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Chapter 87.2

Chapter 87 The Beautiful Twins (II)

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They talked and laughed while walking out of the campus . As they were walking past the teaching building, Li Yundong suddenly ran into a person .

It happened to Xie Fei who used to have issues with Li Yundong .

Xie Fei was smoking a cigarette while searching for beautiful women with his eyes . When he saw Li Yundong, he suddenly became scared and turned around to run .

When Li Yundong saw him, he couldn’t help feeling angry and shouted, “Stop!”

Li Yundong was going to chase him when he heard someone call his name from the door of the teaching building, “Li Yundong?”

He turned to have a look when he saw a pair of identical twin sisters dressed in the same clothes looking at him in surprise .

Li Yundong asked, “Who are you? Do I know you two?”

The girl with a red bow on her head rubbed her nose with one hand and said with a smile, “You have forgotten who I am already?”

Li Yundong looked at the girl in confusion . “You… you are…”

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The girl with the red bow smiled . “I met you two at the door of McDonald’s!”

Li Yundong remembered . “Ah! You were the Uncle McDonald!”

The girl giggled . “Finally . ”

Li Yundong turned his head toward Su Chan, pretended to be angry, and said, “You punched her face when we met . Look at her! How could you beat such a beautiful girl? How rude!”

Su Chan hid behind Li Yundong and retorted, “I’m sorry . I didn’t mean it . She scared me!” Then, she popped out behind Li Yundong . “I’m sorry!”

Li Yundong turned to the girl with a red bow, smiled, and said “Are you a student of Tiannan University? I have never seen you before . Are you working at McDonald’s?”

The girl smiled and said, “You are a big hero . It is normal for you not to know us . Next time you come to McDonald’s, find me, and I will give you a discount!”

Li Yundong smiled at the other girl with a blue bow on her head . “Is this your elder sister or younger sister?”

The girl with the red bow laughed . “You tell me . ”

Li Yundong looked up and down at the girl carefully . The girl with the blue bow was quiet while looking at him with a smile . Although she was shy, she looked more mature than the girl with the red bow .

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Li Yundong smiled and said, “She is your elder sister!”

The girl with the red bow said in amazement, “Impressive . How did you know that? Sometimes my father and mother mistake us!”

Li Yundong pointed at the girl with the blue bow . “When you asked me to guess, your sister glanced at you patiently and fondly, which shows that she is taking care of you, right?”

The girl with the red bow looked at Li Yundong in amazement . She gave a thumbs up and sighed, “You are brilliant and deserve to be my idol!”

After that, she took a notebook from her sister’s hand and handed it to Li Yundong . She smiled and said, “Could you sign for me, hero?”

Li Yundong laughed . “I don’t know your name . How can I sign for you?”

The girl smiled and said, “My name is Deng Yu and this is my sister, Deng Jiao . ”

Li Yundong smiled and signed for them before he handed the book back . “Are you in the same class? Which class are you in?”

Deng Yu smiled and said, “We are freshmen, and I am in the department of foreign languages while my sister is in the Chinese department, the same department as you!”

Li Yundong said, “Well, I will find you if I go to McDonald’s!”

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Deng Yu smiled and said, “I am not sure if I will be at the same McDonald’s in the future . Let’s wait and see!”

The two sisters left wearing a smile . Li Yundong had never seen such beautiful twins, so he couldn’t help, but linger for a little longer . When he regained his senses, he found Su Chan looking at them with admiration .

She said, “Good tripod stoves…”

Li Yundong squeezed her nose . “Okay, stop! Don’t say anything like that!”

Su Chan screamed and slapped Li Yundong on his hand .

Zhou Qin watched the two of them with a smile . “Can we go now, Premier Li?”

“Premier Li?” Li Yundong looked at Zhou Qin inexplicably .

Zhou Qin grinned . “You are busier than the Prime Minister, my hero!”

Li Yundong laughed and suddenly remembered Xie Fei, who ran away just now . He couldn’t help, but snort . “He got lucky! He should watch out next time I see him . ”

Zhou Qin looked at Li Yundong and secretly memorized his words while comforting him, “Better to make friends than to make enemies . ”

Li Yundong was not a gentleman . He didn’t retort, but internally disagreed . He smiled at Zhou Qin . “Forget it, let’s go out and have a big meal! I’m hungry!”

Su Chan also called out, “Yeah, yeah, I am starving . I can eat a lot!”

Li Yundong mocked her, “It doesn’t matter how much you eat as long as you don’t stack the food on a plate like last time!”

Hearing this, Zhou Qin burst into laughter .

When they walked to the door of the school, Li Yundong felt something and suddenly turned his head to look toward a corner of the teaching building .

Su Chan knew him well since they had lived together for a while . She asked, “What happened?”

Li Yundong frowned . “I don’t know, it seems like someone is watching me . ”

Zhou Qin smiled and said, “You are a celebrity now . Isn’t it normal for someone to look at you?”

Li Yundong forced a smile and said nothing . He scanned the whole building for a while before he said, “Forget it, let’s go . ”

After they walked past the school gate, a figure came out of a corner of the teaching building and watched them leave with a pair of sinful eyes .

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