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Lan Mo Xian and He Chu Yang stood on the stairway, their expressions sharply looking at Lan Ya and Lan Zhi. They never liked these two younger sisters, or perhaps, they simply never regarded these two women as younger sisters. They never had the desire to kill them, but now, they felt the desire to kill.

The sister they wanted to protect was blackened by these two women. Pretentiously posturing letting their Nian’er meimei be wronged. Such people made Lan Mo Xian and He Chu Yang disgusted.

“Big brother, cousin brother!” Lan Ya and Lan Zhi both panicked. They did not expect Lan You Nian actually came with the two brothers. This time, they really said the wrong words.

“I don’t have sisters like you. Cousin brother and I were just taking Nian’er meimei to watch the fireworks and have a meal. How did we become strange men?” Lan Mo Xian’s voice was magnified. “Could it be that two younger sisters don’t even recognize your own family’s brothers?”

Now, the surrounding eavesdropping people all understood. These two Lan manor’s sisters were bullying the little sister who just returned! Even when going out with her older brothers to see a banquet, she was so discredited by her own older sisters. Moreover, the two young misses from Lan manor were so hypocritical. How many people before thought Lan Ya and Lan Zhi were sensible, now that’s how many people thought that these two were hypocritical. They loathed these two even more than they loathed Lan You Nian seconds ago. After all, no one likes deception.

“But younger sister really did see strange men.” Lan Zhi said unconvinced.

“I really don’t know how An yiniang teaches. It turns out, Lan manor’s two concubine-born daughters are actually so lacking in manners. You clearly know Nian’er is your younger sister but still try to find ways to stain black Nian’er meimei‘s reputation. It is good upbringing indeed!” No matter how good the temper of He Chu Yang was, encountering women like Lan Ya and Lan Zhi, he did not have any gentleman’s grace.

“Cousin brother,” La Ya was really red-eyed now. After all, He Chu Yang said those words without a trace of mercy. Many people in the restaurant recognized the two sisters and started to point at them. After all, if they acquired a reputation of suppressing their younger sister, then afterwards in the capital, they will definitely be held in disdain.

“I can’t afford to be called your cousin brother. I only have one younger sister and that is Nian’er. I don’t want to have such a sister to smear my reputation behind my back!” He Chu Yang didn’t even give Lan Ya an opportunity to explain. These words were blatantly slapping Lan Ya and Lan Zhi’s face.

Lan Mo Xian looked at He Chu Yang who was deliberately smearing the reputation of Lan Ya and Lan Zhi. His eyes flashed with rejoicing in the others’ calamity. Since they treated Nian’er meimei like this, then it’s best to let them have a taste of their own medicine. It’s good enough that he didn’t go add more fire. So, when Lan Ya looked in his direction to ask for help, Lan Mo Xian ignored it.

After He Chu Yang finished lecturing Lan Ya and Lan Zhi, Lan You Nian stood out. The soft and warm voice seemed to bring a hint of coolness, so lovely that it could capture anyone’s ears, “Does the two sisters have no place? How about sitting together with younger sister upstairs!”

Lan You Nian’s action was generous and in good taste. There was no trace of resentment for the things that just happened. This was the bearing that Lan manor’s legitimate daughter should have. Compared to the attitude of Lan Zhi and Lan Ya, everyone was biased towards Lan You Nian. They felt that although Lan You Nian didn’t grow up in Lan manor, her etiquette was much better than Lan manor’s two young misses.

Lan Zhi was prepared to say something to harass Lan You Nian. She has been bullying Lan You Nian too much since she was a child, even if she feels that Lan You Nian changed a lot, but she still believed Lan You Nian was still that little girl she could easily abuse. Lan Ya held back her younger sister, not allowing her younger sister to be impulsive. There were several handsome young masters upstairs, even two wangye were there. Since there was an opportunity to get close to fourth wangye, how can they waste this opportunity!

“Many thanks to third sister!” Lan Ya curtsied. It seemed the one slandering people wasn’t her at all. Lan You Nian didn’t care and with the two brothers headed up to the third floor. Lan Ya and Lan Zhi, hearts filled with excitement, followed up.

