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Chapter 213: 213

213 Lake Tour

On the bustling streets of Jiangnan stood all kinds of shop stands . The small stalls on the street were set up with even more of Jiangnan’s souvenirs .

In front of a very plain stall stood a man . The man’s skin was like white jade, whose eyebrows outlined pair of distant mountains, lips rendered by cinnabar . A pair of soul-stealing monolid phoenix eyes, with a turn, charming and attractive as it shone with the luster of glazed glass . A head of long black hair, unruly as it draped over his shoulders, without any restraint, full of wild nature . The man was dressed in white as he stood lazily in front of the stall, emitting a rakish air .

“Damn!“ Yu Liu Li’s eyes shone as they looked at Jing Wu An who was dressed up by Lan You Nian, “Nian’er meimei, you’ve dressed Wu An up too provocatively! Look at those women below are drooling . Tonight I want Wu An to dress up like that for me!”

At this moment, Feng Yi Xuan, Lan You Nian and Yu Liu Li sat on the second floor of a tea shop, looking at Jing Wu An pretending to be provocative . They’ve already investigated and found Qian family’s second young miss was called Qian Jing Han . She was Qian family’s most favored child . Qian family’s head had fourth children . Though Qian Jing Han was domineering, she was Qian family’s head of house’s favorite child, because this children was birthed by the . head’s most beloved woman . Thus, the reason no one questions it when Qian Jing Han snatched men . Only because Qian Jing Han was greatly favored in Qian family .

“Pu! Brother Liu Li, you are pervy person too!” Lan You Nian teased . She deliberately had Lan Qu them dress up Jing Wu An . At first, she was going to do it herself but Feng Yi Xuan became jealous, so she could only hand things over to Lan Qu them and had them dress up Jing Wu An . No matter, the results were still stunning .

“Wu An’s beauty can only be appreciated by me . However, I must follow Wu An today . If that woman touches Wu An, this one will cripple her!” Yu Liu Li said looking down at Jing Wu An . He couldn’t let his own man be coveted by another woman . But thinking of the thing Lan You Nian needed, he again felt troubled .

“Rest assured . If Brother Wu An is taken advantage of, brother Liu Li you can just make your move!” The back of her hands supported Lan You Nian’s chin as she looked down at Jing Wu An . Though she needed Heaven’s Tear Heart, there wasn’t only one way . No matter what she couldn’t allow her friends to suffer grievances on her account .

“Wu An isn’t so easily taken advantage of!” Feng Yi Xuan said, gazing at Lan You Nian . He’s known Jing Wu An for many years . From Jing Wu An rising up to the seat of military advisor so young, it is made known the degree of Jing Wu An’s black-bellied .

At this moment on the streets, there were some people galloping on horseback . When the vendor saw the woman riding at the very front, he didn’t dare utter a word as he silently put away the things on the stall, preventing the stall from being kicked by horse hooves .

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Jing Wu An’s lips deviously curled upwards . If she doesn’t come yet, he wouldn’t be able to stand still . He was simply dressed too provocatively, becoming an exotic animal . Looking at the infatuated women on the streets, Jing Wu An deeply felt that his family’s Liu Li was the most appealing .

Ever since being beaten that day, Qian Jing Han has stepped out of the manor . Today she simply couldn’t bear it anymore and brought the family retainers out to play . From far away she saw a very handsome and rakish man standing there . Qian Jing Han felt such a man was one she wanted . None of those obedient men in her manor could compare .

Qian Jing Han urged her horse over to Jing Wu An and saw clearly Jing Wu An’s face and had a determination to conquer this man . Qian Jing Han noticed that this man was the same man she met on the streets the other day . Qian Jing Han made even more interested in Jing Wu An . Up until now any man she fancied, she was able to obtain them . Jing Wu An was the first who she wasn’t able to immediately obtain . Qian Jing Han wanted him even more .

Jing Wu An looked at Qian Jing Han who stopped in front of him . Though Qian Jing Han was extremely domineering, her looks were acceptable . A goose egg powdered face, big eyes staring straight at Jing Wu An . She wore a rose purple red satin brocade jacket embroidered with dense flower patterns with the collar inlaid with real pearls . There was an overcoat with gold rims draped over a pink sunset brocade silk dress . Her person was like a smiling peach blossoms in the breeze, very enchanting .

“Young master, many days no see! How has this young master considered?” Qian Jing Han jumped off her steed, giving it over to the family retainers to take away and came over to Jing Wu An as she asked him in a teasing tone .

“What is this young lady saying? This one doesn’t understand!” Jing Wu An inwardly complained, wanting to throw out this Qian Jing Han who was standing too close to him, but remembering Nian’er meimei’s poisoned body, Jing Wu An could only endure as his face showed a very rakish smirk .

Qian Jing Han’s finger were about to stroke Jing Wu An’s chest but was dodged by Jing Wu An, making Yu Liu Li crush several cups in the tea shop . Jing Wu An’s move didn’t make Qian Jing Han angry but gave rise to even more interest .

“This young miss said to have you come to Qian family to become this young miss’s guard . Are you willing?” Qian Jing Han asked . If it was any other man, she would have already captured him back, but recalling the stunning celestial woman’s capabilities, Qian Jing Han felt a little fearful .

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Jing Wu An glanced at Qian Jing Han, an air of arrogance and grit seeping from his bones as he replied, “Many thanks for young lady’s kindness . It’s not necessary!”

Jing Wu An’s rejection didn’t make Qian Jing Han angry . Instead, she regarded Jing Wu An even higher . Because of Qian Jing Han’s identity in Jiangnan, she’s never encountered a man who dared to refuse her . She’s soon many of submissive men . She only had to intimidate them a little or lure them and they obediently came to her side, but…Qian Jing Han glanced at Jing Wu An, feeling interest igniting in her heart . This man was different than all the rest .

