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The scenery of the capital city’s South Side was beautiful, even-more so because tonight the royal family was specially putting on fireworks. So much earlier in the day, there were many men and women gathered here to wait for nightfall.

At the same time, Lan You Nian was still in Lan manor drinking tea. In front of her stood two different, beautiful men. Her two brothers, Lan Mo Xian and He Chu Yang. Speaking of which, what a coincidence. When He Chu Yang came to Lan manor planning to invite Lan You Nian to the south side to look at fireworks, Lan Mo Xian was also planning to do so.

Because they just returned from the battlefront, so recently they were very busy, busy dispatching and arranging the soldiers in Jing and receiving all the posts. All the while, Lan Mo Xian never forgot about the little sister in the manor. Now hearing people talk about the fireworks in the south of the city, he thought that Nian’er meimei was very bored in the manor, so he came back from the army camp way earlier planning to take little sister to see the fireworks. He didn’t expect that just as he entered the manor, he also saw biaoge coming. Furthermore, he had the same idea as him so the two decided to go together.

In fact, when the two were at the border, they often worked together to kill the enemy on the battlefield. He Chu Yang was even father’s subordinate. So, the relationship between the two was very iron-strong. He Chu Yang was a man who had a strong sense of obligation, so he was very respectful of father on the battlefield but in private, like the rest of the He family, were resentful of father. Father knew that he was in the wrong and never made things difficult for cousin brother.

“Nian’er meimei, it’s getting late, aren’t you going to change your clothes?” He Chu Yang said. After all, the usual families’ young misses will take a long time to dress up meticulously before going out. He looked at Nian’er meimei who seemed to always wear the same white gauze dress, the plain hair was not stained with rouge. Although it can be seen that the texture of the clothes was the most precious Su brocade, but who’s family’s young lady doesn’t love beauty?

“Is this dress not good?” Lan You Nian stood up, clearly thin and petite, but the beautiful figure was unparalleled.

“Good. Whatever Nian’er meimei wears all looks good,” Lan Mo Xian smiled, but was sad in his heart. Such a good Nian’er meimei but the face was ruined. How bitter Nian’er meimei‘s heart must be?
Lan Mo Xian was not wrong. His Nian’er meimei really looks good in whatever she wore, but the prerequisite should be that there was not that eyesore of a veil. Because of this veil, the world knew that Lan You Nian’s face was ruined. When Lan You Nian returned to Lan manor in such a guise, the return of that Lan manor’s legitimate disfigured daughter already got out outside.

At night, the carriage carried He Chu Yang, Lan Mo Xian, and Lan You Nian three to the south of the city. Lan Qu was in the carriage waiting on Lan You Nian, outside the carriage, there was only the groom driving the carriage.

When the carriage arrived in the south of the city, it was no longer possible to go any further. Too many horse-drawn carriages were stuck on the road in the south of the city. The young ladies and young masters of the official and rich families all joined in the fun to come to the south of the city to see the rare fireworks. Although fireworks were very common in modern times, they were rare in ancient times. Lan You Nian looked at the carriage that could not go any further, “It’s just a few steps away, let’s just walk there!”

As soon as the four stepped off the carriage, there were a lot of glances cast over. It honestly was that Lan Mo Xian and He Chu Yang were the current popular young masters of the capital. Their appearance was also outstanding, and their future was a great one. There were many unwed maidens who were mad for the two people. Because everyone knew Lan Mo Xian and He Chu Yang, of Lan You Nian who was walking alongside them, they had a good guess. Many people have already seen her at the palace banquet. This was Lan manor’s legitimate daughter, Lan You Nian.

Perhaps it was because Lan You Nian’s life was too tragic. Many young masters and young misses of old and well-known families either hated Lan You Nian, felt that Lan You Nian was not worthy of being the legitimate daughter, or was sympathetic towards Lan You Nian for her already disfigured face, or it was ridiculing Lan You Nian misery. All at once, all kinds of eyes looked towards Lan You Nian.

Lan Mo Xian and He Chu Yang also noticed the strange gazes around them. The two impassively blocked Lan You Nian at their side, coldly stared at the men and women around them.

When they came to the south of the city, the group walked into a luxuriously decorated restaurant. They saw that many people wanted to enter the restaurant, but the manager said the restaurant was already full. So, when Lan You Nian and others were prepared to find other places, the manager seeing Lan Mo Xian and others slightly bowed, “Master has been waiting for a while. Everyone come with me.”

Lan Mo Xian and Lan You Nian were baffled. After all, they didn’t know the manager’s so-called master, but at this time, He Chu Yang said, “Ming wang also came. This restaurant is Ming wang‘s.”

As soon as Lan Mo Xian heard this, he was prepared to take Lan You Nian and leave. After all, doing things under Ming wang for so long, he knew too well Ming wang‘s unsociable and eccentric nature. If a woman got too close, she will definitely be flung away. “Biaoge, you go greet wangye, I will take Nian’er meimei to find somewhere else.”