As soon as Lan You Nian entered the box, Yu Liu Li scurried over, “Miss Lan, how can you have such brainless older sisters?”. Even before meeting Lan You Nian, Lan You Nian was already Yu Liu Li’s goddess. Now that he has met her, he realized his goddess was so small, so in addition to worship, there was more tenderness.

“Hehe…” The clear and melodious sound suddenly sounded, laughter like silver bells. Looking at that pair of crescent moon eyes and that lyrical laughter, the corner of Feng Yi Xuan’s mouth tugged into a faint smile that wasn’t quite a smile. He will try very hard to make this girl happy forever.

This clean and unpretentious laughter made others feel joy. Jing Wu An came to Lan Mo Xian’s side, “You have the best younger sister!” He also wished to have such a lovely yet sensible and cheerful yet refined younger sister.

“But I…am not a good brother,” Lan Mo Xian looked at the laughing younger sister. He couldn’t help feeling guilty. Even now, he didn’t know what his sister has experienced. Why did she end up in Zhen Wei Pavilion? Why was she sometimes so quiet like a desolate elder?

“As long as you are a good brother in the future, it’ll be fine. I will be a good brother too!” He Chu Yang clasped Lan Mo Xian’s shoulder and comforted him. This younger sister toiled too much so from now on, they will protect her.

“Third sister,” The beautiful atmosphere was broken by the deliberately delicate voice of Lan Ya. The people of the box all subconsciously frowned. Lan You Nian’s voice was natural and pure at any time, soft and glutinous like it was scratching your heart but Lan Ya’s voice was squeezing her vocal cords deliberately forcing it out. It made others displeased when hearing it.

“Ah! Fourth wangye, Ming wang, every young master, give regards,” Lan Ya and Lan Zhi seemed to have just realized the others in the box. Their faces slightly reddened and slightly bent their knees to curtsy.

But there was no one who helped them like in their imagination. There weren’t even the words of forego formalities. Lan Ya and Lan Zhi could only stiffen their bodies to keep the body in the same manner of curtsying. The people in the box did what they were doing before and didn’t even look at the two people at all.

“Third sister,” Lan Ya knew the people in the box won’t say anything so called for Lan You Nian. Her voice contained inexplicable threats, like the little Lan You Nian of the past who they threatened day and night, beaten and bullied but was not allowed to tell father.

“The two young misses can get up!” Feng Xia Qi wore the same smiling face as before but there was no warmth. That kind of smile was like Lan You Nian’s first impression of a smiling fox. She honestly doesn’t know how Feng Yi Xuan that guy with facial paralysis could have such a brother.

“Thank fourth wangye!” Lan Ya got up and deliberately shifted to Feng Xia Qi’s side. Lan You Nian, seeing this, wanted to laugh. Feng Xia Qi’s eyes flashed with ridicule. Not only was it Lan You Nian, but the others also wore an expression of seeing a good play as they watched at Feng Xia Qi.

Feng Xia Qi looked at Lan You Nian who was obviously watching a spectacular play, the more and more he felt that Lan You Nian was more like his own little sister than those princesses in the palace. There was no calculations and deliberate pleasing. They can freely joke and chat casually. His younger brother obviously liked this girl very much. He probably treated this out-of-the-ordinary girl like a little sister. After all, in that place, how could there be any familial affection.

“There is no need for such courtesy outside,” Feng Xia Qi walked back to his brother’s side. Lan Ya still wants to follow, but when she was still a few steps away from Feng Yi Xuan, An Yi suddenly threw a palm at Lan Ya and tossed her away.

If it was not the right time, Lan You Nian will definitely openly praise it. An Yi did well! Towards white lotus flower, they must be ruthless, give a ruthless blow! However, even if Lan You Nian did not make a sound, the amusement in her eye was discerned by the others. Feng Yi Xuan, seeing Lan You Nian was happy, he actually went hands-on, again smashed towards Lan Zhi with a palm. They didn’t really injure her. After all, if they wanted to hurt people, it would be too easy. They just wanted to make this little girl happy, that’s all.

