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“Wangye, there is a servant girl from the general’s manor outside to return something,” The steward respectfully stood outside the study room from a place far away and reported. He knew the wangye in the study room’s martial arts is top notch so he could definitely hear it. Moreover, wangye‘s study room was not a place just anyone can get close to.

An Si suddenly appeared with some dissatisfaction with why the steward asked such an unnecessary question. Ming wangfu never admits any woman, let alone it was just a servant girl.  Has old-age fogged up the steward’s mind?

“Steward, do you still have to ask the master? It’s just a matter of chasing her away.” Although An Si was impolite to the steward, if you look carefully, you can see the respect for the steward. They have followed master since they were little. The steward has always been taking care of them since childhood.

“An Si ah, do you know who that servant girl belongs to?” The steward deliberately kept him guessing. The face of wrinkles was filled with amusement.

“Who cares whose servant girl she is. In Ming wangfu, if it’s a woman, then she can’t enter,” An Si said, then reconsidered and glanced at the An San in the shadows, “An San can’t be considered a woman!”

An San clenched her fists, prepared to come out to teach An Si a lesson. A voice drifted out from the study, “Let her come in!”

An Si was stupefied. He really couldn’t understand what’s the matter with master. It was obvious to all that master detested women. In the manor, besides the few female cooks in the kitchen, it was all manservants, retainers, and guards. Now, how could a servant girl be allowed to enter the manor?

Before the steward withdrew, he glanced at the confused An Si and kindly reminded, “That is the personal maidservant of general manor’s Miss Lan!” Ever since the steward knew the wangye he had watched grow up finally had a female he liked, he was so excited that for a few nights he couldn’t sleep, continuously crying that Ming wangfu was saved. If the steward didn’t control himself, he was ready to tie Miss Lan up and send her directly onto wangye’s bed. But in the end, hearing that wangye was very fond of this girl, and knew that this Miss Lan was only thirteen years old, suddenly his old face was dismayed. So young, when will there will a little master ah!?

Miss Lan? An Si, within moments, understood. It turns out to be Miss Lan’s people, ai, master must really love Miss Lan.

Under the guidance of the steward, Lan Qu in a cyan long dress walked into the lobby of Ming wangfu. Feng Yi Xuan sat up straight in the lobby. The cold air made Lan Qu unable to breathe for a moment. This Ming wang was really powerful.

“Ming wang,” Lan Qu bent her knees and curtsied. She was unconsciously respectful of Feng Yi Xuan who sat in the lobby. The air around this man carried massacre and iciness. She really didn’t know whether young miss and Ming wang knowing each other was good or bad.

Feng Yi Xuan paid no heed to it. He was apathetic in the first place. The people of Ming wangfu have long been used to it. The steward was afraid it will leave a bad impression on this young lady who then will go back to tell that Miss Lan. Then that would be bad.

“Don’t know what this young lady has come to Ming wangfu for?” The steward stood beside Feng Yi Xuan and said with some degree of benevolence.

Lan Qu put down the zither that she carried on her back and opened the packaged zither’s wrapping, respectfully said, “Young miss said wangye forgot to take away your things, so let this slave bring it over!”

Feng Yi Xuan looked up at the Gentle Water Zither placed on the table, considering Lan Qu’s words. Lan You Nian, the object can be returned, but what about my heart? My heart can’t be returned!

After Lan Qu finished sending things and a curtsy later, she was ready to leave, but at this time, Feng Yi Xuan’s voice sounded. The voice still contained icicles, “An San, detain her!”

An San, within moments, blocked in front of Lan Qu. The corner of her mouth was still full of smiles, “Aiya, so sorry, but I ask this young lady to stay in Ming wangfu for a while longer.” Although An San didn’t understand what master wanted to do, their duty was to obey orders.

“An Si, inform Nian Nian that her maidservant has become sick in Ming wangfu for some unknown reason. Have her come pick her up!” Feng Yi Xuan’s said coldly. In reality, his heart was filled with ferocious anger. Because the result of An Yi’s investigation is, Wu Qing gongzi and Miss Miao Yin are the perfect couple. Miss Miao Yin can come whenever she liked, leave whenever she wanted in Zhen Wei Pavilion, it’s all because of Wu Qing gongzi’s protection. There are even rumored that although Miss Miao Yin doesn’t speak with others, only sings, but it was different for Wu Qing gongzi.

When Feng Yi Xuan heard this, he felt his entire body felt uncomfortable like he was sick. His heart felt suffocated. He knew that rumors were not credible, but he feels that even if it was just linking Nian Nian’s name with other men’s names, it isn’t allowed. Nian Nian can walk freely on the third floor of Zhen Wei Pavilion; it can be seen that she was very familiar with Wu Qing gongzi. Otherwise, all the businesses under Wu Qing Pavilion all belonged to Wu Qing gongzi, how could Nian Nian enter? The more Feng Yi Xuan thought the more uncomfortable he felt. At this time, she actually sent someone to return the zither back, Feng Yi Xuan felt extremely angry.

So, he wants to see her immediately, but since this maidservant was already here, then let Nian Nian come to Ming wangfu. After all, he wanted her to see the place where he lived.

