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    The people in the private box were stunned, really stunned, apart from the excited Yu Liu Li, Feng Yi Xuan who only paid attention to Lan You Nian, and Lan You Nian who maintained her composure.

“Oh? Don’t know how does Yu zhuangzhu say this?” Lan You Nian’s voice was still clear and melodious but the people in the box blinked because Lan You Nian did not deny it.

You Liu Li’s eyes brightened, “I am the loyal admirer of Miss Miao Yin. Every time Miss Miao Yin makes a debut, I will go. I know the voice of Miss Miao Yin very well, so I know that you are very likely Miss Miao Yin.”

When Feng Yi Xuan heard You Liu Li saying the word admirer, his cold air was already released. If it wasn’t for Lan You Nian, he would freeze You Liu Li into dregs.

Lan You Nian never deliberately concealed her own voice so if people listened carefully, they will realize that her voice was the same as that of Miss Miao Yin, just like Feng Yi Xuan who confirmed her identity just by listening to her song. Moreover, whether it was identity or status, concerning the several people here, she couldn’t contend with them openly. It was even more commendable that these people were not malicious towards her. Besides, only the identity of Miss Miao Yin being known will not hinder her in any way.

“Yu zhuangzhu has a good ear. However, it is only a little bit worse than Ming wang‘s,” Lan You Nian took a sip of hot tea. She had to admit, this Feng Yi Xian was pretty wealthy. The tea being served was jun shan yin zhen*, it can be said to be very difficult to buy even with one liang. Even she only just scarcely obtained a little with difficulty. But it seems that this Feng Yi Xian’s doesn’t care about these.

“Is it really you? I finally met you! You don’t know how much effort I spent but I didn’t even see your face…” Yu Liu Li rambled until he suddenly looked at Feng Yi Xuan, “Yi Xuan, you already knew?”

“Earlier than you!” Feng Yi Xuan steeped tea for Lan You Nian and didn’t even spare You Liu Li a glance. However, this one sentence choked Yu Liu Li into not knowing what to say。

“You?” Yu Liu Li felt that he made friends really carelessly. He obviously knew that Miss Miao Yin was his goddess, but he didn’t say anything even after he knew. He even caused him to be unable to maintain a good impression in front of his goddess.

Jing Wu An gazed at Lan You Nian with a hint of appreciation. The woman who can write that kind of song was actually so young. This girl was really admirable. She definitely will not be a mediocre person in the future.

Feng Xia Qi, ever since hearing Miss Miao Yin’s song, he like Yu Liu Li was mad about that sagacious girl. But that woman was now in front of him. No wonder the younger brother who doesn’t give a good face to anyone would pay special regard to her.

Meanwhile what Lan Mo Xian and He Chu Yang were thinking was, how could their little sister become Miss Miao Yin? Was her life before too arduous and without any money? In Zhen Wei Pavilion, will she be bullied when on stage? Will the owner of Zhen Wei Pavilion make trouble for little sister?

However, Feng Yi Xuan didn’t care what the people in the box were thinking. Looking at the sky and seeing it was getting late, he asked, “Are you hungry? Do you want to eat first?”

Perhaps because every time Feng Yi Xuan spoke to her like this, Lan You Nian didn’t think there were any problems and was already accustomed to it. But for the others, hearing the gentleness and the hints of pampering in Feng Yi Xuan’s tone, they were unable to accept it. Can you imagine the stony-faced king of hell being warm? It wasn’t any less astounding than the sun rising from the west. In the days to come, they realized, that indifferent unfeeling man gave all of his gentleness to that woman.

“Alright!” Lan You Nian considered that she seemed to be really hungry, but she didn’t notice, she was accustomed to Feng Yi Xuan. However, Feng Yi Xuan noticed this. Feng Yi Xuan’s eyes flashed with pleasure.

Lan Mo Xian, seeing Ming wang treating his little sister so gently, his heroic eyebrows wrinkled. He seemed to feel there was something wrong, but he couldn’t discern what was wrong. For some reason, he felt this was not appropriate. Perhaps because of Lan You Nian’s young age, no one thought in that direction.

When Lan You Nian was eating, she will always reveal a corner of the veil. Her appearance while eating was very elegant. It gave others a pleasure just seeing her eat. It was not like the kitten-like appearance of the young ladies of noble families. She ate very casually, seemingly eating was a very happy thing. After Feng Yi Xuan delivered dishes to Lan You Nian several times and had a little understanding of Lan You Nian’s taste, so he continued to add to Lan You Nian’s plate without stopping.

Yu Liu Li looked dazedly at Lan You Nian. It was honestly because the goddess of his heart was so close, his heart was very excited. “Miss Lan, when will go to Zhen Wei Pavilion again? You don’t know, it’s such a pity you only sing one or two songs a year!”

