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Chapter 221
Chapter 221 Applying Medicine

When Lan You Nian woke up, her entire body was already bathed and her injuries were bandaged up . Lan You Nian didn’t have to guess to know it was Feng Yi Xuan’s doing . In the past, if she got hurt, she would have Lan Qu them handle it . But now she had Feng Yi Xuan, when he was jealous, not even women were allowed, so it must be him who bathed her and applied the ointment .

A movement from Lan You Nian woke up Feng Yi Xuan who was sleeping beside her . He pulled Lan You Nian into his arms, embracing her . Then, he got up and walked out of the room, bringing in a warm bowl of medicinal porridge from the outer chambers . From the looks of it, this bowl of medicinal porridge has been kept warm all the while .

Feng Yi Xuan held the porridge in his hands, sitting by the bed, and tried the temperature of the porridge; then, he started to feed Lan You Nian some of the medicinal porridge .

But Lan You Nian twisted her face away, unwilling to drink the porridge . Feng Yi Xuan didn’t get angry but indulgently asked, “Are you not feeling well?” He started to lift up Lan You Nian’s clothes to take a look at the wounds but was rejected by Lan You Nian .

Feng Yi Xuan could only soften his voice saying, “You don’t like it? But you haven’t eaten anything for days . If you immediately eat, it’s bad for your stomach . Drink some medicinal porridge first to put something in your stomach alright? Later I will have them prepare something delicious . Nian Nian be good!”

But Lan You Nian snatched the bowl from Feng Yi Xuan, putting it on the cabinet by the bed . Then, she ripped open Feng Yi Xuan’s clothes to see Feng Yi Xuan’s pale and lean body covered with various wounds . But this wasn’t the reason why Lan You Nian was angry . The reason was Feng Yi Xuan’s injuries were carelessly applied with medicine, without even bandaging it up .

“You received so many injuries . Why didn’t you tell me?” Lan You Nian felt those wounds were too glaring . Doesn’t this man feel pain? He knew to treat her injuries but didn’t pay attention to his own injuries . Did he really think he was made of iron?

Seeing Nian Nian was worried and concerned about him, Feng Yi Xuan felt warm inside and didn’t feel like any of his injuries hurt at all .

“Nian Nian” Feng Yi Xuan grapped Lan You Nian’s small hand and shoved it into the quilts and said, carelessly, “These minor injuries don’t hurt a bit . Besides, they’re already applied with medicine . You don’t need to worry!” Though he was pleased with Nian Nian’s worry for him, he still felt his heart ache for her .

Lan You Nian shot Feng Yi Xuan a vicious glare, reaching out her hands and mercilessly slapped the wound on Feng Yi Xuan’s chest .

Feng Yi Xuan’s face was stunned . Though he didn’t display a pained expression, Lan You Nian could still attentively notice the cold sweat beading on his forehead .

“Doesn’t hurt?” Lan You Nian looked at her hand, threateningly saying, “Are you sure? Are you sure I won’t worry?” Her posture was very clear . If Feng Yi Xuan didn’t answer to her satisfaction, she will definitely give him another slap to let him learn from his mistake . Not only would Feng Yi Xuan be concerned about her, she would be similarly worried about him . What was there to hide between the two of them?

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Feng Yi Xuan awkwardly chuckled . Nian Nian was too smart, not believing in his lies . Feng Yi Xuan knew Nian Nian this girl, despite worrying about him, if he didn’t admit to it, then his injuries didn’t need to get better . He has seen this girl’s cruelty .

“It hurts a little…” Feng Yi Xuan ducked into the blankets, saying ingratiatingly . If he had to say if the wounds hurt or not, naturally it hurts . He wasn’t without sense of feel . But firstly, he’s received too many injuries growing up so he was indifferent to it . Secondly, all of Feng Yi Xuan’s energy were focused on Lan You Nian . He didn’t pay attention to his injuries at all .

Hearing this, Lan You Nian got up and got some medicinal powder and white cloth for bandaging . To Feng Yi Xuan, she said “Take off your clothes!”

Feng Yi Xuan knew what Nian Nian wanted to do with just a look . The speed that the clothes were ripped off made Lan You Nian involuntarily blink her eyes . Shit, was this putting on medicine or doing something to you? Is there a need to be so excited? Lan You Nian noticed the more she got to know Feng Yi Xuan, in front of her, Feng Yi Xuan became more and more childish . But wasn’t she was the same?

