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Chapter 178
178 Lights Festival
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The four of them exited the inn and noticed, though the night has arrived, the small town was bustling with activity, seemingly more lively than the daytime .   Ladies dressed beautifully headed towards a clearing in groups of twos and threes .   Many young handsome young masters went about on the streets .   On both sides of the street,  people set up stalls selling all kinds of little trinkets .

In order to prevent others from seeing Lan You Nian’s beauty, he put on a veil for Lan You Nian .   That way, it won’t cause a stir .   Similarly, Lan You Nian didn’t like others coveting Feng Yi Xuan so she found a mask that only covered the upper half of the face .   That way, the two of them seemed mysterious and a perfect match .   Fortunately, there were plenty of women wearing veils tonight so when everyone else saw Feng Yi Xuan and Lan You Nian, it wasn’t anything strange .

There were many folks on the streets .   Feng Yi Xuan held tightly to Lan You Nian’s hand, fearing someone will bump into Lan You Nian .   The two people were pressed against each other as they walked on the streets .   From one glance, everyone can tell the two of them were a loving married couple .

Actually, this so called lights festival was merely a holiday that has been passed down in this little town .   On the open grasslands, a raging bonfire was set up .   Many men and women circled the fire dancing and singing .   If one met a suitable male and female falling in love with each other, they would get to know each other, by this forming a happy match .

“You guys can go play!” Lan You Nian said to An Yi and Lan Wu behind her .   The two grinned as they watched the town’s custom .   They’re both in their late teens or twenty years old, in the modern era, they’re still young people who just reached adulthood, but here, they have to shoulder too much, Lan You Nian sincerely wished them to be happy .

Lan Wu was a little hesitant .   Though she loved to play, she was aware what time was appropriate for what .   With young miss outside, everything needs to be taken care of .   An Yi, as Feng Yi Xuan’s shadow guard, has never attended a festival like a normal person and so was fascinated by it .   However, he knew his duty so he was going to refuse .

“Go!  There’s still me here!” Feng Yi Xuan said .   Actually, he couldn’t wait the two lightbulbs to scram as soon as possible .   That way, it counts as he and Nian Nian’s two person world .   Feng Yi Xuan had absolute confidence that he can protect Nian Nian .

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An Yi and Lan Wu considered Feng Yi Xuan’s strength and knew their worry was unnecessary .   Wth Feng Yi Xuan’s care for Lan You Nian, anyone who dared to harm Lan You Nian would have to pass over his dead body .

Feng Yi Xuan held Lan You Nian’s hand like the most normal sweethearts walking on the town’s street .   All the way, Lan You Nian frequently stopped to look at the little trinkets along the street .   Though it looked fun, she didn’t particularly like anything .   Without mentioning that as the master of Wu Qing Pavilion, she possessed countless things, just say Feng Yi Xuan, everything he gave her to use and eat were all the best .

Suddenly, Lan You Nian stopped in front of an inconspicuous small stall .   Feng Yi Xuan naturally pulled Lan You Nian’s hand, following suit as he stood in front of the small stall and spared the small stall a glance .   This small stall was manned by a elderly man over fifty years old .   The stall sold things such as comparatively cheap female jewelry .   Lan You Nian naturally wasn’t taken with any of those things .   What interested Lan You Nian was that the elderly man can carve out some patterns you want to make hairpins and earrings such things on the spot .

“Like it?” Feng Yi Xuan eyed it then withdrew his line of sight .   In Feng Yi Xuan’s eyes, nothing and no one drew his gaze more than Lan You Nian .   He clung to her every action and expression .

Lan You Nian nodded .   It wasn’t because of how the elder’s craftsmanship was exquisite .   She only felt very curious watching a very ordinary bamboo or wood piece being carved into a lifelike flower within a moment’s time .

Feng Yi Xuan was about to fish out some money to buy it .   After all, Nian Nian finally found something to her taste, though Feng Yi Xuan felt such crude things shouldn’t be given to Nian Nian, Feng Yi Xuan respected the things Nian Nian liked .

“Don’t!” Lan You Nian stopped Feng Yi Xuan’s action .   She merely felt curious watching it .   She didn’t actually like it .   In any case, she had no use for such things .   It would only be a waste to buy it, “I don’t like it, only want to watch!” Lan You Nian explained .

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Feng Yi Xuan saw Lan You Nian truly didn’t want it so abandoned the thought of buying it but seeing the elderly man’s carvings, his eyes bloomed with a splendid brilliance, seeming to have thought of something amazing .   Beside him, Lan You Nian was focused on the elderly man’s craftsmanship so she didn’t see Feng Yi Xuan’s bewitching radiance .

After they finished watching the elder’s craftsmanship, Lan You Nian held Feng Yi Xuan’s broad large hands as she headed towards the grassy area where the stream of people were concentrated which was also the place of tonight’s lights festival’s bonfire was .   Feng Yi Xuan feared Lan You Nian would walk too quickly and stumble so he used half of his body to shield Lan You Nian, letting her play without restraint like a child .

