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Chapter 177
177 Leaving the Capital
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At daybreak, a ring of orange sunlight rose from the horizon, painting the earth engulfed in fog with a layer of dawn’s light .   Though it was autumn, the thriving hoarfrost of early morning covered some of the grassland .   However, this wisp of lustrous golden brightness drove off the barrier of fog and condensed frost of morning like the cohesion of life’s blood once more invigorated .

A seemingly low-key but sumptuous carriage leisurely drove out of the capital .   All four sides of the carriage were encased by the best brocade silk, the edge of the windows was inlaid with golden rims, with a quality black crepe hanging over it .   The inside of the carriage was extremely comfortable, thick cushions and soft pillows were arranged on the seats .   In between them was a quality sandalwood table .   In the innermost part, there was a cupboard with all the necessary appliances all assembled together .

The person driving the carriage outside was an expressionless man .   This man was attired in black, with an ice-cold aura, making people not dare to approach him .   Sitting beside this man was a woman dressed in a green one piece dress .   The two drove the carriage very slowly, afraid to disturb the people inside .

The inside of the carriage was carpeted with a soft white fur carpet .   Feng Yi Xuan was gingerly holding Lan You Nian was who still resting .   Looking at the girl’s flawless face and that faint pink cherry lips, like a child, Feng Yi Xuan pecked her gently then licked her lips .   Seeing Nian Nian sleeping so peacefully, he couldn’t bear to wake Nian Nian .   Feng Yi Xuan can only helplessly restrain himself, holding the girl, not letting the rocking of the carriage to disturb the girl’s sweet dreams .

They were setting off for the Medical Valley today but to refrain from allowing certain people from knowing Feng Yi Xuan’s departure from the capital, last night, the two decided to set off before the first ray of light broke over the horizon .   So early in the morning, Feng Yi Xuan watched Lan You Nian’s cute sleeping face feeling his heart ache tenderly .   Thus, he cradled Lan You Nian up the carriage letting Lan You Nian continue to sleep .   As for Lan Jian Jun waiting outside Lan manor wanting to enjoin them with a few more words, Feng Yi Xuan didn’t let him disturb Lan You Nian’s peaceful sleep .

Under the newborn sunlight, the carriage slowly left the capital heading in the direction of the Medical Valley .   In the carriage, Lan You Nian finally woke up in a daze .   That pair of eyes because of just waking from sleep was misty, her lips were cute, pink and pouty .

“Xuan?” Lan You Nian called out happily to Feng Yi Xuan .   Only in this man’s arms can she sleep so peacefully .   If it wasn’t for this man, even if it was a grand bed and soft pillows, she wouldn’t be able to fall into a deep sleep .

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Feng Yi Xuan heard Lan You Nian call out his name in a tender and cottony soft voice, even carrying a hint of exclusive stickiness and spoiled .   His heart instantly melted into a puddle of water .   Even if this girl wanted his life, he would have no regrets .

“Awake?” Feng Yi Xuan murmured, his voice was so gentle as if it could melt Lan You Nian .

Lan You Nian nodded, about to say something then completely sealed by Feng Yi Xuan’s warm lips, kissing along that soft pink lips .   The man’s gesture of leaning over her possessed an inarticulable intimacy and tenderness .   Lan You Nian shut her eyes, allowing him to lead her .

After the kiss ended, Lan You Nian gazed at Feng Yi Xuan with teary orbs .   She didn’t understand why every time they kissed, the one unable to stand it was always her .   Was this man so valiant in the kissing department as well?  And looking at Feng Yi Xuan still appearing unsatisfied, Lan You Nian shrank her neck, really afraid she will be gnawed by Feng Yi Xuan .   After all, every time this man kissed her, he means to eat her into his stomach .   At first, she could endure it, but in the end, she can only let Feng Yi Xuan kiss .   Lan You Nian thought if she wasn’t nearly faint every kiss, she didn’t know how long this man will continue to kiss her .

Lan You Nian knew her clothes were disheveled, her lips swollen invitingly, in addition with that misty eyes gazing at Feng Yi Xuan, Feng Yi Xuan felt his soul melt .   Holding back to the point it was excruciating, his body was nearly bursting, hating he couldn’t take the little minx on the spot .

“You really are a tortuous little minx!” Feng Yi Xuan ferociously took a bite of Lan You Nian’s neck, but really going through with it, he was still very gentle, not biting but sucking, then smelling Lan You Nian’s fragrance to calm the impulse in his body .

Lan You Nian entire body stiffened with Feng Yi Xuan’s sudden move .   That wasn’t kissing nor biting, but it made Lan You Nian grow limp, as if her body was struck by electric shock, her face was shamefully red .

“Xuan?” Lan You Nian didn’t dare move .   She was aware of how painfully this man held back .   Lan You Nian’s heart ached for him but was helpless, even more, she was touched .   A man placing his lust behind you, enduring his sexual desire to treasure you, it was really rare .

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“Nian Nian!” Feng Yi Xuan stared into Lan You Nian’s eyes intimately, “Quickly grow up!”  Grow up quickly, that way, I can marry you as my wife, that way you are mine, Feng Yi Xuan’s .   That way I can stay by yourself like this every moment every second .

Lan You Nian smiled, nodding .   She knew Feng Yi Xuan lamenting .   After all, Feng Yi Xuan was already twenty years old .   Usually men already had a harem of wives and concubine, many even had children who can run, but this man, up until now, hasn’t touched a woman .   Now he loved her, the two were usually connected together, she’s really afraid he will break from holding back .

From the capital to the Medical Valley, if the carriage went at a slow pace, it will require four to five days .   There were still many days before the day of Lan You Nian’s poison relapse, so they weren’t in a hurry .   Feng Yi Xuan also wanted to enjoy the rare two person world with Nian Nian .

