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Chapter 5[Regarding the Matter of When I Starting Playing Game]

5話 俺がゲームを始める件について

TL : Cnine

ED :

Part 1

I’m truly moved as I see the VR machine already has it’s setting ready as I carrying it toward my room.

The VR technology of perfect immersion type is just recently estabilished. The one who accomplished this technology is a genius man and then like minded people started to gather due to his motive. They said to be giving everything they have to fulfilling their own dream for the estabilishment of VR technology. [TL : Kayaba AKihiko]

They’re splendidly and perfectly completed the technique which said to be difficult in 21st century, the words said by them is extremely famous in that area.


The one who hear that is crying as if hearing a divine revelation. When I hear about this from Shinji, I’m also shedding tears of gratitude. Their words after that is also extremely wonderful words.


It’s god. I wonder what should I do to become like them. As expected, god is truly sacred being. Though one part of people are looking at them with disdainful eyes, but that line of sight is a reward itself――Limited to beautiful girl though ―― or so they say.  They’re already have no match. I’m offering 100 millions gratitude toward them and then lifting the VR machine immediately.

The name of this VR machine is【REVE】. It seems it hold the meaning of “Dream” in French language. Thought I have been pondering why it is in French, I decided that it’s god will. It’s not something that the like of us have to questioned about. 俺

Though there’s chair type where it’s become one with chair, bed type like oxygen capsule where your whole body entering into it and, head gear type which you only need to wear it like helmet for the type of VR machine, the type which given to me was the head gear type.  It just right since I think that I’ll have more freedom with this type when lying down with it on my bed. There was a tag on the headgear, written on that is …..

『Though I’m wavering which type I should choose, I decided on headgear type. You’ll be able to react quickly if  you’re attacked in during the play if you’re wearing this. GOOD LUCK』

Was the message from father. But, in the first place father usually attacking during my sleep when mother loneliness was reaching it’s limit. This worry is―― there huh, I forgot about such potential threat. GOOD JOB father.

But, wait a minute. I won’t be able to notice it if someone entered my room if I’m IN the middle of using the perfect immersion type VR machine isn’t it? How should I reacting in that situation. Maybe I can do something to get in touch with the outside situation despite immersing IN VR. Well, I will try to ask Shinji about that.

While feeling a bit nervous, I’m slowly wearing the 【REVE】 on my head, and then I’ll tread upon the path toward the arcadia.

『Tutorial. Welcome to Innocent Earth Online. You’ll make your character in this place.  Please wait for a while and keep your posture as it is』

The thing which welcomed me toward the world of game is an indifferent mechanical voice. My surrounding is a total darkness which I can’t see anything, I’m standing alone with my birthday suit. I’m standing by in nude. I just unable to calm myself despite knowing that I’m inside a virtual space without anyone in it. [TL : naked]

Part 2

『I’ll explaining about character making while scanning your body.  Innocent Earth Online is located in virtual space, it’s the biggest VRMMORPG where you’ll be venturing with your own body. That’s why for your character making, it’ll be close to your physical status in reality, to be exact, it’ll made with some deformed of anime style. We can’t tampering too much in regard to face and posture. But, it’s possible to change things like your eyebrows and hair inside beauty parlor of virtual space.  Because of that everytime this scan is done, your face and build is the reflection of your real body』

I see, in short a lean person is still lean in game, and fat person is still fat in game, is it. That’s a bit harsh. Aren’t there many people who want to escape from this kind of reality. Ah, so this is what it’s mean to venturing with your own self huh. Moreover, by saying reflection of every scans mean that if one gained weigh, this side will gained weight to is it…….. Which means that it seems I can’t slack in my training just because father is not at home huh.

『Scan complete. Please confirm it with the mirror in front of you』

Along with that voice, a life sized mirror is appearing in front of me.  As expected of VR. The production is extremely detailed.

「A, A~, AA~」

Fumu, my voice also exactly the same as my real voice. Truly a terrifying technology.

I’m confirming my reflection inside the mirror in front of me while voicing my admiration―― And couldn’t even voiced my surprise for a while.

Inside that mirror was me who turned into slightly anime-like character. My face and build is hardly even changed. My hair color is blonde, close to orange just like my real hair color. The color of my eyes is blue…… It’s what you call blonde haired-blue eyed. The truth is, I’m truly wishing for what you call black hair of Japanese people[1]. It was one of my wish to also experiencing that feeling in this VR world. Though I’m slightly dropping my shoulder in this matter, I decided to didn’t mind it too much since they said that the hair color can be modified later. As for eyes………… It’s impossible huh.

