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Chapter 220
Chapter 220 I Will Find You

Not far from Lan You Nian, the pack of wolves from last night watched the two of them closely . Even more numbing to one’s scalp was the eyes of the pack of wolves became even more vicious, likely because they searched for them all night long as well as the fact they killed many of their wolf brethren .

Hua Xiu Yi took a few steps, stopping by Lan You Nian’s side, watching as the pack of wolves’ gazes became even more dangerous .

Lan You Nian softly said to Hua Xiu Yi, “Can you take it?” She knew Hua Xiu Yi’s body was especially weak from the poison . Now they clashed with the wolf pack, they really too unlucky . If it was before, she could expressionlessly leave Hua Xiu Yi behind, but after Hua Xiu Yi has protected her the last few days and some discoveries made last night, Lan You Nian knew she couldn’t be so ruthless anymore . Hua Xiu could be counted as one of her friends .

“You underestimate me! I am a man . Don’t say I don’t know to be tender to women . You’re better off hiding behind me!” Hua Xiu Yi gripped his dagger . Though he held the high ranking of crown prince, after being on the battlefield for so many years like Feng Yi Xuan and dodging assassination attempts, he had his own strength . No matter how difficult the situation was, he won’t easily admit defeat .

“Hmph!” Lan You Nian grunted . This Hua Xiu Yi really can talk . Just look at him and he wanted her to hide behind him! Nor did she need other people to protect her . Lan You Nian always believed the only person who can protect her was herself . She’s merely added on another Feng Yi Xuan .

Before the wolf pack could attack, Lan You Nian charged with her dagger raised . Since they can’t avoid it, then they’ll force their way out . Lan You Nian’s movements were fierce and rapid . Every time she jumped over one wolf, there would be the sound of wolves roaring and the sound of something falling .

Though Hua Xiu Yi’s body was quite weak, there wasn’t a moment’s hesitation in the movement of his hands . He stabbed the dagger into a wolf’s eyes and the wolf fell dead by a palm strike . Because Hua Xiu Yi had powerful inner force, most of the time, his inner force saved him from being eaten from the wolf pack .

There were too many wolves . In moments, Lan You Nian and Hua Xiu Yi were injured, but the wolves became even excited from the scent of blood as their growling became even more ferocious . The wide, bloody mouth dribbled with disgusting drool just waiting to break their necks the moment they weren’t careful .

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Just as the two wrestled with the wolves, Hua Xiu Yi was completely surrounded by many wolves . One of Hua Xiu Yi’s arms was already injured from saving Lan You Nian and couldn’t be used . One wolf was about to take a bite out of Hua Xiu Yi’s legs . If the teeth sunk in, there’d be no use for the leg .

Lan You Nian pursed her parched lips, pondering if she should save or not save? Then, she sighed . Sure enough, things such as favors shouldn’t be owed . If Hua country’s Crown Prince was to die in Feng country, it will most likely cause friction between the two countries once more . Even more importantly, if Hua Xiu Yi was to die, the odds of her taking on the pack of wolves by herself became even smaller .

As the wolf was about to chomp down on Hua Xiu Yi’s leg, Lan You Nian’s entire person lifted into the air, landing beside Hua Xiu Yi and kicked Hua Xiu Yi far away to dodge the wolf’s bite .

Though Lan You Nian had dsaved Hua Xiu Yi, Hua Xiu Yi could only smile wryly . His wise and exalted image! He nearly fell flat on his face from Lan You Nian’s kick . Couldn’t she have pulled him if she was to save him? Why so violent?

What Hua Xiu Yi didn’t know was that Lan You Nian didn’t want to save him but after considering how Hua Xiu Yi looked after her the last few days, she reluctantly offered a hand . Besides being willing to touch Feng Yi Xuan, she didn’t want to touch other men . For her to kick Hua Xiu Yi from danger was already giving him face . Otherwise, Lan You Nian really could look coldly from the sidelines .

Hua Xiu Yi steadied himself and continued to slaughter through the wolves . Inside, he was overjoyed . He didn’t feel pain from where he was kicked . So happy! But if Hua Xiu Yi knew the reason Lan You Nian saved him, he probably wouldn’t feel so happy .

In a matter of moments, Lan You Nian and Hua Xiu Yi already killed a lot of wolves, but they also undoubtedly enraged the wolves . The wolf pack became even more vicious and brutal . The wolves didn’t seem to fear the two’s killing intent as they started to recklessly take bites at them . Lan You Nian’s arms and back had claw marks from the wolves . If Lan You Nian’s reaction wasn’t quick and and keen, who knows how many times she would have died already . Hua Xiu Yi wasn’t any better either . There were more signs of injuries on him than Lan You Nian . Many of the injuries on his body were from protecting Lan You Nian .

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“Arh-wooo!” Suddenly, the wolves howled as many wolves promptly met a violent death .

Lan You Nian beamed . Turning back and sure enough, she saw Feng Yi Xuan slaughtering the wolves . He smiled cruelly and tyrannically . His sharp eyes were like an eagle eyeing its prey in the night and a cold bloodthirsty light gathered in his eyes, transforming into killing intent that permeated the air around him .