When He Chu Yang heard this, he knew what Lan Mo Xian was thinking. After all, he was also surprised by Ming wang‘s behavior. At this time, An Yi appeared in front of the several people, “Mo Xian, master will not place any blame. Right now, it’s a sea of people outside. It’s hard to find a spot. It’s better if you bring Miss Lan upstairs!”, if you left with Miss Lan, your days are over!

Lan Mo Xian was half-in-belief and half-in-doubt, but before he could think it through, Lan You Nian already followed An Yi to the box upstairs. Now she has already thought about it clearly. Today this Ming wang will definitely see her, then why not openly go see what this man wanted to do?

As a matter of fact, when Lan You Nian appeared in the south of the city, Feng Yi Xuan, standing on the third-floor window, already saw her. There were clearly a lot of people in the south side of the city, but in the crowd of people he saw that girl he wanted to see with one glance. She was always so indifferent, as if outside this mortal world. He couldn’t help but want that girl to be stained with the worldly matters to accompany by his side.

“A’Xuan, what are you looking at?” Feng Xia Qi looked at his own younger brother who was staring out the window distractedly. He prepared to join in on the fun to also get a look but didn’t expect Feng Yi Xuan to suddenly shut the window and say, “Nothing!”

Feng Yi Xuan now looking at his own royal brother the more and more of an eyesore he became. How come there are so many people who want to come? Originally, he planned to wait for Nian Nian to come then send He Chu Yang off, but now not only did royal brother come, even that Lan Mo Xian has followed here. Feng Yi Xuan felt severely dissatisfied.

”A’Xuan ah, no matter what, we are brothers of the same mother. Is this how you treat your fourth brother?” Feng Xia Qi didn’t know what to do about this younger brother. In the past, this younger brother, although he had very little words, but didn’t disdain him this much ah! Right, it’s disdain. That gaze carried the unmistakable disdain which made Feng Xia Qi’s heart all hurt.

“A’Xuan, fourth brother saw you come here. Watching the fireworks by yourself will be too lonely so I came to accompany you. How can you be like this?….” Feng Xia Qi ranted half a day away, but Feng Yi Xuan was too lazy to even spare him a glance. As Feng Xia Qi continued to ramble, the door of the box opened from the outside and once again entered two men. Feng Xia Qi was stupefied, then laughed. Finally, someone came to bear this frigid air with him.

 When Feng Yi Xuan saw his good friends Jing Wu An and Yu Liu Li, his face could no longer use ugly to describe. He was certain that he didn’t look at the calendar. Otherwise how could one after the other come disturb his good plans?

“Hey, Feng Xia Qi, what’s wrong with him?” Yu Liu Li rubbed the coldness on his body. He honestly couldn’t understand how he receives this kind of treatment when he just came in.

“I also want to know ah, but….but fortunately you guys came, otherwise A’Xuan will definitely freeze me to death,” Feng Xia Qi complained to his friends.

Feng Yi Xuan’s hands that were behind his back moved, prepared to throw out the three people. Jing Wu An noticed Feng Yi Xuan’s intentions which quickly made his hair stand on end, for fear that he will get hurt. But at this moment, the box doors were opened by someone from outside. Feng Xia Qi and Yu Liu Li stopped rambling, and Jing Wu An inwardly sighed, so close. Meanwhile, Feng Yi Xuan noticed who the approaching people were and immediately recollected his cold aura, for fear of scaring his Nian Nian.

The three people saw that coming in was a woman, no, it was a girl, they were even more horrified. Who didn’t know that good friend of theirs’ disgust towards women? This little girl stepped into the wrong box. This will definitely see bloodshed again. Feng Xia Qi, because he recognized Lan You Nian and his impression of this little girl was very good, he was really afraid his younger brother will hurt the other so was prepared to let Lan You Nian go out.

“You came,” Feng Yi Xuan made a sound, but this sound was even more frightening than not speaking.

Because of Feng Yi Xuan’s words, all three people knew that this girl was specially invited by Feng Yi Xuan. What kind of skill can make Feng Yi Xuan invite? The three people studied Lan You Nian.

When Lan You Nian appeared in the box, the white skin seemed to be covered in a layer of moonlight, sparkling with brilliance. A pair of watery beautiful eyes as if glazed stone. A white gauze dress outlined the thin body, but the beauty of the figure was indistinct. The slim waist was like a high beam; it made the entire figure enchanting and soft. The long ink hair hung down to the waist, as if it was a fairy falling down to earth, extraordinarily refined, an unsurpassed beauty of a generation.

All three people sighed. What a pure and refined girl. This kind of girl seemed like someone everyone would like.

“Fourth wangye, Ming wang,” Lan You Nian curtsied, then slightly greeted Jing Wu An and Yu Liu Li.

“You are General Lan’s daughter, right? When I was a child, I always heard Tutor He talk about you.” Feng Xia Qi’s impression of Lan You Nian was very good, so he came forward to ask.

“It is this young lady!” Just as Lan You Nian finished speaking, Lan Mo Xian and He Chu Yang also entered the box. When they saw their little sister was safe and sound, they both discreetly released sighs of relief. The two greeted Feng Yi Xuan and the others.

