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Chapter 108.3

Nuonuo, do you remember what Little Aunty told you?” Su Yanyi asked little Su Nuo after warning his teacher .

Little Su Nuo thought for a while and then seriously nodded his head and said, “I remember!”

“Then repeat it once for Aunty to hear . ” When Su Yanyi said these words, Qin Jiran let out a helpless sigh at the side . The stuff she taught the child in the car was one thing, but how could she think there was no problem repeating it in front of the kindergarten principal and teacher?

“If no one hits me, I won’t hit anyone but if someone hits me I have to hit them back . I definitely can’t be bullied by anyone . ” Little Su Nuo was very smart so naturally, his memory was very good as well .

After hearing this, Su Yanyi stroked little Su Nuo’s head in satisfaction . However, Principal Li and Teacher Sun both had a dull expression, especially Principal Lee who helplessly said to Su Yanyi: “Elder Miss, please don’t lead the kid astray . Are you trying to teach him how to be a little demon? When you were still studying here, I lost a lot of hair due to anxiety . ”

“At that time you were still young . ” It was not just his younger years but the prime of his life . He was more or less every female teacher’s dream lover . She remembered that at that time, almost every teacher in charge of educating her were all Principal Li’s die-hard fans .

“Hahaha, that’s right, I’ve become somewhat old now…”

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After a simple exchange, Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran left and even though little Su Nuo was somewhat unwilling to part, he was very obedient and followed the teacher to the class to report .

Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran went to Resplendent Entertainment after leaving the kindergarten . Vice-president He Mingyang was already waiting for them in the meeting room . Recently according to Su Yanyi’s plans and instructions, Resplendent Entertainment had completed a lot of jobs . This included the buying over of Wang Corporation and its subsidiaries, and their integration . Of course, a lot of it had been seized by the government and a portion of it that had no value was not included in Su Yanyi’s buy over plans . while the rest of it had already come under Su Yanyi’s name in the past two months . Qin Jiran and the elders of the Su family also contributed to this happening, especially Su Yanmo . This brother had contributed quite a lot of funds .

The company that Su Yanyi bought over was split into three parts to handle; the part that was in the entertainment circle was naturally signed under Resplendent Entertainment, the properties that the Wang family held overseas were handed over to Su Yanmo to handle while the other companies in the country were handed over to Qin Jiran .

“Sign your name . After that it’ll be hard on you to handle these . ” Su Yanyi passed a document over to Qin Jiran . This was something she had Kang Zhong prepare early on and it contained shares from this industry’s company .

As he flipped through the document, Qin Jiran had complicated feelings and an unexplainable sense of helplessness .

If it was the him of the past, he would definitely have rejected it . Yes, he wasn’t as capable as Su Yanyi, but he didn’t need Su Yanyi to give him anything . However, he knew it would not matter even if he voiced any rejection towards Su Yanyi right now anyway . Besides, Su Yanyi had not said that it was a present to him, but rather that it would trouble him, meaning that he had to help handle matters . This was something that would only be asked of a family member and was a kind of trust towards him .

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“Can this be counted as a gift for me?” Although he knew that Su Yanyi didn’t mean it this way, Qin Jiran still jokingly asked her . He felt that he could be counted as having strong enough abilities . Recently, Mother Su and Su Yanyi had given him a portion of shares at market value which already had a value surpassing ten digits . However, the gifts given by this mother and daughter had been more and more casual, rendering him unable to make a fuss about it .

In reality, Su Yanyi really did not mean it that way . She wanted to give Qin Jiran the Qin family’s shares as a present while she had felt that the bits and pieces of the Wang family they had chosen were more suitable for Qin Jiran . Compared to the other members of the Su family, he was the most free but after hearing what Qin Jiran had said, she replied with bright eyes: “If you say so then it is so . Do you like it?”

“I do, I like anything you give me . ” How could he not like such a big sum of assets . Alright, in reality, Qin Jiran was starting to feel a bit troubled . His carefree days were probably coming to an end .

After she heard this, Su Yanyi was even more satisfied and she said after thinking: “I will also like whatever you give me!” This was definitely a hint from Su Yanyi; after giving a gift, she should also receive one! However, she suddenly thought of a problem and in her mind, she asked the System .

[001, these companies and shares were arranged and bought over according to my plan . This should fulfil the task requirements right?]

001 appeared in an instant, waving her hand excitedly and jumping around, she answered .

[Yup Master, you accomplished this using your IQ so it fulfils the task requirement!] 001 forcefully nodded her head as she explained seriously . After which, she couldn’t help but to circle around Su Yanyi .

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[Master, Master, you haven’t looked for me in such a long time . I was almost stifled to death inside . Do you not like me, I’m very useful . Let me come out more often okay, you can’t always lock me in that small dark room . Being alone is very empty, lonely, and scary……]

Su Yanyi frowned . The System acting cute was one thing, now she even had so many problems . She really could not bear it any longer and directly cut the connection to the System, letting 001 continue staying in that little dark room . Wasn’t there still a male system in there to keep her company!

“Ahem, the two of you, this is still the meeting room . With your PDing are you thinking of making the single me go on strike?” Cao Yawen was speechless as she reminded the PDing couple . Enough, this couple who was ignoring the bystanders and saying such things!

“Haha, Yawen, don’t be jealous so obviously, okay . ” He Mingyang immediately tried to strike at Cao Yawen . If he was not a single man, he would always be surrounded by multiple women .

“You don’t have a right to comment you Casanova, hurry up and shut up!”

“Ahem, everybody, we’re in a meeting . Be more serious!” Zhang Tianze helplessly reminded them . The meeting had just started, they still had a lot of things to discuss, okay!

As the meeting continued, everybody had things to report about Resplendent Entertainment in the past year and future plans to discuss . He Mingyang brought up three big plans: the first was to increase Resplendent Entertainment’s international standing, the second was to reform the way they nurtured new talents and how to increase productivity, while the last was a plan regarding Qin Jiran’s future development .

“Jiran, you are now the face of Resplendent and also the one with the greatest ability to enter the international entertainment scene . This year’s Starlight Best Male Actor Award might be yours, so I feel that we should use this opportunity to try and break into the international market . My friend revealed some news to me: Country M’s famous director Jason Lambert has decided to shoot a mecha action film and they require 2 Asian actors . Although it isn’t a leading role and is only a supporting one, would you still be interested?” He Mingyang asked with a lot of anticipation as he looked at Qin Jiran .

Even though Resplendent Entertainment had a lot of status within the country and could even be said to be the top in the country, they still lacked a star of international renown . It was not as if they weren’t willing to pay a high salary, and all along they had been trying to nurture a few of their own and amongst them, Qin Jiran was the winner of Starlight’s Best Male Actor Award and was naturally the most suitable candidate .

“I don’t have any plans for any films in the near future and besides, I have a few good scripts with me so…” Qin Jiran didn’t continue speaking but his meaning was clear enough .

“Alright then, but you should give it a good think through . I feel that this is a good opportunity . ”

“Yeah, I will . ”

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