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"Eh? Bro Bei?"

"Bro Bei is speaking! He is down there!"

"Bro Bei finally speaks! Everyone, please be quiet! Let's listen to what he wants to say!"

The chaotic situation took a great turn. The whole place became a dead silence. Everyone had their attention on Chen who was helping Li Guo clear the damaged vessel. Without a doubt, Chen had just used his sound mastery to come out with a special sound wave that managed to deliver what he wanted to say to everyone ears. His sound wave bypassed all other sounds. No one can pull something like this except for Chen!

"This…How is this even possible? Who is this Bro Bei? Why is everyone listen and paying attention to him? This is unbelievable!"

Meichuan Neiku was extremely shocked when he saw things that had just happened in front of him. Initially, he thought that his Japanese team will win the friendly match by default if the audiences keep on making noise. However, he never expected this guy called Bro Bei to calm the crowd down with only one sentence! In other words, Meichuan's ideal plan had been completely shattered. He was so angry that he couldn't look away from Chen!

"Master Meichuan, that Bro Bei is Chen Xiaobei…" Wong Jianren said.


Meichuan got even angrier after knowing the true identity of this Bro Bei.

"I can't believe it's him! Why the hell does he always spoil my good plans?! F*cking hell! I want him to die!"

"You are right! He should die!" Wong did not try to stop Meichuan from making all those threats to his student. On the contrary, he kept adding oil to fire. This is definitely a typical example of a bitch!

At the side of the stage. Xiaoyao lifted up her thumb and praised Chen for the very first time.

"Xiaobei! You are awesome! I never knew that your influence could be this huge! Luckily, you managed to calm the crowd down! If not, we would have definitely lost this match!"

Undeniably, it was pretty shocking that Chen had the whole situation under his control within a few seconds. But, this is definitely something expected. Most of the students here were Chen's fans. Also, Chen had done a lot of awesome things recently, thus, his influence towards his fans was increasing steadily every day. Plus, his charm that just increased tremendously a while ago did contribute to the feat he just performed as well. At that moment, Chen had no mood to tease Xiaoyao.

He stared at the VIP seat and said, "Vice-principal Wong, now that everyone is quiet, can we continue on with our friendly match?"


Wong hesitated for a while. He couldn't find any other excuse to stop the competition from proceeding.

"Of course! The competition can go on if everyone behaves themselves!"

"That's great!"

Chen looked at him and said, "I want you to repeat the rules again! I will translate it to the Japanese team personally! I will make sure that they understand the rules clearly and perfectly!" 


Wong hesitated again. He looked at Meichuan unconsciously. Everyone could see that Wong had been bought over by Meichuan Neiku. He had to follow Meichuan's instructions. He is not allowed to act on his own. Meichuan's interest had to be his priority over everything else.

"Let me announce it!"

Meichuan took over the microphone and said tauntingly, "There's phrase in Chinese; Punches and kicks have no eyes! Since everyone wants to win this friendly match, injuries are definitely unavoidable! There's no such thing as overdoing on the stage. The person who said that is such a hypocrite!"

"Are you saying that you want to change the rules?" Chen asked.

Meichuan nodded and smiled evilly, "I'm saying that one should beat his opponent until the opponent surrenders voluntarily! As long as no one dies on stage, it is totally okay to cause injuries to your opponent!"

Everyone was shocked when they heard the new rules. Even a potato would know that this Meichuan Neiku had other evil intentions for setting up such messed-up rules.

Meichuan paused and his eyes turned vicious. Then, he said tauntingly, "Of course, I can understand, if you Chinese have no balls to follow such rules! I will not force you guys! Bunch of weak *ss Asians!"

"Well, I did not score well in my Geography! If I'm not mistaken, I think Japan is one of those Asian countries as well, right?"

Chen's stare turned cold. He said, "We will stick to your rules! I will let you see who is the weak *ss here!"

"Okay! I can see that you have some balls of steel with you! Come on the stage now!" Meichuan laughed, and he did a throat cutting gesture. His intention was pretty clear. He wanted his team to beat Chen to death! However, Xiaoyao went on the stage before Chen made his move.

"Let me go first! I sent Li Guo to fight the first match! I want to avenge him!" Xiaoyao said.

"Alright! Go ahead and play with them first! Show them no mercy!" Chen shrugged and smiled evilly.

"Of course!" Xiaoyao raised his eyebrows. She looked pretty damn cool.

"Eh? Why did she go on the stage?" Wong was surprised.

"That doesn't matter. I want her to die as well! Let the fight begin!" Meichuan smiled and he took out his phone to send a few texts.

[Ask Mr. Daxiong to get ready!]

Then, Wong nodded and announced loudly, "Contestants down there! I'm going to announce that the competition has begun…!"

He was shocked to death before he can finish up his announcement!


A muffled sound echoed around the stage. The person that attacked Li Guo earlier was now lying on the ground. Xiaoyao had a lot of pent-up anger within her. She lifted up her leg and stomped her opponent's face nonstop! Within a few seconds, the Japanese opponent was barely recognizable! His teeth was all over the floor.

Xiaoyao has three thousand combat power! She's definitely not fooling around.

"Oh my God! Murong Xiaoyao is so powerful! That Japanese opponent has no chance to fight back at all!"

"Good fight! Good hit! Fight for our country!" 

"Meichuan Neiku! Open your f*cking eyes to see who is the weak *ss here! Go back and drink more milk! Your team couldn't even beat a girl!"

"Oh my…Our goddess Xiaoyao is so damn cool! I'm so impressed by her!"

"Haha…That Japanese opponent would have to pick his teeth off the ground now! Hahaha…This is so satisfying to watch!"

All the students were super excited. All their pent-up frustration was released instantly. They were now cheering for Xiaoyao!

On the other hand, the Japanese guy was groaning in pain and agony on the stage. He was shouting hysterically, "Yamateh…Ouch…Yamateh…"

Xiaoyao couldn't care less. She continued to kick him non-stop!

"Murong Xiaoyao! Stop! Your opponent has surrendered! No more hitting him!"

Wong shouted through the microphone, all of a sudden.


Xiaoyao heard and landed her last kick on her opponent's stomach. He flew off the stage by around seven to eight feet. He no longer moved after that. 

"Murong Xiaoyao! How dare you?! I did say that you must stop fighting when your opponent surrenders! Why didn't you stop kicking him just now?!" Wong scolded angrily.

"Did he surrender? I'm sorry. I don't speak Japanese!" Xiaoyao shrugged and put on a what-can-you-do-about-it face.

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