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"Damn! No display again!"

Chen frowned. The Netherspirit Battlescouter had failed him again. Needless to say, there had to be some be kind of Yang item on his body. There was an unknown object hanging over Yap's chest. The energy from the object prevented the Netherspirit Battlescouter from functioning properly.

"Damn it! I need to upgrade my Netherspirit Battlecouter when I'm free! If not, I will be taken advantage of, all the time!" Chen thought to himself.

Without the information from Netherspirit Battlecouter Chen wouldn't be able to determine if he is able to defeat Yap. He still remembered that this guy had the balls to act arrogantly in front of Murong Tian. Plus, he is the son of the Yap Family, from Dragon City. He must be really powerful.

There were still uncertainties within Chen's heart, but he still possessed quite a number of magical items in his treasure chest. Thus, Chen was not afraid of him at all.

"Am I an ant? You can come over and find out yourself!" Chen sounded really determine. His stare made him look like a fearless dragon.

"Hahaha…What a joke! Do you really think a dragon like me will accept a challenge from an ant like you?"

Yap raised his head higher and said arrogantly, "I've come to Green Vine City to pursue Xiaoyao! Thus, I have done my homework on my rival! I know everything about you! Currently, you are at the pinnacle phase of the physical stage! You are not worthy of being my opponent!"

From that statement, Chen knew that Yap had to be extremely powerful! Maybe he is in the Qi refining stage, or even higher than that. He might not able to win the fight against such an opponent, even if he uses all the items in his treasure chest. There's a saying; know your enemies and you can win a hundred wars! However, Chen knew nothing about him. Too much uncertainty made Chen nervous. The mystery of the unknown is the scariest thing in this world.

But, there was something that Chen was happy to hear about. There's a critical error in Yap's intel. Chen was no longer in pinnacle phase of the physical stage! That meant, Yap did not know Chen that well. That's why he couldn't be bothered to fight with Chen.

"That girl over there! I want the presidential suite!"

Yap stared at Chen condescendingly and walked towards the counter.

"Yes, boss! I will do it right now!"

The receptionist nodded and got back to work quickly.

"What the hell are you doing?! I was here first! I thought this is business!" Chen shouted angrily.

"Hehe…*sshole! I don't think that you knew that this hotel is my family's property, right? Didn't you hear her call me boss just now?"

Yap put on an arrogant look and laughed coldly, "I'm going to advise you to get the hell out right now! If not, I will get the security guards to chase you out!"

"Go ahead! Let's who is the one getting kicked out of this hotel!" Chen's stare was ice cold. He was at his boiling point. He was all ready to fight his opponents like a savage beast. No matter how powerful Yap is, Chen will never be afraid of him!

"I will pay them back tenfold if someone bullies me!" This is the mindset that Chen had in his mind.

The word; fear was long gone from Chen's dictionary!

"Xiaobei! Let's go! Please don't make a scene here! I beg of you…Please…"

All of a sudden, Lin held Chen's arms tightly.

She is a soft and gentle woman. She couldn't bear watch the whole situation turn even worse. Plus, she didn't want Chen to get into unnecessarily trouble. Chen's heart went soft when he saw the worried look on Lin's face. So, he decided to quell his anger. But, he will definitely make Chen pay for what he did. Now is not the time.

Chen did not want Lin to worry for him. Also, Lin might get hurt if two of them really fight in the lobby.

"Alright. I will listen to you." Chen smiled and said gently.

"Yes! Xiaobei is the best!" Lin smiled and her creases finally disappeared. She quickly pulled Chen out of the hotel.

Looking at Lin's curvaceous back, Yap licked his lips lustfully and said, "Hot damn! That woman is so damn perfect! It will be so satisfying if I can have fun with her in bed!"

"Sweetheart, why are you still thinking about other women when I'm with you here today?"

The woman beside him, who had her face caked with makeup, was nagging and rubbing her body against Yap.

"Get the hell away from me! Go and pee on the floor and take a good look at yourself! How can you compare yourself to that perfect woman just now?! It's your honour that I'm willing to let you suck my dick! Get the f*ck away from me if you're still going to complain about it!"

Yap looked at that woman condescendingly and scolded.

"I…" The woman felt really wronged. She said something in a soft voice and gave up arguing with him. In the end, she walked away.

Then, Yap took out his cellphone, dialed in a number and barked into it, "Iron Hand! I want you to get me a woman! And, I want you to destroy a son of a bitch!"

"Xiang Xiang…I remember now that I have something to do…Can you call a cab and go back on your own first?"

Chen glanced at the mirror and saw a sedan tailing after them.

"Okay…Then, I shall leave first…"

Lin had no idea on the situation. She agreed and nodded when she saw that Chen had finally calmed down. Then, Chen turned his car round a corner and dropped Lin. The car behind him sped up, but Chen stopped them before they could get to Lin.

Seven muscular men got down from the car. A special individual stood among them. He had a pair of calloused hands and his skin was bronze. It made his hands look like they were made of iron. The pair of hands must be filled with power. It was pretty obvious that he is the Iron Hand sent by Yap!

"All seven of you! Go and purse that woman! I will cripple this son of the bitch personally!" Iron Hand ordered his followers calmly.

"Yes, sir!"

The seven guys quickly ran to Lin.


Chen jumped down from the car and kicked the first man back to where he came from. He fell to the concrete floor and fainted. Half of his rib cage must have been broken. Blood started to gush out from his mouth. Endless darkness started to spill out from Chen's stare.

"Oh my God…"

The other six muscular guys were shaken by Chen's combat power. None of them had the balls to move forward. All they could do was to step back.

"Not bad…It's hard to believe that someone as young as you has already reached the pinnacle phase of the physical stage! Definitely a good material to practice on!" 

Iron Hand grinned and walked towards Chen confidently. He said, "Unfortunately, you offended our boss! Thus, you are going to be destroyed by my Iron Hand today!"


[Cultivation: Pinnacle phase of physical stage, Health: 5000, Combat power; 3000]

"Hehe…What a good pair of Iron Hands! Let me turn them into metal scrap!"

Chen had reeled in all his anger earlier. Now, it's a good time to vent it all out. Chen quickly charged at them in his fresh lease of freedom!

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