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Published at 15th of July 2020 11:53:19 AM
Chapter 108.1

Let’s have a baby! (1)

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“Were you happy today?” Watching the interesting way Qin Jiran was behaving, Su Yanyi could not help but to want to tease him .

“Happy!” Qin Jiran was being really good as he answered seriously while nodding his head, as if he really was happy .

“Why are you happy, because of the ticket sales?” Su Yanyi continued asking out of curiosity . Didn’t people say that drunk people spoke the truth . Even though this man usually wouldn’t lie to her anyway, it seemed that the words he spoke in this state were more interesting .

“Nope!” This time, Qin Jiran very seriously shook his head .

“Then why?” Su Yanyi was even more curious .

“Because Yanyi was distressed on my behalf and knew that I wasn’t feeling good, so Yanyi didn’t make me drink anymore, and brought me home . Yanyi is so good to me, I’m really happy!” While saying this, Qin Jiran’s smile became even more brilliant, as if he was really happy and satisfied .

On the other hand, Su Yanyi froze . Her heart throbbed for a moment as she suddenly felt a sense of guilt!

She was the one who wanted to see what he was like when he drank too much . The her of that moment only thought about how fun it was to see him smile that way but forgot that drinking too much would cause one to feel ill . If the man had not whined, she would definitely have just watched on as he drank some more .

However, he was this happy just because she brought him home, saying that she was distressed on his behalf . How come this man did not think about how she had helped him to pour more wine!

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Just how silly was this man that he only knew how good she treated him, remembering the rare occasion she was considerate, but forgetting all the times she treated him badly or carelessly . He did not even have half a word of complaint, only leaving happiness and a feeling of being moved!

Su Yanyi felt both guilty and tender, all the more feeling that she was still far off from being called a “virtuous wife” .

As her feelings were not very stable, she thought for a bit then pulled over at the side of the road . After that, she looked seriously at the man who was still smiling stupidly and after hesitating for a moment, she took out her handphone and snapped quite a few pictures of him, preserving his silly smile .

“In future I won’t let you drink so much again!” Su Yanyi said this very seriously, as if it was a promise! She would never again let herself be the cause of him drinking to the point of feeling unwell!

Qin Jiran continued smiling stupidly as if he didn’t really understand Su Yanyi’s meaning . His eyes were still a little lost as he tilted his head and said after thinking, “If Yanyi doesn’t want me to drink then I won’t drink . I’ll listen to Yanyi . ”

The way the Qin Jiran of this moment spoke was not normal but it made people feel that it was very cute .

“Good!” Su Yanyi bent over and kissed Qin Jiran on the lips, then she started the car again and continued home .

Su Yanyi opened the car door to allow Qin Jiran to get off while Qin Jiran blinked his eyes and lowered his head to look at the safety belt he was wearing . His face seemed lost, as if he didn’t know how to undo the safety belt .

Su Yanyi did not lose her patience . Conversely, she thought it was pretty funny as this man was usually so gentle, considerate, and could do everything but after drinking he would become so cute and lost . It was if it was two different people .

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Su Yanyi lowered her head and helped Qin Jiran to undo the safety belt . The side of her face was next to Qin Jiran’s lips . Qin Jiran’s eyes brightened and he quickly kissed her .

“Kissy!” Qin Jiran said happily after he kissed her .

Su Yanyi was surprised and she turned her head to look at Qin Jiran whose eyes were shining . She also very quickly bit down on Qin Jiran’s mouth .

Qin Jiran felt the pain and sat up straight, feeling aggrieved as he looked at Yanyi and said: “Yanyi is biting people!”

“Pfft”, Su Yanyi could not resist letting out a chuckle . It was just a short while ago that she promised not to let Qin Jiran drink too much in the future but why was it that she regretted that decision now!

“Okay, stop messing around already, quickly get out of the car . ” Maybe Su Yanyi didn’t realise it herself but her tone was one of coaxing a child .

