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Chapter 109.1

Towards the end of the meeting, they talked about matters regarding the Qin family but it was only Cao Yawen saying a few things . They were just about her private talks with shareholders regarding the takeover but she didn’t really say much, just that there was some progress but it couldn’t be implemented yet .

This wasn’t because they were trying to hide it from Qin Jiran but because Su Yanyi was pursuing multiple channels to buy over Qin Corp’s shares . Even though Cao Yawen and these people were privately buying up these shares, they were doing it very covertly and to this day, they had not attracted much attention . But in reality, they belonged to the legal operations . In order to compliment their movements, or perhaps it could be said that under their tracks, there were a lot of people working in the shadows using various methods against the Qin family .

It was just like how Su Yanyi had generously arranged for a lot of people to be placed at Qin Jiran’s birth brother, Qin Chu’s side and the goal of this was merely to use Qin Chu as a chess piece . Although he didn’t hold many of Qin Corp shares, he had a father who did and right now, what Qin Zhenyi was most lacking in was cash . He was in the midst of negotiating a loan with the bank and had even used some of his shares as collateral while the one who was managing his financial affairs was Qin Chu’s mother . Within this, there was a big solution to the problem .

In reality, Su Yanyi’s arrangements weren’t that complicated; she just wanted Qin Chu to get addicted to different hobbies . For example women, gambling, or even drugs! Anyway, she wanted him to get distracted with whatever cost money, and it had to be that the kind of distraction that was obsessive .

Su Yanyi’s goal was to force Qin Chu to misappropriate Qin Zhenyi’s shares such that in the end, Qin Zhenyi who had loans would not be able to hold onto those shares . However, the shares that Qin Zhenyi used as collateral was only a small portion and was still far from Su Yanyi’s requirements, but it was alright, she had patience . She could slowly, bit by bit, make Qin Corporation hers!

Oh, that’s not right, it is to make it Qin Jiran’s . This was a present she wanted to give Qin Jiran!

After the meeting ended, He Mingyang looked for Qin Jiran to talk alone . The two of them went into the vice-president’s meeting room, which was just a level below Su Yanyi’s .

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“Jiran, you’re not planning to give up on the entertainment industry are you?” He Mingyang asked with some concern . His way of thinking was a very natural conclusion . Right now, Qin Jiran wasn’t simply a Film Emperor . He was all the more President Su’s husband and also the director of a company whose value surpassed ten figures . It was very likely that he would give up his entertainment career .

“I don’t have a plan for that at the moment, I just want to rest for a while . ” Qin Jiran seemed to understand He Mingyang’s concerns and explained simply .  

“I’m just scared that after this period of rest, you won’t start work again .   You need to understand that with your fame and popularity, this is a time to seize the chance to progress . Resting isn’t a good idea . ” He Mingyang wasn’t very approving of Qin Jiran’s choice, be it as Resplendent Entertainment’s vice-president, or as someone concerned about Qin Jiran’s future . He Mingyang’s words were very reasonable .

“My next movie is already in the works . Vice-president He, don’t worry too much . ” Qin Jiran knew that He Mingyang was saying this for his sake and for the company’s sake but he really wasn’t in a rush to start work . Even though his new movie was in the planning stage, there was no rush .

“Don’t call me vice-president He anymore, just call me Mingyang, hehe . Jiran, we can now be considered a family, you don’t have to stand on courtesy . ”

“Mingyang . ” Qin Jiran didn’t refuse either . He knew that his status was now different and that he not only represented himself, but he also had the role of being Su Yanyi’s husband . Naturally, many things would change .

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After leaving He Mingyang’s office, Qin Jiran went to Su Yanyi’s . These few days, he had become a frequent visitor in her office . While Su Yanyi was working, he would look at a script or document and do some research . Even though the two of them wouldn’t talk much, the feeling was really not bad .

When Qin Jiran entered the office, he saw that Su Yanyi was in the midst of discussing something with Kang Zhong . He didn’t interrupt them . Rather, he sat down on the couch at the side . On the table next to the couch, there was a script that he had been looking through halfway . Qin Jiran continued looking through it and had a feeling of ease .

Su Yanyi and Kang Zhong continued discussing for about twenty minutes before Kang Zhong said bye and left the office .

Su Yanyi lifted her head and look towards the man who seemed to be very comfortable and felt that compared to her who was very busy, he had a carefree image which was kind of offending .

“Take a look . What do you think of this plan?” Su Yanyi came directly in front of Qin Jiran and placed a document in his line of vision .

Qin Jiran was a bit surprised but he still looked at it seriously . This was a plan in conjunction with the Dragon’s Emissary to recruit new talents . During the meeting, He Mingyang had brought up wanting to further strengthen and develop new people . This was a document that he had presented at that time and Qin Jiran had already taken a look at it . Although there weren’t any new ideas, if it was done well, they could dig out new talents which could increase the Dragon Emissary’s ratings . Besides, participants chosen on a selection program would gain their own fans . This could therefore be considered .

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“It’s still okay, 80 points, the one that Vice-president He presented? But it doesn’t really seem like it was done by him . ” With He Mingyang’s standards, his plan would be better than this .

“It was done by the planning team . I think it’s not bad, it can be considered . ” Su Yanyi obviously also thought this plan was feasible . Right now, a lot of countries’ television stations had all sorts of selection programs . This would be Resplendent’s first time trying it out . However, the main point was that it was collaborating with the Dragon’s Emissary .

“It is not bad, but it would be better if the plan was more original and bold . ” Qin Jiran mentioned a bit of his own thinking . Nowadays if a television program was too ordinary it wouldn’t have good ratings .

“Then how about leaving it to you to handle?” Su Yanyi calmly asked Qin Jiran . Qin Jiran did think of working behind the scenes so starting from this plan was still okay . The entertainment industry had many little circles . To say that there was an entire spectrum would not be an exaggeration .

Qin Jiran was taken aback . He studied Su Yanyi’s expression, almost as if he was studying whether or not she was being serious .

“You’re not joking?” Qin Jiran asked unsurely .

“Naturally not . ” Su Yanyi very seriously replied . Firstly, Qin Jiran was very free right now . Secondly, Qin Jiran had both the ability and connections . Besides, with Qin Jiran’s status, he could better mediate Resplendent’s and the Dragon’s Emissary’s relationship . He really was a good person to choose .

The more Su Yanyi thought about it, the more satisfied she became . She looked at Qin Jiran with eyes that contained more anticipation .

After Qin Jiran considered it seriously, he said: “I’ll try my best to do it well . Rest assured and leave it to me . ”

“I believe in you . ” Su Yanyi was very relieved, she also had a lot of faith in Qin Jiran . She used an internal line to let Kang Zhong and He Mingyang know so that the two of them could cooperate unconditionally with him .

In the next few days, Qin Jiran began researching on the matter of the selection and found two very famous production directors (PDs) with some experience . Very quickly, he became busy . However, no matter how busy he became, he still had time to go home to prepare dinner for Su Yanyi . This made Yanyi feel as if she had gained weight recently .

In the middle of the third month, Elder Su called the two of them over to the main building to have dinner together . After dinner, he asked both of them to the study room, obviously having something to discuss with them .

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