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Wong was extremely pissed off, and his face turned red instantly. But, he was unable to find a comeback to Xiaoyao's excuse. Earlier, Wong had given the same excuse when Li was hurt by the Japanese opponent. So, this is what we call, you get what you paid for!

"Hahaha…Look at Wong Jianren's face! He looks exactly like a stunned potato! This is too damn funny!"

"Murong Xiaoyao, goddess, fantastic job! Piss him off more, please! He deserves it! This is what he gets for being a traitor to his own country!"

"What a nice burn! From today onwards, I'm your fan, now!"

"Haha…I will follow her on social media as well!"

All of the audiences were so satisfied that they started to cheer for Xiaoyao.

"What did you think?"

Xiaoyao smirked and raised his chin. She looked at Chen proudly.

"Damn! My sister! Job well done, indeed!"

Chen raised his thumb and gave his compliment to Xiaoyao.

"Hehe…! I like your compliment!"

She might feel delighted when others compliment her. But, Chen's compliment made her feel truly appreciated and happy! The two of them always argued over small matters. Frankly speaking, it seemed as if they were born to be at each others' throats. Thus, a nemesis' compliment made Xiaoyao feel as if she truly did something great. A genuine and bright smile started to surface on her face.

"Wong Jianren! Why the f*ck are you freezing there? Let the next round begin!" Meichuan ordered him in a cold voice. He was not pleased at all.

It was a shameful moment for him when one of his team members got kicked in the face. He couldn't wait for the next round to begin. His secret weapon was all ready to help him save his face!


Wong gave an order and people started to clear the stage. Then, the next Japanese contestant entered the stage. The cheering from the audience started to get softer and softer the moment he entered the stage. Everyone was so shocked when they took a good look at him.

"Who is that guy? He should be around forty years old, right?"

"His presence looks so powerful! Look at his stare! Like a wolf staring at its prey!"

"Such a gloomy presence…He must be some kind of elite! I think he has killed a dozen people before!"

"How is this guy qualified to enter the match?! The system is so broken!"

"You are right! This is a friendly match between students! It's not for old dudes like him!"

"This is cheating!"

The middle-aged Japanese guy smirked when he heard all those comments from the audience. Nobody would expect this man to actually speak Mandarin fluently.

"My name is Daxiong Meizhi! I'm a student at one of the Japan universities! I have so many things to learn from you guys!"

"Are you kidding me?! What a shameful bastard! How can he call himself a university student?! He is obviously lying!"

"What a f*cker! He looks more like a university student's father!"

"This is bullying! Assigning a man like this to fight our goddess is a shameful act!"

"Garbage! People like him will do anything just to win the competition!"

The audiences started to scold the Japanese team for doing such a despicable thing.

"Quiet! Quiet!"

Wong stood up all of a sudden and said in a deep voice, "I have verified the true identity of Daxiong Meizhi! He is really a student from one of the Japanese universities! Thus, he is totally qualified! Can you guys behave yourself! Where are your manners?! Remember, these people have traveled to our land to compete with us! Don't bring shame to your own people!"

Everyone was so disgusted when they heard Wong's claims. He had repeatedly stabbed his own people, when everyone else was giving their utmost support to the Chinese team.

And, since when did speaking out about some broken rules bring shame to the country?!

"Don't worry, everyone! I will make sure that they get to the floor to look for their knocked-off teeth even though they are the ones breaking the rules! They won't be able to move their jaws when this is over!"

Xiaoyao raised his hand to stop the crowd from protesting. With three thousand combat power, she was pretty confident that she could beat those Japanese's *sses.

"Haha…Our goddess is powerful! The broken rules did not affect her confidence at all! Awesome!" 

"Just do it! Just do it! Beat his face up so badly that his parents wouldn't recognize him anymore!"

"Our goddess! Show no mercy to him! Just give him your face destroyer kick!"

After the fight just now, Xiaoyao's won everyone's heart. Her confidence made everyone stop protesting, but cheer for her again! On the other hand, Daxiong was not affected by her confidence at all. He put on a cold smile. It was obvious that he was not afraid of Xiaoyao at all.

This is weird.


[Cultivation: Middle phase of Qi refining stage. Health: 4000. Combat power: 4000]

Chen was very cautious. He noticed the smile on Daxiong's face, thus, he quickly activated his Netherspirit Battlescouter to check up on him. There is a huge gap in terms of health and combat power between him and Xiaoyao. He is definitely some kind of elite! However, Xiaoyao was not aware of it at all. She will lose if she looks down on her opponent!

After some thought, Chen said, "Xiaoyao! Come down! Let me fight him!"

"I will not go down! It means that I surrender to him if I come down right now! I insist on fighting him!"

Xiaoyao raised her eyebrows and pouted, "They are so despicable! I want to beat them up like nobody's business!"

"It's not as simple as you think! That guy…" Chen frowned and said. However, he was interrupted before he could finish his sentence.

"Hold it right there!"

Xiaoyao continued to say, "We are equally powerful! Why can't I fight him if you can fight him?! Stop talking and watch me beat his *ss up!"

"Now, I shall announce the commencement of the fight, now!" Wong announced loudly.

Xiaoyao charged at Daxiong once the announcement was finished. It might look reckless, but she had already planned the strategy inside her head. She was all ears when Chen had advised her earlier. Thus, she went against her opponent with everything she had.

"She is definitely an elite as well! Kill!"

Daxiong had his eyes focused on Xiaoyao. He did not dare to look down on his opponent either.




Explosive muffled sounds could be heard when their punches collided. Both of them were really powerful. Also, their fight was lightning fast. The audience had a hard time following their movements.

"Our goddess is so powerful and strong!"

"Of course! Don't you know who her father is?!"

"Her opponent is not weak as well! This is a fight between a tiger and a dragon!"

"We will support you! Murong Xiaoyao!"

Everyone was so hyped up. All of them did their best to support her by shouting out loud.

But! Something weird happened all of a sudden!


Xiaoyao's tiny fist landed on Daxiong's chest, but Daxiong did not even try to dodge it. He took her punch on purpose.

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