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Chapter 215: 215

Chapter 215 The Ending of the Female Scum

The onlookers found it difficult to accept . What day was it? They saw the handsome male and beautiful female wife and husband and now came out another exquisite and attractive man .

“If the two aren’t occupied, how about coming to sit with me?” Hua Xiu Yi smiled in invitation . He didn’t know what was wrong with him . Ever since he returned from Feng empire, he kept thinking of that apathetic, decisive woman . Most of the time, he had an urge to go to Feng empire, but he wasn’t at a young and impulsive age anymore . He considered it carefully . He feared he truly has fallen in love with this woman . Hua Xiu Yi found it funny . It turns out it was possible for him to find someone he liked and that very person he liked already had a sweetheart .

This trip to Jiangnan was merely for play . In Hua empire, he was the crown prince many people feared; thus, no one dared to stop him from leaving . Unexpectedly, he encountered Feng Yi Xuan and Lan You Nian here . He didn’t know what his feelings were when he saw that woman getting onto the boat . He only knew he felt joyful inside, but he felt jealous seeing the two’s intimacy . He should think of ways of how to kill Lan You Nian because this woman is able to affect his heart, but he had to admit, he was reluctant .

Lan You Nian didn’t say anything . She only looked to Feng Yi Xuan, letting Feng Yi Xuan decide .

Feng Yi Xuan didn’t answer . With one hand holding Lan You Nian, he used qinggong to fly into Hua Xiu Yi’s boat, landing in front of Hua Xiu Yi, as if a jade couple .


Hua Xiu Yi gestured with a single arm to invite Feng Yi Xuan and Lan You Nian inside the boat . None of their identities were ordinary . Though this was Jiangnan, one can’t guarantee there wasn’t someone who recognized them, so it was best to enter the boat .

“Young master!” As they were about to enter the boat, the woman named Xian Xian’s voice pitifully entered the ears of the three . Feng Yi Xuan and Lan You Nian’s steps didn’t stop, but Hua Xiu Yi gazed at Xian Xian with interest .

Xian Xian saw Hua Xiu Yi looked at her, her smile became even more seductive . As a brothel girl, she naturally knew what made men more interested . Both men were noble young masters with top notch looks . No matter who she involved herself with, she’ll have no worries for the rest of her life .

Hua Xiu Yi looked at the pretentious Xian Xian, the smile on his face remained unchanged, but felt disdainful inside . The so-called women of the world were so disgusting . Hua Xiu Yi then thought of Lan You Nian who was in the boat . It seems only such a woman was different from all the rest .

“What does this young lady need?” Hua Xiu Yi’s charm was even moving than Xian Xian’s .

Xian Xian knew there was only this one chance as her eyes turned and said, “Xian Xian knows how to play some musical songs . If young master doesn’t disdain, Xian Xian is willing to play to entertain!” As long as she got onto the boat, everything else would be much easier .

Hua Xiu Yi chuckled, “Then many thanks to young lady!” Hua Xiu Yi glanced at a man on the boat dressed as a manservant . The man immediately flew towards Xian Xian’s boat and brought Xian Xian onto their boat .

“Many thanks to young master!” Xian Xian curtsied, slightly exposing the snow white skin on her chest that really could give one a nosebleed, yet Hua Xiu Yi did nothing and stepped into the boat . In Hua Xiu Yi’s eyes, such a woman wasn’t enough to look at .

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Xian Xian followed Hua Xiu Yi into the boat, looking where Feng Yi Xuan sat . Lan You Nian sat beside Feng Yi Xuan . Even so, Feng Yi Xuan didn’t withdraw the hand wrapped around Lan You Nian’s . This was a strong demonstration of possessiveness .


Xian Xian beamed brightly, about to sit beside Feng Yi Xuan . Meanwhile, Hua Xiu Yi sat opposite of Feng Yi Xuan, watching the drama playing out . Who let him and Feng Yi Xuan have been competing with each other for many years yet he has yet to see a second expression on his face? A long time ago, he thought of having a match with Feng Yi Xuan . Because of Lan You Nian, Hua Xiu Yi’s desires became even stronger .