They followed the crowd over to a firepit in the clearing milling with crowds of people .   There was no shortage of married couples and lovers amongst them .   Feng Yi Xuan found a spot with fewer people and stood there with Lan You Nian, watching some women boldly and fervent dancing .

The women’s dances weren’t anything complicated, only using their limbs to express the passion in their hearts .   Similarly, men surrounded the bonfire dancing or more masculine dance .   Such an atmosphere made Lan You Nian want to stay .

Though Feng Yi Xuan wore a mask, but the jaw that wasn’t covered up by the mask and those thin lips as well as the pair of wolfish eyes peering through the mask caused plenty of young ladies to look back at him .   Feng Yi Xuan’s gentleness towards Lan You Nian made many of the women envious and couldn’t help from wishing they themselves could obtain such a man .

Those women who coveted Feng Yi Xuan didn’t lack a bold woman who actually slowly approached Feng Yi Xuan .   Because it was a festival today, everyone jeered her on rambunctiously, wanting to see if this woman will succeed .

Lan You Nian stared coldly at the slowly approaching woman .   The female wore a smoky shallot green chiffon jacket and a floral emerald green flowing skirt .   Her casual hairstyle was paired with a small yellow flower, lightly arched eyebrows, and light makeup .   Her small face was sleek and lovely .   From the looks of it, in this town she was quite a little beauty .

Feng Yi Xuan up to this point didn’t spare that woman a glance .   The woman’s eyes flashed with bashfulness but thought she has to seize her own happiness .   She can tell this man’s clothing weren’t of an ordinary quality .   This man’s dominating aura was definitely of a young master from a prominent family .   In this town she hasn’t met a man suitable for her but if she can marry such a man, she can definitely leave this town to live a better life .

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The woman also saw Lan You Nian who’s hands were held by Feng Yi Xuan but men all had a harem of wives and concubines .   The woman felt this girl probably wasn’t the man’s wife .   After all what man will be so gentle to his wife .   Gentleness was only for those novel-feeling concubines .   Thus, the woman wanted to attract this man .

“Young master” The woman shyly took down the hairpin in her hair, stretching out her hand to hand it to Feng Yi Xuan .   The town’s custom was that a woman if she met a man she liked, she’ll give her hairpin to that man .   If the man accepted it, then he agreed .   In a few days, he will come to her home to ask for her hand .

Feng Yi Xuan didn’t even lift his head, only led Lan You Nian off to the side, afraid this woman will bother them .   That disdainful look fell into the woman’s eyes, paining the woman’s heart .

“Young master!” the woman ran over to block the two’s path, then said to Feng Yi Xuan, “I like young master .   Is young master willing to marry me?” The woman looked at Feng Yi Xuan .   She believed Feng Yi Xuan will agree .   After all, she was pretty .   Which man didn’t like a pretty woman?

“Why would he marry you?” Lan You Nian asked humorously .   Don’t they say women were mostly shy and gentle?  How come this woman was so bold?  If she liked someone, it wasn’t her concern but she shouldn’t covet her man .

“Because…” The woman discreetly glanced at Feng Yi Xuan then said, “Because I am fond of young master . ”

“Hehe…” Lan You Nian scoffed at the woman’s unreasonable conduct .   How can there be such an egotistical woman? “But he doesn’t want to marry you .    You best scram off now!” Lan You Nian wasn’t joking, really Feng Yi Xuan was already very  irritated .

“I’m asking this young master .   Who are you to interject!” the woman pointed at Lan You Nian peeved .

“Courting death!” Feng Yi Xuan directly threw a palm of wind over that tossed the woman onto the ground, spitting blood .   Lan You Nian shook her head .   She told the woman to scram but she didn’t listen so really she’s suffering the consequences of her own actions .

Seeing Feng Yi Xuan was going to continue with an attack to end the woman’s life, Lan You Nian stopped him saying, “Xuan, let’s go!” Not that Lan You Nian felt any sympathy, she simply didn’t want Feng Yi Xuan to do too much killing for her .

Feng Yi Xuan nodded and disappeared with Lan You Nian into the crowd .   Because of the two’s bearing, most of the people didn’t dare block them .   Feng Yi Xuan, before departing, made a gesture to An Yi who wasn’t far away .   An Yi instantly understood .

Since you dare to be insolent to wangfei, how can master let her off?  Master’s belief was to kill!  This woman won’t live more than a few days, An Yi thought and quietly poisoned the woman sprawled on the ground .   In half a month, she will die when the poison takes effect .

“Nian Nian, don’t get mad!” Feng Yi Xuan hugged Lan You Nian, silently entered the inn’s room comforting her .

“I’m not angry!” Lan You Nian answered .   How could she get angry over such a small matter?  It’s just, she wanted to have a good time to relax but instead her mood was ruined and she felt terrible inside .   However, looking the man beside her, she felt nothing mattered .   It was nice just like this .

“Then let’s rest early?” Feng Yi Xuan saw it was pretty late suggesting .   He scheduled Lan You Nian’s daily bedtime meticulously, afraid Lan You Nian would be uncomfortable .


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