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"Dream on!"

Xiaoyao pouted and said, "You animal! Always thinking about how to take advantage of me! I will never fall into your trap!"

"Well, it's entirely up to you now. I have presented the golden opportunity in front of you!" Chen shrugged and got ready to walk away.

Xiaoyao got really nervous when Chen was about to leave.

She shouted, "Hold on! How would I know that you are not lying to me?"

"It's actually really simple!"

Chen grinned and said, "There will be a chance that I will give you what I promised just now, after you call me your good, good brother! But, you are basically throwing away the chance into the drain if you choose not to do what I am asking you to do! So, it's all up to you! No pressure, here."


Xiayoyao got really angry of the position he had put her in. In the end, she realized that anger would not get her anything. She decided to do what Chen had asked her to do because Chen is the boss now.

"Listen carefully! I'm going to call you a good brother now!" Xiaoyao said angrily.

"Hold on…Let me reply a message first…"

Chen took out his cellphone, messed around with it and said, "You can do it now! Remember! I want a soft, gentle, and sweet voice. It does not count if I'm not happy with your tone!" 


Xiaoyao was so angry that she almost fainted.

All these demands make you an *sshole!

Just wait! I will let you have a taste of my punches when I complete my cultivation breakthrough!

Xiaoyao gritted and said sweetly, "Good brother!"


"Good brother…"


"Good brother…"

"Such a good girl…"

Xiaoyao's face was as red as a tomato when she finished calling Chen her good brother.

She thought, "What a mean bastard! He acted like I really meant it when I called him my good brother just now!"

Chen smiled evilly and kept his cellphone in his pocket. He had just recorded Xiaoyao's words just now. A savage Princess like her will never call Chen her good brother on her own. This was why Chen had grabbed hold of this golden opportunity to record down everything that she just said. He was planning to play it whenever he got nothing to do. It was pretty satisfying for Chen.

Of course, Xiaoyao did not know about the recording at all. She had definitely underestimated Chen. 

"Tell me now! What should I do to complete my cultivation breakthrough?!" Xiaoyao lost her patience and asked.

"Hold me…Let me get ready first…Don't you dare follow me!"

Then, Chen ran to the cafeteria. He bought a lollipop and ran back to Xiaoyao.

"Take this and eat it! Then, you will be able to complete your cultivation breakthrough." Chen handed over the lollipop to Xiaoyao and said. Chen had rubbed the lollipop against the Skybreaking Cultivation Pill when no one was around just now. This would be more than enough for Xiaoyao to breakthrough.

"Chen Xiaobei! You animal! What kind of logic is this?! Do you think I'm stupid enough to believe you that by eating a lollipop I can achieve cultivation breakthrough?!"

Xiaoyao exploded and shouted, "Why the hell did I believe in you just now?! You are the evilest person on this earth!"

"If I'm the most evil on this earth, then, you are the most idiotic girl on this earth!"

Chen shrugged and said, "You just called me your good brother just now! How difficult is it to lick the lollipop? Just don't blame later for causing you to miss the golden opportunity!"

"Hand it to me! I'm going to tear down your lying face! The sun will rise from the north if licking on a lollipop can achieve a cultivation breakthrough!"

Xiaoyao snatched the lollipop from Chen and put it in her mouth immediately. She froze the second the lollipop entered her mouth. Only the person who had a taste of the Skybreaking Cultivation Pill will know how it feels inside their body. Xiaoyao could felt the transformation within her body, instantly. Her big and watery eyes were wide opened. Then, she started sucking on a lollipop enthusiastically.

After one minute, Xiaoyao had complete her cultivation breakthrough successfully. The shocking result was too much for her to handle. She took some time to come back to reality.

Then, she said adorably, "Xiaobei…Pinch me…I want to make sure that I'm not dreaming!"

"Idiot! You are not dreaming!" Chen pinched her adorable face, smiled, and said.

"This…This is real…Oh, my God…All those efforts that I invested in my training can't even be compared to this single lollipop!"

Xiaoyao thought she was in another dimension, because this is so unreal! Well, it's totally understandable for her to be so shocked. She had witnessed her dad spending ten years to complete his own cultivation breakthrough. Even more so, tonnes of people have failed to complete their cultivation breakthrough after years and years of training.

"*sshole Xiaobei…What's inside this lollipop? I don't believe that this is just some normal lollipop!"

Xiaoyao asked after the shock. She is definitely a smart girl.

Chen dropped his playful manner and said seriously, "This is a secret that might endanger my life if I tell you anything about it! I can't say anything more. Also, you are not allowed to tell others about it as well! If not, you will put both of us in a life-threatening situation!"

"Okay…I understand…I'll back off!" Xiaoyao nodded. She knew better than anyone how serious it could get if others knew about this matter. The consequences of this secret being told to others might be even more serious than the secret she told Chen earlier. Jianghu aside, the whole world might be shaken if the government ever finds out about its existence! The consequences were beyond imagination!

"Xiaobei…Why did you treat me so nicely…?" Xiaoyao pouted and she was touched by Chen's kindness. It is only logical for Xiaoyao to be so touched when Chen was willing to share his biggest secret with her. There is a saying; One should treat others ten times better if the person treats me well.

Chen smiled calmly and said, "Your father really thought highly of me. Also, you are my good sister! This is why I should treat you even better!"

"Psst…Who is your good sister?"

Xiaoyao pouted, "I'm warning you not to tell anyone about it! I will not admit to it even if you tell others about it!"

"Hehe…! I will definitely not tell others about it!" Chen grinned. He put on a I-have-the-recording-in-my-cellphone-and-you-can-do-nothing-about-it face.

"Next, we should go and get the imperial jade seal!"

Xiaoyao said seriously, "The combination of the imperial jade seal and green jade safety pendant will allow us to solve the secret of the tomb!"

"What are we waiting for? Let's go!" Chen smiled.

"I can't do it today…Something red is visiting me today…" Xiaoyao said shyly.

"Something red?"

Chen stunned for a short while and understood it immediately, "Erm…We should postpone it…We don't want it to ruin our plans as well…Also, you are the only one who knows the location of the imperial jade seal. So, it's totally fine to wait for a day or two."

"Okay…I should leave first…You can go and screw around!" Xiaoyao pursed her lips and left.

"Screw around?! Do I look like that kind of person?!" Chen said with a serious face.

"Xiaobei! You are here!"

A sweet and soft voice crawled into Chen's ears. It is definitely a pleasure to listen to the voice.

"Xiang Xiang!"

Chen got all excited. A voice surfaced in his heart, "Go and screw around with Xiang Xiang…Go and screw around with Xiang Xiang…"

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