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Chapter 214

214 Meeting Hua Xiu Yi

But at this moment, even you didn’t bother other people, trouble will come looking at your door . The woman in the approaching red-curtained luxury boat was such a person .

“This humble girl Xian Xian greets young master . Does Xian Xian have the honor of inviting young master to my boat for a chat?” Xian Xian stood at the bow of the boat, envy leaking out of her eyes as she looked at the boat not far away . She noticed this beautiful and luxurious boat docked by the lake for a long time . She has been selling her body at this lake for many years but has never seen such a magnificent boat . Without thinking, Xian Xian knew the owner of such a boat must be someone of power . Thus, she kept observing all day and indeed saw a man bringing a woman into the boat . Though far away, Xian Xian could still discern the man’s tall figure as a young man . She was already twenty years old . In their field, once they reached old age, no men will come to extol her .

Thus, Xian Xian has been looking for a man worthy of her reforming and settling down . She didn’t want to live a poverty-stricken life . Today’s man was to her taste . Though there was already a woman by the man’s side, which man doesn’t have a harem of wives and concubines? With her identity, she couldn’t become the main wife, but so what if she must be a concubine? She had her ways when it came to pleasing men . She can certainly obtain favor in a prominent family . Then, glory and wealth would be at her fingertips .

Lan You Nian, hearing the agitating sugary-sweet feminine voice, reached out her fingers to pinch Feng Yi Xuan’s handsome face, irritated as she complained, “How is it possible to see you from so far a distance? How are you able to attract such a rotten peach blossom?”

Feng Yi Xuan didn’t back down as he allowed Lan You Nian’s hand to mess around with his face . Seeing the girl’s cheeks were puffed up, baring a mouth of little white teeth, glaring at him viciously, clearly jealous but cute like a fur-raised kitten, so adorable it made Feng Yi Xuan couldn’t help from reaching out his palm to stroke Lan You Nian’s head .

“I’ll wear a mask time I go out?” Feng Yi Xuan suggested . Though he liked seeing Nian Nian’s jealous look, he couldn’t bear for the girl to be unhappy . If this face was too attention-drawing, he only had to cover it up .

“Hmph! How is it possible to see your looks from so far? It’s no use covering it up!” Lan You Nian grumbled in displeasure . Her displeasure wasn’t with Feng Yi Xuan but with the woman outside . Lan You Nian’s possessiveness was the same . She didn’t like anyone coveting her man .

Feng Yi Xuan glanced at An Yi, “Kill!”

For Feng Yi Xuan, there wasn’t such a thing as an innocent person . He had no kindness in his heart . He was willing to slaughter the common people for the woman in his arms .

“Hey?” Lan You Nian made a sound to stop An Yi and shot a glare at Feng Yi Xuan, “We came out covertly . If we overdo it, it will raise people’s attention!” Though Feng country has already removed Prime Minister’s faction, it didn’t mean it was completely safe . Lan You Nian didn’t want them to catch other people’s attention because of such a small matter . Though they came out to find Heaven Tear Heart, they similarly came out with an attitude to play in Jiangnan . If they killed someone, with their abilities, nothing would happen to them, but more or less, it will bring trouble to their trip .

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“She made you unhappy!” Feng Yi Xuan said firmly . He didn’t care for those complex matters .

“I am not unhappy . Since people can’t rest and looked for trouble, we should have some fun shouldn’t we? Otherwise, it would be too dull!” Lan You Nian acted spoilt, “Please? Xuan? Xuan?”

“Alright!” There was no reason for Feng Yi Xuan to reject her . As long as Nian Nian was happy, she could play however she liked . In any case, she had him behind her . Even if Nian Nian pierced the heavens, he won’t let her be harmed .

“Young master? Xian Xian wishes to invite young master for a talk!” Xian Xian’s voice seemed to be able to squeeze out water, as if the charming tone of a stage actor . When there wasn’t an answer from the boat, she felt anxious inside but wasn’t willing to let go of such an opportunity .

In the center of the lake, many people stood on their boats . Many young masters enviously looked at the owner of the pure white boat . Miss Xian Xian was the most popular courtesan, being here for many years . Usually it was the men who spent money to flatter her . When have they seen this famous courtesan step out of her boat to flatter another?

