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Chapter 212: 212

Chapter 212 Beguiled

The sun hung high up in the sky . The sunshine shone into the luxurious and beautiful chamber . On the ivory bed, blue curtains hung neatly on both sides . A blue gauze cloth hooked around the curtains, making it appear graceful . A man and woman slept in each other’s arms on the bed, cozily, making people feel a pure and fresh feeling .

Because the two of them ran out last night and fought, when they returned, they murmured some words and talked late into the night, so Feng Yi Xuan and Lan You Nian openly lazed around in bed . Lan You Nian felt tired, so she didn’t want to get out of bed, while Feng Yi Xuan had a soft and fragrant beauty in his arms so he didn’t want to get out of bed .

Perhaps because the sunlight had entered the room, Lan You Nian opened her blurry and hazy eyes, making Feng Yi Xuan’s heart melt, hating he couldn’t carry her in his mouth . Thinking of this, Feng Yi Xuan put it into action . Feng Yi Xuan lowered his head, swiftly sealing up the small yawning mouth . Imprisoning the little one in both arms tightly, the endless adoration drowned in the tender kiss . A slightly cool tongue slips in, greedily sucking up her breath . Every second carried an inscrutable palpitation .

Encountering such a stimulation after just waking up, Lan You Nian’s previously hazy head became even more hazy . Following Feng Yi Xuan’s deep kiss, Lan You Nian let out a moan . Hearing this sound, the fire in Feng Yi Xuan surged . But just as Feng Yi Xuan wanted to continue and do more, he was stopped by Lan You Nian .

“Nian Nian…” Feng Yi Xuan’s lustful and hoarse voice rasped in Lan You Nian’s ears, making Lan You Nian a little dazed . But fortunately Lan You Nian was a strong-willed person, so Lan You Nian didn’t look at Feng Yi Xuan’s seductive appearance, with his clothes halfway undressed . She darted out from under Feng Yi Xuan .

“Didn’t you tell me to scram last night?” Lan You Nian barred her small white teeth, asking with a fierce look .

Feng Yi Xuan’s brows furrowed . Sure enough, Nian Nian came to settle the accounts with him . Recalling the words he said last night, Feng Yi Xuan broke into a cold sweat and additionally lit a few candles for himself . It looks like he really was seeking his death .

Dragging back the little girl who rolled onto the edge of the bed, Feng Yi Xuan’s attitude was good as he admitted his wrongs, “At the time, I didn’t know it was you . I won’t let you leave my side!”

Though his attitude was good, Lan You Nian still wore an impassive face, “I said I can’t like you!”

Alright, Feng Yi Xuan looked at the angrily puffed up little face of Lan You Nian, his eyes brimming with laughter . How can his little girl be so adorable? Even when she was angry, he found it impossible to stop himself from loving her . Every expression and every smile were full of temptation for him .

“If you don’t like me, who else can like me? In this world, only you can like me!” Feng Yi Xuan’s voice was cool like zither music drifting from a serene, empty valley, “Nian Nian, if you’re still angry at me, you can hit me or yell at me, don’t be like this alright?”

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Only Lan You Nian could make Feng Yi Xuan curry favor with her . In the past, don’t mention currying favor with someone, even admitting a mistake was nonexistent . But towards Lan You Nian, Feng Yi Xuan did these naturally, as if for the smile of the woman in his arms, his face was nothing important .

Lan You Nian wasn’t actually angry . She was only playing around . And it wasn’t like she wasn’t without a single wrong . Feng Yi Xuan didn’t tell her his Ghost Lord’s identity . Similarily, she didn’t tell Feng Yi Xuan her identity as Young Master Wu Qing .

“I’m not angry!” Lan You Nian pushed Feng Yi Xuan away and started to dress . Suddenly remembering something, she whispered in Feng Yi Xuan’s ears, her face lighting up with interest, “Xuan, what do you think of this idea?”

“Whatever you want,” Feng Yi Xuan unconditionally supported anything Lan You Nian wanted to do . This time it was no different .

“But what if Brother Wu An doesn’t agree?” Lan You Nian asked, troubled .

