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Chapter 176
176 Punishing Feng Guan Lian
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Yue Bai Lian gazed at Lan You Nian with worry .   She didn’t expect Lan You Nian to outrightly kill someone .   Yue Bai Lian wondered if she has caused trouble for Lan You Nian .   But seeing Lan You Nian standing there placidly, Yue Bai Lian’s heart calmed .   It seemed Lan You Nian had this ability of making people’s hearts feel at peace .

Within seconds, the guards flooded into the room,  Even An Yi who was standing guard outside also came in .   With him was fourth wangye Feng Xia Qi .   As soon as Feng Xia Qi and An Yi came in, they looked towards Lan You Nian .   Seeing she was alright, the two sighed in relief, then looked at the dead palace maid and realized what had happened .

Feng Xia Qi felt a little helpless .   His family’s younger brother had this kind of temper was enough of a headache for him yet now Nian’er meimei was a similar temper, Feng Xia Qi can already see the aftermath after the two’s marriage .   He will definitely cleaning up the mess behind them .

Meanwhile, An Yi’s eyes glittered with worship, chanting non-stop in his heart, indeed deserving of being wangfei, domineering!

“Your Majesty, where is the assassin?” Feng Xia Qi stood there smiling gently and refined, like a imperial son who was concerned about the Empress’s safety, but his eyes gleamed with the words I’m very happy!

The Empress didn’t have the chance to speak, Lan You Nian already said, “The assassin has already been killed by me!” With Lan You Nian’s words, not only was the Empress speechless, even Yue Bai Lian was made speechless by Lan You Nian’s words .   These guards only listened to orders .   With fourth wangye present, who dared to act impetuously!

“You!” the Empress wanted to refute but she knew if she made a big fuss of this matter, it was of no benefit to her .   Not to mention that she wasn’t favored by His Majesty, her son was in the process of taking the throne, she can’t add to the chaos for her son .

“Oh?  What happened?  Can Nian’er meimei tell me?” Feng Xia Qi asked .   This was asked for those guards who came in .   Something like this happened in the Empress’s palace, there needs to be an explanation .

“This palace maid was going to assassinate this princess in front of Her Majesty .   Fortunately Miss Lan has some skills and took care of this palace maid, otherwise this princess today will…” Yue Bai Lian said .   Because Yue Bai Lian stood up to say this, it was even more persuasive .

“It seems Her Majesty’s palace is really unclean ah for something like this to happen!” Feng Xia Qi sneered, then without looking at the Empress’s blackened face, he said, “Since Her Majesty’s palace is so unsafe, benwang will send the two young ladies back home!”

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Lan You Nian and Yue Bai Lian curtsied to the Empress then followed Feng Xia Qi out of the imperial palace .   As soon as they left, Feng Xia Qi asked, “Are you two fine?”

Lan You Nian shook her head .   Yue Bai Lian gazed at Feng Xia Qi thoughtfully and gratefully said, “Thanks fourth wangye for lending a hand!” Feng Xia Qi waved his hand indifferently, then said, “You two wait here .   I’m going to report to Imperial Father then send you two back!”

Feng Xia Qi glanced at An Yi .   An Yi nodded .   His duty was to protect wangfei .   Even if fourth wangye didn’t order it, he will do the same!

You Nian Pavilion was brightly lit with lanterns .   When Feng Yi Xuan returned to You Nian Pavilion, he found Lan You Nian still awake .   He couldn’t help asking, “Nian Nian, why aren’t you resting yet?”  Most of the time if he was late, Nian Nian would sleep first .   However, tonight Nian Nian didn’t rest, not even her servant girls and shadow guards didn’t sleep .

“Xuan, I borrowed your shadow guards to do an errand for me!” Lan You Nian took the initiative snuggled into Feng Yi Xuan’s arms .   Recently, winter was almost here .   The day the poison was going to relapse was almost here .   Lan You Nian always felt very cold but Feng Yi Xuan felt very warm .   Snuggling into his arms was more comfy than sleeping on the bed by herself .

As for Feng Yi Xuan who encountered such as good thing as the beauty throwing herself into his arms, he felt immense pleasure .   His mouth angled upwards, very natural as he picked up Lan You Nian like carrying a child .   The two’s posture was incomparably compatible .

“They are also your shadow guards .   You’re their wangfei .   It can’t be called borrowing!” Feng Yi Xuan said indifferently .   If he wasn’t worried that Nian Nian would think it bothersome, he would give all his forces to Nian Nian but that way Nian Nian would be busy, Feng Yi Xuan couldn’t bear it .