“Why didn’t Wu An agree? That way he can get into Qian manor . That way he can get his hands on Heaven Tear Heart as soon as possible!” Yu Liu Li asked in confusion . Weren’t they getting close to Qian Jing Han to get their hands on Heaven’s Tear Heart? Such a good opportunity, why doesn’t he know how to use it?

“Qian Jing Han must know what Heaven’s Tear Heart is, so Qian Jing Han wouldn’t easily tell others . The easier something is obtained, the less it is treasured . So brother Wu An did this, not only didn’t he push Qian Jing Han away, instead he attracted her even more!” Lan You Nian analyzed, knowing the reasoning behind Jing Wu An’s rejection . She had to admit Jing Wu An was smart to be able to make such a decision in a matter of seconds .

As Lan You Nian had expected, Qian Jing Han looked at Jing Wu An in admiration, “Since young master isn’t willing, this young miss won’t force you . However, this young miss wishes to invite young master to drink tea . Is young master willing?” Qian Jing Han’s attitude made many people feel the sun came out from the west that Qian family’s second young miss could actually be respectable .

Jing Wu An spared a glance at the second floor, answering, “Yes, but it should be this young master treating young miss to tea . How can I let a young lady treat me?”

Jing Wu An knew when to advance and retreat with his attitude, making Qian Jing Han like him even more . Qian Jing Han felt if she married such a man, it wouldn’t be so bad . Even if this man is only a guard, even if this master didn’t have a tremendous family wealth .

Lan You Nian knew from Qian Jing Han’s expression that Jing Wu An really has successfully seduced this arrogant woman . Lan You Nian said to Yu Liu Li, “We’ll be going now . Brother Liu Li you must keep an eye on brother Wu An!”

Saying this, Lan You Nian and Feng Yi Xuan disappeared in the tea shop to enjoy their two-person world . As for Jing Wu An, they trusted him to manage it . If he couldn’t even handle such small affairs, he would have been a military strategist in vain .

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Leaving the tea shop, Feng Yi Xuan took Lan You Nian to a spot above Jiangnan’s famous river . Floating on the river were several beautiful luxury boats hung up with red muslin curtains . If a luxury boat was hung with red, it belonged to well-known brothel courtesans while the boats hung with curtains of other colors belonged to those sons of wealthy families .

Feng Yi Xuan took Lan You Nian to the riverside, stopping by a very stunning boat . The boat was carved with exquisite flower patterns . The entire boat was pure white and flawless, appearing very aristocratic .

Lan You Nian walked up the boat, noticing An Yi them were already waiting there . Lan You Nian asked, smiling, “You’ve already prepared this a while ago?” Jiangnan was a water town . If one didn’t come to Jiangnan to take a boat trip on the lake, it would be a pity . Lan You Nian, though she knew of it, didn’t mention it . She didn’t expect Feng Yi Xuan to be so considerate .

Feng Yi Xuan nodded . When his Nian Nian came to Jiangnan, he already asked his subordinates what was fun in Jiangnan . Naturally, he was made aware of the pleasures of a boat trip on the lake . So, he had them buy a luxury boat and redecorate it . Feng Yi Xuan looked it over and was full of praises for An Yi their ability .

Walking into the luxury boat, the inside was carpeted with a thick layer of soft carpeting . Lan You Nian felt very comfortable walking on it . Inside, there was a guqin (seven-stringed zither) . Though it couldn’t compare to the Gentle Water Zither Feng Yi Xuan had gifted her, it was still a rare to behold zither .

Lan Qu and Lan Wu stood by a low couch, preparing fruits and some snacks, making Lan You Nian peckish .

Feng Yi Xuan carried Lan You Nian to sit on the couch, overlooking the bustling boats of all colors on the lake . The mirror-like lake surface was full of ripples . The breeze blew over it and one could smell the lake water . From the brothel boats came the elegant sounds of music playing .

“Young miss, do you know? I looked around . Our boat is the most beautiful!” Lan Wu declared proudly . She’s been to Jiangnan with young miss . At that time, they were here on business . From far away, they took a look at the beautiful luxury boats and liked it very much . They didn’t expect their own boat was so outstanding .

“Yeah, young miss, you don’t know, when Lan Wu and I were on the boat, how many people’s looked on jealously outside, hating they couldn’t drag us off!” Lan Qu said casually . Jiangnan’s scenery was worthy of praise . It made people want to linger here and never leave .

Lan You Nian leaned against Feng Yi Xuan’s shoulder, listening to Lan Wu and Lan Qu’s chatter and laughter . She accompanied them in laughter . The boat was covered up by white muslin . Surprisingly, one couldn’t see anything from outside while Lan You Nian could clearly see the scenery outside from her spot .

But not everything beautiful in the world will be appreciated by others . Many more want to covet…

“Master, there are two boats slowly approaching!” An Yi came in from outside .

Lan You Nian, hearing this, stood up and came over to the curtains to look at the two approaching boats . One boat was hung with red muslin . A woman stood outside the boat . From a distance, Lan You Nian couldn’t see the woman’s looks clearly but from how many young masters shot looks in that direction, she knew this courtesan was famous in Jiangnan .

The other boat was very luxurious . It was comparable to their own boat . Several men dressed as family retainers stood outside the boat . From one look, Lan You Nian knew the person sitting in the boat was a person of high standing and power .

“No need to mind them!” Feng Yi Xuan came over to Lan You Nian to drag Lan You Nian back, carefully peeling grapes for Lan You Nian, not at all concerned with the happenings outside .

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