Lan You Nian’s appetite wasn’t big. After eating some, she put the chopsticks and delicately wiped the corners of her mouth, “If there is an opportunity, I can play a song for everyone!”

For those who had not malicious and were powerful people, Lan You Nian, if it was possible not to offend, then she will definitely not offend. Meanwhile, these people present quite suited her own taste. If they can become friends, it would be quite nice.

“Really? There are opportunities, there is definitely an opportunity!” This time, not only was Yu Liu Li excited, even Jing Wu An and Feng Xia Qi were super excited. After all, that day Lan You Nian’s 《Boundless》was indeed awe-inspiring to people’s hearts, not something normal people can compare.

Looking at his several good friends gazing at Nian Nian with eyes emitting brightness, Feng Yi Xuan didn’t feel good, and chilling spit out the words, “Eat!”, but his heart was thinking about when to let Nian Nian only play the zither for him, only him.

After eating, the several people chatted. They were shocked to find Lan You Nian’s knowledge were even more unique than them these men. For Jing Wu An, it was like finding a treasure. It’s really that a confidant was difficult to find but now Lan You Nian, in Jing Wu An’s eyes, was evidently his own confidant.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” The splendid fireworks burst in the sky over the lawn in the south of the city. Beams of dazzling lights shot into the sky. Each one of the beams suddenly exploded, golden, silver, red, green, blue, star-like flowers flew everywhere, like blossoming flashes of chrysanthemums, dazzlingly brilliant. Too beautiful! Too beautiful!

When the fireworks exploded in the silent night sky, bursting forth with colorful magnificence, it made people forget the tremendous sound it made when it exploded, forgetting the silence of the night sky, the majesty before the destruction, just to leave a beautiful shadow until it was reduced to flying ashes and smoldering smoke. Blooming, disappearing in only a matter of an instant, leaving behind the beauty of a memory!

The several people stood on the third floor’s window admiring the fireworks. In Feng Xia Qi and the others’ eyes was wonderment while Lan You Nian, looking at blooming fireworks all over the sky, there was no trace of pleasure in her eyes. In the box, the only one who didn’t look at the fireworks was Feng Yi Xuan whose gaze was only on Lan You Nian. He was watching that pair of beautiful glazed glass eyes set off with splendid fireworks. At this time, Lan You Nian’s beauty moved the strings of the heart. Lan You Nian didn’t know that while she was watching the scenery, she had become the most beautiful scenery in Feng Yi Xuan’s eyes!

“So beautiful!” He Chu Yang sighed after the fireworks were over. They have been in the military camp for so many years, how could they see these romantic things?

“Indeed, it is very beautiful!” Feng Yi Xuan said looking at Lan You Nian, it’s unknown if he was saying the fireworks were beautiful or was saying the girl standing beside him was beautiful.

Lan You Nian stood at the open window without any comment. Fireworks were the most common thing in modern times but in this ancient times without entertainment, it was a shocking and beautiful thing. Lan You Nian now seemed to feel that everything in the past was like a dream. It seems that it happened yesterday, at the same time it seems to be in the distant past.

“Nian’er meimei, do you like it?” Lan Mo Xian turned back to ask his younger sister. After all, the biggest reason was to bring younger sister out to relax today. Hearing Lan Mo Xian’s question, the several big men all turned to Lan You Nian. At first, they thought they would see Lan You Nian’s happiness and pleasure but didn’t expect Lan You Nian to still look impassive. There wasn’t even a slight change in the angle of her eyebrow.

“Not bad, the fireworks are beautiful that it’s too fake, vanishing within moments.” As Lan You Nian looked at the sky that has regained its blackness, her eyes swept through unknown sorrow.

Feng Yi Xuan’s brows furrowed. He didn’t like seeing Nian Nian looking unhappy. He liked her unbridled happiness, but he didn’t have any right to go do anything right now. He will let Nian Nian get used to him, then under his wings, live without restraint.

“If life can be like a firework bursting in the vast sky, spending all its energy to bloom just once, that is also a beautiful thing,” Jing Wu An looked at Lan You Nian who was like a younger sister and comforted her. Feng Xia Qi told him about this girl’s past while they were eating; it made people feel protective of her. But this girl was now so strong, so strong it was beautiful.

“Haha, indeed worthy of being our Feng country’s most unconventional military advisor!” Lan You Nian praised. If not because today’s countries were not very stable, such a man should be longing for a wandering life.

“Thank Miss Miao Yin’s praise. If there is a chance, how about Miss Lan play a song for this young master? Don’t know what will Miss Lan sing?” Jing Wu An really liked this girl who was much younger than him. Their atmosphere was very well-suited.

“Sing for me first!” Feng Yi Xuan tossed Jing Wu An far away from Lan You Nian’s side, as if a loyal guard guarding its food. It instantaneously made Lan You Nian’s eyes curve.