“En, I know!” Lan You Nian nodded .   When she had An Yi and the others go to the palace to do something for her, she thought they would first inquire with Feng Yi Xuan .   She didn’t expect them to joyously speed towards the imperial palace to do it .

Actually Lan You Nian wasn’t aware that in the shadow guards’ hearts, Lan You Nian was the very best .   Pleasing wangfei was better than pleasing wangye!  Additionally, they saw through the matter, their wangye was a wife-slave .   Wangye will definitely not turn back from this road of wife-slave .   They best make plans early .

Although the two of them didn’t say anything, but the atmosphere was very heart-warming, as if no one can enter between the two of them .   Lan You Nian was just about to fall sleep when An Yi and An Si kidnapped an unconscious girl into You Nian Pavilion’s outer chamber .   They knew very well that wangfei and wangye were in the inner chamber .   If they let this woman pollute the inner room’s air, their crime will be horrendous .

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Feng Yi Xuan carried Lan You Nian out of the inner chamber and looked over the unconscious woman sprawled on the ground .   The woman was Feng country’s third princess Feng Guan Lian .   Feng Yi Xuan’s brows furrowed .   Such a woman, even if it was just staying inside You Nian Pavilion tainted You Nian Pavilion’s air .

“Throw her into the courtyard!” Feng Yi Xuan said coldly to An Yi .   Feng Yi Xuan had a very poignant sense of territorial awareness .   In Feng Yi Xuan’s mind, the pavilion was Nian Nian’s place .   Thus, a woman like this should not appear here .   If they needed to deal with her, they’ll deal with it outside .

An Yi and An Si immediately lugged up the unconscious Feng Guan Lian and threw her out into You Nian Pavilion’s cold courtyard .   Zhang Lin and the others who were currently standing guard didn’t show any surprise seeing the person was the imperial princess .   In their eyes, their master was Lan You Nian, that was all!

Feng Yi Xuan enfolded Lan You Nian in a cloak, making certain she won’t be chilled then carried Lan You Nian down the stairs of the pavilion .   Lan You Nian snuggled lazily in Feng Yi Xuan’s arms, her gaze cold as she looked at the unconscious Feng Guan Lian .   Hurt her man, how can she let her go?

“Splash her awake!” Lan You Nian glared at Feng Guan Lian on the ground .   Scanning Feng Guan Lian, Lan You Nian knew she was drugged by An Yi and the others .   Though An Yi and the other’s martial arts was high, the imperial palace wasn’t any place anyone can enter, much less bringing out a princess?  In this, this was not only because An Yi and them’s high martial arts, it was also due to Feng Yi Xuan’s forces in the palace covering up for them, otherwise if it that easy, then couldn’t anyone kill the Emperor in the palace?

An Yi and An Si were about to slip away to find water but noticed Zhang Lin and Lan Ren already lifted a pail of cold water to the courtyard .   An Yi and An Si glanced at one another, lamenting that their slow speed, allowing others to grab at it first .

Lan Ren wore a cold face, emotionlessly threw the late autumn pail of ice cold water onto Feng Guan Lian .   Sure enough, Feng Guan Lian shuddered and snapped open her eyes .   At this time, Zhang Lin continued to dump the other pail of ice cold water .   Feng Guan Lian couldn’t be anymore awake .

Feng Guan Lian looked at the people around her with wide eyes then saw Feng Yi Xuan who stood there with Lan You Nian in his arms .   Feng Guan Lian wasn’t stupid .   At this time, she already understood that she was being retaliated against .

Lan Qu and Lan Wu, one carried a chair, one carried a warm teacup .   Feng Yi Xuan sat down with Lan You Nian in his arms, taking the teacup from the tray in Lan Wu’s hand and handed it to Lan You Nian, fearing Lan You Nian will get cold .

At this moment, Lan You Nian who was pampered like a princess and the piteous Feng Guan Lian on the ground was the greatest contrast .   Feng Guan Lian, though she hated in her heart, didn’t dare show it on her face .   She can live so well in the palace because she see through the circumstances .

“Sixth imperial brother, this…what’s going on?” Feng Guan Lian stood up saying pitifully .   The shivering body, delicate face can make people feel pity but it’s a pity that the people present didn’t have any pity .   

“The one who brought you isn’t Xuan, but me, ” Lan You Nian savored the warm tea in her hand, feeling her entire body warming up .

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“Miss Lan…” Feng Guan Lian shed tears, begging, “I know I was wrong .   I was temporarily confused .   Please ask Miss Lan to forgive me once .   I will definitely be of use to sixth brother!” She knew if she joined Feng Yi Xuan’s side, it was the best bargaining chip but she miscalculated Lan You Nian’s character .

