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"What is happening right now? Why did this guy choose not to dodge my attack? Wait, my punch did no damage to him!"

Xiaoyao was stunned, and an extremely shocked look crawled up her face. A punch with three thousand combat power is equivalent to one thousand and two hundred pounds of force! If this punch lands on someone with similar strength, he or she would be staggering back with some form of injury. However, Daxiong had not budged one bit! It was pretty obvious that Daxiong's higher health had prevented injuries from being inflicted to his body. Four thousand health is more than enough to withstand punches containing three thousand combat power.

Xiaoyao did not know about it at all, thus, she was taken by surprise. This was Daxiong's trump card!

"Die now!"

He put on a vicious smile and said. He wanted to come out with his one-shot-kill while Xiaoyao is still a shocking state. On a fighting stage, the strong ones will always prey on the weaker one. But, nobody would have expected Daxiong to aim a kick between Xiaoyao's legs.

Yes! You heard it right!

In order to win this competition, this huge man used such awful move on a gentle girl who was so much weaker than him. Not only men would be afraid of being kicked in their private parts. Women are afraid of it as well. In fact, their private parts are more fragile than men's. One will lose the ability to fight if their private parts suffer from a heavy hit. Also, it might even cause injuries to other internal organs. In the end, the person will die of a massive loss of blood.

"What the f*ck! How dare that piece of shit use such an awful skill on a girl?!!"

"He is not a man! He is a cold-blooded animal!"

"Goddess, dodge the attack, quick! It's too dangerous!"

"Dodge it!"

Everything was worried about her safety at that very moment. Even amateurs knew that this hit was going to be fatal. But, they had no idea that Xiaoyao had no way of dodging the attack!

Such a powerful opponent! Such a close distance! Such a sudden attack! Dodging it would be a luxury!

"It's over!"

Even Xiaoyao knew that this was the end. All hopes were lost. Despair had taken over her state of mind. She regretted not listening to Chen.

"Hehe…Die bitch!"

Meichuan was laughing happily at the VIP seating area. He said loudly in Japanese, "I helped my country destroy a Chinese martial art prodigy! My country will surely reward me abundantly! Hahaha…!"

Wong and the other Japanese contestants put on a vicious smile as well. All of them were under Meichuan. Thus, they will surely receive their own rewards when Meichuan is happy with the match results. At that second, Daxiong was acting arrogantly, the audience were worried for Xiaoyao, Meichuan was acting savagely, and the greedy look on Wong and the other Japanese contestants made an interesting scene. All their looks carried the same indication; Xiaoyao was going to lose in this match. Even Xiaoyao herself had prepared for the worst!

Some weak-hearted audience members shut their eyes before the brutal scene happened.


A loud shout echoed in the air when Daxiong's kick almost made contact with Xiaoyao's crotch. The piercing sound was like a bullet that travelled through Daxiong's ears.


Daxiong groaned in agony. He could feel his ears tearing up. The excruciating pain was unbearable for him. Then, the sound wave started to travel to his brain. The cracking headache almost made him lose consciousness! Undeniably, this was Chen's work! 

His mastery towards sound allowed him to create a soundwave that could destroy everything. However, the power of the soundwave still had to depend on one's combat power. During the ancient time, Zhang Fei's shout could destroy the internal organs of his enemies. Chen's combat power is not as powerful as Zhang Fei, thus, it was not enough to kill Daxiong. But, he did buy Xiaoyao enough time to dodge the fatal hit. Xiaoyao quickly moved two steps back. Immediately, she was out of danger. Her teary eyes were full of gratitude towards Chen.

"What the hell just happened? Did Bro Bei just shout?"

"Of course! That is our Bro Bei! Look at that Japanese contestant! He is scared to death!"

"One shout from our Bro Bei and the Japanese contestant is shaking over there! Hahaha…"

"Our Bro Bei is so damn awesome!"

"Bro Bei is the only person in this world that I respect this much!"

Next second, every single audience was cheering for Chen. All their sadness, depression, stress was completely gone with Chen's shout! Everyone's blood was boiling in flames!


Meichuan slammed the table and scolded, "Garbage! Useless piece of shit! Retard! How dare he miss such a good opportunity to destroy his opponent! Such stupidity! Motherf*cker!"

Wong was nodding beside him as well. He said, "It's only a damn shout! I can't believe Daxiong just missed the golden opportunity to defeat his opponent!

Both of them were scolding non-stop at the VIP seats. The pitiful Daxiong was still clutching his head. He still couldn't recover from the pain. Only Daxiong will know how painful it is when Chen's voice enters his ears. It is like a thousand needles poking into his brain. No one can imagine how painful it is unless you try it out yourself.

"Xiaoyao…Come down…Let me deal with him!"

Chen walked to the stage. His eyes showed how determine he was to defeat the bastard.

Xiaoyao frowned and said, "This guy's health is extremely tough! We are equally powerful. Are you sure you can defeat him? We are so done if you lose this match."

"Don't you worry. I will not lose this match!"

Chen sounded really calm. There was not a single doubt in his voice!

"Okay. I'll trust you."

Xiaoyao nodded and jumped off the stage.

"Eh? Why did our goddess, Xiaoyao come down from the stage?"

"Someone is taking her place! Our Bro Bei finally got on the stage!"

"Can our Bro Bei even fight? I have never seen him fight before!"

"That Japanese guy is so strong! I'm afraid that our Bro Bei will turn into a cripple…"

Most of the students here were Chen's die-hard fans, but none of them have seen him fight before. It was totally understandable that everyone would be worried for him.

Meichuan's eyes shone when he saw Chen getting the stage. He grabbed the microphone and shouted, "Chen Xiaobei! Finally, you are on the stage now! Are you ready to die?"

It was a waste for Meichuan not to kill Xiaoyao. The regret can quickly be forgotten, as long as he can kill Chen and become the champion of this friendly match. After all, the person that Meichuan hated the most was Chen.

"Cut the crap!"

Chen had his eyes narrowed and he said sternly, "I want to fight against ten people!"

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