Just as Xian Xian was about to ask again, a melodious and sweet voice drifted out of the boat . The made was pleasing to the ears and easily obtained people’s goodwill . Even though it was a voice, it gave people the feeling of looking up to it .

“What is this young lady looking for my hubby for?” Lan You Nian perched on Feng Yi Xuan’s thigh, swaying her legs as she asked leisurely like a mischievous and naughty child .

Feng Yi Xuan’s fingers that were feeding Lan You Nian grapes shook . That pair of purple tinted pitch black eyes were incomparably gentle . He lowered his eyes to look at the person being held tightly in his arms . His gaze was so soft that water could be squeezed out of it and his voice was overjoyed as he said, “Call me again?”

“Call what?” Lan You Nian pretended to not understand . She merely wanted to annoy the harebrained woman outside . But fro Feng Yi Xuan’s expression, Lan You Nian knew her joke was taken seriously .

“Nian Nian…”Feng Yi Xuan gazed at Lan You Nian in displeasure, as his expression filled with a bit of childish grievance .

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Lan You Nian was startled by Feng Yi Xuan’s expression . Such a Feng Yi Xuan was like a large faithful dog . She really wanted to pet Feng Yi Xuan’s head, but Lan You Nian held back .

“Call hubby!” Feng Yi Xuan refused to let this go as he looked at Lan You Nian . He had never considered such an address for himself . Feng Yi Xuan felt his entire person was floating, hating he couldn’t immediately marry Nian Nian and have Nian Nian call him hubby every day .

Lan You Nian was going to tease Feng Yi Xuan some more when the female voice continued to drift in from outside, “Greets to this madame . Xian Xian only wants to invite young master to listen to a song . Please ask this madame to grant . This madame can come as well . ”

Xian Xian didn’t expect the man she saw from a distance to be married and to have his wife by his side, but it was no surprise to Xian Xian . It was certain that such a man would be married . Xian Xian didn’t expect was for this young madame to speak before the man . From the looks of it, the woman didn’t have any brains . Thus, she didn’t take the woman seriously .

Hearing the woman’s voice, Lan You Nian knew this woman to be one who didn’t see clearly . Knowing the man was already married yet she still wanted to fight and steal to be the other woman . Lan You Nian felt even more displeased . As a brothel girl, she wasn’t degrading, but willingly degrade herself made her scornful .

“My hubby makes no sense of music, so we won’t disturb this young lady’s enjoyment!” Lan You Nian nibbled on the foods on the table, not taking the woman outside seriously .

Xian Xian didn’t expect the woman inside to be so difficult to deal with . The man had yet to say a word, yet she acted as the master of the household . Xian Xian has always been held on a pedestal by those young masters . How can she accept being rejected one time after another? Her voice carried plaintiveness as she said, “Does young madame look down on Xian Xian? Even so, you should let young master reject Xian Xian . Young madame doing so…”

Finishing her words halfway, paired with Xian Xian’s sad expression, many young masters felt sympathy for her .

“Go out and look?” Lan You Nian was feeling in a good mood . Since the person came to their doors to look for trouble, how could she not accept it?

“Alright!” Feng Yi Xuan picked Lan You Nian up, smoothing the folded garments and they walked out of the boat together .

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“I don’t understand this young lady’s words . Why does this young lady wish to see my hubby?” Lan You Nian said as she and Feng Yi Xuan walked out of the boat . Instantly, the entire surface of the lake became quiet . It was really the two’s looks were too outstanding, making people believe they’re seeing two celestial beings .

Today Lan You Nian wore a moonlight white dress, elegant with an otherworldly air . The wide skirts trailed up behind her, graceful and luxurious . Hair like black jade was done into a simple flying immortal hairstyle . A few full and lustrous pearls randomly decorated her hair, making the hair like black clouds appear even more soft and glossy . A beautiful pair of eyes overflowed with brilliant color, a faint smile played between the red lips, only the smile didn’t reach her eyes . In an instant, it made others feel only such a woman was worthy of being called the most beautiful woman in this world . That whatever Xian Xian couldn’t compare at all .

Feng Yi Xuan wore the same moonlight white robes as Lan You Nian . On his person, he only had attached a fine quality green jade pendant and no other ornaments, transparent and flawless as it swayed with his step . His fingers were slender and fair . On his peerlessly handsome face, a pair of fathomless eyes were like the ocean, brilliant as the stars in the sky . They seemed to possess a magnetism that attracted others, making them willingly fall over in admiration .