Before Xian Xian could get close to Feng Yi Xuan, she was stopped by Lan You Nian’s voice,”My hubby doesn’t like strange women getting close . If this young lady wants to live, you should sit farther away, or you could sit by Young Master Yi . This Young Master Yi is one who is gentle to fair ladies!”

How could Lan You Nian tell Hua Xiu Yi purposefully let this woman in? Since he wants to see their drama, she didn’t like letting him have some drama of his own .

Hearing this, Xian Xian knew was warning her and admonishing her . What person she should clamber for connection with and what person she shouldn’t, though Xian Xian was unresolved, she can tell Feng Yi Xuan’s doting towards Lan You Nian . Thus, she sat by Hua Xiu Yi, her body practically glued to Hua Xiu Yi . On the other side of Hua Xiu Yi sat a beautiful woman . This woman was Hua Xiu Yi’s maidservant . As she poured tea for Lan You Nian and the others, her lowered eyes were glaring fiercely at Lan You Nian and Xian Xian .

“How does Young Master Xuan have the time to come to Jiangnan . Though Jiangnan has many beauties, doesn’t Young Master Xuan already have a beautiful woman as a companion?” Hua Xiu Yi held a teacup taking a sip of the tea as he smiled . One was crown prince of an empire . One was war god wangye of another empire . The two of them represented two empires and their power, so they wouldn’t easily become enemies .

“Accompanying Nian Nian!” Feng Yi Xuan stoically replied . What many beauties? In his eyes, only Nian Nian was the most beautiful .

Hua Xiu Yi eyed Lan You Nian smiling . He noticed that the woman’s face has stretched out more after not seeing for several days . An originally alluring face was even more enchanting, but this enchanting face had a coldness added to it, making people not dare to casually chat up . Because she was with Feng Yi Xuan, she dropped her past erected defenses . Her entire person became warmer . Such a woman, it was no wonder Feng Yi Xuan will fall in love . Even himself too…

“Why has Young master Yi come to Jiangnan?” Lan You Nian retorted . “Is it because of Jiangnan’s beautiful women, so Young Master Yi became captivated?” Lan You Nian was protective to a fault . Hua Xiu Yi dared to poke fun at Feng Yi Xuan, so she must return the favor . Lan You Nian knew Feng Yi Xuan didn’t usually argue .

Feng Yi Xuan looked at Lan You Nian who was like a protective little beast, feeling warm in his heart . So many years, outsiders only saw his powerful front, but no one was like Nian Nian and considered him on an equal footing, standing up for him . Even if it was slightly hilarious to stand up for him, Feng Yi Xuan still cherished it .


Hua Xiu Yi was startled by Lan You Nian’s protectiveness . He saw Feng Yi Xuan’s gentle gaze, his heart gave rise to admiration . When have they who sat on high positions experienced such a protectiveness . Feng Yi Xuan really had a good life .

“Yeah, this young master has long heard of Jiangnan’s beauties being quite special . Naturally I came to have a look,” Hua Xiu Yi flirtatiously looked at Xian Xian sitting by him . That gaze made Xian Xian give rise to a blush .

The servant girl by Hua Xiu Yi was upset, loathing Lan You Nian even more . In the boat, she saw the Crown Prince’s gaze kept chasing after this woman . She’s been serving by the Crown Prince’s side for many years . When has she seen the Crown Prince being so indulgent of a woman? This woman also brought this courtesan onto the boat . If the Crown Prince really fancied this courtesan, wouldn’t she have even more difficulty obtaining the crown Prince’s favor?

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“Young Master!” the servant girl huffed coquettishly, the voice making Lan You Nian’s hand tremble holding the teacup, causing the tea spilling out . Lan You Nian saw Feng Yi Xuan immediately take out a handkerchief to wip Lan You Nian’s fingers, afraid that Lan You Nian was burnt .

