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Chapter 216
Chapter 216 Night Scouting Qian Manor to Search for Medicinal Herb

“Yo, you two woke up quite late!” Early in the morning, Feng Yi Xuan and Lan You Nian came to the front hall and saw Hua Xiu Yi sitting there .

Speaking of which, it made people feel helpless . Since meeting Hua Xiu Yi at the pleasure boats, after they returned, it was only a few hours passed before they heard the servants report Hua Xiu Yi’s visitation . Feng Yi Xuan and Lan You Nian, as the masters of the compound, received Hua Xiu Yi . They didn’t expect since then Hua Xiu Yi refused to leave and lived in the guest room of the compound .

At first An Yi and the others thought had some scheme up his sleeve but it was rejected by Feng Yi Xuan . Though Feng Yi Xuan didn’t tell them the reason, they trusted in his decision so they allowed Hua Xiu Yi to live there . Though Hua Xiu Yi was prodigal, he didn’t do anything that made others unhappy .

Feng Yi Xuan and Lan You Nian didn’t bother with Hua Xiu Yi, that is to say, they have become immune to Hua Xiu Yi’s attitude . If you talk to him, he could keep talking half the day away . Who would have thought Hua country’s crown prince was a rambler .

Hua Xiu Yi was used to Feng Yi Xuan’s attitude . If one day Feng Yi Xuan smiled as he talked to him, Hua Xiu Yi would feel horror . The day he sent people to find where they lived, he came over . All the people living here were all intimate companions . Hua Xiu Yi saw there was any superior or inferiors between Lan You Nian and the servants . They treated each other sincerely . Hua Xiu Yi didn’t know why he impulsively chose to stay here for a few days to enjoy the peaceful life .

Though the people in the manor weren’t friendly with him nor did they fawn over him like in Hua country, Hua Xiu Yi sighed in relief . He knew what Feng Yi Xuan’s surroundings was like, just like him . The people below, though respectful and afraid of him, they weren’t so lively and vivid living . Hua Xiu Yi knew only that woman could make everything become so wonderful .

Feng Yi Xuan held Lan You Nian, starting to eat . That clinginess made Hua Xiu Yi’s eyes red from jealousy . He really wanted to snatch the woman over . He will protect her like Feng Yi Xuan, pamper her and give her everything she wanted . But would the woman be willing? If it were another woman, Hua Xiu Yi will certainly unscrupulously steal her but because it was Lan You Nian, Hua Xiu Yi didn’t want those dirty tricks to be used on her . He especially didn’t want that one day the woman’s eyes will have resentment when looking at him . He’s afraid…

Just as everyone prepared to eat, Jing Wu An and Yu Liu Li walked in . As for the two’s relationship, Hua Xiu Yi understood it from the last few days . He was a person who refused to accept discipline so didn’t have any contempt .

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“Brother Wu An, how come you’ve come back to eat today?” Lan You Nian smiled . The last few days, Jing Wu An has completely charmed that Qian Jing Han, making her infatuated with him, hating she couldn’t look at Jing Wu an every second of the day . Jing Wu An was pretty incredible, never allowing Qian Jing Han to touch him but use his own means to charm her into obedience . Jing Wu An didn’t have any feelings of guilt . Not to mention other things, this Qian Jing Han, though even if she may truly like Jing Wu An, she still stole men outside . If they didn’t comply, they were directed beat to death . Jing Wu An didn’t feel unease from lying to such a woman .

“If we don’t come back, he’ll be eaten by that slut! Makes me so angry!” Yu Liu Li angrily drained the tea . Recently he followed Jing Wu An in the shadows, afraid that woman will take liberties with Jing Wu An . Jing Wu An didn’t let him the chance to be jealous but seeing the woman revolving around Jing Wu An, he was angry .

Lan You Nian didn’t feel it was appropriate for her to say anything because this, more or less, was because of her . Though she knew the two didn’t blame her, Lan You Nian remembered this favor in her heart .

“I’ve found out Heaven Tear Heart’s whereabouts!” Jing Wu An grinned, then looked at Hua Xiu Yi . Though Hua Xiu Yi hasn’t done anything inappropriate the last few days, Jing Wu An still wasn’t reassured . This matter concerned Nian’er meimei’s health . He couldn’t let someone he didn’t trust to know of it .

Hua Xiu Yi understood Jing Wu An’s meaning and suddenly woke up . The last few days interacting with them made him feel these people were worthy of befriending . Only now did Hua Xiu Yi realize he wasn’t their friend but an enemy they guarded against .

Hua Xiu Yi smiled . The smile was still captivating but Lan You Nian can see the loneliness in Hua Xiu Yi’s eyes . But Lan You Nian didn’t say anything because she was a cold blooded person . She didn’t have any sympathy .

When Hua Xiu Yi left the hall, Jing Wu An said, “I already learned the whereabouts of Heavenly Tear Heart from Qian Jing Han . Heaven Tear Heart is indeed at Qian manor . It is in the head of house’s study room!”

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Lan You Nian frowned . That night she snuck into Qian manor’s study and meticulously searched throughout but unfortunately she didn’t find Heavenly Tear Heart . Lan You Nian believed Feng Yi Xuan was the same .

