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“May I ask what General Lan is here for?” Lan You Nian sat on the opposite side of the Lan Jian Jun after a curtsy. From behind, Lan Wu took the cloak off young miss and quietly withdrew.

“Nian’er,” Lan Jian Jun frowned, then thought for a moment and smoothed his brows, “Nothing.  I originally came here to accompany you for dinner. I didn’t expect Nian’er to be absent,” Lan Jian Jun, saying this, even tentatively glanced at Lan You Nian, afraid Lan You Nian will be fed up with this father’s coming without invitation.

Lan You Nian looked at this body’s biological father who sat uneasily opposite her. The tea in the teapot was already cold but, looking at the tea pot in front of Lan Jian Jun, he seems to have been waiting a long time, anxious enough to drink a lot of herbal tea. She slightly frowned, “En, Lan Qu, go make some midnight snack!”

Lan Qu answered aloud from outside the room, thinking about General Lan’s recent performance. In fact, if there was not all the matters of the past, General Lan was a very good father. But remembering that it was General Lan’s disregard that allowed young miss to suffer so much, even be administered with so many poisons, doesn’t this General Lan have any responsibility?

After Lan Jian Jun heard Lan You Nian’s words, his entire person was excited, wondering if his daughter starting to forgive him, isn’t this a good start?

“No need to worry. Father only came to see you,” Lan Jian Jun waved his hand. Although he was very happy that his daughter cared about him, thinking that it was getting late, if he ate here who knew how long it will take. His daughter’s body doesn’t seem to be very good, so he shouldn’t bother her rest.

“Oh, An yiniang is waiting outside You Nian Pavilion. If she knew General Lan stayed at this little girl’s place for so long and didn’t even use dinner, don’t know what kind of charge An yiniang will place against this little girl?” Lan You Nian mockingly said.

Just when Lan You Nian used qinggong to return to You Nian Pavilion, she saw An yiniang waiting outside You Nian Pavilion, not only wearing very thinly but also carrying a food box. It seems like she was certain that Lan You Nian will not eat together with Lan Jian Jun, then she would use a motherly attitude in front of Lan Jian Jun, receive favor, re-establish her identity, and then….

How could Lan Jian Jun not understand Lan You Nian’s meaning hearing her words? He felt wretched, “Nian’er, I know you do not like An yiniang. Whatever you want to do, father won’t question you, but everything needs to have a reason in order to act, otherwise An yiniang‘s backing wouldn’t be easy to deal with.”

Lan You Nian was really surprised this time. What is Lan Jian Jun’s meaning? He knew she will deal with An yiniang? And he doesn’t stop her? It seems this man really doesn’t like An yiniang. But this man lets her do as she pleases; it was really unexpected. But what she wants to oppose isn’t only An yiniang, but An yiniang‘s everything, including her children. Don’t know if this man can still say the same thing when that time comes.

“General Lan is really heartless as always,” Lan You Nian’s cold voice carried an unclear tone, making it difficult to tell whether it is emotional or admiration.

“Nian’er…” Lan Jian Jun opened his mouth to explain but right now Lan Wu and Lan Qu came in with the newly made midnight snacks. One plate after the other of warm pastries were placed on the table, interrupting Lan Jian Jun’s words of explanation.

Lan Jian Jun can tell Lan You Nian did not want to hear his so-called explanation. Although he longed for his daughter to forgive him, he knew that things had its own time. If he provoked his daughter to hate him more, then it would not be worth the loss.

“Won’t you eat?” Lan Jian Jun looked at Lan You Nian opposite him brewing herself tea, casually asked.

“No need, General Lan should eat quickly, otherwise An yiniang after waiting outside for so long will get sick, that won’t be good,” Lan You Nian swayed the tea in her hands, looking at the ripples in the water.

Lan Jian Jun knew it was useless to say more. There is probably only one good-for-nothing father in this world and that is him. Lan Jian Jun picked up the chopsticks and tasted the pastries, but the moment he ate these, he noticed these pastries were ones he had never seen before. The taste was very novel. Recalling his daughter’s brewed flower tea was very fragrant, it seems that at a time when he wasn’t aware, his daughter learned a lot.

“Young miss, ” Zhang Lin stood outside the pavilion and respectfully said, “An yiniang fainted outside!”

If it wasn’t because General Lan was here, Zhang Lin definitely would have directly thrown this An yiniang back. Why do these women always think about these messy matters? They, these guards, saw very clearly. Did An yiniang really faint? Have you seen someone who sits down carefully and then falls down in a faint?

“Oh?” Lan You Nian put down the tea in her hand and laughed profoundly, “Lan Qu, help An yiniang inside. The night is humid. It would be bad if An yiniang gets a cold!”

Lan Jian Jun didn’t know what his daughter wanted to do. But thinking of that woman he put down the pastry in his hand. It was obvious it was a good opportunity to communicate with his daughter about the relationship between father and daughter. Now this happens, it was all ruined by that woman.

