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Chapter 108.2

At the end of the month, even if Su Yanmo didn’t want to, he had to leave the country for a while as he couldn’t not manage the Su family’s businesses which were there .

However with Su Yanmo leaving, whether or not little Su Nuo would stay or leave became a question . Mother Su and all of the Su family hoped that little Su Nuo would stay but Su Yanmo couldn’t bear it . Little Su Nuo was also put into a tough situation as he wanted to be with his dad but also wanted to be with his grandfather, grandmother, and aunty . He was so troubled that it showed on his face making him look like a big bun!

“Daddy, Nuonuo can’t bear to leave you . ” Little Su Nuo said pitifully to Su Yanmo as his hand tightly gripped Su Yanmo’s .

Although Su Yanmo’s face was cold, he was similarly tightly gripping little Su Nuo’s hand . He also could not bear to leave behind his own son .

In the past, Su Yanmo never thought he would have this type of relationship with his children . It was just a business trip but he already had so many feelings of longing . This was seriously so unlike his past self . However, little Su Nuo so easily slid into his heart and became his most important person, making him really unwilling to part .

“Dad also can’t bear to part with Nuonuo . ” Even though he could bring little Su Nuo out of the country, the situation overseas wouldn’t be as good as the one at home . Besides, he was very busy with work and could not spend the whole day looking after little Su Nuo . Instead of hiring a nanny to look after him, it was better to leave him at home where his sister and mother could look after the child . Thus, this kind of choice wasn’t really a choice so he already had his answer . Su Yanmo therefore had such feelings of not wanting to part because he already knew that he would have to leave his son behind .

“Then when is daddy coming back?” Little Su Nuo also knew that he wouldn’t be brought along because his grandma had said that she wanted him to stay and that not long after, he would be sent to kindergarten . Besides, daddy was too busy overseas with work and would not have time to look after him .

“Dad will try his back to rush home . Nuonuo must be obedient at home . ” Su Yanmo rubbed his son’s head as he buried those feelings of longing . This brief period of parting was also for the prosperity of the entire Su family . He carried the lives of countless family members on his shoulders, this didn’t allow for such feelings for his children .

Su Yanmo left the country that night . Even though little Su Nuo couldn’t bear to see him leave, he was mature and did not cry, just reluctantly sent his father off and went home with his elders .

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After celebrating the new year, the weather didn’t seem so cold anymore . Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran went down for a stroll after dinner . As they walked, they reached a garden and Su Yanyi pulled Qin Jiran to go in to look at that pot of twin flowers .

Those flowers bloomed so enchantingly . Those two flowers were tightly entwined as if they were one flower . Even after moving house it was as if they weren’t unsuited but conversely, they bloomed with more vitality, leaving Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran very happy .

After looking at the flower, the two of them went to look at the tree . The mysterious seed that Su Yanyi planted really grew more mysteriously . It had already grown to Su Yanyi’s height and even though its leaves and branches weren’t that lush yet, they were very exuberant and full of life, making everyone sure that over time, this would grow into a tree that could reach the sky .

“This tree really is so unique . ” Qin Jiran said out of shock when he saw the tree that had grown to be almost as tall as himself .

Su Yanyi nodded her head in approval while she also observed the little tree seriously . As the tree grew bigger, its colour became more unusual . Although the tree trunk was still a normal green colour, the colour of the leaves were a bit different . While the main body of the leaves were green, the edges of the leaves seemed to be a bit golden . It seemed to glimmer gorgeously under the sunlight . Even when it was viewed at night, it still seemed to have a golden lining and was still very pretty .

Su Yanyi looked at this kind of mature golden colour and could not help but to think about the small golden turtle . She always felt that these two were very similar; they were both golden and shiny . She didn’t know if the System just especially liked this kind of tyrannical gold .

“After this tree grows big, we can come enjoy the breeze during summer or we can have a barbeque party, Nuonuo will definitely like it . ” Qin Jiran looked at the surroundings and imagined a family having a barbeque here . He felt it was a very warm scene .

“After it grows big? Who knows, by that time, Nuonuo could already have grown up . ” Actually, Su Yanyi knew that her words were impossible . Looking at the way this tree was growing, it probably wouldn’t take a long time to grow big .

“Yeah, for all you know, our kid would also have grown up by then . ” Qin Jiran said expectantly towards Su Yanyi . He had more or less remembered the events of the night he got drunk and at that time, Yanyi had said to let nature take its course when it came to having children which implied that she had agreed, thus Qin Jiran stopped avoiding this problem .

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“Are you kid-crazy right now?” Su Yanyi glared at Qin Jiran .

Qin Jiran laughed and said honestly: “The only one I’d go crazy for is you . In the end, thinking too much of kids are still just thoughts . It definitely can’t be compared with you . ”

Qin Jiran had now learned to be smarter . Not just his IQ but also his EQ had been raised . The honeyed words he had spoken were even more in line with Su Yanyi’s heart . Of course, these were words that came from his heart .