They snuggled in the carriage for an entire day .   Lan You Nian was nearly bored out of her mind but as for Feng Yi Xuan, he was nearly mad from joy .   Because the two stayed in the carriage for an entire day, so all day, Feng Yi Xuan always stroked Lan You Nian’s little hands from time to time, kissed Lan You Nian’s little mouth, what made Lan You Nian even more speechless is that her mouth was already swollen .   This man always kissed her at random times, never tiring from his pleasure, Lan You Nian felt her mouth was no longer his, completely numb from kissing .

In comparison to Lan You Nian’s depression, Feng Yi Xuan was extremely satisfied .   All day today, he ate plenty of her tofu .   This feeling of being with Nian Nian not thinking about anything was simply too wonderful .   He really wanted to stick together every single moment .

“Young miss, we’ve arrived at a small town .   Will we rest here tonight?” Lan Wu outside the carriage asked .   Actually, she was worried for her own family’s young miss .   All day, she was outside with An Yi .   Though Ming wangfu’s carriage was excellent, the curtain was extremely valuable, they can still hear the sounds from inside okay?  Lan Wu can hear clearly that Ming wang takes advantage of young miss from time to time .   At the time, she was about to save young miss, but she was stopped by An Yi .

Lan You Nian heard Lan Wu’s voice and sighed in relief .   She’s never thought Lan Wu’s voice could be so pleasant to her ears .   If she doesn’t go out soon, she really will be eaten by Feng Yi Xuan .   

“En, find an inn for us to rest at!” Lan You Nian said hastily, afraid Feng Yi Xuan will have some other ideas, then her ending…

“Hehe…” Feng Yi Xuan chuckled in pleasure seeing Nian Nian like this, his deep magnetic laugh penetrated people’s ears, because of laughing, Lan You Nian sprawled over Feng Yi Xuan’s chest can feel the  tremors of his chest .   Lan You Nian thought this man’s laugh was even that wonderful to her ears .

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An Yi who was outside hearing his master’s joyous laughter, also grinned .   Before master met wangfei, master has never laughed so happily like this, even a small smile couldn’t be any less in number .   But because of wangfei’s presence, master became a real person .

An Yi and Lan Wu found the best inn in the town .   The carriage stopped .   Feng Yi Xuan and Lan You Nian stepped off the carriage, attracting the attention of all the people on the street .   Both people possessed heavenly appearances, beautiful as if heavenly beings .   When has the people of the town seen such good looking people, becoming stupefied from just looking .

When An Yi and Lan Wu entered the inn after putting away the carriage, they saw the entire inn was quiet .   The men stared obsessively their young miss, the women stared obsessively at Ming wang .   Lan Wu silently thanked her fortunes that they looked every day, otherwise who knows how dazed they would be .

“Server, give us three of your best rooms!” Lan Wu slapped the table shouting .   This woke many of the people up .   Feng Yi Xuan’s face was ugly but these people didn’t have any malicious intent so he held back from committing murder .

“Alright!” the server instantly made the arrangements, leading Feng Yi Xuan four people to head up the stairs, then trembling as he withdrew .   That man who looked like a heavenly god’s expression was too frightening .

“Arrange for dinner!” Feng Yi Xuan dropped the words then carried Lan You Nian into the room .

Lan You Nian was carried into the room by Feng Yi Xuan and put her down .   This Ming wang who usually had others serving him took out the luggage, changing out the bedsheets and such things in the room of the inn .   Feng Yi Xuan had mysophobia but usually he didn’t pay attention to all this stuff outside .   Because of Lan You Nian, Feng Yi Xuan couldn’t help wanting to give her the best .   Some of the things in the inn were used by others .   How could Feng Yi Xuan let Lan You Nian use other people’s things .

“We’re just staying for one night .   There’s no need for all that trouble!” Lan You Nian said to Feng Yi Xuan who was currently making the bed .   It was all stuff a woman should do but in their case, she was spoiled .   There was no need to do anything else .

“We still need to change anew!” Feng Yi Xuan said obstinately .   Lan You Nian knew Feng Yi Xuan did this chiefly for her so she didn’t reject him, thinking as she was going to help but was refused by Feng Yi Xuan, afraid Lan You Nian will tire herself .

After Feng Yi Xuan arranged all the stuff in the room, An Yi and Lan Wu brought in the dishes .   Lan You Nian saw the dishes were nearly all according to her own taste .   Lan You Nian thought these people were really spoiling her rotten .

An Yi put down the dishes about to leave, Lan You Nian opened her mouth, “Let’s eat together!” Deep in her bones, Lan You Nian didn’t have any class distinction .   Although she required her subordinates to be loyal, that didn’t represent subordinates were inferior .

An Yi has some previous understanding of Lan You Nian’s easy-going manners .   A lot of times, they all saw You Nian Pavilion’s servant girls ate at the same table as wangfei .   Wangye, actually, usually wasn’t that harsh with them, but An Yi didn’t move .

“Sit!” Feng Yi Xuan said, then everyone sat down to eat .

“Young miss” Lan Wu said while eating, “Tonight there will be a lights festival in town, it will definitely be lively tonight!” Lan Wu loved lively atmospheres, so hearing this from below, she in turn told Lan You Nian .

Feng Yi Xuan while picked dishes for Lan You Nian, asked, “Nian Nian wants to go?”

Lan You Nian considered it .   Since they’re already out, as well as being bored stuck all day, it’s a good time to take a look at the local customs .   Besides, Lan You Nian loved freedom, liked living unrestrained, so she nodded at Feng Yi Xuan .

Feng Yi Xuan smiled indulgently, “We’ll go look after we’re done eating!”

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