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  In the stillness of the night, the moonlight was serene. Feng Yi Xuan looked at the girl who sat opposite him. He stretched out a slender hand wanting to stroke the pair of resplendent eyes that were comparable to the sun, but he retracted his hand when he only reached halfway. He considered his self-control to be very good. He has never been so out of control before. It seems that Nian Nian really is his trial of this life, but he gladly endures this adversity.

"Release Lan Qu. It's late. I should go back," At this moment, Lan You Nian felt that Feng Yi Xuan was like a child. How was he vicious and cold-blooded like the rumors outside?

"You accept the zither!" Feng Yi Xuan glanced at the sky. Indeed, it's already quite late. He couldn't delay Nian Nian's rest. But remembering that Nian Nian wanted to return Gentle Water Zither, he felt a little miffed. She could accept that Wu Qing gongzi's help, then, why couldn't she accept his own things?

"Gentle Water Zither is too precious, I cannot accept it!" Lan You Nian refused. Although she liked good things and especially liked to compete for first-quality goods, however. Feng Yi Xuan this person, not only did she dare not provoke, he also doesn't have any malicious intent towards her. Reap no rewards without merit; she cannot accept. She has her own principle of doing things.

After Feng Yi Xuan listened to Lan You Nian's words, his beautiful purple eyes dimmed imperceptibly. He didn't speak, only fixated his stare on Lan You Nian, so stubborn it gave Lan You Nian a headache.

"I really can't accept it!" Lan You Nian once again refused. How precious Gentle Water Zither was, she knew very well. How can Feng Yi Xuan casually give away such an object?

"Then just throw it away!" Feng Yi Xuan said like a child that was being quarrelsome, but his voice didn't have any frostiness. It still carried bits of tenderness towards Lan You Nian, as if he didn't need to be so deliberately. It was only a kind of natural instinct, a kind of instinct for caring and protecting Lan You Nian.

Lan You Nian sighed. She has already experienced this man's stubbornness. Competing against him for stubbornness, she really couldn't beat him. She nodded her head. Lan You Nian smiled and said, "Since Ming wang is determined to gift, then You Nian will show respect by accepting."

"Xuan!" Feng Yi Xuan's thin lips spit out one word.

"Ah?" Lan You Nian was bewildered. Xuan? What Xuan?

"Call me Xuan!" Feng Yi Xuan said. Others called him Ming wang, master, wangye, Yi Xuan, A'Xuan, but no one called him Xuan. He hoped that Nian Nian could so intimately call him Xuan.

Lan You Nian felt a chill pass through her. Although she considered Feng Yi Xuan to be her friend already but was it really good to call each other so intimately between friends? Moreover, this was in ancient times. Men and women are different. To call a man's name, why does it feel a little weird?

Seeing Lan You Nian's hesitation and incomprehension, Feng Yi Xuan didn't explain. It was still the same three words, "Call me Xuan!"

Lan You Nian felt that her own education was very good, but at this time she really wanted to swear. In this world, how can there be such a man? Obviously overbearing that it made people angry, but contrarily, you couldn't get angry. Obviously stubborn that it made people's head ache, but you didn't feel it was rude.

"Ming wang, you elder don't tease ok?" Lan You Nian really really wanted to go back to sleep right now, otherwise, she can't guarantee she won't have the desire to kill someone.

Feng Yi Xuan suddenly stood up. With one pull of his long arm, he tugged the unguarded Lan You Nian into his arms. The girl in his arms was petite and frail. Her height only reached up to his own chest, but it felt inexplicably fitting as if they were born for each other.

Lan You Nian was pulled into a warm chest without any precaution. The scent belonging to Feng Yi Xuan filled her entire nasal passage. Her head rested on Feng Yi Xuan's chest. She could hear the sounds of chaotic but strong heartbeats through the broad chest. Lan You Nian inexplicably felt that this chest seemed to be a very good support.

"Call Xuan!" The stubborn voice on the top of her head rang again. Lan You Nian felt that if she didn't obey Feng Yi Xuan tonight, it might take all night.

"Alright, Xuan," Lan You Nian said indignantly, "You can let me go now!"

Feng Yi Xuan reluctantly let go of the girl in his arms but recalling that he just felt Nian Nian's body seemed to be ice cold, Feng Yi Xuan untied the black cloak on his own body and tenderly put it on for Lan You Nian. It was obviously Feng Yi Xuan's domineering cloak, when draped on Lan You Nian's body, it made Lan You Nian seem more petite. The large cloak wrapped up Lan You Nian entirely inside. Because Feng Yi Xuan was very tall, the cloak on Lan You Nian's body swept the ground. Lan You Nian, at this moment, gave people a tender feeling.

"Young miss!" Lan Qu, led by An San, came to the garden and worriedly called out.

Feng Yi Xuan changed the color of his eyes back before An San's arrival. Lan You Nian discovered that it was a kind of potion that very conveniently changed the color of Feng Yi Xuan's eyes.

Lan You Nian looked back at Lan Qu. Seeing there was nothing wrong, she softly smiled, "I'm fine, how are you?"

