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Chapter 219
Chapter 219 Hua Xiu Yi’s Protection

The cave didn’t seem to be artificially made but naturally formed . The area surrounding the cave was overgrown with weeds . Lan You Nian helped Hua Xiu Yi into the cave . After Hua Xiu Yi sat down, Lan You Nian found many branches to cover up the entrance of the cave so the wolf pack wouldn’t find them .

The entire cavern was pitch black but fortunately, Hua Xiu Yi carried a fire pipe* . In moments, the branches the two gathered rose up into a fire, adding some warmth and light to the darkness . The two were dying from exhaustion from running . Once they could relax, they sat down on the ground from exhaustion .

Hua Xiu Yi watched the pile of firewood burn up . Her gaze was dazed as if caught in her own thoughts . Looking at Lan You Nian hugging her knees, Hua Xiu Yi suddenly felt no matter how the girl showed her strength and toughness, once she calmed down, it made people’s heart ache, like a small animal that lost its way .

Lan You Nian missed Feng Yi Xuan . They were already in danger here but Feng Yi Xuan was in even more danger . Lan You Nian knew of Feng Yi Xuan’s abilities and martial arts but she couldn’t help worrying inside…

After Feng Yi Xuan broke through the traps, without regard to his life, he finally walked out of the forest in the mountains . Only when he walked out did Feng Yi realize this forested mountain was in Jiangnan . Uncaring about the countless injuries on his body and worn-out spirit, for he didn’t rest at all the last few days, for he must strive to get out and search for Nian Nian as quickly as possible, Feng Yi Xuan snatched a horse and raced to the compound .

The people at the compound were extremely anxious . Master and matriarch have already left several days but there wasn’t any news from them . An Yi knew master let him rest assured before leaving but An Yi still sent many people to Qian manor to look about but there weren’t any results . Everyone knew master and matriarch must have been caught in a trap .

When Feng Yi Xuan returned to the compound, An Yi and the others were extremely surprised . But when they saw Feng Yi Xuan return by himself, terror struck their hearts .

“Nian Nian hasn’t come back?” Feng Yi Xuan didn’t dismount from the horse and directly asked . He made a trip back, fearing he’ll miss Nian Nian if she came back first .

An Yi and the others saw the master’s clothes were ragged . Seeing the injuries on his body were still red, they were all worried . Hearing the master’s anxious voice, they instantly answered, “The matriarch hasn’t returned!”

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Lan Qu and the others’ eyes were red as they anxiously asked, “Ming wang, where’s young miss? Where’s young miss?”

Feng Yi Xuan didn’t answer . To An Yi, he said, “Follow!” Then, whipping the horse around, he galloped out . Passing by the trap in the forest, he analyzed that Nian Nian would head to the forest after falling into the trap, so Feng Yi Xuan only had to head there .

An Yi and An Yi immediately jumped onto horses to follow their master . Lan Feng and Lan Ren, too, mounted horses . Another guard named A’Mu followed as well . He was Hua Xiu Yi’s guard . Though Lan Qu and Lan Wu wanted to go, they were aware that with their martial arts, not only will they not be able to help young miss, they will only be a burden . They could only worry as they wait at the compound .

When the others followed Feng Yi Xuan, arriving at the dense forest where one couldn’t see daylight, their faces became grim .

An Yi looked at master’s injuries, “Master, this subordinate carries medicine . Master should treat the wounds first!” An Yi felt numb from looking at such densely scattered injuries but it seemed master didn’t feel them at all .

“No need!” Feng Yi Xuan rejected as he continued to hasten on the road . His whole heart and eyes were all filled with Nian Nian’s safety, fearing if he was late, Nian Nian will suffer misgivings . Where did he have time to care about the injuries on his body?

An Si took out the wound medicine saying, “Master, if you don’t apply medicine and bandage it, if the matriarch sees it, think how distressed she’ll be . The matriarch will feel extremely guilty!”

Sure enough, when Feng Yi Xuan heard An Si’s words, he considered it for a moment and stopped his steps, saying, “Apply the medicine immediately!” Usually, he would apply the medicine himself but time was too precious . An Si them were all men and have been his subordinates since he was young so there wasn’t anything to be particular about .

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An Si, hearing this, applied the medicine on Feng Yi Xuan’s injuries . Knowing master was anxious to search for the matriarch, An Si only simply bound up the wounds . Making certain there was nothing serious, they headed deep into the forest…

By the time Lan You Nian came out of her thoughts, she noticed the fire from the firewood already extinguished . Lan You Nian felt the night was still cold in the forest and had to set up a fire again . When she looked at Hua Xiu Yi, she noticed there was something wrong with Hua Xiu Yi .

Lan You Nian walked over to Hua Xiu Yi’s side and realized Hua Xiu Yi was sluggish and his entire body was trembling from the cold . Lan You Nian pressed her fingers against Hua Xiu Yi’s pulse . In a moment, Lan You Nian knew Hua Xiu Yi was suffering from poison, in addition with his wounds, causing such symptoms . If they didn’t treat the poison in time, it would be a great danger to his life .