Lan You Nian looked at Feng Yi Xuan, wanting to read something from Feng Yi Xuan’s face . Unfortunately, Feng Yi Xuan’s face only had his worry for her . Perhaps he noticed Lan You Nian’s on him, Feng Yi Xuan asked, “What’s wrong?”

Lan You Nian shook her head, and shot a look at the servant girl . The servant girl shot a glare at her . Lan You Nian felt she was entirely innocent .

“Young master can’t forget this maid after obtaining a beauty,” the servant girl didn’t dare to be presumptuous but she still pouted . The Crown Prince has bestowed his favor on her . Though she doesn’t have any status, but which woman in the Crown Prince’s harem had an official rank? As long as she did well, the Crown Prince will give her a status .

The smile in Hua Xiu Yi’s eyes deepened . He frivolously stroked the servant girl’s cheeks, “This young master’s beauties are so stunning, how can this young master like the new and throw away the old?”

The servant girl only cared to being shy and didn’t see the disgust as Hua Xiu Yi stroked her cheeks as well as the deep contempt . But Feng Yi Xuan and Lan You Nian caught it . But the two of them weren’t nosy people and simply sat there tasting the tea .


“Young master!” Two coquettish voices sounded at the same time . Lan You Nian didn’t know how Hua Xiu Yi was feeling but she couldn’t bear it anymore as her entire body gave rise to goosebumps .

Lan You Nian rubbed her arms and said to Hua Xiu Yi, “You really hug one left and right but can you stay farther away? Don’t lead my hubby astray!”

Feng Yi Xuan was pleased by this address of “hubby” . He simply sat there watching Lan You Nian play, not stopping her as his eyes held an indulgence and helplessness . Though he didn’t like Nian Nian speaking with other men, Feng Yi Xuan was certain Nian Nian didn’t have any ideas toward Hua Xiu Yi, so Feng Yi Xuan was rest assured .

Because she wasn’t someone who was restrained by etiquette, she spoke very straightforwardly . Perhaps in other people’s eyes, Hua Xiu Yi was a brutal Crown Prince but in Lan You Nian’s eyes, she didn’t care at all . She had a huge backing behind her so Lan You Nian didn’t mind . She knew Feng Yi Xuan never wished for her to suffer any grievances .

But the servant girl sitting by Hua Xiu Yi didn’t think so . She knew Hua Xiu Yi’s identity as crown prince . A little woman dared to shout at the crown prince . More importantly, this woman wanted the crown prince to leave, the girl felt it was time for her to perform .

“Impudent!” the servant girl boldly scolded Lan You Nian, “What is your identity to speak to young master like this?”

Lan You Nian didn’t utter a word to retort but the servant girl already died . Her death was caused by her heart vein being shattered by Feng Yi Xuan and her neck was crushed by Hua Xiu Yi . The two’s move was practically at the same time, so the servant girl died without even crying out in pain .

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Lan You Nian was acquainted with Feng Yi Xuan’s thought process . Feng Yi Xuan wasn’t willing for her to suffer any grievances, nor would he allow anyone to give her an attitude . However, Lan You Nian didn’t expect Hua Xiu Yi to kill that woman . In that instant, she couldn’t help sighing . It seems the rumors of Hua country’s crown prince’s inconstancy in love wasn’t groundless .

The three didn’t show any expression towards the death of the servant girl but their lack of expression made Xian Xian tremble in horror . She grew fearful seeing the two handsome men committing murder without batting an eyelash . Though she wanted glory and wealth, she’s never seen murder . She was so afraid she tumbled off from the couch as she scrambled back, fearful she would lose her life if she wasn’t careful?

“Eh?” Lan You Nian purposely looked at Xian Xian on the ground, “What’s wrong with this young lady? Have you scared this little beauty?”


Feng Yi Xuan didn’t spare Xian Xian a glance as he said to Lan You Nian, “Don’t look at her!” Feng Yi Xuan felt such a woman dirtied Nian Nian’s eyes . It was better off killing her .

