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Xiaoyao was so shocked. However, she still doesn't know Chen did not use a few days to complete his cultivation breakthrough. All he spent was a minute to complete the breakthrough!

Muring Tian had spent ten years, but Chen had only spent a minute. Chen was curious to know how Xiaoyao will react to this cruel fact. The kind Chen decided not to tell Xiaoyao about the truth. He was worried that she wouldn't be able to handle the truth.

Actually, Xiaoyao was at the pinnacle phase of physical stage as well. A "YES" from Chen, and she will be able to achieve cultivation breakthrough within a minute as well. However, Chen still can't fully put his trust in Xiaoyao, just yet. The secret of Skybreaking Cultivation Pill might endanger his own life. Thus, Chen would have to be really careful of who he shows it to.

"Alright. Earth to Xiaoyao. Tell me about the big secret of your family."

Chen waved his hand right in front of her face.

"Okay. I am authorized to tell you right now, since you have reached the Qi refining stage."

Xiaoyao calmed herself down and said, "We, the Murong Family are the descendents of the Yan Dynasty. We pass the secret of the location of Yan Dynasty Emperor's tomb from generation to generation. Until today."

"The tomb of the Emperor of Yan Dynasty? What is going on, right now?"

Chen perked up. He was really curious about the secret tomb. When a normal person hears about the tomb, they will feel extra curious and be suspended in disbelief. Since Chen has joined the Red Envelope Group, he has seen a lot of magical things happening in front of him, thus, everything is possible to Chen right now.

"There are tonnes of valuable items buried in the tomb of the Emperor from the Yan Dynasty! If one manages to locate the tomb, the person will become so rich that he/she can buy the whole country!" Xiaoyao said seriously.

"Are you serious?"

Chen pouted and asked haltingly, "I don't think money would cause a bloody war in Jianghu! The real Jianghu elites are so rich that they don't even bother to acquire more wealth!"

"I have not finished talking!"

Xiaoyao pursed her lips and continued, "I'm going to tell you something now that only blood-related family members in the Murong Family have the right to know about. You have to keep your mouth shut after I tell you this! Never, ever tell anyone what I'm going to tell you!"

"Eh? Why are you telling me this? I'm not even related to the Murong Family!" Chen was stunned and asked shockingly.

"Man! You are so dumb!"

Xiaoyao pouted, "My dad has already handed over his most precious daughter and the responsibility of keeping the imperial jade seal to you! Obviously, you are now part of our family!"


Chen felt guilty after hearing Xiaoyao's words. Now, he knew that Murong Tian and Murong Xiaoyao had entrusted him with the secret of their lives. Yet, here he is, worried about his own secrets. This is definitely not right. Chen decided secretly that he is going to look for a good opportunity to let Xiaoyao go through the cultivation breakthrough as well. After all, allies are built on trust. Being suspicious of each other is not what good allies would do.

After some thought, Chen put on a serious face and said in a deep voice, "Don't you worry. I promise you that I will never spill a single word to anyone in this world!"

Xiaoyao nodded and said, "When the Yan Dynasty was just established, our emperor was thirty-three years old. With his leadership and extremely powerful combat power, he managed to lead his armies to conquer the kingdom."

"In his tomb, among other items, there is an ultimate martial art scroll! It was the martial art that he learned during the war! If one manages to find it and learn whatever that is recorded inside, the person will be so powerful that he/she can do whatever they want in Jianghu."

"So, this is the item that everyone in Jianghu is dreaming of. There will be a war if this matter is not dealt with properly!"

Chen finally got a clear picture of what was going on in the Jianghu. He is now extremely interested to find out more about it. The fact that a thirty-three-year-old guy managed to become the most powerful person on earth made Chen feel really excited.

"My dad mentioned to me that we can learn that ultimate martial art together. Then, we can go to the Golden Dragon Temple to bring him home when we are powerful enough. Also, you can have all the gold and jewellery in the tomb if you want them to be your possession."

Then, Xiaoyao paused and said sternly, "Chen Xiaobei, my dad entrusted you with everything he had! You are not allowed to disappoint us! If not, I will hate you till the end of my life!"

Chen nodded and said, "Yes. Don't worry! Since you decided to tell me the secret, I will definitely help you until everything is solved!"

"Thank you! Xiaobei!"

Xiaoyao bit her lower lip and a slight blush could be seen from her face. Undeniably, Xiaoyao is truly gorgeous. That lip biting was just too much.

An arrow from Cupid struck Chen. He asked happily, "Will you love me till death do us part if I never disappoint you in the end?"

"Pssst! I'm talking seriously right now! Don't even try to flirt with me!"

Xiaoyao pouted, stared at Chen and said, "I will beat you to death if you flirt with me again!"

"Hmph! Flatboard Princess! You have to get a clear idea of what you just said! Remember, I just complete my cultivation breakthrough! Are you sure you can beat me to death? Do you know that I can come over and spank your *ss right now?!"

Chen grinned and looked at Xiaoyao's tight, round *ss evilly. An evil intention could be sensed from Chen's stare.

"How dare you call me a Flatboard Princess?! I will fight…Fight…Don't come near me!"

Xiaoyao was extremely angry. She would have charged at Chen if she knew the fact that her combat power was still similar to Chen's. But, she did not dare charge at Chen this time. She quickly used her hands to cover her *ss when Chen raised his right hand. Then, she started to back off. Combat power ruled here. This is why Xiaoyao was acting completely differently now.

Xiaoyao pursed her lips. Her face went sour, but it was so cute to look at.

"Little lady! Do you still want to fight me?"

Chen shook his palm and asked tauntingly.

"You…You bully! I will beat you up until all your teeth falls off if I can complete my cultivation breakthrough as well!" Xiaoyao said bitterly.

"Hmph! Don't say that I have never treated you nicely! I'm giving you an opportunity to complete your cultivation breakthrough instantly! Do you want it?" Chen asked happily.

"Are you serious? Of course, I want it! Tell me now! What should I do?!" Xiaoyao was really excited when she heard about it.

She knew very well that cultivation breakthrough is an extremely difficult process. Instant cultivation breakthrough is something that she had dreamed of, for a long time!

"So, you really want it, huh?" Chen's smile suddenly turned devilish.

Xiaoyao felt that something bad was about to happen.

When she thought about how her nemesis; Chen had completed his cultivation breakthrough, she bit her fear down and said, "I want it!"

"Alright! Call me your good brother three times first! Then, I will show you the way of instant cultivation breakthrough!"

Chen raised his eyebrows and put on an evil smile

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