Feng Yi Xuan’s heart ached upon seeing Lan You Nian’s troubled expression and said directly, “He will agree!” Because even if he didn’t agree, he still must agree! Otherwise, he didn’t mind having a go at him . Feng Yi Xuan didn’t feel that there was anything wrong with selling off his brothers for a woman . Those friends of Feng Yi Xuan were really pitiful .

Because the two only got out of bed when it was nearly noon, they had the noon meal in the parlour .

Lan You Nian wore a cypress colored silk woven floor-length dress, fleeting as a celestial . A silk girdle circled her waist and a purple shawl draped over her outfit . Silky smooth raven hair was coiled in the back by a jade hairpin, leaving two curls of hair scattered by her ears . On her ears were a pair of magnolia white earrings, setting off her skin as even more delicate and smooth .

From the moment Lan You Nian stepped out of the room, she noticed An Yi and the others gazing in worship . Though there wasn’t any blasphemous intention in their gaze, it still made Lan You Nian uncomfortable . So she was speechless as she stopped her footsteps and asked, “Why are you looking at me like that?”

Once Lan You Nian spoke, Feng Yi Xuan’s eyes were filled with killing intent as he looked at An Yi and the others, making them hastily lower their heads, in fear their master who loved to eat vinegar will throw them back to Ghost Realm for training if a bad mood came upon him .

“Answering matriarch, it’s honestly matriarch’s identity is too unexpected . We subordinates idolize you!” An Si stepped out, saying . They all admired Young Master Wu Qing . Now that they knew that the well-renowned Young Master Wu Qing was actually their matriarch, to build up such forces, how many men can accomplish it? But their matriarch was only a woman, yet she held up the sky, how can it not inspire admiration?

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As for everyone’s sincere and genuine idolization, Lan You Nian readily accepted it . Lan You Nian smiled at An Yi and Wu Qing Pavilion’s assassins who were disguised as manservants, “If you have time, you can spar with Wu Qing Pavilion’s brothers . Let’s see who is superior between the two most mysterious forces in the pugilistic world!”

With Lan You Nian’s words, An Yi and Lan Ren they all felt a longing to do so . They’re all people who liked combat and now they’ve met their match, they all had the feeling of warrior respecting warrior, especially as they’ve itched to do so a long time ago .

“Thank you matriarch!” An Yi and the others declared joyously, hating they couldn’t immediately have a fight with Lan Ren them .

“An Yi, don’t get too excited! Young miss’s assassin’s aren’t to be trifled with . When the time goes, you’ll suffer!” Lan Wu laughed with her arms akimbo to her hips, her tone carrying her idolization and respect for Lan You Nian .

Though they idolized Lan You Nian, An Yi and the others also respected their powerful master, so An Yi waved his fist at Lan Ren . Lan Ren and Lan Feng, not to be outdone, took out their personal daggers and made the gesture of gutting their throat . In an instant, though they were filled with fighting spirit, there wasn’t any killing intent .

At this time, they saw Jing Wu An and Yu Liu Li walking over holding hands . Lan You Nian revealed an ambigious light . Jing Wu An and Yu Liu Li didn’t know why but there was a cold draft rising on their backs . Clearly Jiangnan’s climate was so warm but they felt a cold chill .

“Brother Wu An, Brother Liu Li!” Lan You Nian snuggled in Feng Yi Xuan’s arms as she offered them a greeting, “Have you eaten?”

Jing Wu An’s face stiffed as he saw Lan You Nian wearing a smile on her face . His intuition told him nothing good was going to happen next . Usually, when did they see Nian’er meimei so concerned about them? More importantly, Feng Yi Xuan actually wasn’t jealous . This was a huge problem .

Seeing Jing Wu An’s suspicious gaze, Lan You Nian smiled even radiantly, “Lan Qu made some delicious food today . Brother Liu Li let’s eat together . Oh right, I even brought some wine from the capital!”

“Really? Thanks Nian’er meimei . Brother I didn’t dote on you in vain!” Yu Liu Li laughed as he tugged Jing Wu An into the parlour . It was not to say Yu Liu Li was stupid, but they were all the same, for in front of people they approve of they will unburden themselves of their guard . Yu Liu Li’s disposition was frank, unlike Jing Wu An’s twist and turns .