Feng Yi Xuan took off everything except a cloth covering his privates, stark naked as he sat on the bed facing Lan You Nian . He wanted to see Lan You Nian’s satisfaction with his body from her eyes . He still remembered every time he was nude or had Nian Nian help him relieve himself, Nian Nian would always bashfully duck under the quilt, refusing to come out . But such a bashful Nian Nian made Feng Yi Xuan’s wolfish nature rear its head .

But Feng Yi Xuan miscalculated . Lan You Nian was completely focused on Feng Yi Xuan’s body . How could she pay attention to anything else? Feng Yi Xuan’s body was covered with various injuries . Lan You Nian only felt heartache, so how could she think about anything else?

Lan You Nian applied the medicine on Feng Yi Xuan’s chest, noticing Feng Yi Xuan was still looking at her in dissatisfaction . Lan You Nian couldn’t help pinch Feng Yi Xuan’s muscle flesh, “What are you silly about? Turn around!” Feng Yi Xuan still had a lot of injuries on his back .

Feng Yi Xuan was self-aware of his foolishness to be thinking of such things at a time like this, so he turned around, laying on the bed . Lan You Nian applied the medicinal powder gingerly to those wounds . Afraid Feng Yi Xuan felt pain, Lan You Nian gently blew on the wounds after applying the medicine . In the past life when Lan You Nian was little, every time she went on a mission and came back with injuries, her father would do the exact same, blowing it after applying the medicine .

Feng Yi Xuan could feel a warm breath brushing over his skin on his back . This gentle, warm breath made Feng Yi Xuan’s heart warm up, but his body became increasingly hot, for he shared the same bed as the girl he loved . Not only was he naked, more importantly, Feng Yi Xuan could feel Nian Nian’s small hand frequently touching his body while applying the medicine . The warm breath of the lips were felt very distinctly . Feng Yi Xuan felt he was experiencing happiness and pain at the same time .

When Lan You Nian had bandaged up all of Feng Yi Xuan’s injuries, she realized Feng Yi Xuan’s face was flushed and his breathing was heavy . Lan You Nian was worried due to the injuries and couldn’t help anxiously asking, “Xuan, what’s wrong?” You can’t blame Lan You Nian for not noticing . Who would have thought Feng Yi Xuan would be thinking of such things at this time?

Feng Yi Xuan suddenly picked Lan You Nian up and tucked her in the quilt, muttering in displeasure, “What do you think?” His voice was filled with grievances . He didn’t feel any desire towards any woman, but towards Nian Nian, why didn’t he have any self-control? Nian Nian was still small . He still had to wait two more years!

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Lan You Nian was being held in Feng Yi Xuan’s arms, so naturally she can feel the changes in Feng Yi Xuan’s body . She angrily knocked her forehead into Feng Yi Xuan’s forehead, “At this time you can still think of that kind of stuff! You big perverted wolf!”

Feng Yi Xuan stroked Lan You Nian’s reddening forehead, chuckling, “I’m only perverted towards you!”

Lan You Nian knew Feng Yi Xuan was telling the truth, but can he not talk about these things in front of her who was still a minor? Though she has helped Feng Yi Xuan’s relieve his lust, but at those times she was so bashful she didn’t dare open her eyes . Were all men perverted wolves deep inside? A few years later, Lan You Nian will know, it’s true men were perverted wolves and Feng Yi Xuan was the biggest perverted wolf-a perverted wolf who was only perverted towards her .

Lan You Nian didn’t continue to argue, for she noticed the dark bags under Feng Yi Xuan’s eyes and knew he didn’t rest well these last few days . Knowing him, he probably didn’t rest because he was taking care of her . Lan You Nian picked up the medicinal porridge that hasn’t yet cooled, and in a rare moment of virtue, fed Feng Yi Xuan . The two of them each drank half, finishing the porridge and fell asleep, hugging one another .

Lan You Nian and Feng Yi Xuan didn’t ask the other what the other suffered or traps they’ve encountered . For the two of them, it was enough to be able to return to each other’s sides . Feng Yi Xuan didn’t even ask about Hua Xiu Yi, because he trusted Nian Nian . He knew Nian Nian and him were the same . Once they fell in love, they won’t change . Feng Yi Xuan was grateful towards Hua Xiu Yi . Even if he was his love rival, because of him, his Nian Nian suffered less injuries . This couldn’t be denied .

