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The seating arrangements of the banquet was separated by gender.  The men and women separated into two sides.  Jing Wu An and Lan Mo Xian cautioned Hua Mu Qing then went to the men's side.

    Hua Mu Qing dragged Lan You Nian to find a seat in the back, ranting, "I really didn't expect Lan Mo Xian to rattle on so.  Nian'er meimei, let me tell you, although your older brother usually looks like he's easy to talk to but in fact, his heart is black!"

    "You so brazenly say my older brother's bad words in front of me, is it really good?" Lan You Nian sat next to Hua Mu Qing smiling.  In this short time of getting along, Lan You Nian liked this woman very much so when talking she was much more casual.

    "Although Lan Mo Xian is Nian'er, your, older brother but now this junzhu is your older sister ah, Nian'er can't be partial!" Hua Mu Qing pouted with dissatisfaction.

"We were just looking for third sister for quite a while.  We didn't expect third sister sat with junzhu without saying something.  You didn't even think of telling your older sister?" Lan Ya and Lan Zhi held hands and sat down next to Lan You Nian but the accusation in the words was very obvious.

    Lan You Nian's eyes coated with frost.  Although she didn't care about Lan Ya and Lan Zhi these clowns and was very happy to watch them act, but it didn't mean she herself liked to act, nor does it mean that she was truly good-tempered and can be casually provoked.

    Lan You Nian didn't say anything.  However, Hua Mu Qing who sat beside her couldn't sit still.  "Don't know who was it who flew around like a butterfly?  How can you see Nian'er meimei?  I saw Nian'er meimei looked very bored so I sat here with Nian'er meimei.  Has this junzhu sitting here obstructed your eyesight?" Hua M Qing aggressively demanded of Lan Ya.

    "Junzhu misunderstands.  It seems that I was inconsiderate and neglected third sister!" Lan Ya smiled stiffly, but even so, she didn't forget to dirty Lan You Nian.  They were a family yet mentioning the word neglect, isn't this saying Lan You Nian was bullying people?

    Hua Mu Qing still wanted to refute but was held back by Lan You Nian.  She sat down indignantly.  Hua Mu Qing raised a threatening fist against Lan Ya.  The gesture was indeterminately domineering but Lan You Nian felt even more closeness with her.

    "Eldest sister is too serious.  Although today eldest sister is very busy entertaining those young masters, only junzhu has come for so long, eldest sister doesn't even look more than a glance.  Neglecting me is no matter but neglecting junzhu, that's not good!" Lan You Nian's voice was still melodious but the content of the words was thought-provoking.  You, Lan Ya, as a woman went to greet men, even a junzhu you don't esteem, that was not the behavior of a lady of the boudoir.

"Hee, third sister really loves to joke around," Lan Ya said uncomfortably, looking at the surrounding matrons' disdainful gaze was like sitting on needles.

    "Eldest sister spoke wrongly.  I wasn't joking!" Lan You Nian said innocently.  Those big eyes flashing and flickering looked so naive that everyone sitting around believed in Lan You Nian.  They felt more and more that Lan Ya as the older sister was too thoughtless.

"Fourth wangye has arrived!"  "Ming Wang has arrived!" A manservant's excited voice announced.  Everyone at the banquet were shocked.  How could these two people come?  If speaking of fourth wangye, it was still normal but Ming wang rarely participates in any banquet.  Even the banquet in the palace he won't participate in.  Moreover, Prime Minister manor does not support any one of the two.   What was fourth wangye and Ming wang's intention?

    Apart from second wangye and third wangye, everyone in the banquet stood up and gave courtesy greetings, "Fourth wangye, Ming wang!"

    "There is no need for such courtesy.  I and Ming wang come here to congratulate the Prime Minister's on his birthday," Feng Xia Qi smiled in reassurance which made the unmarried maidens present blush.  Feng Xia Qi's looks were really too good looking and is especially gentle and considerate, even keeps himself clean (abstinence).  Don't know how many people want to enter fourth wangye's residence.

    Feng Yi Xuan looked as apathetic as ever before, making all the people around him unconsciously move away from him, for fear that they will offend this Ming wang and get into more than they can handle.  Feng Yi Xuan glanced at the entire hall and finally saw the reason he came here today.

    He saw Nian Nian who was sitting there.  Today she wore a white dress with the same strange red embroidered flowers, and her hair rarely seen brushed into a flowing cloud hairstyle (lui yun), shoulders like it was carved, waist round and beautiful.  Her eyebrows remain unmoving, wiping away all the superficial leaving behind only innocence.  Slender hands, smooth face, and an aura like an orchid, just sitting there, she was already so beautiful it left him enchanted.

    Feng Yi Xuan originally hated these banquets the most.  After receiving the invitation, he threw it out as usual but when he knew his Nian Nian will come today, he hurriedly changed his clothes and came over.  Obviously, it was only a few days ago but he missed her a lot.