“This young master is so handsome, how can I frighten the beauty? It must be Young Master Xuan who frightened her,” Hua Xiu Yi chuckled . He liked dragging Feng Yi Xuan down into the water in front of Lan You Nian, though it was slightly childish doing so .

“This young lady, say, which one of us frightened you?” Hua Xiu Yi came over to Xian Xian, pulling her up but his actions couldn’t be counted as gentle, making Xian Xian remember the servant girl lying dead there . In an instant, her body shook violently .

“Don’t you see it’s you who frightened her?” Feng Yi Xuan struck . Towards this love rival that couldn’t be counted as a love rival, he still deigned to speak .

Speaking of which, Feng Yi Xuan and Hua Xiu Yi, in this world, in the looks department and martial arts and position in life, they were outstanding men . The two were similarly cruel and unfettered . The only difference was that Feng Yi Xuan was cold on the surface and underneath while Hua Xiu Yi was gentle on the surface and cruel inside . If it wasn’t for the fact the two were in two different kingdoms, the two of them would become friends . After all, there weren’t many people who can be their match in the world . Heroes cherished heroes was really true .

“Oh?” Hua Xiu Yi didn’t expect Feng Yi Xuan to answer him . It looks like Feng Yi Xuan was more animated because of Lan You Nian .

“Little beauty, you said I frightened you?” Hua Xiu Yi asked .

“No, you didn’t!” Xian Xian hastily shook her head, afraid if she was any slower she will lose her head, where was her coquettishness gone?

“Didn’t young lady say you wanted to play music?” Lan You Nian said . “We’ve sat there for a while . Why hasn’t young lady played? You must know Young Master Yi has heard many songs . If it isn’t pleasing to the ears, your little life will be lost!”

Lan You Nian threatened like this, Xian Xian was even more afraid, regretting ever coming into this boat .

“If young lady doesn’t want to play, how about…” Lan You Nian’s fingers stroked her chin, thinking, while Feng Yi Xuan directly said, “Jump!”

Though Jiangnan’s weather was warm, the lake was still icy cold . Just based on the fact Xian Xian didn’t have any martial arts, she’ll lose half her life . Lan You Nian’s eyes glowed saying, “What a good idea!”

Hua Xiu Yi smirked as he said, “You really don’t know how to be tender to the fairer sex, but it is a good idea!” He looked at Xian Xian, his meaning obvious . Was she going to play a song or jump?

Xian Xian’s entire person became deathly pale . Her zither playing wasn’t good . If she didn’t play well, wouldn’t she love her life like that servant girl . If she jump into the lake, she can’t swim . What if she drowned?

The three people didn’t look at Xian Xian as they continued drinking tea, as if this Xian Xian wasn’t merely a clown in their eyes .

“I’ll jump!” After considering for a moment, Xian Xian came to the decision . She thought based on her reputation in Jiangnan, if she jumped down, there’d be a lot of young masters willing to save her . As long as she didn’t lose her life, but…

Saying this, Xian Xian walked out of the boat and purposely stood there for a while attracting the attention of many young masters . Then, her eyes shimmering with tears as she plaintively swept a gaze over the surrounding young masters, then closed her eyes and jumped into the deep lake .

One had to say Xian Xian really thought correctly . There were many young masters who wanted to be the hero who saved the beauty but at this moment, Feng Yi Xuan used his internal force to intensify the sound, “If some dares to save, I don’t mind sending him to see Yama!” Feng Yi Xuan’s voice was cold and full of hostility . In an instant, there was no one who dared to save Xian Xian . A mere brothel prostitute wasn’t worth them abandoning their life to save .

Xian Xian wildly slapped the water after jumping down, crying for help but when she heard Feng Yi Xuan’s voice, she grew fearful . She wailed as she drowned in the lake, without any sound and breath .

The three people in the boat were expressionless as they listened to Xian Xian’s crying for help turning into whimpers . None of them were affected .

Feng Yi Xuan didn’t allow anyone to save, was for no other reason than that he remembered this woman caused Nian Nian to be upset, so from the very start, Feng Yi Xuan decided to take this woman’s life, even if this woman was in fact very innocent .

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