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Chapter 1 [Regarding My Horrible Father]

1話 俺の親父が最悪な件について

TL : Cnine

ED : Laizii

ED : Flare007

Part 1

The present my father happily gave to me at my 6th birthday was a survival knife called Nimravus 141 SBK, BENCHMADE[i]. The things he has told me like 「You’re not a man if you can’t even handle that」 is something incomprehensible to me even till now when I became a highschool student.

The next gift father happily gave me on my 7th birthday was a revolver called S&W M686[ii], it’s was what you call a REVOLVER. Though it was given while saying 「It’ll be bad if you’re not accustomed with the simple structure of this guy first. Though this guy feels safer than an automatic, which will turn bad when the bullet is clogged, you can’t skip in this guy’s maintenance you know」 to me who’s still a child and thinking that it was a toy.

The next present given to me for my 8th birthday was hand to hand combat, military-style. Even if it’s hard, it’s pretty easy. As expected, when he said 「You’re already 8 years old huh. You’ll be an adult 10 years later huh」 to the bewildered me, it was incomprehensible even until now.

The gift for my 9th birthday was an automatic pistol called Beretta M92[iii].  He said 「You finally became a man who can hold this guy huh. This will need meticulous maintenance」 to me who started to think that THIS GUY has a few screws loose after this event, My hypothesis is proven to be correct.

On my 10th birthday, he gave me a tent which was big enough for only one man.  My father faces me as he said the despairing words 「Please camp outside with this guy for one month. Since I’m not teaching you how to hunt yet, come home when it’s meal time」 to me who is honestly being impressed by his present the first time in my life all while showing a gentle face. It made me crack my knuckles whenever I recall that event, even till now.

My 11th birthday gift was a vacation abroad. I will never forget in my entire life the fact that he’s leaving me behind in the middle of a jungle after saying 「Well then, live a healthy life since I’ll come to pick you up one month later. AH, since I've packed all of your birthday presents up till now in this bag, make full use of it」 to me who was already having tears running down my cheeks while seriously thinking whether I really am THIS GUY’S child.

12th birthday, he gave me an automatic rifle called M4A1 Carbine[iv], it was called an ASSAULT RIFLE. Though I got the feeling that he said 「He already come this far huh, as expected of my child」 to me who started to feel numbed in various way because of the previous birthday, honestly I can’t remember about it that much. It’s not like I want to remember it.

13th birthday, what THIS GUY happily gave me was a handgun which boasts of its tremendous firepower even amongst automatic pistol called, DESERT EAGLE[v]. I clearly remember his surprised face――In various meanings ――  to me while saying 「There’s no way I’ll give such dangerous thing to my son right」 to me who, honestly, was already prepared for a rocket launcher or anti-tank rifle to come out of the box.

14th birthday was a mock battle against him. That scene where he approached with a dreadful appearance while saying 「IT'S ONLY HAND TO HAND COMBAT FROM NOW ON, YOU’LL LEARN EVERY SKILLS YOU NEED TO SURVIVE. YOU’LL DIE IF YOU’RE CARELESS YOU KNOW」 to me who couldn’t even take after that hateful thing in front of me.

15th birthday gift was a pet. I won’t be cheated anymore, this guy’s gonna let me down from the very beginning, he was nothing but a man who’s raising a hope only to drop it. I was keeping my vigilance against all kind of motive but, When he threw me out in the mountain without even giving any weapon, he says「Well then, you must go and catch them after this you know. Which one is your favorite, brown bear or asian black bear? fathers recommendation is to choose brown bear you know」, I thought that I was really going to die this time.  Though somehow or another that present is eventually turned into kuma nabe[vi], the taste of that time was comparatively acceptable.

The thing that my father happily gave to me at my 16th birthday was a lot of friends. It’s not an unpleasant meaning. Literally, they’re the friends―― Of my father. Though I can’t understand what they’re saying to me, that day, father’s inviting his friends to our home, and ordered me to play with those friends after saying “It’s your present you know”. I remembered it as if it’s just happened yesterday that he’s saying something outrageous 「They’re used to be fathers subordinate when I was working as the commander in A country. They’ve just arrived in Japan today just to celebrate your birthday. Now, play with them to your heart’s content」 to me at that time.  His subordinates and co-worker are quite powerful, not as strong as father though.  I  was almost defeated when they came at me with few a of them. At that time, the words thrown by my father friends 「Say commander. Are you going to raise your son as the worlds strongest slaughtering weapon?」 is piercing extremely deep in my heart, and still there, even till now.

And then today, my 17th birthday. I made a great decision to tell that old man.