Feng Yi Xuan’s movements were filled with killing intent . Before the wolf pack could react, he led An Yi and the others bolting through the pack of wolves, slaughtering one after the other .

Because of the additional people joining in, very quickly the wolf pack were steadily losing ground, leaving very few left .

Lan You Nian fell into a warm and bloody embrace . Feng Yi Xuan’s eyes were thick with tenderness and affection . His gaze was gentle on Lan You Nian . Kissing her hair, his voice was upset as he asked “Does it hurt? Are you afraid?” Then, he picked Lan You Nian’s entire body up, his voice hoarse, “I’m sorry I’m late!”

Only heaven knew how enraged he was when he saw Nian Nian besieged by the pack of wolves and how his heart ached when he saw the stain of blood and wounds on Nian Nian’s body . He felt a the urge to destroy the heaven and earth, as if he needed to slaughter everything in his path to alleviate the terror and unease in his heart . But now holding the girl in his arms, he felt everything became calm .

Lan You Nian nestled in Feng Yi Xuan’s arms familiarity as she wrapped her arms around Feng Yi Xuan’s neck, smelled the scent that made her heart at peace, and listened to the reassuring heartbeat . Her voice was warm as she answered, “I’m well . I knew Xuan would come!”

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What words could warm Feng Yi Xuan’s heart as much as Lan You Nian’s trusting words?

“En, I will definitely come!” Feng Yi Xuan said, hugging Lan You Nian .

In the last few days since he entered the forest, he regretted . He feared Nian Nian will suffer somewhere he couldn’t see . Even though he trusted in Nian Nian’s abilities when he threw her out, he was still worried in his heart . He despised himself . How could he put Nian Nian there by herself? What if she became afraid? Only when she was with him could he be at ease . If he could do it over, Feng Yi Xuan would still do the same thing . Because between life and death, the only thing you’d think of is to let your loved one be safe .

Hua Xiu Yi’s guard A’Mu swiftly appeared by his master’s side, promptly supporting Hua Xiu Yi . He really didn’t expect his master who usually held the attitude of making everything a joke would help the enemy Feng Yi Xuan . What was even more unexpected for A’Mu was that master protected this Lan You Nian . One must know for a person with master’s personality, if he didn’t stab them in the back, it can be counted as their forefathers having accumulated virtues . Don’t look at how there are so many women by master’s side, but he treated those women very cruelly . Many women lost their life with just a word said wrong . Yet master protected this Lan You Nian . What’s going on?

Hua Xiu Yi saw the girl who was expressionless against all difficulties displayed a smile that could beat the sun when she saw Feng Yi Xuan . That unconscious trust and reliance, such a Lan You Nian was one he had never seen by his side . But he had to say such a Lan You Nian was incomparably beautiful . Such a her wasn’t like the cold moon but like blazing sunlight, making one want to be like a moth to a flame .

Lan You Nian was like the light in Hua Xiu Yi’s darkness . Others say moths are attracted to flames because it dislikes firelight and feared it, but what they don’t know is that moths desperately pounce on it because it wants to appeal for the little bit of warmth from the gentle candlelight . Even knowing it will disintegrate, it still proceeded without hesitation .

Hua Xiu Yi had once considered stealing Lan You Nian to his side . He knew his own abilities . If he really made up his mind to do so, it was doable . But now seeing Lan You Nian’s smile, Hua Xiu Yi internally laughed at his naivety . How could he bear to take hold of such a her? If she didn’t have such joy, he would be harming her and he really really didn’t want to hurt her .

Because of the injuries on Lan You Nian’s body, Feng Yi Xuan headed out as he carried Lan You Nian . At this moment Feng Yi Xuan’s steps paused, speaking to An Yi and the others, “Invite Crown Prince Hua to the residence for healing!” From the moment he saw Hua Xiu Yi’s injuries, Feng Yi Xuan knew Hua Xiu Yi protected Nian Nian . From the moment in the secret room, he gave Hua Xiu Yi a look, he knew Hua Xiu Yi was capable of doing so . He was grateful towards Hua Xiu Yi’s protection of Nian Nian, but he won’t concede Nian Nian to him .

How could Hua Xiu Yi not understand Feng Yi Xuan’s thoughts . The irresistible smile still hung on his face . Though utterly discomposed as he was, it couldn’t disguise his bewitching charm . He glanced at Feng Yi Xuan and then glanced at Lan You Nian who drifted off to sleep from exhaustion, “Then I’ll have to bother Ming wang!” These last few days, he kept guard at night so Lan You Nian could rest, but Hua Xiu Yi possessed powerful martial arts so how could he not be able to tell Lan You Nian didn’t actually sleep . But now because of Feng Yi Xuan, she could fall asleep with ease . Hua Xiu Yi, though envious, took a glance at his bandaged arm, sighed in his heart, “Very good!”

Hua Xiu Yi was beginning to understand a lot . Perhaps for some, the struggles he faced in the forest the last few days was a type of suffering but for him, it was a beautiful memory . These warm memories was enough to warm his lonely life .

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