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Chapter 3
Chapter 3 [Concerning How My Little Sister is An Angel]

3話 俺の妹が天使な件について

TL : Cnine

ED : Flare007

Part 1


A high-pitched sound kept on repeating itself as it freed me from my deep slumber.


Well, another day begins huh. It can’t be helped that I’m annoyed now. If it’s the usual me, I can get up pretty easily.


But, today is different. I was eagerly waiting for this very day. Because from today onwards, I, can finally start enjoying the hobbies a normal high school student would have.


Getting up lightly and lightly striking my alarm clock, silence returns in my room. After that, I quickly started brushing my teeth and washing my face. Though I normally need 30 minutes to prep myself, I was way nimbler than usual. I was done in 10 mins.


There’s still some time before mother calls us out for breakfast. So despite the order usually being different, I decided to fix my bed hair with the dryer in my hand while going towards the washbasin once more.


When standing in front of the dresser, my full figure enters my field of vision. There’s no unnecessary meat thanks to my extreme training. Maybe because I’m originally a slender type I can’t be seen as nothing but a normal high school student without―― More than necessary ―― Muscle. Though of course, that’s only when I take off my uniform, I’m not someone who’s into stripping in public. Moreover, my body is covered by scars all over the place as a result of that hellish training until now. Should someone see this, let alone girls, making friends would be impossible. For the sake of leading a normal high school life, this is something that I can’t show to anyone.


As I looked at the scars made from that Monster’s ‘presents’, the newest scar reminded me of yesterday’s mock battle.


And speaking of yesterday…… I thought that my father was ――


「So you already woke up huh, Soichiro」


Interrupting my train of thought, a blonde-haired macho and dandy, aka, the army gorilla comes in a with shaver in one of its hands.


「Good morning, father. How is your wound from yesterday? 」


「Oh that…………. Though it still hurts since I was going all out, it won’t be hindering my daily life. You―― It’s not something you have to worry about」


My father suddenly laughing lightly as if he was holding back on something. Well, it’s certainly isn’t that bad but, even as a joke, since he was pointing both gun and blade at his own son, even I was worried that he might punish me?.


「That’s a relief. Since it seems father wasn’t in your top condition yesterday, I don’t know how it’ll be like the next time we do a mock battle」


「Hahaha, so you that composed to even making a joke of it huh. Oops, I’m wrong, that’s a good thing」


No, that was no joke, it’s the truth. Judging from my father’s character, I don’t think that he’s holding back in that situation but, I didn’t think that he’s serious either. Though It’s been a long time since we had such serious match and there should have been even more reactions.


But, father tells me to end this talk right away and told a really important matter to me with a grin as he starts shaving his beard.. [TL* : I dont know what is this, the raw is (ウィンウィン) and when I googling it, it means winwin game(both side is the winner)]]


「Father will leaving Japan again for work starting from today. 

I’ll leave the protection of the house to you. Well, I don’t think there’s someone who can win against the current you in Japan」


Will you stop taling about that.  Since going that far will make me look like an invincible bio weapon. Certainly, I feel that I won’t lost as long as I’m a carrying knife or gun but, I definitely will lose if I’m fighting against a pro martial artist without any weapons.

Part 2



「No, there’s still a lot of guys who’s stronger than me right」


「Fumu, that humble attitude despite having a power, it seems I really have nothing left to teach you」


No, don’t give your consent alone by saying 「Fumu」 with crossed arms. Whatever, rather than that.


「Nothing to worry about the house, or rather, it’ll be troublesome to leave mother alone, make sure you come back before she starts worrying too much?  」


「Yeah, I’ll be back before Yukiko runs wild」


Yukiko is the wife of this gorilla, in short, she’s my mother. Different from this foreign gorilla, my 100% domestic mother is the one who truly understands me in this house. But, there’s a fault in that mother of mine. Maybe that just how much she loves this gorilla, mother is all over my father as long as she has the time. I think her love is too excessive even for me, her son, she’ll be extremely lonely when father is doing something like a 1 month business trip in foreign country――


「Darli~ing~, Sou-cha~an, time for breakfa~st~」


Oops, it’s breakfast time. But, I see, father is going  to leave Japan huh. This will not end well with mother.


「Darli~ing~, Sou-cha~n~」




「Yea~ah, on the wa~y」


After I fixing my bed hair bed hair in a hurry, I’m headed towards the living room where breakfast was prepared.


「Good morning, Sou-chan」


A fair skinned beauty with such prominent straight long black hair that it looked like a waterfall, greeted me with her equally radiant smile. Though that way of calling seems like sugary words for my mother, I think that even when seeing her without any favorable light, my mother is a beauty. She’s 35 years old as she gave birth to me when she’s 18 years old but, most men will turn around when they’re passing by her in the city, I heard that she’s still greeted by talent scouts even till now.  Despite wondering why that kind of beauty is choosing that gorilla, as expected, it’s none of my business.