Lan You Nian hesitated . She didn’t carry any medicinal pills that could cure poison . If she were to save Hua Xiu Yi, she would need to use her own blood, which is the reason why she came out unscathed from the poison in the secret room . She’s never considered using her own blood for someone else, besides Feng Yi Xuan . Her blood wasn’t an effective treatment for curing the poison . Due to all the medicines she has eaten, it could only relieve some effects of the poison .

Lan You Nian was a cold person so she prepared to drop the fingers on Hua Xiu Yi’s pulse and not bother with whatever was to happen to Hua Xiu Yi nor would she offer a hand . If he were to die from the poison, Lan You Nian didn’t care at all . But at this moment Lan You Nian’s hand was tightly grabbed by Hua Xiu Yi . At this moment, Lan You Nian realized Hua Xiu Yi’s frailness . Perhaps because it was cold, his fine eyebrows were tightly furrowed . He appeared very upset . It was an expression that a conscious Hua Xiu Yi didn’t possess .

Lan You Nian was about to rip her hands out but Hua Xiu Yi seemed to be clinging to life, unwilling to let go of her hand . His entire body was curled up there .

“No! No!” Hua Xiu Yi cried, his voice shaking . Then, maybe having dreamt something, tears slipped out of his eyes . His hold on Lan You Nian’s hand became even stronger as his voice hoarsely cried,” Why? Why? No!”

Lan You Nian knew every person had their own secrets but this kind of Hua Xiu Yi was too much like the past her, the same helplessness and grief . It could only be caused by the heart-stabbing agony .

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Lan You Nian sighed, knowing she couldn’t stand on the sidelines . Recalling Hua Xiu Yi’s care and protection for her the last few days, she really owed Hua Xiu Yi . If such a Hua Xiu Yi were to become friends and not enemies, it would be a good thing .

Lan You Nian helplessly said to the trembling Hua Xiu Yi, “You’re fine, don’t be afraid, it’s over now!”

In Hua Xiu Yi’s drowsy dreams, he dreamt of the dirty and disgusting thing . He was helpless, he was afraid, he wanted to run away, but at this moment he caught a hand that seemed to save his life . Hua Xiu Yi felt he was no longer so cold . Hua Xiu Yi heard a soft comforting voice telling him he was fine . Hua Xiu Yi saw the horrifying thing in his dream slowly drift away from him .

Lan You Nian grabbed the dagger, slicing through her arm and dripped some blood into Hua Xiu Yi’s mouth just as Hua Xiu Yi opened his eyes .

Hua Xiu Yi felt the bloody taste in his mouth before he had opened his eyes . He forced himself to open his eyes and looked into Lan You Nian’s eyes . Lan You Nian’s pitch-black eyes were dark and deep, as deep as the black night blanketed with dazzling stars, so beautiful it made addicted to silent danger .

After Hua Xiu Yi became conscious, he saw Lan You Nian’s arm had an open wound with blood flowing from it and into his mouth . Hua Xiu Yi struggled to rise but his head was still very faint .

“What are you doing?” Hua Xiu Yi asked in disbelief . He saw Lan You Nian retracted her arm . The white and tender arm was covered with faint wounds, making Hua Xiu Yi appalled . Just what would let this girl who didn’t allow herself to suffer losses to have so many scars on her arm .

“You’re suffering from poisoning . My blood can suppress your poison . We must hurry out to get the antidote!” Lan You Nian left Hua Xiu Yi’s side to sit down somewhere else as if the one who saved him wasn’t her .

Hua Xiu Yi’s eyes flashed with affectation . He didn’t expect Lan You Nian to save him . He felt good . This feeling was very good . Hua Xiu Yi could tell Lan You Nian’s eyes didn’t have gratitude or feelings for him . It was still the same indifference . Only in front of Feng Yi Xuan would this girl become spoiled .

“Thank you!” Hua Xiu Yi smiled . The smile was sincere . It’s a pity Lan You Nian had no intention of admiring it . The two rested as they sat silently in the narrow cave of the mountain .

It was rare for Hua Xiu Yi to speak so little . He looked at the newly bandaged arm, not knowing what he was feeling inside . It seemed beside his mother passed, no one has been so kind to him, or that is he’s never accepted anyone’s kindness .

Towards Hua Xiu Yi’s thanks, Lan You Nian remained expressionless . She merely thought Hua Xiu Yi looked like her past self .

The two sat there resting a while . When the sky lit up, Lan You Nian walked over to the cave entrance and carefully scanned her surroundings . She wasn’t being overly cautious for a lot of times the abilities of the wild beasts, they humans couldn’t compare . Wild animals’ sense of smell was very keen . The outside of the cave appeared still . Lan You Nian removed the branches covering up the cave entrance and walked out of the cave . Hua Xiu Yi, though still frail, followed out .

“Don’t walk so fast . I’m an invalid!” Hua Xiu Yi complained to Lan You Nian who was walking very fast in front of him . In his heart, he didn’t want to get out so quickly . He felt the last few days in the forest was even happier than having a warm bed . He was well aware that once they escaped from the forest they’ll go their own way . Since he understood his own feelings and understood Lan You Nian’s, he didn’t plan to steal Lan You Nian away . So let him be a little selfish and leave himself some memories .

Suddenly, Lan You Nian stopped . Hua Xiu Yi was thrilled he could finally rest but his eyes widened…

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