The several people sat around the same table, but the strange thing was that Feng Yi Xuan actually sat next to Lan You Nian, which made Lan Mo Xian tense for a long time for fear that his little sister would be heedlessly thrown from upstairs. Meanwhile, it was obvious that Feng Xia Qi and the two others had a strong interest in Lan You Nian. It’s honestly that they knew Feng Yi Xuan’s temperament very well, but to treat a girl so, they were still surprised. However, when they studied the girl for a long time, they had to sigh. Such a girl was really rare to find in the world. Whether it was words or deeds or a look, it made people feel comfortable. Even they liked to stay by the side of such a girl.

Jing Wu An and Yu Liu Li were ignorant of Lan You Nian, so seeing that Lan You Nian entered the box and had yet to remove her veil, Yu Liu Li curiously asked, “Since you’ve arrived in the box and there is no lecher here, why doesn’t Miss Lan take off the veil?”

When this was said, except for Jing Wu An who was also bewildered, everyone else all silenced. Lan Mo Xian was the first to get angry, his little sister….

“Don’t know what is Yu zhuangzhu‘s meaning?” Lan Mo Xian’s words already carried some impulsiveness, but he was first a brother, then the subordinate of Ming wang. Yu Liu Li really felt he was treated unjustly. He just really liked this little sister. She was so clean, seemingly untainted by the dust of the mortal realm, so he just casually asked a question. Why do they all use such murderous gazes to look at him?

Feng Yi Xuan was more direct. He simply picked up a teacup and using internal force to smash it into Yu Liu Li’s mouth. There was no trace of mercy. Yu Liu Li, no matter what else you say, was the world’s first villa’s zhuangzhu. How could he be so easily injured? He swiftly left the seat to dodge the teacup. This was the first time, since becoming friends, that Feng Yi Xuan struck out at him.

Lan You Nian pinned down Lan Mo Xian who was prepared to continue vent his fire and He Chu Yang who was prepared to fight and smiled slightly, “Yu zhuangzhu please don’t be offended. Older brother’s temper is impulsive. There is no other meaning. It’s just that everyone knows this young lady’s looks is disfigured, so when Yu zhuangzhu asked this question, older brother is worried about Nian’er so he acted like this. Hope Yu zhuangzhu will be forgiving!”

When Yu Liu Li and Jing Wu An heard this, they were instantly stunned. They didn’t expect such a wonderful girl’s face was disfigured. But what they admired even more is that this Lan You Nian, when talking about her disfigurement, there was no sadness or embarrassment. Such a disposition was really admirable. Women pay a lot of attention to appearance. The women they have met, which one didn’t know nothing but to dress up every day? When was there ever such a broad-minded girl who didn’t care about the appearance?

“I am very sorry. It is Liu Li who was brusque!” Yu Liu Li was the master of a villa. When has he ever apologized to a woman before? If it wasn’t for the fact that Lan You Nian was pleasing to his eyes, he probably wouldn’t even talk to Lan You Nian. This is probably the atmosphere between people. There were some people who one seemed to inexplicably like without any reason.

Lan You Nian smiled faintly but didn’t say anything. She wasn’t disfigured in the first place, so she wouldn’t be sad. And even if her face was ruined, she was not a woman of ancient times who was dependent on a man. She had her own thoughts and life, so looks to her were not important.

“Next time if it happens again, get out!” Although Feng Yi Xuan knew that Nian Nian didn’t care about these things, he still felt distressed for her. His heart felt distressed for no reason.

“Feng Yi Xuan, how can you be like this? Even if Miss Lan is your subordinate’s little sister, your control really extends too far. When have you been so kind!?” Yu Liu Li was very dissatisfied with his good friend. He abandoned him so quickly and even attacked him.
“Noisy!” Feng Yi Xuan didn’t even glance at Yu Liu Li and brought the newly arrived pastry in front of Lan You Nian. Lan You Nian didn’t hesitate to enjoy it.

Yu Liu Li’s eyes didn’t blink as he stared at Lan You Nian. When Feng Yi Xuan’s finger twitched, prepared to continue bash his good friend, Yu Liu Li asked, “Lan You Nian, I feel you are familiar ah! Have I met you before?”

When this was said, even Jing Wu An gave him a contemptuous look,” Yu Liu Li, don’t make a fool of yourself. Didn’t you see Yi Xuan’s face? Do you want to die?” Jing Wu An was really afraid Feng Yi Xuan will kill Yu Liu Li. After all, in this short time, Jing Wu An already could tell Feng Yi Xuan’s different treatment of this little girl.

“Perhaps Yu zhuangzhu remembers wrong. This girl has never seen Yu zhuangzhu,” Lan You Nian said patiently.

Yu Liu Li meticulously pondered. When he heard Lan You Nian’s voice, his eyes shined, “You are Miss Miao Yin right? Right?”

meimei-younger sister

biaoge-older cousin brother

wang/wangye-first ranked prince

zhuangzhu-villa master, title of the pugilistic world

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