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"Do you think the guy that you just sent out is reliable?"

Chen folded his arms and asked casually.

"Hmph! Don't look down on Li Guo!"

Xiaoyao raised her eyebrows and said, "He was born in a family that has practiced Taekwondo for generations! Plus, he just received a third-degree black belt, last year! Just wait and see how he defeats those Japanese!"

"Hehe…Then, I shall just sit tight and watch the competition today. Seems like you really don't need my help today!" Chen smiled and said.

"Just sit tight and be a backup player! Let me show you how to lead an elite team!" Xiaoyao pursed her lips and said confidently.




The fight on the stage was pretty intense. The Japanese contestant was gigantic and muscular. His strength was undeniably overwhelming. However, he was slow and clumsy, compared to the agile Li Guo. He knew his moves and skills. This placed him up top. It was not like the unfair fight that the audiences had imagined. Li Guo fought extremely well. Most of the audiences were cheering for him. However, Li Guo had more to offer still.

"Man…This is boring…I thought that the Japanese would have more to offer! I shall end it now!"

Li went to a hyper-focused mode and his steps started to change.


When the pace of his steps changed, Li utilized the strength from his waist and managed to dodge the opponent's sidekick. Then, he followed the flow and landed a straight punch on the opponent's face. On the other hand, the Japanese contestant had just finished an attack, he didn't even have enough time to retrieve his legs. Thus, he couldn't block the punch from his opponent.

"You lose!"

However, Li Guo put a halt to his punch before it came into contact with his opponent's face. Vice principal Wong mentioned earlier that one shouldn't overdo it during the match. Li Guo did show his sportsmanship to his opponent. He won the match and the heart of the audiences as well.

"He won!"

"What a beautiful victory! This is so awesome! Hahaha…"

"Li is so cool! We are so proud of you!"

The audiences got really excited. All of them were drowned in the happiness of victory.

"Watch out!"

Just when everyone was cheering in happiness, Chen and Xiaoyao shouted at the same time. Unfortunately, it's too late for Li Guo to dodge the sudden attack. The Japanese contestant straightened his fingers and formed a blade out of his palm. He stabbed at Li's neck! Li was not ready for that, and since two of them were still so close to each other, it was impossible for him to dodge the attack.


The knife-hand struck Li's jugular. Blood started to gush out from his mouth and Le collapsed on the stage instantly.

"Li Guo!!!"

Everyone screamed when they witnessed the surprise attack from the Japanese contestant. After that, the audiences scolded the Japanese team furiously.

"F*ck you Japanese! Why the f*ck did you hurt your opponent when you already lost the fight? Shameless bastard!"

"What a f*ckwit! The rule says that one should not overdo it during the match! How dare you break the rule?!"

"If Li Guo didn't stop his attack, you will be the one on the floor now!"

"This is bad!"

The Japanese contestant ignored all the scolding from the audiences. He bent down, bodily picked Li up and threw him down the stage.


Chen snarled and quickly rushed to the stage to catch Li. Then, he applied the King of Medicine's Massage on Li to help him to clear the bad blood. This was to prevent the blockage of Qi that would bring more harm to his body.

"Is he okay?" Xiaoyao rushed to Chen and her face was filled with worry.

"I'm helping him clear the bad blood. Don't worry, he will be fine." Chen said.

"That's great!"

Xiaoyao nodded and stared at the stage. Her eyes were filled with the fire of anger.

"What a weak *ss China man! All of you are weak like shit! Hahaha…I won! Oh yeah!"

The Japanese contestant raised both of his hands up high on the stage. Then, he shouted with his broken Chinese. He was obviously trying to taunt every single audience!

"Vice principal! Why the hell are you standing there and doing nothing? Please do something about it!"

"Vice principal! Our contestant was badly injured from the sneak attack! Say something! Don't just sit there like a potato!"

"Vice principal! You are the one who mentioned it earlier on not to overdo it during the match! The Japanese contestant broke the rule! You are eating your own words!"

Everyone placed their attention on Wong. They hoped their vice principal would do the right thing, this time.



Wong pretended to cough and said, "This is my fault! I did not tell the Japanese contestant not to overdo during the match in Japanese! Thus, it is totally understandable that they would not know about this rule! Blame me! Blame me!"

"What the f*ck! This sounds so wrong!"

"Wong Jianren! Where the f*ck is your sense of humanity?!"

"Wong Jianren! You are worse than a pile of garbage! The Japanese dude is shitting right above your head! You are helping them wipe their *sses! You are a traitor!"


Everyone single audience member was scolding Wong Jianren angrily. Their saliva was enough to drown him. However, Wong ignored all their complaints. Then, he announced it with the microphone, "I now announce, the winner of the first friendly match is our Japanese contestant!"


Everyone exploded when Wong made the announcement. The audience got even angrier. The sound was loud enough to blow away the roof.

"Everyone, please watch your manners! I will stop the competition if you guys don't stop messing around! And, I will also announce that the Japanese team will be the final winner of this friendly Taekwondo competition!"

Judging from the announcement that he just made, Wong had decided not to side with his team in the end. Nobody can stay calm after knowing his true color!

"Motherf*cker! I dare you to f*cking announce it! Such an unfair competition is meaningless!"

"Wong Jianren! You are not worthy to call yourself a Chinese! You bring shame to your ancestors!"

"Go and f*ck yourself!"

"Wong Jianren! You bastard! Just be careful when you go home later!"

Everyone used all kind of swear words to greet him. It was pretty obvious that anger had taken over everyone's mind.

"Shit! We will fall directly into Wong's trap if we don't stop scolding him! We'll lose all the opportunity to avenge our teammate if he announces the Japanese to be the final winner of this competition!"

Xiaoyao was really nervous, and she looked and shouted at the audience, "Everyone…Silence, please…Everyone…Silence please…"

But, it was impossible for her soft voice to be heard over thousands of angry voices.

"Shit! We are so done!"

Xiaoyao bit her lips and her eyes were filled with tears. Being competitive was her nature. Plus, she did make up her mind that she wanted to win this competition. Thus, it was impossible for her to accept such shitty ending! This is definitely not the right way to lose the competition!

"Everyone…Please be quiet!"

A voice echoed throughout the basketball court all of a sudden. The voice was not even loud. However, it penetrated everyone's ears.

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