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 "What is Ming wang's meaning?" Prime Minister An demanded with suppressed anger. They all saw it was that arrogant Ming wang who struck out. Today was his birthday; this Ming wang doesn't give him any face.

"Noisy!" When looking at Lan You Nian, his gaze was warm, but at this moment, his eyes were cold, heartless, calm, indifferent, frosty, just quietly watching Lan Zhi lying on the ground as if looking at an ant. Feng Yi Xuan stood majestically; he invisible pressure was overwhelming, making people's hearts tremble, involuntarily wanting to submit.

"This girl is this one's granddaughter. Isn't Ming wang's actions crossing a line!" Although Prime Minister An was afraid of Feng Yi Xuan's aura, he still stiffened his face to dispute. This Ming Wang didn't hit Lan Zhi, instead, he embarrassed him. When has there been anyone who dared to embarrass him?

With one glance, Feng Xia Qi knew that his younger brother struck because of that Miss Lan. Indeed, it was younger brother's method of doing things. However, he himself was also prepared to strike but it merely wasn't as direct as his younger brother's. Now there isn't any chance for a hero saving a beauty.

"Prime Minister An there's no need to get angry. Ming wang doesn't do without reason. Today is Prime Minister An's birthday, but this young miss is not only aggressive but also deliberately disturbs the banquet. In fact, Ming wang's actions helped clean up some of the idlers!" Feng Xia Qi smiled as he took over Prime Minister An's words. He's afraid if he let his younger brother talk, he will just directly use force.

"Yeah, this young miss since the banquet started has been looking for Nian'er meimei's trouble. Don't know which family is this lady from? How come there are no manners? Even junzhu she dares to ignore!" Jing Wu An also stood up, blatantly speaking up for Lan You Nian. This was also indirectly speaking for Feng Yi Xuan. When everyone heard Nian'er meimei this appellation, they all were taken aback. They didn't expect not only this Miss Lan's relationship with junzhu was pretty good, even Jing shizi considers her to be a younger sister. Everyone's gaze on Lan You Nian showed a lot more caution. Although junzhu was only a woman without any authority, Jing shizi was different. Besides, behind Miss Lan's back there was still General Lan and General Lan Che Qi.

"Hmph!" Hua Mu Qing very indelicately glared at Lan Zhi on the ground, "This is Nian'er meimei's second sister, General manor's illegitimate daughter Lan Zhi!"

"An illegitimate daughter dares to harass the legitimate daughter. This woman is unbelievably arrogant. Although this girl is Prime Minister An's granddaughter but you cannot cover up for her. After all, today is Prime Minister An's birthday!" Feng Xia Qu said righteously. Those pair of fox eyes, however, blinked at Lan You Nian, causing Lan You Nian to shake her head in exasperation.

At this time, Feng Yi Xuan's cold aura was even worse. It was directed at Feng Xia Qi and Jing Wu An. Feng Xia Qi and Jing Wu An looked at each other. They honesty didn't understand how they provoked this demon. How could they know, moments ago Jing Wu An's call of Nian'er meimei already made Feng Yi Xuan feel uncomfortable, now his own royal brother even dares to charm his Nian Nian right in front of him. It was unforgivable. The little man in Feng Yi Xuan's heart has already begun to abuse Feng Xia Qi and Jing Wu An.

Feng Xia Qi and Jing Wu An felt a coldness on their neck, then glanced again at Feng Yi Xuan's quite ugly face, believing he has dissatisfied with their handling of matters was too decorous. They couldn't help but lament!

The people around seeing Feng Xia Qi, Jing Wu An, and Hua Mu Qing were defending Lan You Nian, within moments there were many people, who flatter those above them and step on those beneath them, start to whisper.

"Illegitimate daughter is an illegitimate daughter, really can't be seen in public."

"Yeah, a good birthday feast is now messed up!"

"Ai, do you know? In the past, An yiniang rushed to become a concubine. How can her daughter be any nobler?"

"No, impossible, doesn't she take care of Lan manor all these years?"

"What impossible! I saw when I came here today. General Lan doesn't even ride the same carriage with her…."

An yiniang looked at her beloved second daughter lying hurt on the ground, but no one went to help her up. An yiniang was prepared to stand up but at this time, her brother sitting above her suddenly held down An yiniang from getting up.

"Brother?" An yiniang, in confusion, looked at her brother who had always loved her and didn't understand why her brother didn't help her this time.

"Don't be impulsive. Remember the real purpose today. After today, she, Lan You Nian, is ruined and Lan Mo Xian will also be ruined. Do you understand?" An Gong Jing whispered. There was twisted brutality on his face.

"But, that is Zhi'er ah. In the future how will people look at Zhi'er!" An yiniang broke the nails that were hidden in her sleeves. She loved all three of her children. Moreover, she hoped to rely on her two daughters to raise her status, but now…

"Don't forget you still have Yin'er and Ya'er. If you miss this opportunity today, it will be difficult to find another opportunity!" An Gong Jing said viciously.

An yiniang closed her eyes then didn't look at her daughter who was on the ground, firmly said, "I know!" As long as today passed, they can get rid of Lan Mo Xian and Lan You Nian, these two stumbling blocks. As long as today passed, everything will be better. In the future, she will compensate Zhi'er.

"Come, the second young miss doesn't feel well. Take the second young miss to the courtyard to rest!" An Gong Jing instructed the servants, calming down this farce. But even calming down this farce, today's joke will circulate in the capital. The faces of the people of Prime Minister An manor did not look good.

"Hu" Hua Mu Qing looked at the servants helping Lan Zhi up and sending her to the inner courtyard, sighed in relief, "Nian'er meimei, you live together with these kinds of people every day, how can you bear it?"