"Young miss, it's this slave who implicated you," Lan Qu even said this slave; it was obvious Lan Qu really felt guilty. If the young miss they wanted to protect got into trouble because of them, even ten thousand deaths won't absolve her.

"What are you thinking?" Lan You Nian was amused as she lightly patted Lan Qu's shoulders. Lan Qu studied young miss. There was nothing wrong and her mood seemed to be pretty good, so she was rest assured.

"From now on, don't scare my maidservants anymore. If they are psyched out, then it would difficult to deal with!" Lan You Nian said with dissatisfaction to Feng Yi Xuan.

An San was taken aback. Miss Lan is lecturing master. It's interfering with master's decision. If it was the normal master, it was either kill with one strike, or it was directly ignored, or it was endless repression in the future. Don't know what will be Miss Lan's outcome.

"Alright!" Feng Yi Xuan dotingly promised. He just missed her. Since Nian Nian didn't like this, he will not do so in the future.

An San lowered her head and smirked, hei, she just knew master was not willing to harm Miss Lan. It seems that if master and Miss Lan marry, then master is definitely a henpecked husband. One cannot refute, An San you surmised the truth.

Lan Qu also was taken aback. She clearly remembered that this Ming wang was chilling and ruthless when facing her today, but now he had such a deeply pampering expression towards young miss, could it be….

"Lan Qu, take the zither!" Lan You Nian instructed. Then she walked out of the garden. Feng Yi Xuan was prepared to send her off but didn't expect Lan You Nian off in the distance seemed to know what Feng Yi Xuan wanted to do, "You don't need to send-off."

The little figure in the distance waved her small hand and slowly disappeared into the night. Feng Yi Xuan sat back down in his original seat. He looked at the entirely empty teacups, then looked at the Ming wangfu that has changed back to being cold and emotionless. It was obviously still the same as before, but not the same at the same time.

Lan You Nian headed towards Lan manor. Lan Qu followed behind. "If you want to ask, just ask!" Lan You Nian stopped walking and said.

"Young miss, that Ming wang…. didn't young miss say this person is extremely dangerous and shouldn't be provoked?" Lan Qu revealed the thoughts in her heart. Although it seems that Ming wang treated her family's young miss very differently, but recalling the rumors outside, she still had some concerns.

"It is true that Feng Yi Xuan is an extremely dangerous person. Now I still think so," Lan You Nian continued to walk, "But as long as his danger does not threaten me, it will be fine."

"I understand!" Lan Qu bowed her head affirming. Young miss's perception has always been poisonous. Since young miss said Ming wang won't threaten young miss, then young miss has her own reasoning. But her only concern is that Ming wang seems to have any thoughts on young miss. After all, that kind of pampering expression….However, Lan Qu thought of young miss's shifu and several senior brothers, those people weren't to be trifled with. It seems that for anyone who wanted to obtain young miss's heart, it won't be so easy.

When Lan You Nian and Lan Qu used qinggong to fly back to You Nian Pavilion, Zhang Lin left his post and stood alert on the wall of You Nian Pavilion, but upon seeing Lan You Nian, he immediately pulled back the sword in his hand, "Young miss!"

"En," Lan You Nian said with a nod of satisfaction, "Your vigilance is pretty good, but…still not enough!"

"This subordinate will train more in the future," Zhang Lin looked down with some vexation. He originally thought young miss couldn't do martial arts, but seeing young miss's qinggong tonight, Zhang Lin knew his gap was big. The people around young miss all seemed to be much stronger than him, this guard.

"En, sometimes people still need to refine. This kind of thing needs hard work, but one can't be too anxious," said Lan You Nian.

"Yes, this subordinate understands!" Zhang Lin was quite inspired by what young miss said. Sometimes he even felt that he was not facing a young girl, but a high-ranking person.

After Lan You Nian finished speaking, she was ready to go back to rest, but Zhang Lin's voice sounded again, "Young miss, the general has waited for you for a long time!"

Zhang Lin remembered that the general was thinking of having dinner with young miss, but discovered young miss wasn't there so he has been waiting there until now. The general didn't ask him where young miss was, only asked if young miss was safe. It seems the general did indeed dote on young miss.

After listening, Lan You Nian nodded and walked straight into the pavilion tower. There were beautiful lanterns hanging everywhere in the entire pavilion. Even in the dark, the loft where Lan You Nian lived was abnormally bright. Walking up along the staircase, as soon as she entered, she saw Lan Jian Jun sitting there with a stern posture.

Hearing the sound of someone entering through the door, Lan Jian Jun looked back and saw Lan You Nian stepping in. Just as he put down the worry in his heart of the whole night, when he saw the clothing draping on Lan You Nian, Lan Jian Jun felt himself wanting to flare up in anger.

Who did his daughter go to see today? Who did that piece of clothing belong to? His daughter was still young. Has she been duped and misled? At this time, Lan Jian Jun was full of doubts, but when he gazed into his daughter's tranquil eyes, he didn't know how to start off. After all, all these years, he never looked after her. Now what reason and identity did he have to educate his daughter? 


gongzi-young master

wang/wangye-first ranked prince

wangfu-residence of first ranked prince


qinggong-martial arts ability

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