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Warning: This scene has some slight inappropriate feelings/attraction towards a character considering that character’s physical age.  You have been forewarned.

Lan You Nian leisurely followed behind Lan Ya to Prime Minister manor's inner courtyard. After a while, they came to a room. Upon entering the room, Lan You Nian caught a whiff of the strange scent. The smile curling on Lan You Nian's lips was like a blooming spider lily, beautiful and bloodthirsty.

"Third sister, is this appropriate?" Lan Ya walked over to the wardrobe in the room and pulled out a white muslin dress and smiled brightly at Lan You Nian.

"How can it not be appropriate? Big sister is too anxious!" Lan You Nian accepted clothes, seemingly not aware of anything, ready to go into the inner room to change clothes, when she saw Lan Ya preparing to leave, "Big sister should wait here for younger sister. Younger sister doesn't know the way."

Lan Ya anxiously eyed the the wisps of smoke curling up from the incense burner, "In a moment, there will be a servant girl who will bring third sister back. Third sister doesn't need to worry," Lan Ya assured. Holding her hand to her abdomen with hints of discomfort on her face, she said, "Older sister-I-don't know why but I feel a little uncomfortable. I will find a doctor to look at it."

"Oh? Big sister feels uncomfortable? Big sister doesn't need to be in a hurry, " Lan You Nian tugged on Lan Ya who was preparing to go out and pressed Lan Ya down on the chair, "Younger sister I will hurry to call the doctor. Older sister, you're uncomfortable, so you can't go find the doctor!"

"No!" Lan Ya's voice carried hints of sharpness.

Lan You Nian's peered at Lan Ya in confusion, "Big sister, what's wrong? Is it very uncomfortable? I will call the doctor right away!" Lan You Nian headed outside after she finished speaking, but she didn't take a few steps before being stopped by Lan Ya.

"Third sister is Lan manor's legitimate daughter. Running around with the dress like this, what would it look like? It's okay. I just feel a little uncomfortable. I'll be back in a minute!" Lan Ya rushed. Without waiting for Lan You Nian's response, she ran out of the room, not forgetting to shut the room from the outside.

As soon as Lan Ya left, Lan You Nian immediately picked up the tea from the table and smothered the smoke in the incense burner. Burning in this incense burner were aphrodisiac herbs. The power of these herbs aphrodisiac was very overwhelming. The average woman who inhaled this scent, no matter how chaste, will become a wanton whore. This An yiniang, truly produces one scheme after the other failed. Not only does she want to destroy her snowy skin, now she wants to destroy her innocent body. It was easy to imagine, in this era, if she lost her chastity in front of the general public, either she will never be able to raise her head and be insulted to death, or be forced to cut her hair and live the rest of her life in a temple. What a good strategy!

"Nian Nian" Feng Yi Xuan who suddenly appeared startled Lan You Nian. She knew Feng Yi Xuan's martial arts was very high but didn't think he could silently enter the room without her being aware of it.

Feng Yi Xuan handed the things in his hands to Lan You Nian. Lan You Nian didn't comprehend at first, but she still uncovered the things wrapped in the cloth. However, as soon as it was uncovered, Lan You Nian's mouth twitched. Because wrapped in the package were her own clothes. They were the clothes she placed in You Nian Pavilion.

"Where did this come from?" Lan You Nian picked up the clothes and asked casually. In reality, she asked after Feng Yi Xuan's 18 generations of ancestors.

"The clothes are dirty. I went back to get it!" Feng Yi Xuan replied unconcernedly. He saw everything that happened at the banquet. Or perhaps it was better to say, ever since entering the banquet, his gaze revolved completely around this girl. Noticing her clothes were dirty, originally, he, under the persuasion of his royal brother, could still sit still, but imagining Nian Nian will be wearing other disgusting women's clothes, he could no longer stand it, so he quickly flew over to You Nian Pavilion, grabbed the clothes and came here. He had absolutely no self-awareness that for the great and noble Ming wang to blatantly enter an unmarried maiden's room, grabbing female clothes, was an embarrassing matter.

"Thank you ah!" Lan You Nian had no energy to say anything. How could the noble Ming Wang be like this. It wasn't even on the same line as the rumors.

"No need!" Feng Yi Xuan said in a serious manner. Then after a moment's thought, he continued, "Between us, there is no need for thanks!"

Lan You Nian glowered at Feng Yi Xuan, squeezing out a sentence between her teeth, "No, I thank your whole family!" She couldn't help herself. She really wanted to curse!

"I brought the clothes. It has nothing to do with my whole family!" Feng Yi Xuan corrected, not hearing the intention of insult in Lan You Nian's words.

"Hehe!" Lan You Nian laughed dryly with no energy to say anything else. She simply couldn't overcome this Feng Yi Xuan. She obediently went to the inner room to change her clothes. Putting on her own clothes, Lan You Nian couldn't help acknowledging, fortunately, Feng Yi Xuan brought her own clothes, otherwise if she wore Lan Ya's clothes, won't she die of discomfort?

When Lan You Nian finished changing her clothes and went out, Feng Yi Xuan still stood there. Lan You Nian looked up, giving Feng Yi Xuan a glance, but it was this one glance that caused Lan You Nian to gasp, not good! At this time, Feng Yi Xuan's pale face was a little flushed. The muscles on his whole body were stretched taut. Obviously, he was drugged!

