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Published at 28th of August 2019 11:53:49 PM
Chapter 88.2

Chapter 88 Waiter, Three Pairs of Chopsticks! (II)

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Zhou Qin was used to being flattered and praised like this . With a particular amount of restraint and pride, she gave the waiter a one-hundred yuan tip . “Thank you for your compliment . My friends are already starving . ”

The waiter took the tip and bent forward with elegance . Before leaving, he couldn’t help, but look back at Zhou Qin and say inwardly, “I have been in China for several years, and I have never seen such an elegant and noble lady! Is she a descendant of Chinese aristocracy? She must be!”

While thinking of this, he noticed that Zhou Qin and Li Yundong were chatting . With his sharp eyes, he saw admiration and obsession for the boy in Zhou Qin’s eyes, all of which indicated that this girl had fallen in love with the boy .

“God, why would such a beautiful and noble lady actually chase a man? Who is this man?”

The waiter couldn’t help, but look at Li Yundong again, as if he wanted to see his identity and status by his dress and mannerisms .

However, while he was trying to do this, he ran into a person and almost fell . The waiter had to quickly apologize and left under the other’s hostile eyes .

Li Yundong looked at Zhou Qin and smiled . “You can speak French? That’s impressive!”

Zhou Qin smiled slightly, “My father once planned to send me to Paris, so he forced me to learn French . ”

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Li Yundong said with a sigh, “Hey, my English isn’t that great, but you actually spoke so smoothly in French . I admire you!”

Zhou Qin looked at Li Yundong with sincerity and said, “There are many people in the world who can speak several foreign languages, but you may be the only one who risked his life to save somebody that fell off a five story building . ”

Even though Li Yundong thought her praise was suitable, he blushed . He smiled and said, “It’s useless to praise me . I won’t save you money today . ”

Zhou Qin knew it was just a joke since Li Yundong hadn’t ordered anything yet . She couldn’t help bursting into laughter upon Li Yundong’s humor and reactions .

Su Chan, who had been looking around curiously, pulled Li Yundong’s arm and said, “Yundong, I have something to ask you . ”

Li Yundong looked at Su Chan with some vigilance and asked, “What is it? If you want to make fun of me, don’t ask!”

Su Chan looked shy . “Hey! I mean it . I’m a good girl now!”

Li Yundong smiled and said, “Then, you can ask your question . ”

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Just as they spoke, the waiter returned with a dining cart . There were 13 dishes on the traditional menu of French cuisine, and the first one was a cold dish appetizer . The waiter served a plate of foie gras, and then poured Li Yundong, Su Chan, and Zhou Qin a glass of Kay Royal Red Wine each .

Zhou Qin smiled and picked up the wine glass in front of her . She tasted the smooth and refreshing red wine while watching Li Yundong and Su Chan’s exchange .

Su Chan pointed at the knife and fork on the table, and asked in puzzlement, “Are we going to dissect something? Why do we have knifes and forks here?”

“Puff!” Zhou Qin suddenly spit out a mouthful of red wine .

Fortunately, Li Yundong, who sat opposite of her, reacted quickly . He lifted the napkin in front of himself to shield his body .

The waiter, who was pouring the wine, shivered and knocked over the wine glass . The wine was sprinkled on Zhou Qin’s skirt .

Li Yundong put down the napkin in lingering fear when Zhou Qin stood up in a hurry and cleaned her skirt under several people’s strange looks .

Li Yundong turned his head and looked at Su Chan with extremely helpless eyes . The little girl seemed to know that she must have said something wrong again . She lowered her head and curled up into the corner of the seat while looking at Li Yundong with a perturbed face .

The waiter who overturned the wine looked at Su Chan and was stunned . He screamed inwardly, “God, what a lovely girl! Her pitiful eyes can make any man die for her!”

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Due to his thoughts, he unconsciously tilted the bottle once again, and a lot of wine was spilt out .

The dress became dirtier before Zhou Qin could make it clean, so she grew angry and said, “Hey, do you want to flood the table?”

The waiter suddenly reacted and hurriedly apologized . “I’m sorry . I’m sorry!”

Zhou Qin frowned and waved at him, “Go! Go!”

The waiter left with an awkward look after he apologized again and again and cleaned up the table .

Li Yundong sighed at Su Chan and said, “Please be careful of what you say . It might end up getting someone killed!”

Su Chan retorted weakly, “I’m not wrong . How can I use the knife and fork to eat? I’m not a barbarian!”

Her voice was low, but the people around could hear it clearly . For a time, all kinds of eyes turned to look at them, which made Li Yundong embarrassed .

However, Zhou Qin looked at Su Chan and suddenly smiled . She said, “You are right . We are the descendants of Chinese civilization . We are civilized people . We should not eat with such barbaric things . ”

Then, she snapped her fingers to call the waiter .

Another waiter came over instead of the former one who had caused so much trouble as he didn’t dare come over .

Zhou Qin smiled and said to the waiter, “Please give us three pairs of chopsticks!”

Upon hearing this, the waiter looked puzzled as if he could not believe his ears . He just looked at Zhou Qin with a blank look .

Li Yundong suddenly found that Zhou Qin could be quite humorous . He could not help, but smile . “Hey, this is fine, isn’t it? This is a western restaurant . ”

Zhou Qin blinked at Li Yundong and said jokingly . “It doesn’t matter . It should also be inclusive of our culture!”

Li Yundong laughed happily and quietly gave Zhou Qin a thumbs up . He smiled at the waiter who was still standing there, dumbfounded, “Waiter, did you hear her? We need three pairs of chopsticks!”

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