“Yi Xuan, when did you like these things? That day, I dragged you to Zhen Wei Pavilion, didn’t you…” Yu Liu Li hasn’t finished yet, Feng Yi Xuan directly threw Yu Liu Li out from the window. The action was quick and decisive.

Yu Liu Li, with his qinggong, flew back in from the window but the movement still attracted some people. Among them were the two sisters Lan Ya Ya and Lan Zhi Zhi who came to see the fireworks. The two sisters heard there would be fireworks tonight, so they came to the south of the city earlier to wait, but there was already no more space left. They could only stand in the sea of people to watch the rare beautiful fireworks.

The place they stood was just below the restaurant. The movement upstairs made the two people unconsciously look up. It was that one look that made the two sisters red-eyed. The third sister they looked down on stood at the third floor’s window. Normal people were not allowed to enter this restaurant’s third-floor. Beside third sister’s stood Feng country’s two wangye, fourth wangye and Ming wang. Granted, no one dares to provoke Ming wang, but fourth wangye, who knows how many admirers he had in the capital. However, every time fourth wangye was polite but alienated, but now fourth wangye treated third sister differently.

Lan Ya Ya and Lan Zhi Zhi headed towards the restaurant. No one stopped them along the way but when the two started towards the third floor, several guards immediately appeared in front of the two. They didn’t speak; they simply did not allow the two to go one step further.

“This big brother, our third sister is upstairs. We just want to go see third sister,” Lan Ya Ya said elegantly, seeming to be just a big sister who cares about her younger sister.

“Without master’s orders, no one is allowed to enter the third floor!” The guards didn’t even look at Lan Ya Ya’s deliberate gestures.

“Third sister, how can you not let big sister and second sister enter? Me and big sister are very worried about third sister. After all, a girl and strange men…” Lan Zhi Zhi’s voice was a bit loud. Many people in the restaurant all stretched their necks to look at them.

The people in the box having heard Lan Ya and Lan Zhi’s words, their faces weren’t so good. Feng Yi Xuan was prepared to order An Yi to throw the two out but was blocked by Lan You Nian. These two, she didn’t go look for them, they actually came knocking at her own door?

“I am very sorry for being a bother but can you please invite my two sisters up?” asked Lan You Nian after a curtsy.

Although the people did not like the two women downstairs, they considered that if they left them hanging downstairs, it wouldn’t be good for Lan You Nian’s reputation so they could only agree, lamenting that how could such a girl have such sisters. It was really a world of difference.

Lan Zhi was still ruining Lan You Nian’s reputation when Lan You Nian suddenly appeared on the stairs, “Big sister, second sister”, There was no anger or embarrassment from being insulted, still calm like a like.

“Third sister, it isn’t big sister saying you. Although you have not stayed in the capital, women still have to pay attention to reputation. How can you eat alone with other men in a restaurant?” Lan Ya took out her handkerchief and wiped her worried tears deliberately.

When everyone heard this, they felt that Lan You Nian had no sense of shame. Obviously from the countryside, she couldn’t be seen in public. She actually met strange men in a restaurant alone. In a blink of an eye, everyone’s gaze on Lan You Nian’s was filled with contempt.

Lan You Nian didn’t seem to see everyone’s gaze, still with a smile on her brows, “What is big sister talking about? I only came to see fireworks with older brother!”

Lan Ya and Lan Zhi look at each other. They clearly didn’t see Lan Mo Xian moments ago. They only saw Ming wang and fourth wangye and one unfamiliar young master who they didn’t know, so Lan You Nian must be lying.

“Third sister, you, when did you learn to lie?” Lan Ya looked at Lan You Nian incredulously and seemed to feel very sad at Lan You Nian’s thoughtlessness.

Now the people in the restaurant were all confused. Who was telling the truth? But most of them still believed Lan Ya and Lan Zhi. After all, the two have lived in the capital for so long, knew a lot of officials and nobles, and the two usually acted very virtuous.

Lan You Nian didn’t speak, just watching the two clowns’ pretentious act. She finally saw the real version of white lotus flower, but this white lotus gave off a stinky odor. It was really disgusting.

“Third sister, why aren’t you talking? Big sister isn’t blaming you, just concern about you. I don’t want you to take the wrong path,” Lan Ya continued to pretend to be a white lotus, the tears flowing like worthless money.

“Don’t know how come two younger sisters are bullying Nian’er meimei?” On the stairs appeared a good male voice.

zhuangzhu-villa master; title of the pugilistic world

meimei-younger sister

wang/wangye-first ranked prince

ginggong-martial ability of lightness of step

jun shan yin zhen*-(lord mountain silver needle)-a type of high quality tea {picture}

liang*-50 grams of silver in this case

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