    Feng Xia Qi smiled as he made courtesy inquiries after Prime Minister An but in his heart, he was already impatient.  But thinking that this Prime Minister An wasn't easy to deal with, he endured it.  Originally, only he was going to come here today to attend the banquet.  He didn't expect to see his own brother.  It was quite strange.  Others may not understand his younger brother, but he had some understanding.  He wasn't the kind of person who could sit still listening to nonsense.  Today the reason younger brother is here is probably…. Feng Xia Qi eyes flitted to Lan You Nian's direction many times, probably for this Miss Lan.  This little girl made others' hearts ache for her.  Feng Yi Xuan has never had a little sister.  He probably saw this Miss Lan as a little sister.  This is good; he also wanted this little girl as a younger sister.

    Feng Yi Xuan's line of sight was too straightforward and intense.  Lan You Nian looked up at Feng Yi Xuan who was staring absentmindedly at her.  Ink hair raised high, simple gold coronet glittered under the sun.  On the moon-like face, a pair of eyes resplendent as the moon and stars stared unblinkingly at her.  Purple robes fluttered in the breeze as if the heavenly celestials came to earth!  When he saw Lan You Nian looking at him, his eyes flashed with a smile of satisfaction.

    Perhaps the smile in Feng Yi Xuan's eyes was too bright and sincere, Lan You Nian's face showed a rarely seen blush.  Fortunately, the veil blocked it otherwise she will be embarrassed to death.  Lan You Nian couldn't help but reflect on herself.  Why does she always feel different about this Feng Yi Xuan?  Is it really because this man was not harmful to her?

   When Feng Yi Xuan just saw Nian Nian look up at him, he was in a good mood.  However, she didn't look at him for a moment before she looked away; Feng Yi Xuan was very dissatisfied.  The result of the dissatisfaction was the release of a cold aura, making the seated second wangye, third wangye somewhat unable to sit still.  Don't know who provoked this demon!

All kinds of delicious foods were presented in an orderly manner.  Everyone was very restrained to pick up the chopsticks and wonderingly taste the flavor.

    "Third sister, isn't it troublesome to for you to eat like this?  How about removing the veil?  Everyone knows so third sister doesn't need to be shy!" Lan Zhi tittered.  What she is happiest is that Lan You Nian was disfigured.  After all, Lan You Nian's appearance from childhood was beautiful to the point of angering the gods.  Fortunately, the heavens didn't allow her to continue being beautiful.

    The women's table heard these things and became quiet, at the same time, looking straight at the veil on Lan You Nian's face.  In fact, everyone felt that Lan You Nian was very beautiful, but such a beautiful girl was disfigured.  They all heard rumors outside, saying this Lan manor's legitimate daughter's face was like a ghost.  Women love to join in the fun and gossip, so it wasn't hard to guess that everyone wanted to see how terrifying the face under the veil really is.  They didn't even think about the fact that sitting here was, in fact, just a child.

    Lan You Nian smiled.  It seemed like the one being humiliated wasn't her.  But just because she doesn't care doesn't mean Hua Mu Qing who sat beside her didn't care.  She, because of the same life experience, was very fond of this younger sister who was much younger than her.  But in the end, when she grew up, she had her own status, no one dared to bully her but the sister who was more pitiful than her was gone.  Now that she sees this sister again, she still felt the need to protect her, although she faintly feels that this sister has changed.  Now, these people are exposing scars in public.  Do they really think she, Lan You Nian, did not have any friends?

    "This junzhu only now knows you are such a woman.  Nian'er meimei is merely eating, why are you so aggressive!  Besides, how does Nian'er meimei's face have anything to do with you.  Really is nosy!" Hua Mu Qing's voice showed clear anger.  Now, the men's side were all quiet.

    "I know that junzhu pity third sister's disfiguration, but I only have good intentions.  It is inconvenient to use the veil to eat the meal.  Everyone knows that third sister's face is ruined.  Is there a need to cover it up?" Lan Zhi cried with tears in her eyes, seeming like it was Hua Mu Qing who was being a bully.  But right and left she mentioned disfiguration, even when saying it she sounded very happy.  It seems she was deliberately reminding everyone of Lan You Nian's embarrassment.

Lan Jian Jun, from the men's side looking at such a thoughtless Lan Zhi, clenched his teeth.  Lan Mo Xian was already angered into standing up.  Nian'er meimei's face was disfigured, everyone else avoided mentioning it, yet this Lan Zhi spoke of it in this kind of occasion, isn't it just embarrassing Nian'er meimei?

    Jing Wu An also turned the wheels in his brain and considered how to punish Lan Zhi.  In any case, she was the younger sister he just recognized, how long has it been yet someone decided to bully her.  Really has no sense ah.

    Feng Xia Qi's face became cold.  He had a very good impression of this Miss Lan.  He liked this girl more than his younger sisters from the palace.  Women cared a lot about their appearance.  Although Miss Lan appeared like she doesn't care but who knows if she is sad inside?  Ai, it seems that he will have to help her.  Who allowed him to have this rare moment of kindness?

    Hua Mu Qing clenched her fist, prepared to break Lan Zhi's mouth.  A force of wind whizzed by her side.  Although Hua Mu Qing's martial arts were not high, but she could protect herself.  Leaving, pulling along Lan You Nian, to move to the side, the palm of wind directly knocked Lan Zhi to the ground, landing face first.  It was blatantly slapping face ah!

meimei-younger sister

junzhu-second rank princess

wangye/wang-first rank prince

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