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The remaining nine Japanese contestants on the stage knew better than anyone what it took to become a Genin at the pinnacle phase of physical stage. One needed to go through a lot of tests to become a Genin in Japan. Usually, only one out of thousands of people can become a Genin with a pinnacle phase of physical stage. Daxiong was a particularly powerful Genin among their kind! However, this awesome Genin was completely destroyed by Chen a few seconds ago!

The fact that their reputable Genin was destroyed within a few seconds created a massive impact in the hearts of the remaining nine Japanese contestants. Before the match had started, all of them had perceived Chen as another potato, ready to be beaten into pulp. Now, Chen was like a demon that had just escaped from the gates of hell. Their souls and bodies were shaking involuntarily.


Chen didn't even grant them the time to let fear take over their hearts. Along with the muffled, explosive sound, another Japanese contestant joined the newly formed eunuch team. His pants were soaked in blood and he was tossed seven to eight meters away.

*Oh my God! This is so scary!"

The balls of the remaining eight Japanese contestants shrunk! All they could think of right now is to surrender! One word; surrender!


The rest of them were shouting hysterically on the stage. Unfortunately, Chen did not allow them to surrender.



Two more contestants were tossed out from the stage. Then, they landed on the concrete floor. 





Three more people were tossed off the stage.


That last utterance came from the last three remaining contestants in the sky.




Chen was the only person on the stage when the last three contestants landed on the concrete floor. Well, the result was pretty obvious. Chen had won the match!


Everyone started to scream in excitement the next second. The cheering from thousands of people had created a mini earthquake. The whole stadium was shaking.

"What the f*ck!!!!!! We just won!!!!!! Our Bro Bei won the match!!!!!! Oh my God!!!!!! So awesome!!!!!!"

"The champion title of the Taekwondo friendly match belongs to our Green Vine University!!!"

"The Japanese team was cheating all the time! In the end, we still won the match!!! Man!!!! This is so damn satisfying!!!"

"After all, our Bro Bei is the best!!! If it wasn't for him, it would have been impossible for us to win the match!!!"

"You are God damn right! One fought against ten! His coolness and awesomeness are definitely one in a million!"

"Man! Bro Bei! Why are you so cool and handsome?!"

"AH!!!!! Bro Bei! I love you! I want to give birth to monkeys for you! A lot of monkeys!!"

"Bro Bei…Bro Bei…"

The crowd was completely out of control! Every single one of them had goosebumps crawling on their skin. Their hearts were thumping hard and their blood was boiling! Undeniably, Chen had won the match for everyone! From a larger perspective, Chen had won the match for his country as well! Every single audience member stood up and cheered for him except for Wong Jianren. He was yelling into the microphone. However, no one could hear his voice, because the cheers from the audience had flooded his voice completely.

Suddenly, Chen raised up his hand. The crowd became quiet instantly. Wong was stunned when he saw Chen's influence over the crowd. His shouts to silence the audience had been completely useless. But, one single gesture from Chen, and the entire stadium had quietened down. Who is the vice principal here?!

"Wong Jianren! You have no right to talk right now! Pass the mic to Meichuan Neiku right now! I want to hear him tell me that he surrenders!" Chen sounded calm, but his dominant presence was everywhere. Everyone had their ears straightened up to hear Meichuan surrender willingly.

"Never! Real men from Japan will never surrender to their opponents!" Meichuan snatched the mic and shouted.

"I remember you saying that the champion will be decided when the team surrenders or if the team members lose their strength to continue to fight, right?!"

Chen narrowed his eyes and tensed his legs up. Like a swift wind, Chen jumped up to the VIP seats without them even realizing it. He stood right in front of Meichuan.

"Oh my God!"

Meichuan was scared shitless by Chen's dominant presence. He fell to the ground.

"Don't blame me for crippling you if you still refuse to surrender! You are the one who said so earlier that it's totally acceptable for the contestant to beat the other contestant until he/she is crippled, only to make sure that the person is still alive. That's what you said! Am I right?!"

Chen looked at Meichuan from his elevated position. His voice sounded cold, and a murderous look was imprinted on Chen's face.

"Nonono…I…I…I will surrender now…"

In the end, Meichuan couldn't get over the fear inside his heart towards Chen. He was not afraid of being beaten up by Chen. What he was really afraid of was to be kicked in the crotch. No man in this world can withstand that kind of excruciating pain.

"Woah!!! The Japanese team surrendered finally! They surrendered!"

"Our Bro Bei has handed us victory! An undeniable victory! This is so damn satisfying!"

"I thought Meichuan was some kind of tough guy! In the end, he became a coward in front of our Bro Bei!"

"Where are the true men of Japan?! Such a funny joke! Hahaha…"

The cheering started again. The first victory belonged to Green Vine University, since the Japanese team surrendered. After the celebration, the crowd started to leave the stadium slowly. On the other hand, Chen and Xiaoyao exited the place through the backdoor. They will definitely be surrounded by hundreds of thousands of fans if they exited through the front door. 

"*sshole Xiaobei!"

Seeing that no one was around. Xiaoyao opened her watery eyes wide and stared at Chen. She bit her lower lip nervously. It seemed like she was holding back on the following words.

"What happened? Were you impressed by my powerful and dominance presence just now? Are you planning to confess your love to me? But, really, you are not my cup of tea…" Chen said with a smile on his face.

"Psst…! I will confess my love you when the sun rises from the north!"

Xiaoyao rolled her eyes at Chen and lowered her voice, "I'm going to ask you this right now! Is it true that you have reached the Qi refining stage?"

"That is right! If not, how could I defeat that Daxiong with one kick?"

Chen shrugged and asked rhetorically.

"What?! I can't believe that it's true! I thought I saw it wrongly just now! Oh my God…"

Xiaoyao was in awe and her mouth was wide open again.

Her dad; Murong Tian had spent ten years to successfully breakthrough his cultivation. This Chen Xiaobei had only spent a few days to successfully breakthrough his cultivation! Xiaoyao had no words to describe her feelings right now. Everything could only be concluded in one single sentence.

"Chen Xiaobei! You are not human! You are a freaking monster!"

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