Lan You Nian and Feng Yi Xuan rested for a day . Outside, Lan Qu and the others who were waiting were extremely anxious but knew young miss and Ming were were really so didn’t bother them . They would frequently come by, in fear Lan You Nian would need something when they woke up .

Feng Yi Xuan woke up some time ago . Seeing Lan You Nian was still deep asleep, he didn’t get out of bed, continuing to sleep with Lan You Nian . After a day of sleep, Lan You Nian has recovered her spirits . The two tidied up and walked out of the room, or that is to say, Lan You Nian was carried out of the room .

“Young miss” Lan Wu and Lan Qu took a few steps forward . The day Ming wang brought young miss back, they didn’t get to see how young miss was doing . Though afterwards Lan Ren and Lan Feng said young miss was fine, the two of them were still worried .

Lan You Nian poked out her little head and smiled at the group of people, comforting, “I’m fine . I let you guys worry!” She could imagine their worry and fear when there wasn’t any news from her . These people were sincere towards her .

“It’s enough that young miss is fine!” Lan Qu saw her young miss’s cheeks were rosy and was much reassure . d

Feng Yi Xuan said to Lan Qu, “Prepare some soft foods . Nothing too oily!” He knew Nian Nian must be hungry after resting so long .

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Lan Qu hastily nodded and went to send over the already prepared foods but Lan You Nian said, “Send Crown Prince Hua a portion as well!”

Lan Qu and the others were surprised by their young miss’s action, but seeing as Ming wang didn’t seem to be displeased, they went down to carry it out . Feng Yi Xuan carried Lan You Nian to the grand hall, saying, “Hua Xiu Yi’s poison is already cured . He should wake up today!”

Lan You Nian nodded and smiled, “Don’t need me to explain?

Feng Yi Xuan smiled at her dotingly, “I understand!” He understood that in this matter they owed Hua Xiu Yi . He especially understood Nian Nian’s feelings for him, so there wasn’t anything to worry about .

When the two sat down in the hall, Lan Feng appeared by Lan You Nian’s side, “Young miss, that forest was completely burned to the ground . Qian family is currently looking for the culprits . The entire Jiangnan is in a sense of unease .

Lan You Nian nodded and Lan Feng withdrew . She didn’t want to bear Ming wang’s glares .

“Was it you?” Lan You Nian asked lazily . Other people didn’t have the motive to burn down an entire forest . The only one who would do such a thing could only be Feng Yi Xuan . This man was really cute!

Feng Yi Xuan didn’t deny it, nodding his head and his eyes permeated with killing intent, “You were injured there!” Even if it was unrelated to the forest, but that forest that has been thriving for unknown number of years became the place where he vented his anger . That night’s blazing fire shook the entire Jiangnan .

Lan You Nian didn’t object as she pecked Feng Yi Xuan’s jaw . She wasn’t a kind person . If the forest is burnt, it’s burnt-as long as Feng Yi Xuan vented his anger .

Just as Feng Yi Xuan and Lan You Nian prepared to eat, Hua Xiu Yi appeared in the hall, smirking, “No matter what, a visitor is a guest . You guys are really ungracious!” Saying so, he sat on the opposite side of Feng Yi Xuan them and picked up a bowl to eat from .

“Yours was sent over!” Feng Yi Xuan snapped .

Hua Xiu Yi was too hungry to even lift his head, “The more people, the more lively it is . Ming wang isn’t so petty right?” With this, he shot a glance at Lan You Nian . Noticing Lan You Nian’s appeared more energized, Hua Xiu Yi was reassured .

The three silently ate their meal . They were really hungry, but no matter how hungry they were, their postures were still elegant .

Hua Xiu Yi wiped his hands ,”This crown prince has been away from my own country for a long time . It’s time to return . Farewell!” Since he can’t possess it, then he should leave; otherwise, he was the one in pain from watching the two’s interactions .

Feng Yi Xuan nodded, saying, “Thanks!” Feng Yi Xuan read the consolation in Hua Xiu Yi’s eyes . In the past, Hua Xiu Yi looked at Nian Nian with possessiveness, but now, though there was the addition of love, it was filled with apathy .

Hua Xiu Yi smiled and nodded at Lan You Nian, “Since this crown prince has given out so much, we should be considered friends right?”

Lan You Nian returned his smile, gently nodding her head .

Hua Xiu Yi saw Lan You Nian’s nod, relaxed as he walked out of the hall to prepare to return back to his homeland . This was enough…

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