However, Qin Jiran also increasingly understood Su Yanyi’s pettiness . She wasn’t just jealous of little animals, right now, she was even jealous of little Su Nuo . Sigh, when we have babies in the future, he would have to remember all of these things .

At the end of the second month, Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran received a task from Mother Su which was to bring little Su Nuo to kindergarten .

Qin Jiran drove while Su Yanyi sat in the back with little Su Nuo as she coldly said to him: “If you get bullied in kindergarten what are you going to do?”

Little Su Nuo blinked his eyes and said after thinking: “Why would anyone bully Nuonuo? I’m very obedient!”

“Little dummy, it’s precisely because you’re obedient that others would bully you . If anyone bullies you just fight back, do you understand? If you get bullied till your nose drips I won’t ever allow you to come into our house to scrounge for food!” Su Yanyi said with a “why are you so dumb” look at little Su Nuo, wishing that iron could become steel (be anxious for somebody to improve; to feel resentful towards somebody for failing expectations and impatient to see improvement) .

Qin Jiran laughed silently to himself when he heard this . He just knew that Su Yanyi’s method of educating others would be different, her aggressiveness was definitely ten stars .

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“But mommy said good kids don’t get into fights . ” Talking about his mother made little Su Nuo lower his head as if he wasn’t very happy .

Su Yanyi scrunched up her eyebrows, thought about it and said, “If nobody beats you, then don’t beat anybody either but if someone hits you, then you should hit back, understand?”

“I wouldn’t be a bad child in that case?” Little Su Nuo asked with some anticipation . After he thought about it, it seemed like little Aunty’s words made sense .

“Of course . Listen to Aunty and you’ll be the most well-behaved child . ” Su Yanyi coaxed as she stroked little Su Nuo’s head .

“En, then Nuonuo will listen to Aunty!” Little Su Nuo waved little fist in an very imposing manner as he promised . Only at this did Su Yanyi nod her head in satisfaction . How could a child of the Su family be bullied, naturally they should bully others instead!

The Su family did not send little Su Nuo to a normal kindergarten but sent him to very prestigious kindergarten in A City . In the first place, this kindergarten was built with the Su Family’s investment and Su Yanyi and Su Yanmo also graduated from this kindergarten when they were young . Be it teaching materials or safety, there was no comparison for this kindergarten in the entire country . Many teachers in the kindergarten were talents groomed by the Su family .

Being groomed by the Su family had various meanings . Besides secretly grooming various kinds of talents, the Su family had also groomed people to be in humanitarian occupations, especially for the medical and teaching jobs . Every year, the Su family would donate a large amount of scholarship money to help those with talent and a lot of these people would work for the Su family after graduating not only because of the help from the Su family, but also because the pay was very good . These were the people who became the Su family’s contacts on the legal front . They complemented the talents secretly raised by the Su family, all of whom became the greater network of the Su family .

The Su family was sending their fourth generation to the kindergarten so the kindergarten principal had waited at the school gate early in the morning . This principal was also someone whom the Su family had helped nurture above board .

“Welcome Elder Miss, Master Son-in-law, Young Master . Haha, being able to welcome two generations of the Su family to this kindergarten is my honour . ” Principal Li Shuyao smiled affectionately as he said this .

“Principal Li, with Nuonuo here, we’ll have to trouble you to look after him . ” Su Yanyi held onto Su Nuo’s hand . Her tone towards this principal was very respectful . When she was studying in this kindergarten, it was this principal who helped her to take care of a lot of troubles .

“It’s no trouble, it is my honour . Haha, quickly come in with me . I’ve already arranged the class and teacher . Elder Miss does not have to worry about anything . ”

The three of them followed behind Principal Li as they entered the kindergarten . Principal Li sought out the teacher in charge of Su Nuo’s class and spoke a few sentences with him . Su Yanyi was more satisfied with this teacher who knew English, French, and German, was in charge of the preschool education, and who minored in law .  

“Elder Miss, please rest assured . I’ll look after the Young Master well . ” Someone who was valued by Principal Lee was naturally someone who had been groomed by the Su family .

“Then I’ll have to trouble Teacher Sun to look after him . If there’s any problem just contact me directly . This is my contact details . ” Su Yanyi passed him a name card . This name card only had her name and one method of contact . It had a very domineering feel to it .

After receiving this name card, this teacher hesitated for a bit before asking bashfully: “Um Elder Miss, could Master Son-in-law give me a signature, my younger sister is his fan . Of course, if you’re willing to sign one as well it’ll be even better . Both me and my sister are fans of the Queen!” Actually, this Teacher Sun was also a fan of Qin Jiran but he felt a bit embarrassed to say so in front of the two of them .

This was Su Yanyi’s first time running into a fan who wanted her signature . She raised her eyebrows but did not reject and both her and Qin Jiran gave their autographs . With their two signatures next to each other, one was domineering while the other was extremely cold; they seemed to be complementing each other .

“Thank you, thank you so much, I’ll definitely look after the young master well and not let him run into any kind of problem!” This Teacher Sun who was in his thirties became like a child after receiving those autographs . He was so happy his face turned red .

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