This moment’s Qin Jiran was very well-behaved and he obediently got out but after getting out, he held onto Su Yanyi’s hand and wouldn’t let go . Su Yanyi could only let him pull on her hand .

After reaching the lower level of their home, when Su Yanyi took of her shoes . Qin Jiran also took his off . However, before she could finish taking them off, she was enveloped in a hug by Qin Jiran . What’s more it was a princess hold .

The shoes that were halfway off dropped to the floor . Su Yanyi lifted her head to look at Qin Jiran but did not struggle as she let him carry her .

“Yanyi, carrying you up the stairs is not tiring . ” Qin Jiran said this flippantly and then he carried her stably up to the second floor to their bedroom, as if he was not drunk at all .

Su Yanyi still thought it was very funny, her lips were tipped up . However when she was pressed down onto the bed by Qin Jiran, her smile slowly faded . This man wasn’t thinking about anyhow sleeping together while he was drunk right? But even if he did, she wouldn’t refuse, she thought as her imagination ran wild .

“Yanyi, let’s have a baby . ” Qin Jiran said with bright eyes very seriously .

Su Yanyi’s face went stiff and asked coldly: “Do you like babies that much?”

“Like! I like them very much! If we had a baby I would definitely treat the baby very well!” Qin Jiran nodded his head seriously as he said anticipatingly .

Su Yanyi’s face became even colder as she felt a little uncomfortable in her heart . Frowningly, she asked, “Right now, you’re only good to me . After we have a baby, you still want to treat the baby well . Wouldn’t I be losing out?”

Qin Jiran’s mind was a bit unclear so he didn’t really immediately understand Su Yanyi’s meaning . After thinking about it for a while, he seemed to understand a bit . He asked a bit unsurely, “Then I won’t treat the baby well, I’ll only treat you well!”

To Qin Jiran, how could he let Yanyi lose out, he definitely could not let that happen!

Su Yanyi curled her lips as if she didn’t believe what this man was saying . According to this guy’s personality, he would treat even small cats, dogs, and turtles very well . How could he not treat his own baby well! However, there still was no baby yet so it wasn’t worth being arguing over this with a drunk man .

“Yanyi, you don’t believe me?” Qin Jiran asked with some indignation . Su Yanyi’s expression was obvious to the point that the drunk man could feel it .

“If you’re not going to treat the baby well why do you still need one . ” Su Yanyi asked a bit unreasonably .

This time, Qin Jiran said unhesitatingly, “I want a baby . If we have a baby, both the baby and I can treat you well together . In this way, Yanyi won’t be losing out . ”

What kind of logic was this? Su Yanyi’s expression became weird as she looked at Qin Jiran . You couldn’t use normal logic to understand a drunk person . But after thinking about it seriously, this way of thinking left one feeling quite comfortable . At the very least she felt that giving birth to a baby perhaps wasn’t such a bad idea .

“Then remember your words right now . If the baby is not obedient in future I’ll throw both you and the baby out . ” This was perhaps as far as her love would allow her to go .

“Okay!” Qin Jiran smilingly agreed . In the next moment, he kissed Su Yanyi’s lips . After kissing her deeply, he said in a low voice, “Then let’s start making a baby now . ”

After that, he didn’t wait for Su Yanyi to reply and began trying his best in the process of making baby . His passionate front made Su Yanyi a bit embarrassed . At the very end, Su Yanyi wanted to ask whether this man was really drunk or whether he was just faking drunk . This was her first time seeing a drunk man so devious!

That’s right, it was deviousness! This man left her without the strength to move even a finger while he still smiled so brightly at her . It was just too annoying!

“Qin Jiran, about the baby, you can slowly wait!” She said harshly in Qin Jiran’s ear just before she fell into a deep slip .

The man innocently looked at Su Yanyi with eyes full of tenderness and lightly whispered into her ear, “Goodnight, honey . ”

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