Moreover, since it seems that I――Except for the color of my hair ―― mosty resemble my mother while having the strength of my father, I can say that I’m really grateful to be born as the fruit of their love. [TL : Just imagine the opposite]


「Good morning, mother」


As I returned the greeting to her, the young girl next to Mother greeted me next.


「Good morning, onii-chan」


This cute little angel is my beloved little sister, Todou Ruri. In the instant she’s turning around, her silky blonde hair which like my hair is tracing on her back.  This little angel who has just entered her 3rd grade of elementary school is looking at me with her round eyes.  She really is an angel. Though it seems that lately she’s receiving love-letters from someone almost everyday, I absolutely won’t give Ruri to anyone.


「Good Morning, |Ruri《Lapiz Lazuli》. Thank you very much for today too」

Part 3



「Ehehehe, since I get to eat with otou-san and onii-chan, I’m doing my best too for today」


What is this cute adorable creature. She’s just too adorable. But, the ones who are receiving the affection of this angel save for myself, is inexcusable. Which I am talking about, is that father of mine, I definitely won’t recognize that guy.


「Ara, it’s only Ruri-chan」


A beautiful witch who wriggling her body while saying those words with sulking-like tone is looking at me.   Or rather, please don’t burn in rivalry to my little sister.  Well, maybe this is also her style of communication. Maybe she actually doesn’t mean it………………….. You really don’t mean it right?


「Thank you for you too, mother. I always saying my gratitude」


「Ufufufu, you’re welcome. Well then, let’s have a meal」


When I’m about to ask 「Are, where’s father?」to mother who gave out the atmosphere of all members assembled, my father suddenly appeared from the back and sat on the chair just like that.


――Uhn, my heart almost jumped out from my chest.


Or rather, he completely erased his presence just now. Moreover, despite trying to clarify it, he does that face sometimes*. He’s completely toying with me. There’s also the matter of yesterday, I was somewhat confident in terms of pure combat aspect but, regarding this invisibility, I don’t think that I really can win against my father. If we’re supposing that the mock combat yesterday is a no hold combat including surprise attack, it definitely would have been my loss. [TL* : しかもすましてはいるが、どこかしてやったりなあの顔。]


「What’s matter Souichiro, you won’t p―― eat?」


This bastard……….


「I’m about to, I’m digging it」



After Me and my little sister finished our meal, we left our house together. Though father also normally leaves alongside with us, since he says that he’ll be on business trip from today onwards, it seems there’s something he has to do in the house.  Moreover, since he couldn’t look after mother because of my selfish wish yesterday, it seems the backlash is coming today.

Do your best, father.


My house is located in small mountain. If one were to ask why building a house in that kind of place, well……… it might be not that hard to think about the reason if you think about the hell that I experienced due to my father.

But, there are harmful effects in addition to that too. I can walk easily to where our school is, while Ruri’s feet experience 30 minutes of torture. For this sake she’s always with me when going to school. When coming back, it’s an iron law of our house to come back along with mother who come alongs on the way. Since it’ll be dangerous if she’s kidnapped by a pervert. Though you might think that I’m just overly doting of my little sister and mother, this is definitely not an exaggeration.


When Ruri was in 2nd grade of elementary school. At that time, Ruri who was going back alone is almost became a victim of kidnapping after being called by a pervert on the way home. Though fortunately no harm came upon Ruri since the another adult quickly contacted the police. After that, our house decided to pay a maximum vigilance when sending Ruri back and fro.

Though that pervert is immediately arrested by the police, whether it’s true or not, he was found beaten to the point of near-death by two mysterious man on the way to the prison. The world sure is scary. [TL : Do I need to say the mysterious man identity?]


Part 4



Therefore, I’m going to school while holding hand with Ruri right now. The one who asked to hold hands was my sister. Well, certainly judging from the firmness of the grasp, though I admit that my lips are turning up, I want to say [This isn’t one-sided love from my side]. As a proof, Ruri’s expression while joining hands with me was that of pure bliss. The obaa-sans who we usually meet on the way to the school also looking at us with warm eyes. [TL : Obaa-san = aunty]


Oops, we’re passing by the place of where the usual obaa-san while thinking so. And then, today too, she’s also at that usual place. I was always thinking about this matter but, maybe those obaa-sans who are always at that place around this time have some kind of mission. If I must say it, maybe they’re like villager A from the game. I’m not saying it though.

And then, when I meet those obaa-sans, my little sister who greeting them everyday is truly an angel. I won’t accept any objection.


「Good Morning, obaa-chan」


「Ara, good morning Ruri. I see, You’re joining hands with your onii-chan as usual. You’re so admirable, right~」


…………I just couldn’t understand them.

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