“What is Ming wang’s meaning?” Lan Qu’s respectful expression became cold. Although she was merely a maidservant, however under the influence of her family’s young miss she had her own unyielding character. The steward and others couldn’t help but look at Lan Qu with high regard. Even the maidservant was so cool-headed when encountering trouble, it seems that this Miss Lan teaches with proper methods.

Feng Yi Xuan did not answer, or that’s to say, he has always not had much to say. An San heard master’s instructions and knew that master wanted Miss Lan to come to Ming wangfu. Although the method was quite arbitrary, at least, he made a move. Now she better comfort this maidservant, “This young lady over-thinks. Master has no intention of hurting Miss Lan. Please request this young lady to come with me.”

Lan Qu remembered hearing young miss say that this Ming wang was not malicious, but now…her own martial arts was too weak to beat these people. Young miss once told her no matter what happens they must protect their own lives. Lan Qu nodded and followed An San down.

An Si already flew in the direction of General Lan’s manor. There were wisps of excitement in his heart. He can finally meet Miss Lan! He must curry favor without fail!

“Steward, have the kitchen make some delicious snacks. It’s getting late. Have the kitchen makes some food, rich but light. She doesn’t like to eat too greasy things. You go down and prepare it yourself!” Feng Yi Xuan thought out loud as he spoke to the steward who was already stupefied standing next to him.

The steward felt that it wasn’t easy to live to his age. He can actually see wangye look so caring about someone. Although what wangye ate and wore were the best, but wangye didn’t care about these. Now all of this is probably all for that Miss Lan.

The steward hurriedly instructed this, instructed that. One second, he would go to the kitchen and stare at the cooks making snacks. The cooks being watched tremble with fear. They couldn’t understand what great personage has come to the manor to make the steward so cautious. The steward one moment later ran to the courtyard to instruct the family retainers to re-sweep the spotless courtyard again. Another moment he ordered the guards in the manor to use qinggong to wipe the plaque of Ming wangfu. Everyone in the manor who saw this was muddled.

“An Er, empty the garden. I am waiting for her there!” Feng Yi Xuan left the hall after he finished speaking. Although he was angry, he did not lose his senses. If Nian Nian’s current identity was known to others, it will probably bring trouble to her, although he would really like to inform the world of his heart.

“I must trouble you to pass along a message, Ming wangfu‘s An Si requests to see Miss Lan,” An Si did not directly break into You Nian Pavilion. After all, this was their future matriarch. If the matriarch is unhappy, the matriarch is not happy then master isn’t happy, the consequences….

After Zhang Lin nodded, he came to the courtyard to report to Lan You Nian.

“Oh? Ming wangfu‘s An Si?” Lan You Nian thought about it, Lan Qu went to send a zither, for it to actually take so long and still have not returned, she knew in her heart that something must have happened, “Let him come in!”

An Si, upon entering, saw the girl sitting in the courtyard at first glance. Very young age and petite body, but the surrounding aura couldn’t be ignored. That pair of eyes were the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen. No wonder master would like this Miss Lan so much.

“Miss Lan’s maidservant suddenly fell ill, so is now at Ming wangfu. Master has this subordinate to tell Miss Lan,” An Si, saying this, was flustered. Aima, master why didn’t you think of a better excuse?

In fact, with Feng Yi Xuan’s talent, he can come up with a better way that even Lan You Nian would not be able through. But he didn’t want to lie to Lan You Nian. In such an angry situation, he used such a lame reason, it was only because he cares about her.

How can Lan You Nian not hear An Si’s meaning? It seems that Feng Yi Xuan deliberately detained Lan Qu to have her make her way over. Just what does this Feng Yi Xuan want to do? From the first time’s meeting to the present, he was always like this. He always appeared by her side from to time. Not only is he not malicious but cares about her. Feng Yi Xuan, just what do you want?

“I know. Tell Ming wang I will go personally pick up my maidservant,” Lan You Nian put emphasis on the word personally.

Lan You Nian knew that at this moment You Nian Pavilion had a lot of people paying attention to it. For example, An yiniang mother and daughter, and that old Madame. So, Lan You Nian did not immediately head to Ming wangfu but briefed on some matters and when night fell, flew over to Ming wangfu.

Around Ming wangfu, ancient trees towered, verdant trees shaded the streets, red walls and yellow tiles, resplendent and magnificent. A vast palace-like building, pitch-black glazed tiles shined with cool light in the moonlight. Hanging above the bright red lacquered entrance gate was a black golden nanmu (Phoebe zhennan) plaque, lively and vigorous flourishes of three big characters, “Ming Wang Manor”.

When Lan You Nian appeared on top of the wall of Ming wangfu, An Yi was already waiting there, “Miss Lan, master is waiting in the garden for you,” finished, he simply led the way.

Ming wangfu‘s garden was built in the inner courtyard of the manor. It took up a large area of space. There are meandering paths inside, with pavilions and multi-floor pavilions. Flowers clustered along the way. Birds sang and flowers burst forth with fragrance. When Lan You Nian arrived, seeing that man standing in the middle of the garden, her heart stirred.

wangye/wang-first ranked prince

wangfu-first ranked prince’s manor

gongzi-young master

qinggong-martial arts ability

nanmu-this particular wood has golden wood, it’s quite expensive as the Forbidden Palace columns are made of this wood

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