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  Under the moonlight, even the black clothes could not hide his heroic bearing that was distinguished above all others. He was born with the kingly bearing of a sovereign descending the world. The handsome and unparalleled facial features seemed to be carved out of marble, with sharp edges and sharp lines, sharp and deep eyes, unknowingly giving people a sense of oppression. When Lan You Nian's gaze connected with his, she was speechless.

"It's you!" Lan You Nian looked at the different Feng Yi Xuan in front of her. Under the moonlight, Feng Yi Xuan's eyes were very beautiful, like the deep Prussian blue of the wide, open sea at night, and should be ice-cold and frosty like the sea at late night, but that pair of eyes were not the black Lan You Nian saw before but purple, deep purple.

That pair of eyes were too beautiful and too unique. Three years ago, in the woods, that injured, poisoned man she lent a helping hand to saving his life. Lan You Nian did not expect the man she saved in the past was the Feng Yi Xuan standing in front of her now.

Lan You Nian looked into those pair of beautiful eyes that were full of indulgence and understood why–which she thought was the first time she saw Feng Yi Xuan–he did not hesitate to hurt himself in order to not hurt her. If it were not for that pair of eyes, she most likely would have long forgotten that matter of the past.

"Nian Nian," The faint voice carried with it incomparably soft sentiments, as if wanting to tightly catch the other's heart, "I have been looking for a long, long time, so long that I thought it was just a dream. Fortunately, I never gave up, as now, you are in front of my very eyes."

Lan You Nian was truly taken aback. She didn't expect the unintentional act of the past will let his man remember her in his heart. She knew Feng Yi Xuan did not lie to her, because, in those three years, there were indeed people looking for her. But she didn't expect that person to turn out to be Feng Yi Xuan.

"Feng Yi Xuan," Lan You Nian earnestly looked at Feng Yi Xuan. She did not call him Ming wang but Feng Yi Xuan. This represents that Lan You Nian's heart has already accepted him as her friend, "At that time, by saving you, I had no other intentions. You don't have to bear it in mind constantly!"

Perhaps it was Feng Yi Xuan's persistence that made Lan You Nian feel shocked, so at this time, Lan You Nian offered tactful advice. After all, she can tell that Feng Yi Xuan was sincerely good to her. Those who were sincerely good to her, she, Lan You Nian, will also treat them sincerely.

"I know." Feng Yi Xuan's unmasked eyes burst into an amazing brilliance. How could he not know? At that time, this girl saved him and left without any reluctance. He didn't know why he has searched for her for so many years. Even he was taken aback. But now he finally understood.  Perhaps it was destined to be by some unknown powers. Perhaps he, long before, already fell in love with Nian Nian. With many twists and turns, they meet again. This time he will not let her leave right in front of his eyes.

Perhaps because Feng Yi Xuan's eyes were too intense, Lan You Nian, under that gaze, couldn't help being dazed for just a moment. The moon was too beautiful tonight. Lan You Nian, at this moment, just noticed Feng Yi Xuan's looks was so beautiful, maybe it's because…

A sudden waft of an aroma broke Lan You Nian out of her daze. She lightly coughed to conceal her own embarrassment and to conceal the strangeness in her heart.

"Hungry? There's still a bit until dinner. Eat some snacks first!" said Feng Yi Xuan indulgently, naturally skipping over the previous topic.

The steward brought over the family retainers and placed the plates of pastries in their hands onto the stone table in the pavilion in the middle of the garden. When he left, that old face stared directly at Lan You Nian. The scrutinizing gaze was not malicious, so Lan You Nian did not pay any attention to it. But she didn't know, at this time, the steward nodded repeatedly in approval.  He felt wangye had a good eye. So young yet already had such a temperament. If he didn't start earlier, in the future, it won't be easy to chase. The steward thinking this, rushed to the kitchen, and pressed the cooks in the kitchen to hurry. They can't have Miss Lan going hungry!