“This father should go back. It’s late. You should rest early. You can just have someone send An yiniang back,” Lan Jian Jun stood up, prepared to go back, but at this time, Lan Qu already carried the unconscious An yiniang into the pavilion.

Lan Qu placed An yiniang on the thick rug on the floor of the pavilion. Don’t blame Lan Qu for being so strange. Lan You Nian has a little mysophobia. If someone like An yiniang touched Lan You Nian’s room, Lan You Nian will definitely have a hard time sleeping at night.

“Young miss, I heard if people are unconscious, they can be woken up by using horse urine. Don’t know if An yiniang can use this method!” Lan Wu deliberately pat An yiniang‘s delicately made-up cheeks, but the force of the hand was difficult to tell.

“Don’t know if General Lan thinks this method is good?” Lan You Nian’s eyes shined with laughter and asked. Only Lan Wu will be so naughty.

How could Lan Jian Jun not see his daughter’s intentions, but he also knew the An yiniang who was on the ground was pretending to be unconscious. He had uncommonly good martial arts, whether someone is unconscious he can tell the difference. “Go ahead!” Lan Jian Jun waved his hand letting Uncle Lan go do it.

An yiniang was shocked. Horse urine? If that thing gets into her own mouth, what face did she have to face the master? An yiniang slowly opened her eyes deliberately and asked weakly, “Where is this? What happened to me?”

“Uncle Lan, send An yiniang back. It’s so late yet doesn’t go rest instead wandering around outside!” Lan Jian Jun, looking at An yiniang‘s pretentiousness, felt nauseous. He really did not want to look at her a second more.

An yiniang‘s heart hurt. Even if she faints in front of his eyes, he still wasn’t willing to give her a glance? Before, it was He Xiao Ran that whore who monopolized all of master’s eyes, now her daughter was just like her, taking up all of master’s sight. Why can’t master see her ah?

An yiniang walked to the front of Lan Jian Jun prepared to help him up, but Lan Jian Jun dodged it. An yiniang didn’t even touch Lan Jian Jun’s clothes. An yiniang withdrew her awkward arm, “Master, this concubine waited a long time outside just wanting to see master. Is master not even willing to grant this little wish of this concubine’s?”

An yiniang‘s voice was full of dejection. Lan You Nian can see that An yiniang truly liked Lan Jian Jun. However, Lan Jian Jun did not have any affection for An yiniang. Suddenly, Lan You Nian’s eyes flashed with coldness, the smile on the corner of her mouth became even more malicious.

Seeing Lan Jian Jun ignoring her, An yiniang knew no matter how much she begs it was useless. She turns to look at Lan You Nian, “Third young miss just returned to the manor, are you accustomed? If there is anything unsatisfactory, you can come to me.”

Look, look, what a hypocritical motherly face! Lan You Nian even wanted to applaud An yiniang. Just after receiving the cold shoulder from Lan Jian Jun, she turns to her in an instant to warm up to her. This An yiniang‘s scheme was really good, thinking that by fawning over her she can make Lan Jian Jun look at her more? It’s a fool’s dream!

“An yiniang should be more concerned about yourself, otherwise you’ll faint on the drop of the hat. It’s good that that General Lan knows, those who don’t will think I did something bad to make An yiniang faint outside You Nian Pavilion.” Lan You Nian scoffed.

“Third young miss over-thinks. I only wanted to see third young miss. I heard third young miss recently takes meals made from your own little kitchen instead of the kitchen from the manor. I’m merely afraid third young miss doesn’t eat well,” An yiniang, saying this, brought out the meal that Qiu’er who followed her carried with her.

“Many thanks for An yiniang‘s kindness but I am a picky eater. It’s late, General Lan, An yiniang should rest early!” Lan You Nian gave Lan Jian Jun a curtsy. Lan Qu and Lan Wu started to see the visitor’s out.

After Lan Jian Jun and An yiniang left, Lan You Nian’s voice carried coldness said, “Lan Qu, burn the rug on the ground. Lan Wu, carefully handle the food sent by An yiniang.”

“Young miss, is there a problem?” Lan Qu knew there was a problem when she heard Lan You Nian’s words.

“The rug contains poison that can cause skin to fester. The food that An yiniang sent was the poison’s primer,” Lan You Nian said indifferently. An yiniang really thinks highly of her to actually use such powerful poison but how could she know that she is Gui Yi Zi’s apprentice? Although her medical skills could not compare to big brother, for these little child’s play it’s more than enough.

“What? That An yiniang really is vicious, even knowing young miss is disfigured and still not willing to let go. She even wants to young miss’s skin to become bad. She really deserves to die!” Lan Wu immediately collected the food on the table. Lan Wu also immediately changed the rug.

Lan You Nian remained silent. When An yiniang was still acting, she suddenly smelled the poison so she knew An yiniang‘s plan. She wants to ruin her step by step. Even if her face is disfigured, she isn’t at ease. If her entire body festers, then who dares to approach her? An yiniang‘s good plan ah! However, meeting her, no matter how good the plan is, it will all become nightmares. How come An yiniang doesn’t learn?

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