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Chapter 4
Chapter 4 [Regarding How Great My Friend Is]

TL : Cnine

ED : Flare007

Part 1


After sending my sweet angel*, Ruri, to her elementary school, I started heading towards my high school with a dash. [TL* : in English]


Though I’ve sent her a little earlier before the first period of her school starts, I still can’t arrive at school without getting a little late. Despite having involved in life or death battle against my father in the home, if it’s outside of the house, I’m just a normal person who have common sense. Something like coming late is a taboo. It’ll leave demerits on my school reputation.


And then, I’m have been running all the way till my school and then the familiar sound of a scooter bike engine has came from behind.


「O~i|総《Sou》~. Morningー」


「Yeah, morning Shinji」


As I turned around, a familar face enters my field of vision. An ‘over the top’’ body build, which is accompanied with that nostalgically round face, though it is considered common to the average high schooler ――According to the person himself ―― is the charm point of my friend, Takahashi Shinji.


「But seriously, being able to run so fast that it matches that of my scooter while treading this hellish slope before school, as expected of a REAL CHEAT」


「Is that so? You can also try it if you want to train your body you know」


「As if I can do that!  ! 」


It was denied with his full power. But, I think that’s also something that you won’t know unless you try to try it.  I, who was told that「There’s always something which you can do and something you can’t do. But, most humans mix up the latter and the former. That is why you have to try first. even if you think you can’t do it, those who try make a lot of progress than those who don’t even try!」 by my father ages ago. From my observations, Shinji is truly a nice guy but,his fault would be his habit to give up easily.


「Try to turn around. Aren’t those guys from the track and field club who tried having a match against you and started at the same time as you did, now sprawling around like corpses on the road?」


True to his word, for as I turned around, several students are seen lying around on the road.



「Indeed. They’ll become a hindrance for the passersby if they’re lying around like that」




It’s looks like Shinji has talent for doing a tsukkomi*.  He’s basically perfect in every element like angle, expression, volume and, the moment to follow right after my remark.  Since there’s career inquiry today, I’ll switch his paper form with the one I wrote later. His first aspiration is of course to become a comedian. If it’s him, he might even be able to take over the world[of comedian]. TL* : retort]


「By the way, how was yesterday?  Have you said it to your father?」


The matter of yesterday, being that of asking for a game console for my birthday. Shinji is one of the few friends who know the details about my “special” environment. To me who’s consulting about「I want a game like normal high school students」 to Shinji, he gave me the idea「How about you try asking that as your birthday present」. [TL* : If Shinji didn’t give this suggestion, we can expect this novel to end in 4 chapter]

When thinking that this schemer is on my side, I feel that my world has expanded again. As I thought, I shall drop the matter of writing his questionnaire

paper with comedian. His first aspiration is tactician. Since he might not be able to get a job in Japan, I’ll help him in that matter. There might be a country in which a coup d’etat happens according to father’s story. The problem is introducing him to any of them but, well, I’ll leave that side to Shinji.


Part 2



「Yeah, it’s with the condition “Only if you can win against me” though」


「Seriously! ? Didn’t you say that your father was a commander of special forces? Then, could it be…………」


A dark shadow instantly appeaed on Shinji’s face. Since I occasionally told Shinji about what kind of evil being my father is, maybe he guessed that I couldn’t buy the game console since I was beaten by my father.  And, for showing such a worrying face……… You’re such a nice guy, Shinji. You’re dependable, that’s why I’ll be sure to find employment for your talents.


「No, I somehow won against him. Somehow, my father didn’t seem to be in his normal self.  Even the goddess of fortune is on my side」


「I see, then!」


Shinji’s expression quickly changed into a bright one with “PA”.  He really is the best ally. That’s why I definitely will find employment for you.


「AH, the VR machine will be arriving today.」


「YEAH! Congratulations.  Welcome to the NORMAL WORLD」


「Thank you. This is also thanks to you. You’re the BEST IN THE WORLD when it’s related to NORMAL」




It’s not like that.  I’m really praising you from the bottom of my heart. Though majority of the guys who knew of my situation avoided me afterwards, this bosom friend stayed by my side even after aware of that fact. To me, you’re a special friend who is NORMAL you know.


「No if it’s from my side, it was the thing I wished the most」


「Is that so? Well then, if you’re really serious, exchange your gratitude with your ultra cute little sis――」


――Yup, it’s a war.