Lan You Nian, because she was had so many poisons in her body when she was little, so Gui Yi Zi's process of detoxification was to let Lan You Nian bathe in a medicine bath to detoxify. Gradually, Lan You Nian's body became special. Although it was not impervious to all poisons, however, encountering with most poisons, she will be fine. Today, this room was burning aphrodisiac. Lan You Nian had no problem inhaling this. Although the incense burner was extinguished, there was still a hint of aphrodisiac in the air. Feng Yi Xuan stayed here for so long and certainly inhaled a lot of aphrodisiac. It would be strange if there was no problem!

"Feng Yi Xuan?" Lan You Nian murmured, determining that if something was wrong, she will leave immediately.

Feng Yi Xuan, at this time, knew he was drugged. The unfamiliar impulse in his body made his face red. Speaking of which, all these years, he has never even held hands with a female, much less had such an impulse. Actually, when he realized he was drugged, Feng Yi Xuan could completely restrain his body's impulses, but right now, seeing the girl in front of him, he didn't know why but not only his body felt hot, even his heart felt hot.

"I'm fine. What about you?" Feng Yi Xuan asked worriedly. He wasn't afraid of himself being drugged. He can control himself. He was worried about the girl in front of him. He didn't want her to see these dirty things.

"I'm fine. You are drugged. Let's go!" Lan You Nian studied. Feng Yi Xuan. Although his face was red, his eyes were clear. It seems that this medicine cannot affect him. Sure enough, a man was the epitome of ice.

Feng Yi Xuan nodded, picked up Lan You Nian and flew out the room. Lan You Nian, being carried in Feng Yi Xuan's warms, the breath of mint shrouded her. Lan You Nian struggled in discomfort, but when her hand pushed against Feng Yi Xuan's chest, she realized Feng Yi Xuan's body temperature was so high it was frightening.

"You are drugged with aphrodisiac," The two stopped at a place where there were no people. Lan You Nian shoved out of Feng Yi Xuan's arms and kindly reminded him.

"En," Feng Yi Xuan responded, reminiscing about the feeling in his arms, so very small, such a ball of softness, feeling that even his heart was softening.

"Do you need me to find you a woman?" Lan You Nian asked. Aphrodisiac was not like any other poison. Once infected with this fragrance, you either copulate with someone or endure it yourself. Feng Yi Xuan, this person, treated her quite well so Lan You Nian kindly proposed.

Feng Yi Xuan originally was reminiscing the feeling of the embrace, now, hearing Lan you Nian's words, his heart seemed to be poured with a basin of ice water. Feng Yi Xuan stared at Lan You Nian, grinding his teeth, his eyes flashed with an uncontrollable rage, like a ferocious lion.

Lan You Nian noted his crinkled brows, a pair of eyes exposing fierce light. Feeling the oppressed atmosphere, the air seems to have solidified. Lan You Nian didn't even dare look directly into his eyes, because in those eyes not only was there anger but also sadness. Lan You Nian didn't understand what she did to make this uncle* mad.

*(uncle in this case refers to someone who has status, is arrogant, rude, overbearing)

Feng Yi Xuan snapped his finger. An Yi appeared in front of Feng Yi Xuan. Glancing between his master's dark face and then at Miss Lan's innocent look, An Yi felt distressed.

"Protect her!" Feng Yi Xuan quickly flew away after he finished speaking. Before he left, he gazed intensely at Lan You Nian. That glance contained too many things. It made Lan You Nian a little embarrassed.

Lan You Nian shook her head and let go of the strange thoughts in her heart. There was still a lot of things that weren't finished. Lan You Nian surveyed the Prime minister manor. Since you dared to give me such a big present, then I, Lan You Nian, if I didn't return a gift, won't be a little rude?

Feng Yi Xuan used extreme qinggong to return to Ming wangfu. Due to him using his inner energy to suppress as well as leaving Lan You Nian's side, the desire in Feng Yi Xuan's body has already subsided. Moreover, Feng Yi Xuan realized, when he left Lan You Nian's side, his body's strangeness had already returned to normal. It seems Nian Nian was much more tempting than any aphrodisiac.

Although the desire in his body has subdued, Feng Yi Xuan still wanted to return to his room to take a cold shower. He left, not only because he didn't want to frighten Nian Nian, but because of his body's change. Upon leaving Nian Nian, the aphrodisiac in his body was fine. One more thing, Nian Nian's words made him angry, so angry he wanted to grab the girl and spank her, but for fear he will actually do something that will hurt her, he left.

Feng Yi Xuan, after a rinse of ice-cold water, considering someone wanted to harm Nian Nian, he couldn't be at ease, but thinking of that girl's words, he also felt angry. Feng Yi Xuan felt so conflicted. Nian Nian probably doesn't know, he-Feng Yi Xuan- whatever caught his eye was his, Feng Yi Xuan's. He will be loyal to Nian Nian. Before, he did not touch other women, nor will he in the future! Only Nian Nian can be by his side, he will only touch Nian Nian!

After a moment of conflict, Feng Yi Xuan flew to prime minister manor. He had to admit that he could not let go of that little heartless girl. He honestly is looking for more hardship for himself to endure!

An Er following behind wore an expression of, sure enough, he just knew even if master was drugged, master did not have a man's impulse. Sure enough, master was too good at cleansing his heart and restraining desires. Don't know if there is a problem with master, maybe he should find a doctor for master? If, at this time, Feng Yi Xuan who was worrying for Lan You Nian, knew his shadow guard's thoughts, he will definitely cut into pieces. He is not without desire, he only has desire for Nian Nian!

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