When they arrived at the parlor and half-done with the food and drunk some wine, Lan You Nian suddenly sighed, her expression appearing upset . Though Feng Yi Xuan knew Lan You Nian was merely acting, his expression still frosted over, but when he received Lan You Nian’s comforting gaze, he collected himself and drank the wine Lan You Nian just poured for him .

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“Nian’er meimei what’s wrong? Did Yi Xuan bully you? Tell brother, I will definitely help you!” Yu Liu Li asked worriedly .

Lan You Nian’s lips twisted up . Jing Wu An helplessly munched on the food on the table . Seeing Lan You Nian’s crafty look, he knew it wasn’t a good thing . Sure enough…

“I need a certain something that I need Brother Wu An to help me with!” Lan You Nian said . Actually, if she said it was medical herb she needed to cure her poison, Lan You Nian believed Jing Wu An would agree without having to do anything .

“Of course!” Before Jing Wu An could answer, Yu Liu Li agreed to it .

“What do you need? Since Nian’er meimei needs it, I will try my best to help!” Jing Wu An uttered in agreement . Lan You Nian, to them, was a little sister they needed to pamper . Since she scarcely ever asked for anything, of course they will help .

“I need Heaven Tear Heart!” Lan You Nian beat around the bush, “We can be certain Heaven Tear Heart is in Qian Manor, but Xuan and I can’t find out who actually has Heaven Tear Heart, so I need Brother Wu An’s help!”

Jing Wu An and Yu Liu Li, upon hearing “Heaven Tear Heart, understood . Heaven Tear Heart was a medicinal herb . For Lan You Nian’s necessity of it, they can guess it must be related to her body’s poison . The two nodded straightforwardly . Jing Wu An asked, “What do you need me to do?” A lot of times when they think of the poison in Lan You Nian’s body, they felt their hearts ache for her . They can’t imagine how anxious and pained Feng Yi Xuan’s heart must be . Only they knew this friend hid it well so Lan You Nian won’t worry .

Lan You Nian glanced at Jing Wu An from top to bottom, “I need Brother Wu An to sacrifice your beauty and seduce Qian manor’s second young miss we encountered . ”

“What?” Jing Wu An and Yu Liu Li shouted in unision . They didn’t expect Lan You Nian to think of such a rotten idea . Let’s not mention Jing Wu An doesn’t like women, even if he did, he wouldn’t like the domineering woman they met the other day . Just looking at the woman gave rise to the desire to kill her . And to have him seduce her, Jing Wu An wasn’t certain if he will puke .

“Not willing?” Feng Yi Xuan put down the wine up, his eyes rippling with coldness but not killing intent .

Lan You Nian knew this matter was perturbing . After all, if Feng Yi Xuan were to seduce another person, she’s the first person to stand out and object . Everyone, once they had someone they loved, why would they go woo someone else?

Lan You Nian was about to say something, Yu Liu Li broke her off, “I’ll go!” Yu Liu Li looked at Jing Wu An, “I won’t allow myself to suffer any losses . Besides, it’s only perfunctory . It wasn’t easy for Nian’er meimei to ask us godbrothers to do something . How can we disappoint her?”

“Did I refuse? What are you panicked about! No willpower!” Jing Wu An laughed slapping Yu Liu’s shoulder and then said to Lan You Nian, “I know what to do . I should get out the whereabouts of Heaven Tear Heart from that woman’s mouth . Rest assured, I will definitely do well!”

Jing Wu An was a black-bellied person and with his looks there, he trusted without the need to seduce, he’ll attract that Qian manor’s second young miss . And Jing Wu An can definitely coax out the whereabouts of Heaven Tear Heart .

“Thank you!” Lan You Nian said sincerely .

“There’s no need for thanks!” Jing Wu An Wu An smiled . No matter what was said, Lan You Nian was their little sister . No matter how he looked at it, he’ll definitely help .

“Why not me? My martial arts is better than Wu An . I definitely won’t let that perverted woman take advantage of me!” Yu Liu Li said in confusion . They knew though Lan You Nian had them sell out their beauty it was only showing their face . As long as they used the correct means, they could receive news without any contact .

“You?” Feng Yi Xuan glanced at Yu Liu Li, and without any reserve, “Too stupid!”

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