The two simply had to stand there to let others know the two were husband and wife . The air between the two was simply too harmonious . Besides, only such people were deserving of one another, making others not bear to profane .

In another boat lay a man, when he saw Lan You Nian, whose eyes glowed brilliantly, his mouth uttering,”I finally see you again!”

Xian Xian didn’t expect the man and woman who stepped out of the boat to be so stunning . She has always prided in her own beauty but now, seeing the woman in front of her, she realized she really couldn’t compare . That woman was like a celestial fairy standing in front of her, giving people a dream-like feeling . As for the man, Xian Xian’s heart beat erratically . He was the most handsome man she has ever seen . Such a man, such wealth, if she can catch this man’s eye, then she…

“Xian Xian greets young master!” Xian Xian’s willowly waist swayed, acting shy as she curtsied .

Feng Yi Xuan, don’t say answer, didn’t even spare Xian Xian a glance . His eyes were all on Lan You Nian .

Lan You Nian generously lifted her eyes to look at the speaking Xian Xian . A goose egg powdered face, big eyes staring straight at Jing Wu An . She wore a rose purple red satin brocade jacket embroidered with dense flower patterns with the collar inlaid with real pearls . There was an overcoat with gold rims draped over a pink sunset brocade silk dress . Her person was like a smiling peach blossoms in the breeze, very enchanting . Lan You Nian had to admit as a head flower, this Xian Xian had qualifications . If it was an ordinary man, he would have been tempted . Unfortunately, she wanted to seduce her man . Then, don’t blame her for ruthlessly destroying the flower .

Seeing the young master didn’t condescend to look at her, Xian Xian didn’t feel well inside, but felt this man didn’t take a good look at her; otherwise, with her curvaceous figure, how can she not be noticeable? The girl by the young master’s side was indeed beautiful and exquisite, but it was clear she was still young? What charm could she have?

“Is young master willing to chat with Xian Xian in the boat?” Xian Xian’s words were a little frivolous, but she was Jiangnan’s head flower of the brothel, so it wasn’t inappropriate for her to say such words . The onlookers looked on enviously at Feng Yi Xuan, feeling the woman by his side was already undeniably beautiful and now he has caught the eye of the enchanting head flower .

Feng Yi Xuan still didn’t answer, nor did he spare her a look . As for Lan You Nian, she couldn’t help bursting into giggles . Other women disliked their love rivals, but Lan You Nian felt if it was her love rivals, she didn’t need to make a move for Feng Yi Xuan would take care of it, or either by not sparing them a second thought . Lan You Nian felt her family’s man was already worry-free .

“You still aren’t gentle to the fair ladies!” From another luxurious boat walked out a man . His garment was slightly open, exposing the jade-like skin, extremely intoxicating, filled with a mystified and ambiguous luster . As the sun-rays scattered on him, it was truly unrivaled on heaven and earth . He stood their quietly like an heart-moving ink painting, beautiful as weeping blood, stealing people’s hearts . This man looked at Feng Yi Xuan and Lan You Nian opposite him, his lips teasing .

Lan You Nian looked at the man who walked out of the boat, instantly recognizing such a promiscuous man as Hua empire’s crown prince . Lan You Nian didn’t expect to meet the man she disliked here . Feng Yi Xuan merely spared Hua Xiu Yi a cold look . From the start, he already knew of Hua Xiu Yi’s presence . Simply, neither of them said anything .

Xian Xian didn’t expect to see another such handsome man . From the man’s luxurious boat and the fact the two young gentlemen knew of each other, Xian Xian knew the two to be people of position and power . Xian Xian glanced at the unfeeling man, finding him to be hard to take down, while this man seemed to be a player from the woman serving beside him .

“Long time no see Young Master Xuan, Miss Nian!” Hua Xiu Yi greeted with a smile, without outrightly stating their names, for Feng was the royal surname so it couldn’t be said .

“Young Master Yi!” Feng Yi Xuan returned the greeting . Though he was aloof, he wasn’t self-centered . Though he has fought with Hua Xiu Yi on the battlefield, there wasn’t actually any hatred between them . But if this Hua Xiu Yi can’t see the situation and covets Nian Nian, he didn’t mind starting a war .

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