Hua Mu Qing looked at Lan You Nian, her eyes flashing with deep sympathy. After all, with this kind of sister who always looked for trouble, there definitely isn't any peaceful days. Nian'er meimei is only 13 years old. She didn't get to enjoy some comfortable days before she must face these schemes of the inner courtyard. The more Hua Mu Qing thought the more she felt she had responsibly to protect Nian'er meimei.

"Fortunately, they can't hurt me," Lan You Nian smiled in reply. If someone like Lan Zhi can harm her, then there was no need for her to live. But these fleas jumping around is annoying. She wondered if she killed Lan Zhi, will Lan Jian Jun be upset? Although Lan You Nian didn't want to admit it, she already felt some degrees of care for this father. Even if she denies it, she has a hint of desire for this fatherly love. She hopes Lan Jian Jun doesn't let her down, let's hope….

"Young miss have mercy, this slave didn't do it on purpose, young miss have mercy!" A female wearing the uniform of Prime Minister manor knelt down at Lan You Nian's feet, relentlessly knocking her head asking for mercy.

Lan You Nian looked at the stain on her clothes. Just when the maidservant was serving the food, she accidentally spilled the vegetable juice, coincidentally spilling onto her dress. Now the white skirt had a large unsightly yellow oil stain.

"How can you be so careless? Fortunately, it isn't too hot. What if the hot soup spilled onto people? Really!" Hua Mu Qing pulled out her handkerchief that she carried with her to wipe the stain on Lan You Nian's clothes but how can the oil stains be so easily wiped off? The more you rub, the messier it became.

"Junzhu have mercy!" the maidservant slammed her head on the bluestone ground, "Young miss have mercy, this slave didn't do it on purpose! Junzhu have mercy ah!"

Lan You Nian studied the maidservant on the ground harshly knocking her head, her eyes flashed with unknown light. Not intentional? It seems that may not be true. This maidservant clearly is someone with martial arts base. If such a cautious maidservant would make such a simple mistake, is this prime minister manor really not that peaceful?

Hua Mu Qing wanted to reprimand some more however, Lan You Nian stopped her. If she and Hua Mu Qing continue on, others will definitely think the two of them have little magnanimity.

"No problem, you can go!" Lan You Nian waved her hand letting the maidservant on the ground withdraw.

"Aiya, how have third sister's clothes become like this? This girl is too reckless!" An yiniang sitting at the table above said with annoyance, appearing 70/80 percent caring. She even stood up and came to Lan You Nian's side and deliberately helped to see if the stain can be wiped off.

"An yiniang doesn't need to trouble yourself, it's nothing!" Lan You Nian ducked away from An yiniang's hand. She couldn't stand such a person touching her. It made her feel disgusted.

"What should be done?" An yiniang looked at the clothes on Lan You Nian, seemingly very anxious, but it is unknown just what she is anxious about.

Lan Ya got up and supported An yiniang, deliberately said, "The last time I came to have a short stay here, there were still a few sets of clothes in the room. If third sister doesn't disdain, then make do with it, otherwise, today there are so many people, it really doesn't look good!"

Lan You Nian looked at Lan Ya and An yiniang. That bright eyes made An yiniang and Lan Ya's hearts feel faint, seemingly that transparent gaze can see all schemes and intrigues, no matter what kind of disgusting thoughts will be noticed. An yiniang ducked away from Lan You Nian's eyes while Lan Ya lowered her head even more not daring to look at Lan You Nian.

Seeing this, Lan You Nian knew there will definitely be some kind of scheme following up behind. Lan You Nian knew she couldn't refuse because many noble matrons at the table were persuading her, "Yeah, Miss Lan should go change clothes!"

"Yeah, if you look like this, you will lose face. Better go change your clothes quickly!"

"This servant girl doesn't know how to do things, fortunately, there are clothes to change into, Miss Lan quickly go change!"

Lan You Nian nodded. Hua Mu Qing pulled Lan You Nian's hand, "Nian'er meimei, I will go with you!" The banquet will be boring. She didn't like those noble young misses, so she's better off going with Nian'er meimei.

"I will accompany third sister. Junzhu isn't familiar with Prime minister manor. It's best if I go with third sister!" Lan Ya grasped Lan You Nian's hand and said very friendlily.

Hua Mu Qing originally did not agree. She always felt this Lan Ya has no good intentions. If she followed, she can definitely look after Nian'er meimei. But Lan You Nian patted Hua Mu Qing's hand, "Mu Qing jiejie don't worry, I will just change my clothes and come back."

Seeing Lan You Nian saying so, Hua Mu Qing agreed. She didn't think Lan Ya had the guts to dare to do anything.

Lan You Nian left the banquet with Lan Ya. Her movement of departure made Feng Yi Xuan frown. Looking at the banquet without Lan You Nian, Feng Yi Xuan stood up ready to leave. Feng Xia Qi kicked Feng Yi Xuan under the table and nudged closer to his ear and said, "Don't leave so soon. Otherwise, I will be bored all by myself!"

Feng Yi Xuan ignored the occasional nerves of his brother but considered that if he directly left, it wasn't good for his royal brother, so he endured his irritability and sat down.

wang-first rank prince

meimei-younger sister

junzhu-second rank princess

shizi-heir of an aristocratic noble, titled families


jiejie-older sister

T/N: Hi everyone, just going to update you guys about a change in schedule. I'm taking 18 credits this semester and with all the papers I expect I will be writing, I probably won't have as much time to work on this story. So starting next Monday, I'll just be updating one chapter on Monday. From time to time there might be a surprise update on Thursday but no promises.

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