Lan You Nian looked at the painstakingly prepared snacks on the table and couldn't help but be amused, "You were already prepared?"

"En!" Feng Yi Xuan didn't deny it. He placed the pastries he believed Lan You Nian liked to eat in front of Lan You Nian. Looking at the others that didn't look very nice or believed Lan You Nian didn't like to eat those pastries, he made a mental note that these snacks will not appear in Ming wangfu in the future.

"What about Lan Qu? Why did you detain her?" Now that Lan You Nian knew Feng Yi Xuan was the man she saved that year, she more or less knew Feng Yi Xuan will not deliberately make things difficult for Lan Qu. However, towards Feng Yi Xuan's such a childish move, she was amused.

"Nothing. I know that she is your people. I won't hurt her. I only wanted you to accompany me for dinner," Feng Yi Xuan said with lowered eyelids. He really didn't want to admit that he wanted to see Nian Nian because he was eating vinegar (jealous).

"En," Lan You Nian also knew Feng Yi Xuan acted eccentric, so did not think too much on it, believing that Feng Yi Xuan really only wanted her to accompany him for dinner.

When Lan You Nian was eating the third piece of pastry, Feng Yi Xuan's hand grasped Lan You Nian's small hand. Lan You Nian's hand can be said to be extremely beautiful, especially after eating the fragrant lotus. The original fine calluses were all gone. The skin was even more delicate and smoother than that of a newborn baby. Nails that were rich in luster, tinted with faint pink color, like the red rose haloed in the drizzle, enchanting and lovely. Holding the seemingly boneless hand, Feng Yi Xuan didn't want to let go. But he knew he shouldn't be so right now. Otherwise, it would be bad if he frightened Nian Nian.

"Dinner will be served in just a moment. It won't be good if snacks are over-indulged," When Feng Yi Xuan spoke to Lan You Nian, although the voice still carried his unique coldness, the gentleness and tenderness in it was obvious.

Lan You Nian looked at Feng Yi Xuan who was like an elder disciplining her and obediently put down the pastry in her hand, breaking her little hand out from Feng Yi Xuan's hand. Feng Yi Xuan was very nostalgic of the warm in his hand but seeing Nian Nian seemed to be truly hungry, his face became cold.

"An Er, go see what the kitchen is doing!" said Feng Yi Xuan dissatisfied.

An Er's mouth twitched. Master, I am a shadow guard ah, not a page boy running errands! However, it was obvious that An Er didn't dare to say this in front of Feng Yi Xuan. Otherwise, he may really become a page boy running errands. Probably only Miss Lan dared to act impudently in front of the master.

Under An Er's intimidation, the kitchen cooks used up all their strength to make the most abundant dinner in the fastest time. When the various dishes were presented, Lan You Nian felt that although she was very wealthy, but compared to Ming wangfu, she really can't be considered rich.

Look look, peony shrimp, crab roe shark fin, hibiscus scallop, steamed red sea bream, de-shelled abalone, etc. Even at the palace feast, these dishes were not so rich. Lan You Nian now feels that Feng Yi Xuan was a dazzling tall, rich, and handsome.

"Hungry?" Feng Yi Xuan got up and filled a bowl of vegetable soup for Lan You Nian, "It's good to drink a bowl of soup before dinner!" Feng Yi Xuan will not say anything too sweet, but he did everything he believed was good for Lan You Nian.

Lan You Nian accepted it. In regard to Feng Yi Xuan's good intentions, she accepted with pleasure. Meanwhile, Feng Yi Xuan who was sitting beside her was earnestly picking the fishbones. When Lan You Nian finished the soup, her plate already had the de-boned fish meat Feng Yi Xuan added. This kind of thing Feng Yi Xuan did very naturally and earnestly. It's really hard to imagine a noble wangye of the ancient times actually would condescend to pick fishbones for others.