Jing Wu An saw Lan You Nian’s confusion and continued, “There is a secret room in the study . To open up the mechanism, it is the token hanging from Qian Jing Han’s neck but from Qian Jing Han’s words, I learned the study leads into the forest . It is heavily plotted with mechanisms and traps!”

It’s unknown how many years Qian manor has stood erect in Jiangnan . Every generation sat steadily on Jiangnan’s position of richest man so there must be mechanisms left behind by their ancestors . Feng Yi Xuan knew this trip was dangerous but for Nian Nian’s body, he can not cower .

“Get that token tomorrow!” Feng Yi Xuan said to Jing Wu An . Jing Wu An nodded . It was easy dealing with Qian Jing Han . He already secretly commissioned a fake token . All he had to do was replace the real with the fake . No one will notice .

“Xuan!” Lan You Nian pulled Feng Yi Xuan’s hand, “I will go with you!” Lan You Nian knew Feng Yi xuan wanted to get Heaven Tear Heart but Lan You Nian wasn’t reassured so she must go too . Whether in life or death, she wanted to accompany by Feng Yi Xuan’s side .

Feng Yi Xuan didn’t plan to let Lan You Nian go with him but seeing Lan You Nian’s determination, Feng Yi Xuan knew if he didn’t take Lan You Nian, she would be extremely worried . According to Lan You Nian’s personality, if he went alone, he will regret it .

“Alright!” Feng Yi Xuan agreed . No matter what danger lies ahead, he will accompany by Nian Nian’s side .

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“Liu Li and I will go too that night!” Jing Wu An suggested . From Qian Jing Han’s tone, he knew the secret room’s mechanisms weren’t easy to deal with . Unfortunately Qian Jing Han didn’t see those mechanisms so he didn’t know the situation inside .

“No need! Nian Nian and I are able!” Feng Yi Xuan rejected . It wasn’t always good the more people there are . It’ll only only alert the enemy .

Jing Wu An knew Feng Yi Xuan had his own thoughts by not letting them go so didn’t say anymore . This was the tacit understanding formed from the battlefield . But he couldn’t help worrying .

Deep into the darkness of the night, there seemed to be an endless thick ink smeared heavily on the sky . There weren’t even the faintest shimmer of the stars . All was quiet in the dead of night . Everything on earth entered dreamland .

Feng Yi Xuan and Lan You Nian, dressed in black stealth uniforms, quietly came to Qian manor . Just as the two prepared to sneak into Qian manor, Feng Yi Xuan suddenly stopped and faced the night sky, “Come out!”

Lan You Nian’s martial arts weren’t as good as Feng Yi Xuan so she didn’t notice the the other presence . Her heart rose with vigilance knowing this person’s martial arts was most likely better than hers but seeing as Feng Yi Xuan didn’t appear vigilant and intend to attack, Lan You Nian looked into the darkness without saying anything .

“Tsk tsk, I didn’t expect your martial arts to have become so proficient!” Hua Xiu Yi walked out from within the darkness . In the past, he had sparred with Feng Yi Xuan . It was several years ago . At the time their martial arts was practically at the same level and tied . But now, Feng Yi Xuan’s martial arts was clearly more powerful .

Lan You Nian saw the newcomer was Hua Xiu Yi and was startled . She didn’t expect Hua Xiu Yi to come here .

“What are you doing here?” Feng Yi Xuan demanded with a cold face, though he already had an answer in his heart but he still asked it out loud .

Hua Xiu Yi wore a black stealth uniform . Whereever this guy went, he was frisky, even if wearing such clothing he slightly revealed his chest by the collar . Under the moonlight, it showed temptation . Unfortunately the woman he wanted to tempt didn’t spare him a glance, lacking any feeling .

“I know you guys are going to Qian manor to get Heaven Tear Heart . I will help you!” Hua Xiu Yi didn’t know what he was thinking . When he learned of the matter, his first reason was to worry about Lan You Nian . He knew Lan You Nian had Feng Yi Xuan’s protection but he wanted to go with . Speaking of which, it was funny . He, Hua Xiu Yi, in his life, when has he been so kind, so kind that it made Hua Xiu Yi want to spurn his deliberate gestures . But no matter what, he could not deny he liked that woman . He wanted to protect her . It had nothing to do with schemes and intrigues .

Lan You Nian’s mouth opened to refuse but Feng Yi Xuan’s voice rang, “Alright!”

Feng Yi Xuan wasn’t oblivious to Hua Xiu Yi’s intentions . If it was a usual time, he will have Hua Xiu Yi stay far far away but there was an unknown danger by coming here . Though he will definitely protect Nian Nian, there is always the possibly of accidents . Hua Xiu Yi’s martial arts wasn’t bad . An extra person meant a greater odds . He was merely using Hua Xiu Yi for his martial arts . From Hua Xiu Yi’s gaze, he can tell Hua Xiu Yi wasn’t here to mess around . To have such a person’s help, it was pretty good .

Unknown to Hua Xiu Yi, as he was thinking about protecting the woman he loved, he was being used by Feng Yi Xuan as a guard and subordinate . But even if Hua Xiu Yi knew, he won’t love . People like them were really pitiful . If they didn’t like, they can cruelly and heartless but if their heart was moved, it was true and sincere . Hua Xiu Yi has never liked any woman but now his heart is touched, he couldn’t stop his own feelings . He could only watch as he sunk deeper and deeper .

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