Lan Ya and Lan Zhi, stunned, suddenly knelt down. After all, Ming wang‘s prestigious reputation, even they, women of the boudoir, were aware of. Ming wang killed people without blinking, his temperament was unclear. No one at court dared to casually provoke him, let alone is is legendary that Ming wang‘s eyes were like a devil’s in the past. Now even if the color of Ming wang‘s eyes is now normal, they still gave people a cold feeling. It was well known that Ming wang abhors women. The two of them have become befuddled. They only remembered fourth wangye but forgot Ming wang‘s taboo.

“Ming wang…” Lan Ya and Lan Zhi repented in their hearts. Lan Ya looked back at Lan You Nian, “Third sister, will you ask mercy from Ming wang?”

“Wu….” Lan You Nian blinked her gleaming big eyes. The people in the box felt their hearts skip a beat seeing her twinkling eyes, “Big sister, second sister, what are you going to do if your skirt is ripped?” Lan You Nian seemed so curious as she pointed at the skirt behind Lan Ya and Zhi’s butt.

“Ah——” Lan Ya and Lan Zhi were anxious not knowing what to do because they were kneeling so they couldn’t see the hole in their skirt. Because they were anxious, they stood up. Lan You Nian gave He Chu Yang a look. He Chu Yang used qinggong to fly down and brought back two cloaks to drape over Lan Ya and Lan Zhi.

“The two young misses better go back first,” Feng Xia Qi held back a smile. Everyone in the room saw Lan You Nian’s mischief. In reality, their clothes were not ripped at all.

Lan Ya and Lan Zhi immediately left after a curtsy. When leaving the box, Lan You Nian suddenly called out, “Big sister, second sister!”

Although Lan Ya and Lan Zhi were furious and wanted to kill Lan You Nian, at this time, there were outsiders, the two in order to maintain their image, still stopped and looked back at Lan You Nian with gentle smiles. The amusement in Lan You Nian’s eyes was more intense, “Oh, nothing.”

The two ground their teeth and turned back ready to leave, but Lan You Nian’s voice came again, “Younger sister only wanted to ask the two sisters, there is a hole on your butt, will it be cold, will the wind go in?”

“Dong!——” Lan Ya actually rolled straight down the staircase from the third floor. The people in the box suddenly burst into laughter. Even the corner of Feng Yi Xuan’s mouth tugged. Looking at Lan You Nian with a bright expression, his eyes revealed a touch a warmth and determination.

“Miss Lan, how come you have such a naughty moment?” Yu Liu Li seemed to have discovered something remarkable. Such a Lan You Nian made people feel more approachable.

“Am I as naughty as Yu zhuangzhu? Don’t think I didn’t see you really opened a hole in the back when they fell down!” Lan You Nian chuckled in reply. Originally Lan Ya and Lan Zhi’s clothes was not damaged at all, but when one person tumbled down the stairs, the other person anxiously assisted her, Yu Liu Li actually used internal strength to directly open a hole directly behind the two.

“That, isn’t that to vent anger for Miss Lan?” Yu Liu Li said uncomfortably. After all, doing so it doesn’t seem really honorable, but he was originally from the martial arts society, there weren’t so many rules. Now thinking of it, he felt a little embarrassed.

“Oh stop it, you just wanted to play. Don’t use Miss Lan as an excuse!” Feng Xia Qi directly exposed.

As a matter of fact, unconsciously, all the people except Feng Yi Xuan have regarded Lan You Nian as a younger sister. This was something that has never happened before. Their guarded nature was very heavy. Lan You Nian was the same. But the fate of the world was like this, there were not so many reasons, simply trusting, simply getting along merrily. Feng Yi Xuan’s goal wasn’t to be only a friend but seeing Lan You Nian has put down her heavy guard against him, Feng Yi Xuan felt he has taken another step forward.


meimei-younger sister

wang/wangye-first ranked prince

zhuangzhu-villa master; title of the pugilistic world

qinggong-martial arts technique

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