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"What? Ten people at the same time?"

"Impossible! That Japanese contestant on the stage is already so powerful! How the hell is he going to fight against ten people at the same time?"

"Is Bro Bei kidding us? Sometimes, he takes his jokes too far!"

His friends couldn't believe that he had just said something like that. All of them were really shocked.

Xiaoyao had her eyes wide opened as well. She sighed, "Man! This b*st*rd is too damn arrogant! His combat power is similar to mine, how dare he act like a Kungfu elite on stage? We are so done if he loses this match!"

On the other hand, Meichuan was getting more and more excited while most of the people were worried about Chen. To him, it was completely suicidal for Chen to fight ten people at the same time.

Meichuan shouted tauntingly, "Chen Xiaobei! Are you serious? We have nine more contestants left! I don't mind asking them to fight you if you have the balls to challenge them all at once!"

"Hmph! I'm serious! I will not take back my words!"

Chen raised his eyebrows and said, "Ask your team of rotten eggs to come on stage right now! I want to defeat all of them at the same time! It saves time!"

"Great! Very good! I like the arrogant look on your face! Everyone, get on the stage right now! Beat him to a pulp! Hahaha…"

Meichuan started to laugh.

The rest of the Japanese contestants charged up to the stage at the same time and surrounded Chen!

"Chen Xiaobei! I'm going to tell you now! Punches and kicks are blind, thus, do not blame me for crippling you!" Meichuan said tauntingly.

The Japanese contestants started to warm up their fists by rubbing themwith their palms. They couldn't wait to beat Chen up. However, Chen was extremely calm at this very moment. He even felt like laughing.

"Hehe…Well, I'm relieved that you reminded me of this rule…Your team of rotten eggs will definitely be crippled by me!"

"Damn! Bro Bei is so cool!"

"Cool is useless! His punches have to be harder than those Japanese contestants'!"

"You are right…I think Bro Bei has just dug his own grave…How is possible for him to win this unfair fight?!"

"One will be struck by lightning if the person is overly arrogant! Bro Bei is so done this time…"

It was totally understandable for the students to worry for Chen. One person fighting against ten seemed like something coming from a Manga. Plus, those ten fighters were no weaklings.

"*sshole Chen! Don't' try to act cool on the stage…Just come down from the stage if you feel like you can't win against them…I will not blame you for losing this match…"

Murong pouted and said worryingly. This girl might go against Chen all the time, but she cared about Chen a lot when it comes to critical moments like this. After all, she is a girl with a kind heart.

"Don't you worry. I'm stronger than you think," Chen looked at Xiaoyao and smiled.

"Your combat power is similar to mine! We just fought two days ago! You can't even beat me in a fight!" Xiaoyao pursed her lips after hearing Chen's claim.


Daxiong laughed loudly when he heard Xiaoyao's reply. He spoke in Mandarin, "I have seen a lot of idiots in my life! But, I have never seen an idiot like you! You are not qualified to fight against us if you can't even beat that lady in a fight!"

"Hahaha…Idiot! Idiot!"

The rest of the Japanese contestants laughed at Chen at the same time. All of them stared at Chen mockingly. In their eyes, Chen was just another potato waiting to be mashed.

Chen ignored them, stared at the VIP seats coldly and asked, "Meichuan Neiku, can we begin the match now?!"

"Hmph! Bastard, you don't even know that you are digging your own grave!"

Meichuan laughed coldly and announced, "The match begins now! Now, go and beat that bastard up until he can't scream for help!"

Daxiong walked to Chen slowly, cracking his knuckles.

"Mr. Daxiong is awesome! We will be glorified by your victory!"

"Mr. Daxiong! Defeat him in one single punch! You can leave the rest to us…Hehehe…"

"Right! One punch! Like killing a chicken! Kill that bastard!"

The rest of the nine Japanese contestants were laughing at Chen and licking Daxiong's boots at the same time.

"B*stard! Tell me! How would you like your death to be?"

Daxiong walked towards Chen and asked coldly.

"You don't have to worry about how my death is going to be. You should be thinking about how to mourn for your little brother!"

Chen focused, lifted his right leg and sent his foot flying.

"Little brother?" 

Daxiong was stunned for a second. The next second, he knew what Chen was talking about instantly. He saw Chen aiming at his crotch. Well, this is the legendary Nusbuster!


This kick is still the same as it was before, but Chen's combat power had gone through a huge transformation! Qi refining stage with five thousand combat power! The speed of his kick was fast enough to create a whirlwind around him.

"Oh my God! What…What kind of speed is this?! This is just too damn fast!"

Sweat started to roll down on Daxiong's face before the kick landed on his crotch. He thought that this kid couldn't even beat Xiaoyao. Thus, he was wondering how it was possible for his speed to be so much faster than Xiaoyao's.

Daxiong was completely petrified. He couldn't catch up to Chen's speed, let alone defend against that kick. The thing that scared Daxiong shitless was the flowing of Qi around Chen.

"That…That…Could it be Qi?!!!"

Daxiong turned into stone immediately. He couldn't believe what he just felt. This is the sign of Qi refining stage! Although the Qi was still kind of weak, a person that reaches Qi refining stage can crush people with lower cultivation than himself easily! Complete crush!


A muffled sound echoed through the air. The kick had met its target!


Daxiong became a superman that flew high into the sky and fell right among the VIP seats.


It was like a bomb had exploded at the VIP seats. The place was a mess!

Meichuan Neiku and Wong Jianren had no idea what had just happened to them. Two of them fell on the ground with their hands and legs facing the sky.


The whole place fell into complete silence. The sound of a needle dropping on the floor could be heard at that moment. The rest of the Japanese contestants were shocked by Chen's powerful kick. None of them had the expression to show what they felt right now. On the other hand, Xiaoyao's mouth was wide open.

The remaining Japanese contestants were warming up their fists to beat Chen up, a second ago. Now, they were completely stunned.

"Your turn now!"

Chen stared at them. One stare, and they almost peed their pants.

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