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Chapter 88.1

Chapter 88 Waiter, Three Pairs of Chopsticks! (I)

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Young Master He did not expect that his gaze would be noticed by Li Yundong .

When Li Yundong turned his head and stared at where he was hiding, he had a feeling of being stared at by a beast . He was so scared that he immediately hid .

He didn’t know why he wanted to hide . He was only subconsciously afraid of Li Yundong’s sharp gaze as if he had done something wrong .

It was only after Li Yundong had left did Young Master He dare to come out and spit on the ground . He gnashed his teeth and swore, “Motherfu*ker, he is not easy to deal with . How can he be so lucky? Fuck!”

“Young Master He!” A voice came from nearby .

He turned his head and saw Xie Fei waving at him .

He stared at Xie Fei and then waved at him . When Xie Fei approached, he slapped his face and said, “Why did you say my name? Don’t you know that the police are still around? How dare you talk to me here . ”

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Xie Fei’s face hurt . He covered it and didn’t dare make a sound . He just smiled and said, “Young Master He, I want to borrow some money . Since the police are around so much, I can’t…”

Young Master He gave him another slap . “You son of b*tch . How dare you to call me out at such a dangerous moment! How could you be so shameless to ask for money? You are in big trouble now! I told you to kill him, but look at what you did instead! The gun wasn’t for you to play with! Why didn’t you just hire a professional to kill him? Why did you give it to Zhao Yujian? Dumbass . ”

Xie Fei covered both his cheeks and said with a sad face, “How could I know that Zhao Yujian wouldn’t be able kill Li Yundong even if he had a gun? Young Master He, my dear brother, please help me . Things are really tense and more troublesome when a gun is involved . The police are watching me!”

Young Master He stared at Xie Fei fiercely, and he couldn’t help being angry . “F*ck off . If you hadn’t sworn that Li Yundong was your mortal enemy, I wouldn’t have let you deal with him! Go the hell . I don’t need useless people like you!”

Xie Fei had no time to care about his face . He squatted in front of Young Master He, holding his leg, and pleaded, “Young Master He, you are my last hope . You can’t leave me to die…”

Young Master He suddenly showed a murderous light in his eyes and said ferociously, “Why would I help you? Do you want to drag me down with you? Do you know who my dad is? I can crush you with my little finger . Even if you are in jail, I can kill you before you open your mouth!”

Xie Fei took another slap on his face . “My bad . I was talking nonsense . I don’t mean that, Young Master He . I am saying if I am able to leave the city, it will save you a lot of trouble . You are an honorable man who shouldn’t leave me to die because of my mistake, right?”

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Young Master He kicked Xie Fei, who fell over . “F*ck you . How did you become a college student? You are neither a good student nor a capable thug . What can you do for me? Why haven’t you died?”

Xie Fei received another slap and showed an creepy smile on his face . He said, “Yes, yes, I am capable of nothing! Don’t worry, as long as you give me some money, I promise to vanish . You will never see me again . ”

Upon hearing that he still wants money, Young Master He suddenly wanted to shut him up forever . He fiercely stared at Xie Fei in silence .

Xie Fei felt creept out by his gaze . He said tremblingly, “Young Master He, you won’t kill me, will you? I, I have friends who know what I have done for you, and there are also people around that have witnessed that I am with you . Don’t be impulsive!”

Young Master He was bound to do anything to a punk like Xie Fei, so he was so angry that he laughed out loud as kicked him over . “Fu*k . So that’s why you called me to the school . You are keeping eyewitnesses . Fine, you win . 100,000 and remember to get lost as far as you can . If I see you again, there will be one less punk in Tiannan City and no one would notice!”

Xie Fei suddenly got up and wished he had a tail to wag . He smiled and said, “You can rest assured . I promise that you will never see me again!”

Upon seeing Xie Fei’s complacent face, Young Master He felt disgusted . He glanced at Xie Fei and shouted, “Get out of the way!” Then he took out a check and handed it over . “You son of bi*tch . You haven’t done anything well, but I still have to pay so much money! Be careful, it’s not easy to take some much money . It might get you killed!”

Xie Fei was flattered and said, “Thank you . I know . ”

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Shaking his head, Young Master He waved at him impatiently . “Get lost . Go! You are so annoying!”

As he said this, he suddenly saw girls on the road not far away watching them while pointing at them . He turned to them and said out loud, “What are you looking at? Are you shocked by my handsome face?”

These girls were scared, screaming, as Young Master He laughed happily .

Li Yundong and Su Chan were taken by Zhou Qin to a high-end Western restaurant located in the center of a commercial office building in Beizha District in Tiannan City .

It was called Biyaro French Western Restaurant and it was the most upscale western restaurant in Tiannan City . The doors were decorated Paris style, and at the entrance were neatly dressed waiters welcoming customers that were authentic foreigners . They looked proud and uptight while leading Li Yundong and others to the dining area .

“What would you like to eat?” Zhou Qin asked with a smile while skillfully attaching a napkin to her neckline, and then handed the menu to Li Yundong .

Li Yundong looked at the rich French-style restaurant decorations and dishes before he smiled bitterly and said, “I have never eaten authentic western food . I have no idea at all . You should choose the dishes and save me some dignity!”

Zhou Qin smiled gently . “French cuisine, like Chinese food, is one of the world’s three major cuisines . The food here is very authentic . I ate it last time and it was very good . ” As she finished, she handed the menu to the waiter who was waiting respectfully instead of opening it . She said in fluent, native French, “Let’s follow the normal order of serving . ”

The waiter looked at Zhou Qin with amazement . He also replied in French, “Do you want a full set?”

Zhou Qin nodded . “Yes, and give us a bottle of Royal Kay . In addition, is your foie gras fresh? I only want it if its fresh, and the caviar I ate last time was Ostra squid . Today I want Beluga squid!”

The waiter widened his eyes . “You want the fish roe of the Beluga squid? God, are you talking about the Caspian pearl?”

Zhou Qin smiled elegantly at him . “My French should be fairly decent, yes? I don’t think I made a mistake!”

The waiter knew that he had met a wealthy French-speaking guest, but the caviar dish would cost hundreds of thousands!

He became more respectful and said, “Your French is as fluent as a native! You look as beautiful and elegant as a French lady . It is my pleasure to serve you . ”

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