Feng Yi Xuan looked at Lan You Nian eating the fish meat he de-boned. He felt very happy. In the first few times when he ate with Lan You Nian, he noticed Lan You Nian didn't touch things like the fish and the like. At first, he thought Lan You Nian didn't like to eat them, but later, he saw that she sometimes ate it, but seemed to dislike it for being too troublesome. Now, seeing Lan You Nian enjoying the fine food, Feng Yi Xuan knew that he had guessed right.

Lan You Nian ate happily. After all, every time she wants to eat fish, she felt it was too troublesome. Now there was someone picking the fishbones for her, Lan You Nian ate to her heart's content. So, under the beautiful moonlight, the two sat in the garden. One person picking fishbones with an indulgent gaze, from time to time adding food to the plate of the girl right beside him. One person lowered her head eating her meal with a smile, enjoying the rare delicacies. But all the same, they were both very happy.

After Lan You Nian finished eating, only then did she notice that Feng Yi Xuan who was beside her had not eaten anything, completely immersed in taking care of her. Lan You Nian instantly felt a little embarrassed. Eating other people's food made by the other person's cooks and enjoying the service of the master, even now only self-absorbed in eating and forgot the master.

"Why didn't you eat?" Lan You Nian asked. What she ate today was really the world's most delicious.

"It's good just watching you eat. Are you full?" Feng Yi Xuan asked. He felt today Nian Nian ate a lot more, will she get a stomachache? If Nian Nian still wants to eat, should he agree or refuse?

"En," Lan You Nian wiped the corner of her mouth, thinking that if there was no veil, she will definitely be even happier. How about next time when she sees Feng Yi Xuan, she will disguise her face. Don't know at that time, when she wears a scarred face facing Feng Yi Xuan, what kind of expression would this man have?

The well-trained family retainers immediately came to clean up the remains of the meal. Within moments, the table was clean. After the steward put the tea set in his hands down, he benevolently glanced at Lan You Nian before leaving. Lan You Nian felt this steward was really strange. Why did he always use a gaze like he was looking at his daughter-in-law to look at her? Moreover, what was up with the satisfaction in those eyes? You can't blame Lan You Nian for not understanding. Although Lan You Nian had a high IQ her EQ was so low it was shameful.

"Can you brew a cup of tea for me?" Feng Yi Xuan asked with a bit of eagerness. He didn't want let Nian Nian to go back so early.

"Alright!" Lan You Nian felt that after eating such a delicious meal from the other person, brewing a cup of tea was well-deserved. Moreover, she already considered Feng Yi Xuan her friend.

Took a few green tea leaves and dropped them into the boiling water. Sitting quietly watching the leaves slowly unfurl, floating, submerged in the water. Lan You Nian' most beautiful form and years, performing a silent, whirling dance. The physique was delicate, but the posture of brewing tea was exquisite. A short while later, the tea was finished brewing. The tea soup was clean and clear. Its fragrance and elegance were the reason Lan You Nian loved it.

When Feng Yi Xuan's mind was in turmoil, looking at the scene in front of him, he slowly lowered the shackles of his heart and melted under that prolonged moment.

Lan You Nian placed a small cup of tea in front of Feng Yi Xuan. The color of the tea was a warm yellow. Under the slightly cold moonlight, it elegantly giving off wisps of hot air. Through being breathed in through the nose into the heart and spleen, one instantly felt warm. Feng Yi Xuan carefully picked up the teacup, sipped lightly, into the throat, warm and mellow, sweet and thick, leaving a fragrance on the lips and teeth. Practically at the same moment experiencing the words thick, deep, and profound, and at almost the same time fell in love with the tea Lan You Nian brewed. He doesn't know if it was because of his heart or something else; it seems that the taste of the tea Lan You Nian brewed was always different.

And so, Lan You Nian accompanied Feng Yi Xuan. Feng Yi Xuan accompanied Lan You Nian. Together they finished drinking a pot of tea. There was no communication between them, but they didn't feel awkward, instead, they felt warm.

wang/wangye-first ranked prince

wangfu-first prince manor

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