By the way, I often became center of attention by many people due to this appearance of mine. Though some is favourable to this interesting style, majority of them was negative. Though I was so cute during my elementary school to the point of being teased by the male students of my class, from the middle school onward, majority became something like me being surrounded by group of delinquent. Well, I’m mostly uninjured by that, though it didn’t have significant recoil on me since once those guys know the different between our power, majority of them just avoided me thereafter………… Maybe that’s what you call as lonely feeling huh.

『How’s the result?  』

Oops, I was in the middle of character making.

「No problem」

『Well then, next, we’ll start the explanation about skill. Skill is a unique ability which you can use in the virtual world. Those skills will be allotted in random amount according to the detected data during the scanning process of your body. Also, the skill will keep increasing according to the clearing, participation of event or, your play style from now on』

I feel that this information is quite important. In other words, it say that the growth of the skill is changing in accordance to how I play from now on. You won’t become strong if you just simply raising your level. Skill is………… I don’t know even if I see it anyway. Shall I confirm it later.

『Next is the explanation regarding ability value. First, there’s no character level in Innocent Earth Online[2]』

……….. I-Is that so?

Part 3

『There’s also no entry like ability value[3] of character. The  real physical ability of the player is directly reflecting in the virtual world as it is』

Seriously. Then how you’ll shoot something like magic? Could it be something like ” only virgin[4] can use magic“, it’s not that kind of arrangement right? Please stop it? It’ll break my heart you know[5]?

『It’s possible to strengthening physical ability by learning of skill. That kind of skill is easy to acquire with play style often using your body』

I see. Then, what about magic? How to learn magic?

『Next is explanation regarding occupation[job]』

Ended already!

『The suited occupation is set automatically by random with your scanned body data as a base. In case you want to change your occupation please ask about the information regarding change of occupation by going to the nearby Hello Work[6]』

What a destestably realistic job change system. The naming is just too realistic. this will gradually eating into the heart of part of people.

『The explanation about the processing at the end. You can’t advance forward if you can’t walk by your own specs inside the virtual world.  The procession in regard to livehood and movement is basically manual operation』

Well, that’s natural right.

『But, since you can’t do battle decently just by relying on manual movement in regard to combat.   Please consider those factors firmly. Do you think that weak human like you guys can win against those monster? 』

Eh? Somehow the trend made a swift change with this messy announcement.

『No matter how much virtual world it is, you’re a complete amateur of battle. You can’t even put a decent resistance』

Well, the opponent is monster after all, you see.

『Thus, when it’s time to battle, the “Arts”  is exist for your support.  For example there’s 【Diagonal Slash】 Art which you can learn as a samurai.. By using this, anyone can reproducing the programmed ideal movement of diagonal slash. Also, Arts have Level, the effect and ability will keep rising along with it’s Level』

I see.  In short, I can enjoy the movement itself from the very beginning by using arts. On the contrary, one’s can’t fight decently since that movement is not something that one’s can do in reality without the assistance of Arts. I see.

『There’s also several arts for defensive or evasive action. This is an assistance measure made because the player kinetic vision, reaction and thought speed don't change even by using arts, thus defending and evading from enemy arts by themselves is difficult. In other words, the game was made too realistic that the difficulty became too harsh. What should we do if such game balance doesn't sell very well?. I know, let's add a support system to help for the defensive and evasive actions as well!!. And that was how it happened』[TL* : Courtesy to wuguhn Rinvelt for their help]

Part 4

They’re just too frank aren’t they. Well, to be honest it’s not like I don’t have a favorable impression for that, is it?

『The explanation will be ended with this.  Please go toward the door of your left if you want to hear the tutorial again or, toward the door of your right if you want to start playing the game. Well then, welcome to Innocent Earth Online』

Without hestitating, I pushing open the door of my right.

My life began anew from now on.

[1] [TL : Japan is not the onely one with majority black coloredhair you know, try to google AFRICA]


[3][3] [TL : There’s status like “Magical Power : 999” in some novel right, that’s what it’s mean by ability value]

[4] [TL* : Wizard legend in Akiba]

[5] [TL* : by this point, you know that Soichiro is virgin]

[6] [TL* : Hello Work]


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