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Chapter 2
Chapter 2 [Regarding The Best Things About My Son]

TL : Cnine

ED : Laizii

ED : Flare007

Part 1

Father POV.



I’m extremely surprised since I made the decision to train my son as an adult.  Once before, I was running across the battlefield as the commander of special force of Country A but, currently I’m just a humble salaryman who has a wife and child who you can find anywhere.  Really, this is why human life is so interesting.  The one thing I’m enjoying right now is my son after all.


When Soichiro, My beloved son was having his 6th birthday, I gave him a survival knife called BENCH MADE 141 SBK NIMRAVUS as a present to him. When I looked at the happy face of Soichiro at that time, I was unintentionally so moved, this child is truly my son.


When Soichiro turned 7, I gave him a revolver called S&W M686, the so called REVOLVER as his present. I judged that Soichiro has a talent.   He will surely become a man who can handle this guy[REVOLVER].  Despite obtaining THIS GUY in Japan is quite troublesome alone, it was peanuts after seeing the befuddled face of that son of mine which looked as if he was delighted with it.



When Soichiro became 8, I taught him the hand to hand combat training of the special forces as a present. It started from thereafter to be exact but, that’s trivial.  I swore to drive in every technique in my possession to my son who keeps absorbing my lessons like some sort of super sponge.



At his 9th birthday, I gave Soichiro an automatic pistol called Beretta M92 as a present.  I judged that he deserved this one after seeing him using the REVOLVER with complete mastery. Though to be honest, I was thinking of handing it to him earlier. But as expected, better late than never. Especially after seeing the passion in his eyes. Yup, definitely worth the wait! [TL : BWAHAHAHA]



When Soichiro turned 10, I presented him a tent. It’s because I felt it’s the time he learns camping, that I see it as the ideal gift. When he received this, Soichiro showed joy as a tear can be seen and his fist tightened..



On his 11th birthday, I gave him the task of surviving in the jungle.  Though his interpersonal skills are already at the level of the average special units from back in the day, his survival skills still have a long way to go. It seems he might know about his limits too. The gaze he gave me when we parted ways, was showing a passion I had never seen before.



On his 12th birthday, I gave him an automatic rifle called M4A1 Carbine, the so called ASSAULT RIFLE as a present. Though he didn’t show that big of a reaction compared to his previous gifts, his calm eyes were that of a soldier about to sent to the battlefield. As expected of my son.



13th birthday, when I gave him an automatic pistol called DESERT EAGLE as a present, I still remember the shock of that time even till now.  As he received that monster of a gun, Soichiro asked why he didn’t get a ROCKET LAUNCHER or ANTI-TANK RIFLE*. Despite being my son, I’m trembled at his talent and ambition. If it’s him, he won’t have any problem in mastering it. [TL* : This]


But, as expected after coming this far, facing Soichiro is hard now that is as good as I am. Maybe he needs an even stronger master, or training with the special forces.. Though I said「There’s no way I can give such dangerous things to my son………. It seems father is still lacking」, the look on Soichi

ro’s face at that time, I’m still remembering it even now.  Though the second part was said in a small voice due my embarrassment, Soichiro is a gentle kid.  It seems he’s not pursuing that because he’s worrying about me.



During the celebration of his 14th birthday, I decided in my heart that I’ll give him mock combat as a present. I couldn’t make this decision up till now, because I knew that after finishing this part of the training for the first time, this child will surpass me in 2-3 years.  Though I have some amount of pride should I be “defeated by my son”, I steeled my determination and threw everything I have to Soichiro.  A boy should always someday surpass his father. It’s a fact that this child is getting stronger earlier than any child of his age. That’s all to it.



When Soichiro was celebrating his 15th birthday, I noticed that facing him by myself is getting more and more difficult. After worrying about it, I proposed to get a new opponent for Soichiro. To which he quickly responded.  As expected of my son. But, I quickly knocked the Soichiro of that time’s wits. Though I was looking for a brown bear from the deep mountain since Japan has no human to match him, even that brown bear couldn’t hold a candle to my son.  His face when saying,「I tried so many things but it wasn’t fun. Let’s make it into a nabe」 while dragging the beaten brown bear was too cool.


Part 2



When Soichiro was celebrating his 16th birthday, I made my resolution and called my old comrades.  I already exhausted my everything in the mock battle against Soichiro. With that, I could say that we’re on par. He might definitely surpass me in the next year. Thereupon, I decided to teach Soichiro the so called “strength in numbers”. Powerful guys will come at him with numbers. That’s his destiny. If needed I, your father will become a demon.