Lan You Nian “bam” slammed the teacup in her hand at Feng Guan Lian .   The quality porcelain shattered, the warm tea water splashed everywhere .   Feng Guan Lian was frightened by Lan You Nian’s sudden action .

“You hurt Xuan, do you think you can escape so easily?” Lan You Nian lowered her eyes, the slender eyelashes covered the ice in her eyes .   She smiled, like the beginning of spring of that night a hundred flowers were in full bloom .

Feng Guan Lian was a little afraid as she looked at Lan You Nian, “Then what should I do for you to let me go?” Feng Guan Lian thought as long as she overcame this, she will definitely not let Lan You Nian have a good death in the future .

“Kneel!” Lan You Nian pointed at the shattered porcelain on the ground .

The ground of broken porcelain, the tea soaked the blue flagstone ground .   Feng Guan Lian shrank into herself, but still slowly shifted over .   When her knees touched the broken porcelain, her face was instantly deathly pale, beads of sweat the size of beans dripped down, her entire person and face was deathly pale as rice paper, on the verge of collapse .

However Lan Wu went over to Feng Guan Lian to brutally pressed Feng Guan Lian down .   Those broken pieces pierced through Feng Guan Lian’s knees .   Feng Guan Lian wanted to stand up from the pain but how could Lan Wu allow her to get up?  She held Feng Guan Lian down .   Lan Wu’s lips revealed a smirk, making An Yi and the eyes shiver .   Sure enough wangfei’s people were different from other people .

The ice cold blue flagstone pooled with fresh blood .   Feng Guan Lian’s entire person was screaming from pain .   As the imperial family’s princess, when has she received such injuries?  However much Feng Guan Lian hated in her heart, that was how loud her screams were .   The current Lan manor was Lan You Nian’s world .   Who dared to ask questions?

“Just you?” Lan You Nian laughed at Feng Guan Lian in agony, “Dare to covet my Xuan?”

“Let me go!  I won’t dare again!  That’s all the Empress and second wangye’s idea!  I’m just a woman .   I was forced!  Miss Lan, sixth imperial brother, please have mercy!  I don’t dare again!” Feng Guan Lian begged in tears .

“Pity it’s too late!” Lan You Nian’s lips curled up in a dangerous angle, her eyes as water narrowed with a deep gleam, as if in deep thought, then said to Lan Feng, “I heard you recently want to learn anatomy?” Lan Feng recently was obsessed with anatomy dissection .   It wasn’t any psychotic idea, only a study into the medicinal field .

“Yes, young miss!” Lan Feng answered .   In the beginning, Lan Feng learned anatomy with Gui San but Gui San wasn’t a good teacher .   He taught her a little then didn’t continue to teach .   Now Lan Feng was a dabbler .

“What do you think of this corpse?” Lan You Nian asked looking at Feng Guan Lian .

Lan Feng carefully studied her then answered, “Though ugly, it’s acceptable!”

The master and servant two’s barbaric words made the people in the courtyard tremble .   They really never expected such good girls how could they have become so cruel?  Feng Yi Xuan still very warmly looked at Lan You Nian, as if Lan You Nian did something he liked .   It had to be said that Feng Yi Xuan was a little abnormal, a love that seeped deep into their bones kind of abnormality .

“Then I’ll reward it to you for you to play with!” Lan You Nian walked out of Feng Yi Xuan’s arms, coming over to Feng Guan Lian .   When Feng Guan Lian heard Lan You Nian’s words, her screeched in horror .   Lan You Nian stood very close, that exhaustive scream made people’s scalp numb, the smell of blood that attacked her nose made Lan You Nian want to throw up .

Feng Yi Xuan saw Lan You Nian’s brows furrow, then used An Yi’s dagger to effectively slice through Feng Guan Lian’s throat .

“Let’s go back!” Feng Yi Xuan gragged Lan You Nian’s slightly cold hand .

“Okay!” Lan You Nian was carried by Feng Yi Xuan into the pavilion to sleep .

An Yi and An Si looked at Lan Feng curiously, “You’re really going to dissect her?” An Yi and An Si didn’t have any other meaning, they killed people in an orderly manner, the place of torture was the hidden prison, things like dissecting they’ve really never seen before .

Lan Feng glanced at the two, wordlessly, then dragged the Feng Guan Lian spitting blood to leave .   An Yi and An Si were confused .

“Since young miss gave orders, of course dissecting is a must .   But we’ll kill first before dissecting!” Lan Wu kind-heartedly explained then left with Lan Qu, leaving An Yi and An Si in total disorder in the wind…

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