlfriend is lucky to have you!"

The receptionist took the card and licked Chen's boots, "I wish that both of you will have a good time in our presidential suite!"

"That's a must! Today, no one is allowed to disturb us!" 

Chen grinned and put his hands around Lin's waist.


Lin was so nervous. She didn't know what to think anymore. She was actually quite eager. She had wanted to give herself to Chen long time ago. Finally, her wish is about to come true today. This made her really happy.

"Don't take his card!"

A sharp voice can be heard from far. Chen's face turned cold when he heard the voice. The owner of that sharp voice is none other than Yap Liangchen!


The receptionist was at a loss of what to do. She quickly put Chen's card back on the counter.

"Hey! What do you think you are doing?!"

Chen stared at him coldly. His good mood was completely ruined.

Yap was holding a woman beside him. He smiled and said, "Seems like you are in a good mood! I can see that you've brought a pretty girl to my hotel! Aren't you afraid that I will tell Xiaoyao about this? Do you think that she will dump you?!"

Yap looked at Lin lustfully while talking.

He thought, "Damn! This girl is damn hot! She is not as pretty as Xiaoyao. But, her body is as hot as those models in magazines!"

His eyeballs almost fell to the ground. Suddenly, he felt as if the appearance and the body of the lady that he had in his arm was that of just another ordinary girl on the street.

"Well, it does not concern you one bit about whether Xiaoyao will dump me or not! But, I will definitely slap you real hard if you stare at my woman lustfully again!"

Chen was not pleased at all! He couldn't wait to step on Yap's obscene face!

Lin frowned as well. Her good mood was completely ruined.

"Do you really think that you can slap me? Hehehe…"

Yap's face turned cold and shouted, "This must be some kind of joke! I'm a prodigy from the Yap Family! I can kill trash like you with one hand!"

Chen quickly turned on his Netherspirit Battlescouter.



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