But, even I was slightly bewildered. That’s about what my old pals thought about the current me. I’m already washing my hands clean from the battlefield which is reeking with blood, My old buddy might be laughing when they saw the current me living and settling down in Japan, where my dear wife was born.  No, I’m being foolish here. They’re the best, and my friends. I’m sure that they definitely will give their blessing to my happiness. Thus, my comrades gave their unconditional cooperation for me who’s contacting them.  As I thought, my fellow soldiers are the best. And then, my son who can dispatch those comrades-in-arms of mine in the blink of an eye is also the best. This son of mine has already reached the level which is unreachable even to me. Thought the second half was a hard fight after I secretly leak out Soichiro’s habit, I’m really tipping my hat that he still won nevertheless.


And then, when Soichiro’s about to become 17 years old. I finally decided in my heart to give the last present. That is…..freedom. I have nothing to teach him anymore. More than this, I’m just a hindrance to my son’s talent. In that case, father will give you wings of freedom so you can take flight in the world. To go anywhere in the world is your freedom. Though I don’t wish for him to be involved in crime if possible―― That kind of lips service couldn’t leave my mouth.


I was about to called Soichiro to a place without people in order to convey that.  But, Soichiro is moving faster than me.



「Father………………It’s about what I want as my birthday present」


「Yeah, I’m thinking about excellent things for this year too. I already imagined your surprised face when you receive it you know」


Maybe I’ll shed tears like a waterfall after you leave*. [TL* : SO you want to kick him out of the house]


But, he’s awfully frightened look at my eyes today. Could it be that he’s guessing what I want to say? .


「Can I choose the present of this year」


No way……………… He really guessed it!  ? But, if that’s the case, why is he willingly trying to say it.  Not good, my mind is in chaos and can’t think straight.


「I………………….. Want to live a normal life of 17 years old teen. In Shinji’s house, though he say it’s a game console, when I tried it…….. I didn’t really understand but, I WAS SHOCKED AS IF SOMETHING’S SNAPPED INSIDE」


Game console? Snapped? What kind of things this child just talking about. D-Don’t tell me……………. I see, my son is just like that. In that case………….. As his father――


「I―― Want a game consoLUOAAAAAAAAA」


I swing my fist of love to my son when anymore words is unnecessary.


I know what he want to say. And yet, what the heck am I doing in this place.  He still wants to live along with father and mother for a while longer.  That’s why, I have no doubt this child wants to convey that*.  Why the heck are you even going as far as pretending that you want a game console which you might not even wanted………… What a brave child.  How adorable of you for doing that. Aren’t I just banishing my son if I said something like that[present].  [TL* : He’s not]

[TL : must I put my tsukkomi here? there’s too much to retort anyway]




Part 3



Soichiro’s staring into my eyes without even faltering by my words. If that’s the case, let this father respond too.  In this spirit.



「Atta boy, so you also want to buy a game console」



Soichiro can’t react fast enough from this words of mine.   As I thought, despite not really wanting for it, maybe he really just wants to live together a while longer in this place.  What you think is perfect clear to father you know. [TL : -_-……………………….]


「What’s the matter, so you don’t want it?」


「I-I want! I WANT IT! 」


Even this kind of flustered reaction, O son, your reason known by father you know.  But, it might be boorish to say it in this place.


Even so, the pride of father also won’t let me to just hear the words of my son.  Beside, this child and I might be waiting for this right.  I’ll answer your expectation as a father.


「Yup, don’t be so passionate. But, of course it’s not unconditional you know that right? The condition is, if you can pass my test」


Fumu, it’s strong, and yet gentle eyes. I can feel his unshakeable will.


「Fumu, that’s s nice resolution. Okay then, in that case I’ll tell you the content of my test. And that is…………………. To win a serious match against ME! 」


Have you imagined it? But I got this feeling that Soichiro’s ambition will suddenly shrivel.  No, isn’t this just my imagination. This child understands. The fact that I’m no longer a match for Soichiro. Thus, he might be worried that I’ll be receiving a shock when father is defeated.  What a gentle child. I really feel like crying.  But, it won’t start as it is.   Just in case, maybe I should put some words to make it easier to start.


「Come, I’ll buy you the VRMMO which just released last month if you win against me. If you win, that is」


Muh, he showed a good expression. Saying too much is not good when he doesn’t even really want it[the game console]*. What a really cute child―― unfortunately, I should fully concentrate.  My opponent is a monster whose force is equal to the worlds strongest special force by himself.   That moment, even I was fired up. [TL* : Not too sure–大して欲しくもないだ


Yosh, I calmed down. Well then, shall we start it, the frolicking of father and son!

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