「Shinji. I will fill the goal in your questionnaire with COFFIN. Don’t worry, I’ll send you in the most beautiful way」


「No way, it’s just a joke! It’s a joke, so pardon me from that! I’M SERIOUS!! 」


Shinji’s letting out large amount of sweat due to my killing intent.


There are some things that you can say and things you can’t say in this world. If one makes a mistake in their choice, what will come to them later on, is death. That’s why be careful with your statement. I don’t want to lost my important friend due to that matter.


「I see, that’s why you must be stepping back with this」


「………….. I wonder what kind of ‘stepping back’ it is, just hearing it is scary」


As we continue our foolish talk, the school gate gradually came to sight. Though I was running at a slower pace due to my conversation with Shinji, somehow we managed to arrive on time.  Could it be that my pace is faster than before?


Part 3



「Well, see you later, I’ll park my bike at the parking lot」




After separating from Shinji, I headed towards my classroom right away.


Though the advisor of the track and field club zealously came to soliciting me to join the club, I evaded it as usual and headed towards the classroom.

Sorry, sensei. I like your never give up attitude but, I have enough of the menu of hell from my father so far, and then from today, I won’t do any club activities from today onwards since gaming to my heart’s content is waiting for me. Please do your best with the students who were sprawling on the road.









When lunch came, as usual, Shinji is coming to my seat with lunch on his hand.


「Yo, Sou. You were absent-minded in the middle of lesson, you might thinking about what kind of character name you’re going to use today」


Why does he know that? Is this guy an esper? Stop, my long awaited normal setting is going to crumble.  I only want to be normal. You’re my last straw of hope you know.


「How do you……..」


「No, I just normally understand if I think about the you till now」


I-I see, normally understand huh. If that’s the case, now I know that this guy is the pro of NORMAL.  I can agree if it was that much. Rather, it’s inevitable.


「As expected of you, Shinji」


「Is that so? Well, it’s fine then.  Then, have you decided on what name you’re going to use? 」


「I’m thinking about various name but, I think I will go with 【Sou*】. I have no confidence if I can react when called with name other than this」. [TL* : In katakana 【ソウ】]



Though I’m quite worried about that, there’s another reason that I decided on that name. First is the fact that I’m not confident enough if I can react quick enough when being called with the name which often used by Shinji, another reason is because I wished to go play as myself.

Though I have no intention to giving annoying lesson like “It’s not true if it’s not your real name, etcetc“, by doing this I can fully enjoy a game world without a need to lie about myself. Well, in short, it’s the matter of feeling. Since I feel so, it’ll be alright.

Part 4



「Isn’t that a good name? I like that simplicity.」


「Thanks. Even more than that is still hardly a decision. Except for the one which called VRMMORPG【Innocent Earth Online】 which commencing its service last month」


「I see. Then, you’re still not thinking about skill configuration or job configuration to aiming for」


「Yeah. I’m still thinking about what I’m going to do in that area」


In the first place, I’m a completenewbie in this point. In the first place, I won’t be able to understand it even if I’m thinking about that right now. Moreover, according to my father’s words, it seems I’m the intuition type rather than the brain type. It’s not a bad thing either to go with my intuition.


「Well then, contact me before you’re going IN today. And then, I will only teach you many things that you should know in the beginning[basic]」


「Thanks. You’ve saved me there」


One thing that one should have is a friend. According to him, the thing which I have to pondering about is really a lot. He really is a good guy.


Afterward, though most of the content of the lesson is just entering from left ear and then coming out from right ear without any filtering, the current me is reborn in a certain meaning. So please overlook that.



After the school ended, I rushed toward home as I was unable to suppress this hot-blooded feeling, there was a huge card box placed on the entrance. There’s also 1 letter placed on top of it, when I opened it.


『To Soichiro. When you see this, father might be not in Japan anymore』


No, though I feel that this is the letter of a master-like person left to his pupil before his death, you just leaving normally for a business trip right.


『You should have known the best that I’m not the kind of man who will abandon his own family by taking game as reality. But, please don’t let your mother and Ruri feel lonely. Especially your mother. Her recoil when I return from business trips is a little scary. Please I beg you on that matter. Truly please』


Sorry father, that’s impossible. Whether I’m minding that or not, you still can’t avoid what will befall upon you. REst in peace. It should be okay if I’m offering steamed bun in front of your altar.


『The game that  you said yesterday already installed inside the VR machine.  It seems it’ll start right after you turn the power ON. Well then, though it’ll be the  last word, please take care of Ruri and your mother. Well then, see you later』


Let’s offering the sake that father like so much too.

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