「Father………………It’s about what I want as my birthday present」

Part 2

「Yeah, I’m thinking about excellent things for this year too.  I already imagined your surprised face when you receive it you know」

Could it be I just missed the moment his face turned to that of despaired face? Whatever, it’ll raise my killing intent so many times whenever I’m pricking too deeply on this matter. Let’s just forget about this matter. Since I was about to say THAT today.

With blazing determination in my eyes, I’m looking at the eyes of my father as if looking at my father’s enemy[vii].

「Can I choose this year's present?」

My father’s become stiff after hearing my words, this silent is goes on for a short while. I, who guessed that my father won’t say anything is somehow opening my mouth despite the overwhelming feeling deep inside.

「I………………….. Want to live a normal live as a 17 years old teen. I’ve touched game consoles when I was playing at Shinji's《Shinji》 house………….. I didn't really understand but, I WAS SHOCKED AS IF SOMETHING’S SNAPPED INSIDE」

Though this scene seems nothing more than a child coaxing his father to buy a game console to someone who doesn't understand the background story, I felt like a civil official who has come for a peace negotiation with a demon king who’s just about to begin his world conquest.

But, even if I’m saying it that way, I must definitely convey this matter. I’m throwing in together gasoline tank to feed the fire of determination in my eyes.

「I―― Want a game consoLUOAAAAAAAAA」

I was knocked down. I think that I already lost the upper part above my neck.  EH, It’s still there? AH, thank god my head’s still on it’s place.

But, it really came to this huh.  I, who made this resolution was shocked by the reality itself. Or rather, won’t the fire turn into an explosion if I’m throwing in something like gasoline tank. Could it be that this is also the case when it’s completely out of my risk control.

Despite my shock, I was satisfied that I finally said what I wanted to say.


Haa, I wonder what he will say. I wonder if he’s not angry. Come to think of it, I’ve lost count how many times I was almost killed by this guy but, I couldn’t remember him getting angry. I wonder if I must resolute myself to climb mount everest or something like “I’ll see you later in the war zone“.

「Atta boy, so you also want to buy a game console」

Just now, what did THIS GUY say just now? Am I hearing it wrong? No, could it be that THIS GUY is actually an agent of that certain country who’s masquerading as that old man?.

When I was showing such hesitation, father who’s looking at the non-respondent me, immediately made a slightly clouded face.

「What’s the matter, you don’t want it?」

「I-I want! I WANT IT! 」

Part 3

Despite not giving a nice reaction due to his unexpected reply, I’m sending a fiery gaze to father who’s standing right away.

「Yup, don’t be so passionate. But, of course it’s not unconditional you know that right? The condition is, if you can pass my test」

As I thought, it’s come to this huh.  But, that kind of test won’t be a threat to me. I, who was thrown in the middle jungle and having to face a brown bear with my bare hand. I’ve made my resolution. I’m staring at my father with eyes that filled with determination.

「Fumu, that’s nice resolution. Okay then, in that case I’ll tell you the content of my test. And that is…………………. To win a serious match against ME! 」

Yup, It’s the endー. For meー.

I felt the fire in my eyes extinguished in a single moment. But, that can’t be helped you know. I already fought against this GORILLA almost everyday for more than 10 years. Though the content is changed every time my birthday came, I could guarantee that it was turned into an all-out mock battle after I’m more than 14 years old.

This GORILLA is an expert in various hand to hand combat styles from all over the world which would be unbelievable had I not seen it firsthand, and even mastering a certain military CQC. And he drilled all of his techniques to me, literally, punching and kicking with me as the target.

To put it simply, the image of me winning against this GORILLA never appeared in my mind. Though I might be able to win if it’s a normal gorilla, the one who standing in front of me was a GORILLA who’s a master of hand to hand combat and every kind of weapon known to Man. There’s no way I can win against that. Though I certainly have this feeling that we’re about on the same level in this one year, it might be because this old man is going easy on me.

But, the only thing that's absolutely unforgivable to this GORILLA is giving up before even doing it. So he absolutely won’t permit the choice called giving up just before a battle.

I was trying to slowly harden my resolve to throw myself in a battle in the name of pure despair.

「Come, I’ll buy you the VRMMO that was just released last month if you win against me. If you win, that is」

…. Okay then, IT’S WAR.

[i] [TL* : Nimravus 141 SBK, BENCHMADE]

[ii] [TL* : This]

[iii] [ED* : This]

[iv] [ED:This]

[v] [ED:This]

[vi] [TL* : Bear Hot Pot]

[vii] . [TL : GUHAHAHAHA, yes, the raw really wrote it that way]


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