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Chapter 87.1

Chapter 87 The Beautiful Twins (I)

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By the time Li Yundong returned to the classroom, it was practically empty . The only one left was Su Chan who was sitting alone in the back row of the classroom, with her back to him .

Li Yundong tiptoed up to her when he heard Su Chan talk to herself with two paper people in her hands, “You have to obey . If you are not obedient, your master will abandon you . ”

Then Su Chan whispered in a barbarous voice, manipulating another paper man, “Chick, you can only have a good meal if you are obedient . Do you hear me?”

After that, she changed into a soft voice and said, “I’ve been very obedient recently . Let me give my master a kiss!”

Li Yundong couldn’t help, but laugh loudly . “Well, come over and kiss me!”

Hearing Li Yundong’s voice, Su Chan turned around in surprise . She suddenly beamed and rushed over to kiss him . “You are back . I am starving!”

Li Yundong pinched her nose affectionately, “Are you? Hurry and kiss me . Then I will take you to have a big meal!”

Su Chan got close to his face when she saw a girl standing at the door . She pulled him backand said, “No, someone is watching!”

Li Yundong turned back and smiled at Zhou Qin, indicating that he was sorry to keep her waiting .

While looking at the two people’s intimate exchange, Zhou Qin felt envious . She suddenly remembered that she had never known what it was like to fall in love . Just as she managed to gain the courage to pull Li Yundong’s hand, her fingers felt like they had recieved an electric shock .

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Zhou Qin gently stroked the fingers that touched Li Yundong’s hand and looked at Su Chan with envy . She sighed inwardly, “I really wonder what the passion between them feels like . When can this boy be so gentle to me?”

Li Yundong said to Su Chan with a smile, “What were you doing here just now?”

Su Chan smiled and took out the two paper people she had folded . She pointed at a paper person with a smile on its face and said, “This is me!” And she lifted the other paper man who was painted with slanted eyebrows and a fierce look, and said, “That is you!”

Li Yundong smiled and said, “Wow, it’s so ugly! I will spank you, and you are not allowed to eat today!”

Su Chan said beseechingly, “Don’t do that . I’m not good at painting! You are too strict with me . I hate you!” Su Chan said, while secretly glancing at Zhou Qin . “How about after we go home, I will allow you to kiss me privately?”

Li Yundong got excited . He really liked this cute little girl . He deliberately teased her with a straight face . “Nonsense, I can kiss you wherever I want . Why do we have to be at home?”

Su Chan said softly, “Well, as you wish . What a shame!”

Li Yundong smiled and asked casually, “The two paper people look quite good, but where did you get the paper?”

Then, he suddenly discovered that the paper people were covered with words!

Li Yundong was shocked and felt that he was going to go crazy . “No way . You folded them with my class book?”

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Su Chan stuck out her tongue . “I only took the two pages you memorized so it should be okay, right?”

Li Yundong forced a smile and deliberately stared at Su Chan with a fierce look . “I will punish you with a hundred kisses at home!”

Su Chan became afraid and said with a pout, “My mouth will be bloated!”

Li Yundong flicked her head . “You deserve it since you tore up my textbook! Let’s go, don’t keep Zhou Qin waiting . Today, she invites us to lunch!”

Su Chan covered her head and grimaced at Li Yundong . Then she immediately rolled her eyes, and rushed to Li Yundong’s back when he turned around, and said, “I want you to carry me!”

Li Yundong helplessly turned back . “Stop, don’t make trouble . She is watching us!”

Su Chan giggled . “If you agree non to kiss me one hundred times, I will stop making trouble!”

Li Yundong pretended to be angry . “No, one hundred times! But if you want me to carry you, we can do it at home!”

Su Chan breathed in the ears of Li Yundong and smiled . “In private?”

Li Yundong was inspired, and he couldn’t wait to practice with Su Chan . He smiled ambiguously . “Well, in private!”

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Su Chan chuckled and said, “Piggy carries his wife!”

Li Yundong looked angry . “Are you calling me a piggy?”

The two people talked and laughed while walking to the door of the classroom . Zhou Qin wasn’t feeling impatient . She looked at them with a smile, and couldn’t help feeling envious .

“I’m sorry for making you watch this . ” Li Yundong smiled at Zhou Qin while rubbing Su Chan’s head . “She is too naughty . ”

Zhou Qin smiled slightly . “It’s nothing . I really envy you . ”

Su Chan looked at Zhou Qin seriously and said, “I know you, you are the Xuanyin…”

Before she could finish her words, she was smothered by Li Yundong, and couldn’t finish the sentence of “Xuanyin virgin tripod stove” .

Li Yundong glanced at Su Chan . “Idiot, don’t talk nonsense!”

Su Chan pouted her mouth and answered, “Fine . ”

Zhou Qin blinked . Although she didn’t know what Su Chan’s words meant, she still said, in a friendly way, “Hello . ”

Su Chan also said hello back .

Zhou Qin asked Li Yundong, “Where shall we go to eat?”

Li Yundong thought for a moment and said, “How about near the school?”

Zhou Qin smiled and said, “How can that be possible? We should find a better place since you are going to have a big meal . What delicious food can you find on the streets?”

Li Yundong smiled and said, “I am an ordinary person . I am pleased to have roadside snacks . You should decide where to go, and I will follow you . Hey, don’t eat too expensive food in case you can’t afford it!”

Zhou Qin grinned, “Rest assured, there is no place I can’t afford!”

Li Yundong said to Su Chan, “See, she is a really wealthy person . ”

Su Chan stuck out her tongue and whispered to Li Yundong . “Pursue her; get her . Then you can have a ready-made virgin tripod stove and her money!”

Li Yundong raised his hand and slapped her butt . “Don’t talk nonsense!”

Su Chan screamed as she grasped her butt with a red face . She felt wronged and ashamed and said, “I just told the truth!”

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